Title time? Plymouth v Newcastle United – Match preview.

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Toon travel by coach, just like the good old days!
Toon travel by coach, just like the good old days!
Newcastle take on Plymouth this evening in a match of huge importance for both sides. Table toppers Newcastle know that a draw would be enough to secure the league title whilst Plymouth must win to keep any faint hopes of avoiding relegation alive.

The 2,000 strong travelling Toon Army should still be out in force tonight despite having to contend with an ongoing travel nightmare and the inconvenience of the longest away trip of the season being moved from the weekend to a Monday night for live TV coverage. The Newcastle squad have also been faced with the same travel obstacles as some fans. Originally the plan was to make the 800 mile round trip on a charter flight but this volcanic ash business has forced the skies to remian closed for air traffic, which soon put an end to that idea. That forced a return to the good ol’ days as the players were forced to hit the road and make the 9 hour each way journey by coach. I’m sure it’s no problem for the lads and I have a sneaking suspicion that the team bus may be kitted out a bit more luxuriously than the bog standard National Express coach!

Tonight we take on one of our own in the shape of John Carver, Sir Bobby Robson’s assistant in his time at Newcastle and a well respected coach who is now assistant head coach at Plymouth under Paul Mariner. Carver is not looking forward to dealing with the Newcastle strikers, and having worked with some of them closely he should know what to expect.

“I’m coming up against two players that I’ve had a big involvement with from my time at Newcastle, and I know what they’re capable of,” Carver said, referring to Shola Ameobi and Andy Carroll.

“It was more so at first-team level with Shola and we handed him his Premier League debut against Chelsea. As far as Andy was concerned, when I arrived at the Academy in 2005 he was about to leave and I prevented it, handing him a scholarship.”

“It’ll be great to see them both and a few other familiar faces, but I’m hoping, with Plymouth in mind, that they are not firing on all cylinders.”

Moving on to team news, Plymouth could welcome back midfielder Luke Summerfield who has recovered from a hamstring injury. Captain Carl Fletcher will be hopeful that a calf complaint will have calmed down enough to allow him to play whilst defender Kari Arnason is available again after a hip injury. Craig Noone, David McNamee, Ruyan Leonard and Sean Kinsella are all still ruled out for the hosts.

Plymouth have lost their last three home matches without even managing to score a goal, more of the same would be very welcome! Their last match in the fight for survival was a 1-0 defeat away at Watford for which they lined up with a team of:

Plymouth: Stockdale, Rede Johnson, Eckersley, Ngala, Bhasera, Duguid, Clark, Johnson, Bolasie, Mackie, Wright-Phillips.

Newcastle will be looking to improve on their last league encounter at Home Park, a 2-0 defeat way back in Decenmber 1991. This will be our 4th match against The Pilgrims this season, we have clocked up two wins and a draw against them so far, so more of the same will see the Championship race over and setup a trophy presentation at the home game against Ipswich at the weekend.

Newcastle defender Fabricio Coloccini has a hamstring problem and could be replaced by the fit-again Fitz Hall although it is understood the Argentine will undergo a late fitness test before being ruled out or not. Tamas Kadar is also a doubt for the Magpies with a thigh injury. Nile Ranger has a twisted ankle and could be out for the remainder of the season and Steven Taylor is still sidelined with his knee injury. I would expect the team to be:

Newcastle United: Harper, Simpson, Hall, Williamson, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Despite only needing a draw I don’t envisage the lads letting up as they have all come across as determined individuals this season. They have individual targets they have set themselves and also have the 100 point barrier to break. Plymouth should be up for it as they know the implications defeat will have, and although it is very much a top v bottom clash I still see the game being closer than what it should be on paper.

My prediction: 1-2

Howay the lads!

Date: Monday, 19th April, 2010.

Kick-off: 7:45pm.

Venue: Home Park, Plymouth.

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170 Responses

  1. lads i feel i have got to say this even i think this was bulls..t! i dont want to start this crap off. berbatov has said he wants to play for newcastle and the club have made contact i said to the lad this is crap we couldnt afford him or wages and why would he come. then he says u can believe what u want to believe but he then said he supports newcastle and always wanted to play for them and then it got me thinking he wouldnt no that unless u look in to the player he then said if newcastle can get the price the wages wouldnt be a problem he take a wage cut becasue he loves newcastle. so if stories come out about berbatov i told u first i think it is a no goer but i wanted to tell u becasue we are going in a different direction to that. i am going to get people having a go at me thats fine.

  2. Can’t wait to get down there. Going with a couple of mates from work here in Exeter, and they’re braving the Toon end.

    Feel a bit for the poor Greeeeenarrrrmy though; proper supporters with a decent team and management who deserve better than relegation.

    I was kinda hoping (very selfishly) that the cup may be presented tonight; only right that it should be at SJP, though. Would kill to be there at the weekend.

    I reckon Plymouth will get past us at least once tonight; our CB situation ain’t great right now. But I also think that as longas Jonas and co aren’t too coach-weary we’ll batter them once our first one goes in.

    4-1 to the Toon.

  3. I think Berbatov would be a bad idea,us geordies are not known for our patience and he is the type of player that would get on our tits in a very short space of time.
    Great on his day…but those days are few and far between…..NEXT !

  4. Asim. You need to drink some water to get the remnants of the weekend’s LSD out of your system, fella ;)

    Don’t want him anyway. Had enough sulky gits at SJP.

    On that basis: who would I like? Seriously – ignoring playing attributes totally and just going on who would be a good laugh in the dressing room… which top-end (i.e. international class) striker would you have?

    I think Crouch. If only for the “probably a virgin” gag. Quality jokage.

  5. Newcastle United never ceases to amaze.

    Who’d have thought they would have kept, le alone maintained and brought out the victory coach for the team’s journey to and from Plymouth?

    Such planning and an eye for the occassion!

  6. Who’s this Wright-Philips lad on the Plymouth team sheet, anyway? If it’s Sean’s little bro then we’ll need to stick a flag on his head to see where he’s at…

  7. Bit worried about our ability to defend with 3 of our 5 CBs out. Just as well Onesize is back or we’d be playing sprogs.

    I know we’ve seen a fair few injuries in the past few weeks, but nothing like in the previous seasons. I wonder if that’s down to the attitude of the players, or CH’s refusal to shove players back on too soon?

    And when will Joey Barton buy some boots that fit?? (Maybe he’s putting them on the wrong feet or summat?)

  8. Cmon, lads – need some banter on here. Long day to get through, with most of the people I need to talk to unavailable ‘cos they’re rushing around dealing with this volcano business.
    Bring on the match. Just hoping it’s a bit more involving than our/my last visit to Plymouth for the FA cup bore-draw…

  9. I’m never quite sure if when Berbs sits on the bench with a face like a smacked arse whether he’s sulking or practicing for his part-time job as a double for Andy Garcia.

    Either way, not particularly interested in him. Would rather spend his fee and salary on half a dozen promising younguns.

  10. Whumpie.

    When Berbatov’s got a face like a smacked arse, could he be aping his former Newcastle United no.9 hero?

  11. Does any1 have any clue when the new kit is coming out? They normally have 1 for last game of season!!
    As for the night I’m going for 1-2 with carroll and smith? Scoring

  12. Nicky – you’d get some good odds on that one! Smudger to score the one that won us the cup. How great would that be??

  13. Would be great like cos he’s battled his nuts off for us this season! Looking forward to 52000 there on sat! Good week for nufc!

  14. You’ve probably heard this already, but what’s the difference between cheryl cole and the icelanic volcano?
    The Icelandic volcano is still blowing ash!

  15. I’d love to see Smudger score his first tonight. I hope CH encourages him to have a crack, and he deserves to get his name on the sheet.

  16. nicky,
    we’re changing co’s from adidas to puma, so i doubt adidas will allow puma to ‘air’ their wares before adidas contract is ‘offically’ over. Even though they are brothers (the owners of adidas & puma).
    Does that help?

  17. CliNT-Am i right in thinking that regardless of the fact they’re brothers, they’re not best of friends? Or am i way off here,lol

  18. Ross,
    not sure about that like mate.
    But they do have different co.s, so there could be something in that?

    Adi Dassler owns adidas & i think bobby dassler(LOL) owns puma.

  19. Brothers in big business very rarely get on – Otherwise they would run one company wouldn’t they?

    Ambani’s are the same.

  20. Whumpie – did you manage to flog your spare ticket?

    Talking about inconvenience, my pal is stuck in Barca and might not be home to celebrate his 40th. So we might not be celebrating his 40th at the weekend. That’s potentially £80 for digs down the drain but on the flip side, I’d make the Ipswich game. Poor sod is trying all ways to get back though. Potentially going to cost him £1500 to get back and that includes driving and ferries. Either that or he takes a chance on these naval boats going out. And the airport people are being told that flights may be back on from tomorrow. How’s debs getting on (if you’re reading this?).

  21. New poster on this site here. Reckon on 0-3 tonight. I am a season ticket holder and go to a few away games too. Reckon we will struggle next season unless we sign at least 4 decent players and I cant see Ashley stumping up the cash for experienced players (he will try and develop youngsters and sell`em on, imo)I also have doubts about CH cutting it in the Prem. Comments.

  22. the lad is saying he wants to play for newcastle next season that if they get the money united want he will go on less wages even i looked at him and laughed but he said watch and if it doesnt happen it will only be becasue newcastle cant afford him. but if it comes out in the press and papers the guy is right even if we cant get him thats all i am saying.

  23. Alreet murphy,
    let me be the first to welcome you aboard.

    Reckon we will struggle next season unless we sign at least 4 decent players and I cant see Ashley stumping up the cash for experienced players (he will try and develop youngsters and sell`em on, imo)I also have doubts about CH cutting it in the Prem. Comments.

    That’s what they all say mate.

  24. That stories as old as the hills, Berbatovs on record saying he never supported Newcastle, his idol was Shearer both at Blackburn and Newcastle although he never supported those teams, in fact he said those exact words when Shearer interviewed him for the bbc.
    we couldnt afford his fee or his wages – don’t read the rags that print this crap

    We’d be better off buying Dzeko or Getafe from Wolfsburg although we can’t afford either of those two either :(

  25. RE Some of the above:

    I would LUV IT if we bought Berbatov but I couldn’t see it happening. MA certainly wouldn’t want to set that kind of precedent, or raise expectations in any way having worked so hard to dampen them down ;)

    It’s fairly well documented that he was a toon fan in his youth, though.

  26. I very much doubt that we will be made aware of who we are looking at in the ‘window’, it’s just not the Newcastle way……………………………………..
    ……………………………Any more.


    Vive la revolution!

  27. bbm 37
    Heard some dreadful stories about people stuck abroad being asked for 1000 Euros a day for a hire car instead of the usual 30 ish. Sharks and barstewards feeding on peoples misfortune!
    Murphy – glad you’re an optimist – cos we need someone on here to balance me! I feel optimistic when I think about the Blackpool game – but very pessimistic when I think about our Peterborough or Swansea performances away from home – and worry about our luck running out if we play poorly again.

  28. murhpy – welcome to the nuthouse. Give Hughton a chance and see what he does. Of course we’ll all have reservations but then managing in the top flight is a challenging thing these days. I’ll wait and see on the spends but I’m not that hopeful to be honest.

  29. 6699 – we’re going to get t-shirts done and hopefully he’ll be back in time to make them worthwhile…

    Front of t-shirt –

    Barcelona Apartments – £800
    Car Hire to Calais – £900
    Ferry Ticket – £20
    Limo back to Blunderland – £300

    Back of t-shirt –

    Paying that much just to celebrate your 40th in Keswick
    with these b*stards…


  30. They usually run it Darth, but the commentary is in iraqi, which is a good thing imv, yours too, if i’m not mistaken?

    No idle patter to bare.

  31. BBM @46 – Spot on mate.

    How we do and where we finish next season will depend on the ammunition CH has at his disposal.

    I fear he will be doing his best but with one arm ties behind his back it could be difficult.

    You never know though..

  32. doesnt seem like as many bombs going off today un-like sunday,or is it calm before the storm,would take j.beattie before berb
    welcome murphy hope you have thick skin m8 :)

  33. CLiNT

    “but the commentary is in iraqi, which is a good thing imv, yours too, if i’m not mistaken?”

    Perfect! :)

    They can fire AK47s into the ceiling as far as I’m concerned – still be better than smug tw*t & hasbeen rattling on about anything that pops into their daft heeds :)

  34. ch is hopeing for 3yr contract its reported,i think ashley will give him a 1yr roll-over one just in case imo

  35. Forgot to mention before, I used to be a big fan of Berbatov and on his day he’s unplayable but most games he’s a passenger and a right lazy barsteward. Something we could do without.

  36. BBM
    Still here. Had confirmed seat out tomorrow night on BA but i hear no flights are leaving Heathrow so mine won’t arrive tomorow to take me home. On waitlist for the 26th otherwise sweet FA. Waiting for the navy boys to come and rescue me – hear that’s the latest grand plan although it will take them weeks to get here. Fed up now just want to get home. At least I’ve got a hotel which is far better than many other poor souls dosing down in the airport, so i feel luckier tan many others. Now I would really cheer up if i could get a working link to the game tonight.

  37. Darth,
    with y’all the way mate.
    Hate the daft gets. It’s like listening to paint dry.

  38. Can’t believe that they still talk to us like we’ve never seen a football match before-ever!

    No doubt it’ll be a stream of: “If Nucarsell get at least a point, they’ll win the league” & other inanities.

  39. rudolph doesn’t play Berbetov correctly, for me.
    Doesn’t play enough games, too stop/start.
    Top player if left to just play his game.

  40. MA will talk contracts with CH after he has seen what he can do in the prem.
    The rag-tops know nowt & are just speculating, trying to get a bite, by building up pressure. They’ll start asking CH after every game about his contract soon.

  41. Sorry to hear you’re still stranded, Deb. Where are you again?

    One thing I’ve not heard of yet is just buying an old car and driving to a ferry port. For €1000 why rent a car?

    Unbelievable stick in the media over this. It’s like when I tell my chava he can’t go to the park ‘cos it’s raining. Big bloody hissy fit from Joe Public, wanting someone to scream and shout at.

    I heard a good summary from an aviation colleague when he was reading some of the pathetic questions from people in the papers about why we can’t fly. It was along the lines of, “Actually, you could open up all the air space again, and probably very few of the planes would crash”.

    Got yer ticket, then? On you hop.

  42. Good response fom your colleague Whumpie. Think I will wait till all the testing is done and they’re sure thanks!

  43. Wow. I suppose if you’re going to get stuck, that’s quite a place to do it, Deb! Beats my boss, who’s only managed Connecticut.

    Latest news is that there may be a ‘flying window’ over UK airspace tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, but I don’t know how long or whether it would open up a corridor that would help you.

    Horrible all this – but you should see how clear the skies are! Spooky with no contrails, and surprisingly quiet too.

    We may also learn to eat local, seasonal food because of this. Every cloud of volcanic dust has a silver lining. (Well, sort of iron sulphide mixed with glass, but who’s counting?)

  44. Will be watching the game with 3 mates at my house tonight
    (we take it in turns) We generally sink 4-5 jars and the host pays,that`s the downside! but canny crack with the lads. Don`t know anybody that is going to the game, bit of a trekk this particular match but I see they are forecasting 2000+ travelling, brave souls considering the KO time.

  45. Just thought i’d send out a MASSIVE SHOUT to the one & only
    Fraser Forster who helped Norwich City, deservedly, back into the championship next year.
    Well done lad for taking the opportunity with both
    (BIG safe)hands.
    All the best for next season son.
    Howay bonny lad!

  46. Also,
    BIG respect to the Toon fans that’ve CYCLED down to the game tonight in aid of ‘The lads & lasses ‘overseas’ at the moment’.
    8 days on a bike!

    Gan on Geordie Boys!

  47. Just a question,are you sure that the throphy will not be presented in tonight(Singapore wee hrs) match???

    Cause i might not be able to watch,since i got college tmr morning.

  48. AoD,
    i’m sure if we get a point or more tonight, they’ll wait ’til we get back to SJP to present it.
    i wouldn’t put it past those ‘in charge’ to drop a clanger & not.

  49. If we do win the league tonight and they do present trophy on sat against ipswich does anyone know if sky have the rights to show the game n fit in the presenation?

  50. wba looked shite v a very poor smogsville effort the other night.
    They look nailed on to bunji all the way back down next season.
    Ugly, narky, whining, thugish football that leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

  51. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 19, 2010 at 4:39 pm
    wba looked shite v a very poor smogsville effort the other night.
    They look nailed on to bunji all the way back down next season.
    Ugly, narky, whining, thugish football that leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

    We couldn’t beat them in three attempts.

  52. I knew someone was gonna say that Stuart.

    I stand by what i typed though, they are pug ugly.

    The cup game they ‘won’ was a pathetic ref game.
    They got lucky in the first one after scoring from a snide free kick & Harper nearly had his heed kicked off.
    They did raise their game for the second league game, i’ll give you that.
    Still god-damn repugnant ‘football'(?) though.

  53. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is the 2nd team this season we send packing to League 1? Man, teams are going to hate us…lol. Granted, it’s not JUST us, it’s their performance on the season as a whole, but we’re the final nail in two CCC coffins.

  54. NorCal – Plymouth wont be mathematically down tonight regardless. Im not sure who the other team was? Peterborough? Only one I can think of and they weren’t relegated in out match against them :)

  55. YES, NorCal, and they would have done it to us, no prob.I can stand being hated a little bit!

  56. Hall in for Colo, Jonas didnt travel but will be replaced with Barton. Nolan and Carroll up front.

    According to Real Radio.

  57. Thanks,Murphy. Toonsy, I thought I read that a win tonight and the Green Army goes down.

    And, as far as I can tell, it will be nowt less than a win for the Toon tonight. (Did I use NOWT correctly?)

  58. Frigging trains!! 18.20 cancelled and nowt til 18.58. Is the fallout from Iceland effecting the trains too?? 8O

    Holed-up in Destination though and at least my Guiness extra cold was free on the Happy Hour game. Just for the record, I went for ‘sub o the day’ at Subways. Chicken tikka with cheese and southwest sauce is an odd combination, just in case you were wondering…

  59. NorCal – If Plymouth lose then they can still escape but it would yake a massive slice of luck, the kind of change around that hasn’t been seen since Lazarus!

    And yes, you used ‘nowt’ correctly ;)

    henock – I would say our scouts know about them players. In fact I would say any scout knows about them players, particularly big European teams who are looking at all of them.

  60. Teams up – no collo and smith in middle , usual 4-5-1 away formation

    NUFC: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fitz Hall, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith (c), Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll
    Subs: Peter Lovenkrands, Ryan Taylor, Leon Best, Fabrice Pancrate, Shola Ameobi, Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar

  61. not sure about JB playing there maybe he should have tryed a young kid in nowt to lose,plus it will make big dave happy so thats a bad start ;)

  62. anyone know why guiterez aint playing?
    surprised at hall playing instead of kadar, he’s done ok when needed and if we expect our youngsters to hang around we need to give them game time at this stage in a season

  63. Heard Stardust is down Ashley’s house fixing up the Big Red Bus for the Trophy Parade…. : )
    Howay The Lads….15-0 Toooooooooooooooon !!!!!!!!

  64. Barton12,
    look back up these comments for links to the game mate.


  65. magpie6699 says:
    April 19, 2010 at 7:34 pm
    Jonas not even a sub – so he mustn’t be fit.
    Got a a bad feeling….

    try some epson salts m8 lol

  66. Thanks icedog.
    My cousin swallowed a clock the other day – he’s taking Epsom salts to pass the time away.

  67. Has anone said where Jonas is? Not even on the bench like.

    Also, that banner was a really nice touch from Plymouth, fair play to them.

  68. Ross says:
    April 19, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    “Also, that banner was a really nice touch from Plymouth, fair play to them.”

    Another quality team and set of fans, one thing I will miss about the Championship :(

  69. dog-Plymouth mascots were holding up a banner on the pitch that read “Congratulations Newcastle from the Green Army!!”

  70. yeah fair play to plymouth – nice words from mariner and fans alike – sorry to send em down but going for 5-1 win to toon – smith to get a goal!!!!

  71. icedog says:
    April 19, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    “ROSS banner?”

    They held up a banner in the middle of the pitch that said “Congatulaions Newcastle from the Green Army.”

    Nice touch.

  72. toonsy-Agreed. No gloryhunters in the Championship like which is great. Plymouth seem like another one of the teams that have a die hard group that will follow them constantly, it’s good to see in the game these days.

  73. Icedog – Thats what I meant ;)

    Ross – Aye, definately

    Plymouth started well so far.

  74. stevep at 97

    Think Kadar isn’t 100% healthy at the moment. They probably want to avoid playing him if they can…

  75. The pitch looks like there’s been 80 mins of Rugby played on it before we kicked off!

  76. They’ve started very well like. Putting pressure on us, they obviously know whats on the line and thats showing. The fact the ball is bobbling about like nobodies business isnt helping us either.

  77. Dave – Just find that if I link one then it may work on mine but not on others. At least with that myp2p.eu there is a big list of streams so if one is bad there are more to choose from.

  78. Big Dave says:
    April 19, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    “Toonsy I thought you would have been doing it
    That explains the ” You’ve got a nerve”

    No it doesn’t, Dave. You’re jumping to conclusions again.

  79. NorCal-I think both Carroll and Nolan are tied on 16. League goals that is. Dunno how it found the net but who cares, Gan on Andy!

  80. That’s what Barton can do! No other midfielder we have can play a ball like that.

    Oh and that’s the best goal we’ve scored all season.

  81. Big Dave says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    “workyticket @ 136 enlighten me then”

    Bowburn’s been ripping into me over your thing yesterday and I’ve been going a bit radgie over it. You successfully managed to convince most people on this blog that I was a liar, and I wasn’t. I don’t know why I bother running a Newcastle United ‘blog sometimes, I get f**k all out of it apart from abuse.

  82. Big Dave – maybe Worky was just saying “simples” as in the Meerkat advert?

    Or Simple in a kind way, or simple in an intelligent way – looks like Worky was just misunderstood :lol:

    Looks like he has it in for you fella – youre in his bad books! He is biting at your ankles more than a hungry piranha

    For cheap intelligence gags – nufcblog.org – Simples

  83. workyticket > Bowburn’s been ripping into me over your thing yesterday and I’ve been going a bit radgie over it. You successfully managed to convince most people on this blog that I was a liar, and I wasn’t.

    How do you work that out, that I successfully managed to convince most people on this blog that you were a liar. Did bloggers not read what you said and make there on mind up. or did I brainwash them, as im pretty sure I couldn’t brainwas Deb, BBM and even Stardust.
    If I was to blame I would hold my hands up and admit I was in the wrong but I wont take the blame of something I didn’t do

  84. Stardust ;) > Looks like he has it in for you fella – youre in his bad books!

    I do get the feeling that he has it in for me, I just dont know why

  85. Stardust says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    “Big Dave – maybe Worky was just saying “simples” as in the Meerkat advert?

    Or Simple in a kind way, or simple in an intelligent way – looks like Worky was just misunderstood”

    Stardust, I’ve had just about enough of you you pathetic, nasty, arrogant, childish little shit. Go somewhere else.

  86. Shut up even lol.

    Worky – why have you gone ape on Dave – it was easy to see “in context” why Dave and Deb thought you had called them thicko’s.

    To be fair I thought it was funny and could have been laughed about but youve gone off on a tangent.

    You havent caught Stuitis have you?

  87. How to make an idiot of yourself in one easy step

    Worky > “Stardust, I’ve had just about enough of you you pathetic, nasty, arrogant, childish little shit. Go somewhere else.”

    Learn to laugh at yourself fella – you might find others find it an endearing quality. (mind you – you might have to laugh hard for a few years to make up for lost time lol)

  88. workyticket i’m not trying to rush ye, but will you be answering me @ 156 as I dont want to be sitting about waiting for a reply if im not getting one.

  89. Big Dave says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    “workyticket i’m not trying to rush ye, but will you be answering me @ 156 as I dont want to be sitting about waiting for a reply if im not getting one.”

    Dave, I’m not going down that road again now. I’m sick to the back teeth of this stupid ‘blog and some of the ingrates on it. We’ve just won the Championship and I’m going to treat myself to my first drink since the New Year!

  90. Right workyticket I get it now, so you accuse me of making other bloggers think your a Liar but you dont even have the decency to answer me or explain how you came to your conclusion.
    Also when you state > ” I’m sick to the back teeth of this stupid ‘blog and some of the ingrates on it” I hope your not referring to me as one of the “ingrates” as if you are that is so far from the truth, as I have stated a fair few times on here what this Blog meant to me and some of the bloggers that use it. So I hope you enjoy your drink as im sure ye deserve it and maybe you will have a chance to reflect and realize that you have got it all wrong and maybe even admit it, but I wont hold my breath.

  91. O`K time out !
    Lets all take a pause and a minute or two to reflect.
    It`s getting a bit nasty in which case lets call a close to this particular subject and bury it.
    There`s been some decent banter, between those commenting and would be a shame to lose such a blog.
    Look it may not appear so at this time, but i`m sure everyone respects and appreciates the work you Igor
    plus BBM and others have put in, I know it takes an enormous amount of your time, but let me re assure you it`s appreciated.

  92. CHUCK my thoughts as well nice to give credit from time to time we tend to forget at times m8

  93. Chuck @ 167 its not often I agree with you :) but I agree with everything you said. TBH I thought it was all dead and buried on Sunday night, But after a few comments on here lastnight I soon realized that it was far from dead and buried which is quite dissapointing. But life go’s on ;)