Plymouth Ho! Plymouth Argyle v Newcastle United match banter!

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It's a fair old poke on the bus!
It's a fair old poke on the bus!
Newcastle’s season of exile in the Championship has reached the ‘vinegar strokes’ now, and the lads face the Pilgrims of Plymouth Argyle at Home Park this evening. They will be making the longest trip in English football by bus this time, as the volcanic ash palaver rolls on.

With promotion already secured, the emphasis will of course be on securing the Championship title, a feat we last managed in the 1992-3 season. One obstacle in the way may be the the Home Park pitch. It’s a heavy, muddy, ploughed field of a pitch which will sap the strength of the players later in the game, and hinder a slick, passing game somewhat, all of which may benefit the home team, but time will tell.

A Toon Army of around two thousand are expected to make the 400 mile+ trek, no doubt fortified by the thought there’s a very good chance they will be coming back as League Champions.

As usual, Toonsy has written a great match preview with all the usual pre match speculation, quotes and such, so for more in depth information on the game this evening, check it out!

This game will be broadcast by Sky, but once again, if you have any good links for the game, I’m sure that would be appreciated. I will try to get the team sheets on here in good time after they are announced.

Howay the Lads!

Kick-off: Monday, 19th April, 7:45pm.

Venue: Home Park, Plymouth.

Referee:Craig Pawson.


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fitz Hall, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith (c), Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

Subs: Peter Lovenkrands, Ryan Taylor, Leon Best, Fabrice Pancrate, Shola Ameobi, Tamas Kadar, Tim Krul.

Plymouth Argyle: David Stockdale, Karl Duguid, Carl Fletcher, Damien Johnson, Jamie Mackie, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Reda Johnson, Richard Eckersley, Alan Judge, Bondz N’Gala, Onismor Bhasera.

Subs: Romain Larieu, Chris Clark, Kari Arnason, Roruy Fallon, Chris Barker, Joe Mason, Yala Bolasie.

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157 Responses

  1. What a fantastic ball from Barton and a brilliant finish from Routledge. Made it look so easy. Excellent goal

  2. Barton frustrates me, lol. That was a ball right out the top drawer. With the pace Routledge has that move would have torn the majority of defences open.

  3. He’s pinging the ball from flank to flank with ease at the minute, controlling the midfield

  4. Am I missing something about Plymouth being relegated?

    I looked at the table and even if they lose, they will be 6 points off safety with only 2 games left? Admittedly their goal difference is poor by comparison to teams above them, but it’s still not mathematically impossible for them to survive.

  5. Half time question (based in my understanding of the Winner’s Medals):
    My understanding is that those who made 10 appearances get a medal, and there are 29 to distribute. Is that all season…even though there are 2 games left to play. Or is it as of the time the title was awarded, i.e. tonight.
    So, who of those that haven’t made 10 appearnances would you support getting a medal?
    I’d say Fitz Hall…be he’s a loaner, so automatically disqualified perhaps…too bad though, when asked to cover he’s done pretty well.
    Has Barton made 10 appearances?
    I know Kadar is close if he isn’t there.

    Who else? Do we through a thank you to Pancrate? What about Harewood, though again, another loaner?

  6. workyticket says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “Apologies for the late match banter this time lads. I was sure that I’d scheduled it for 6.45pm, but it got changed somehow.”

    As the great Shaggy said, “It wasn’t me” :)

  7. Toonsy @ 17…i just heard the explanation…did you catch that? Sheffield Weds vs CP on the last day…one will certainly end above 47…therefore nothing Plymouth can do to avoid relegation when they lose tonight.

  8. NorCal – I think there is only 16 medals in the fizzy mate. Anymore have to be applied for specially which I beleive Newcastle have done.

  9. Toonsy, from BBC:

    “…Plymouth will be relegated if they lose tonight because Crystal Palace still have to play Sheffield Wednesday, meaning one of them will collect at least one more point.”

  10. NorCal ToonFan says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    “Toonsy @ 17…i just heard the explanation…did you catch that? Sheffield Weds vs CP on the last day…one will certainly end above 47…therefore nothing Plymouth can do to avoid relegation when they lose tonight.”

    Ahh right, now I’ve got it :)

  11. NorCal ToonFan says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “So, who of those that haven’t made 10 appearnances would you support getting a medal?”

    Are sub appearences included NorCal? or just starting appearences?

  12. Norcal…..I think we get 21 medals but 6 have to go to non playing staff and the other 15 to players as Toonsy said.Idiotic system if you ask me.

  13. icedog says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    “WORKY,its only people who do no work that make nee mistakes m8”

    I’ve been a bit radgie today as well, icedog. ;-)

  14. Aye I didnt realise that there was a set number of medals, not very fair like. Every player who has taken part this season should be rewarded with a medal. Regardless of how little theyve played, they at one point or another have been part of a team that has helped us to the Championship trophy. I never realised they had a set number and that was that. Harsh if you ask me like!

  15. toonsy says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    “Edited to see if I can work out the damn smiley!”

    Where’s your ‘cheat sheet’, Toonsy?

  16. richietoon says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    “Norcal…..I think we get 21 medals but 6 have to go to non playing staff and the other 15 to players as Toonsy said.Idiotic system if you ask me.”

    Close, 5 to staff which can’t be changed and 16 to players of choice. Looks like it was to do with the old way of having 5 subs plus 11 starters and it’s a detail they forgot about to me though ;)

    More can be applied for, Sunderland did it a few years back.

  17. I too thought sub appearances counted. 21 only or less? That truly sucks. Why can’t it just be anyone who played for the team? Every appearance by every player helped them get to this point. I can only imagine the NFL saying there were only enough superbowl rings for 30 people…even though the teams have over 40 on each. Seems so odd.

  18. workyticket says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    “Where’s your ‘cheat sheet’, Toonsy?”

    When you get the chance to emulate Cool DJ there is no time to call up the cheat sheet, you have to get in there quick ;)

  19. I dont want to knock Plymouth or anything right, but the Sky commentators are going to town with the chances they’ve had on goal. They’ve just mentioned that they’ve had more chances on goal against us than most other teams this seaspn. Nee offence to them but they’ve been taking spectacular looking pot shots from outside the box and havent even been hitting the target with them. It’s not like they’re peppering Harpers goal and everyone is amazed how they havent scored yet.

    Also, that was a backpass.

  20. Cool DJ is the daddy of homosocialnetworking…used to hate the stupid fooka me.

  21. superbowl rings…haha made me chuckle :)
    Are they massive golds knuckle dusters sponsored by budweiser?

  22. nz – Try Find the Plymouth v Newcastle bar and click on the ‘live’ box. It will bring up a list of streams. Avoid SopCast unless you want to download it.

  23. Some amature decisions coming from this ref now. He’s giving every 50 50 against Nolan when the ball is played up the field and thats a head injury to Carroll but he’s letting the game go.

  24. icedog says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    “lost my stream iraq goals”

    icedog, get Veetle. There’s a link further up for the veetle stream.

  25. sirjasontoon says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    “Cheers Norcal
    Looks like some shnizzle from a 70’s bubblegum machine.”

    You reckon? I’d say they look more like the kind of rings camp antique dealers wear :D

  26. How does that new avatar shite work worky?
    Do you upload an image to it then paste the link..not looked at it yet.

  27. Have to say like, Carroll’s strength in and around the box is top notch. They say the CCC is a far more physical league than the Premiership and every CB he’s come up against this season, he’s had the beating of, in the air and shoulder to shoulder.

  28. I agree…they’re a bit much…but at least each player and coach get one.

  29. sirjasontoon says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    “How does that new avatar shite work worky?”

    Jason, go to, register and upload one there. Your avatar will then work on alot of other sites as well. It’s very quick, not much different from registering for this site and uploading an image really.

    The blank ones on here are ‘gravatars’ BTW.

  30. Already got the link in my inbox just need to activate mate…will do it tomorrow as busy suppin Beer!
    Nolans just spewed up.

  31. SJT-was Nolan sick again? He was sick in the first half aswell. Double sub, would love Best to get a goal here but I cant see it, lol

  32. Worky – Can you use gif’s on that gravatar aswell? I have a cracker to use if you can :D

  33. Nolan been chugging to much beer on the bus. Can just imagine him being the rowdy little scamp of the group.

  34. toonsy-He had the cocktail sausages/sausage rolls out mate. Nicked an entire plate from catering for the “long trip ahead”. I heard he scoffed them and Carroll had to be restrained when he heard old Kev had his paws on the pack of party rings n’all.

  35. Well shoot…the avatar thing…usernames have to match both places? I have to change my username here there. Bummer.

  36. NorCal – I think it goes on your e-mail address. If thats the same in all the places then it will be fine.

  37. Ross says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    “AHHHHHHHH, so close leon best, great effort”

    I get the janners to move the crossbar ;)

  38. toonsy-no doubt mate. I wondered why you were so confident giving those odds. Your stadium manipulation and voodoo, haha

  39. “Anyone planning on invading the pitch is liable to be lifted” according to .com. Lets see them life the majority of the away end, lol

  40. toonsy-Slightly embarrassing innit. Its like we’re a league two team who’ve just advanced into the next round of the FA cup. Its more relief than a party atmosphere. Lovely to win the league but is there any need for this?

  41. Fair play to Plymouth. “We are the champions”. I dont reckon Plymouth will be wanting to hear it.

  42. Plymouth had a banner saying “Well Done Newcastle – Champions” at the start and now they are playing the Queen song for them.

    What a classy touch. I hope Plymouth go back up next season.

  43. Yeah, this is actually a lovely gesture from plymouth. The well done newcastle banner at the beginning of the game and now we are the champions over their PA. They’ve just been relegated and they’re still trying to make sure we enjoy the occasion. Classy from all round.

  44. nice touch by plymouth , after the two goals it was no walkover showed a lot of character PA…Job done though nice one, roll on MANU and Chelski …

  45. wickywoowoo says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    “Plymouth had a banner saying “Well Done Newcastle – Champions” at the start and now they are playing the Queen song for them.”

    And then we go and relegate them.

  46. Great Touch By Plymouth….respect to them and good luck to them next season…maybe we could loan them Leon Best and Nicky Butt :)

  47. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    “Am I going insane, or were they just playing the Blaydon Races too?”

    They just playing the Blaydon Races too, FSOTC.

  48. Didnt hear Blaydon Races but again it’s just a lovely gesture on their behalf. They’re now playing Local Hero. Legends!


    Bye Bye CCC,welcome back to PL~~~

  50. Big big respect to CH and his team (inc backroom staff).

    They have put the PRIDE back.

    Smells like Toon Spirit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Well done.

  51. Full marks to Plymouth’s dj. All our songs! He must have been expecting this results

  52. well good season all round championship,and good year for blog.thanks WORKY,BBM,TOONSY,enjoyed it

  53. icedog says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    “worky,does that not make you want to put your boots on again m8”

    Aye, it does, icedog. I’m old and crocked now though. I’d probably change my mind after 5 minutes!

  54. Great stuff. Who’d have thunk it back when we were in turmoil and losing 6-1 to Orient. Certainly not me.

    Much respect to the team and for Hughton for pulling it all together.

  55. Lovely gesture from Plymouth at the end of the match.


  56. Chris Hughton is a true gent like. Asked about how he feels personally about the fact they’re champions and he says he’s proud but its not about him, its about the team. I’d say this is about him. He had his doubters, including fans at the beginning of the season and he’s done a wonderful job from start to finish. He deserves an ice cold pint of Broon just as much as the lads. Thankyou Chris Hughton for sticking with it and bringing us a trophy, whatever trophy it may be. Gotta give a mention to Colin Calderwood also who no doubt has had a large part to play as Hughtons right hand man. Knowing we were promoted was fantastic, but knowing we’re going up as champions just makes it that little bit sweeter. HOWAY THE LADS.

  57. Blaydon Races was indeed played. It sounded like a midi file version but it was played nonetheless, lol.

    If Plymouth keep that team in League One, they will walk it like Norwich did. They played some good stuff tonight.

  58. Hugh de Payen says:
    April 19, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    “Great stuff. Who’d have thunk it back when we were in turmoil and losing 6-1 to Orient. Certainly not me.”

    Hugh, I was there and it was so bad, it actually encouraged me. It was so bad, I had a feeling that it would provoke something radical. Do you know what I mean or does that sound like shite, like?

  59. Top Blog this season Boys….com just churns out crap and is it’s own worst enemy and glad we have a more local blog space with enough time to have a good bit of banter on the threads.


  60. workyticket workyticket says:
    April 19, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Hugh, I was there and it was so bad, it actually encouraged me. It was so bad, I had a feeling that it would provoke something radical. Do you know what I mean or does that sound like shite, like?


    No. In some ways it probably turned out to be the most important game of the season (well, okay, it was pre-season but you know what I mean).

    There are times when a 6-1 thumping can actually be good in the long run and that was one of them.

  61. Sounds about right Worky..when that result came in i was plopping my pants and visions of Leeds filled my swede.

  62. Smithy is going mental in the dressing room, and a hilarious comment from Beagrie to be fair to him. “thats the first time Smithys hit the target all season!”


    What a guy Chris Hughton is, when no one wanted to know, when players wanted to leave, when our own fans didn’t even want to believe……………………HE DID!
    He MADE the remaining players BELIEVE!

    He has now surpassed kk’s div 1 record in top style & has MADE this HIS TEAM…………….HE DESERVES THE BEST.

    Well done to all his staff & all the players who stuck by him, including all the ones some love to hate.


    Thanx Chris for bringing it all back together.



  64. great day for all of us Newcastle fans… Hats off to Plymouth supporters and stadium staff. They done wonderful job in entertaining all of Our supporters. I wish Plymouth is promoted next season. Enjoy everyone … Don’t drink much though if you are going to work tomorrow :)

    Lets now get back to PL discussions in next few weeks.

  65. batty,
    you put your money where y’mouth is mate, get yer’sel down the bookies for it all back with a big fat cheesy grin.

    GET IN!

  66. Respect to Plymouth Argyle F.C.
    A proper football team.
    Stick together lads & get yersels back up.
    All the best!

  67. Chris Hughton’s Black ‘n’ White Army…………..

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  68. What a great night, players did well against a side who were giving 100%. Fantastic interview by CH, loads of humility so sadly lacking with many in football these days, the bloke has done so well against all the odds. And to top it all off, the way Plymouth put on the party and all those songs even though they were relegated, what a great bunch of lads, Plymouth will be a team I’ll always look out for now

  69. for all the detractors…for all the haters… for all the scumbag lame ass supporters (batty) stick it

  70. A big thanks to hughton, calderwood and the lads, got what you deserved this season, after the prima donas got what they deserved last season. You showed the guts they never had. Thank you.

  71. Just got back from the pub – school night an al that but hey, the toon were on the telly… so a just had 7 pints and 2 sambookaz! Anyway, I’d just like to say, in all seriousness…

    We are the Geordies,
    The Geordie Boot Boys,
    And we are mental and we are mad,
    We are the loyalest
    football supporters,
    The world has ever had…

    I went to Blaydon Races
    Twas on the 9th of June
    Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Two
    On a Summer’s Afternoon
    We took the bus from Balmbras
    And she was heavy laden
    Away we went alang Collingwood Street
    That’s on the Road to Blaydon

    Oh me lads, you should’ve seen us gannin’
    Passing the folks along the road
    just as they were stannin’
    Aal the lads and lasses there
    aal wi’ smilin’ faces
    Gannin alang the Scotswood Road
    To see the Blaydon Races…

    Get out of our club,
    Get out of our cluuuuub,
    You fat cockney b*stard,
    Get out of our club…

    Nananananananaaaa, Nanananaaa, GEORDIES! Nananananananaaaa, Nanananaaa, GEORDIES! Nananananananaaaa, Nanananaaa, GEORDIES!

    Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle,
    Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle,
    Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle,

    Nite nite everybody.

  72. Well done to chris hughton. NUFC finally seem to have found a calm, understated and special guy to lead the toon. Special mention to him!

    Players wanted to be here and this is there reward.

  73. Most of it has already been said. Hughton has proved wrong, those who doubted he would get us promoted, including me, even if I’ve always tried to promote him. Have to say following the Orient game I feared the absolute worst.

    Utmost respect to Plymouth Argyle and their supporters, as mentioned they’re a proper football team. Glad to see the celebrations seemed to go without issue.

    Looking forward to QPR, assuming I’ll miss the Ipswich game. Hope everyone enjoys the moment, as the lads at said the other week, they don’t come around very often. Premier League next season lads n lasses!!! Howay the lads!!

  74. I am DISGUSTED with that performance! We should have beat this team 6 or 7-0, not bloody 2-0. Nolan, Barton, Routledge, Smith, Guthrie, and Harper ALL need to go. Shocking performance!

  75. …haha! Just messing. Well done to all the lads. Special thanks to everything Plymouth, what great hosts they were.

  76. Drago-Agreed. I’ve already said it numerous times but you really have to take your hat off to Plymouth. Thats a team who went into a game knowing relegation was a huge possibility on that night, almost inevitable in the long run and the first thing they do is pull out a banner congratulating us on promotion. We end up beating them, they are relegated and they play our tunes over the PA whilst their lot applaud our team and players. A real class act from everyone involved and if I ever meet a member of the Green Army he’ll be getting a drink from me. They didn’t have to go out of their way to let us enjoy the moment given the fact we put the nail in their coffin but they did. Wish them all the best for next season. If they play like that next season they shouldnt have too many issues.

  77. Ross

    What do you think is required for us to secure promotion next season…Aside from goodluck ;)

  78. Drago-in promotion, do you mean what do i think is required for us to stay up next season?..If so, I think we need cover for both flanks to start. Enrique is a class act but we relied on him constantly this season, we need back up for next. RB is another place I think we need to strengthen. Nothing against Simpson or R Taylor, I just think they might find it tough. Simpson has looked good this season but has been caught out at the back, at times. That will happen far more regularly against top class opposition next season. For me, anyway.

    Also, I think we need a striker who will bag us the standard 15/20 in his first season. I hate saying it but the mackems did well in getting Bent. His goals have made a huge difference to them. I like Campbell aswell. Was canny narked when they got the both of them to be honest, haha. All in all, I think maybe 4 or 5 players would make a real improvement. You?



    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)