Plymouth v Newcastle Championship winning match highlights video.

Posted on April 20th, 2010 | 42 Comments |

Highlights of Newcastle United’s 0-2 win over Plymouth Argyle at Home Park, Plymouth.

Andy Carroll and Wayne Routledge banged in the goals which saw The Magpies finally clinch the Championship trophy.

For Toonsy’s most excellent match report, click here.

Howay the lads!

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42 Responses

  1. If Joey Barton can stay this form and his attitude finally change,I can say CH is the only Manager that finally subdue the “tiger” in Barton.

    And the Most proud of what CH does is,he manage to keep NUFC injuries down to the lowest possible Number.

    Well Done CH,and i truly hope barton is change for the good.

  2. AOD – I thought about our injuries a few times you know and they do seem to not be out for as long nowadays.

    Could it be because Hughton always plays it safe with injuries? I’d say it is a contributing factor.

    Still, tougher times lay ahead, I am just going to enjoy the moment for a bit :)

  3. Hmm! looks like Carroll`s going to get his share of goals in the air, nice to have a Dunc. style target for our outside players, just give Bellamy a call, hear he`s not too happy with Mancini.
    He would be the perfect foil for Carroll.
    And how about that killer pass by Joey to a motoring Roulledge, I`m impressed !
    Who knows with a few additions, this team may surprise people in the comming season.

  4. Hope games streaming on sat, should be a great atmosphere – typical of bbc / sky to give it a miss

  5. TOONSY,they will be my 2nd team to,it has been a good season for the lads/fans,enjoyed it,but as i said mon,there has to be a big pack on the back for you,worky,BBM,for some great posts i thank yous,i know the work it takes to do it for us,and some bloggers sometimes have to understand everyone has “off”days and no “real”offence is meant to anyone good luck to you all,hwtl

  6. You can’t blame Plymouth fans for being upset about reception we got last night, it’s like toon being relegated by manure, final whistle goes, manure fans invade pitch and we hold a party for them whilst telling our own fans to forget relegation and have a party with champions instead

    there would be a riot

  7. and paul mariner going on about what great fans toon have – cringeworthy to say the least if you’re a plymouth fan

  8. not to hijack the thread, but what are the chances of the game saturday being picked up by someone for live coverage? assuming slim to none

  9. eastcoast – Spot on.

    icedog – Spot on. It’s all banter and we all want the same thing at the end of the day, Newcastle to be succesful, we just all have differing ideas about how it should be done. Been doing a lot of reflecting this past day or two about a few things. :)

  10. For what it’s worth, I thought Barton wasn’t worth his space on the pitch for most of the match – but that one pass was excellent. But you could say that about the team as a whole – generally made a stack of mistakes but got the result.

    Some pundits are saying we played Plymouth of the park. Not from where I was standing – they played some lovely stuff at times and really should have got a goal at least once.

  11. Whumpie – I agree. I dont think we played them off the park at all. Again it was another case of we get chances and take them that killed the game in my opinion.

  12. Real quality football on that second goal by Guthrie, Barton and Routledge. It is the type of link up play missing from last season…long may it continue. with Carrol ruling the air we have the look of a more diverse offensive team going into next season.

    I retiterate my point about giving a couple youngsters, namely Krul and Vuckic, a run in the final two matches. I would assume a bit of a run for Butt on Saturday is warranted as well.

  13. Have to say, having had a browse of that Plymouth forum, I couldnt help but find this post quite amusing.

    “Think it was done because the club were shite scared the geordies would kick off, so wanted to instill a party atmosphere for them. A complete joke, i didnt mind them coming onto our pitch, we would do the same away if we won the league. As for the stewards they showed their true colours tonight, they’ve bullied most away fans and even on occassions home fans all season, but tonight they didnt have the nuts to try and get the geordies to sit,. It was class to see them pushed around when the geordies ran on the pitch.worst stewards in the league as for the club, it should release an APOLOGY ON THE OFFICIAL SITE for the music”

    Nothing amusing about the fact they were relegated, more just the fact that their Stewards have seemingly been slighlty unorthadox in trying to control the away end this season and by the sounds of things, failed miserably with our lot, to the point that even the home end found it quite funny.

  14. Yep, I think it’s time to see Krul and Vukic get a run-out. Kadar’s done ok and unfortunately Ranger’s crocked. But at least they should all get a sight of 1st-team action; whet the appetite for next season.

    But realistically, none of them is likely to be a Rooney-type phenomenon so let’s not count on them for a couple of seasons yet.

    Sorry to see so many Plymouth fans angry about the Tannoy thing. I totally see their point but I hope they see the other side of it in the press (and these forums) today and take some pride.

  15. ROSS about the only thing they could find funny on the night,we have been there m8,got to feel a bit for them like, took it well i think,perish the thought if it had been at leeds or millwall etc lol

  16. Whumpie says:
    April 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Has that not been the case all season?

    That’s why I make the point about needing new, better players next season.

    We do get cut open every game more or less – Some of the teams I’ve seen too are bloody poor in the league.

    But onwards and upwards

  17. I think their stewards had been briefed to hold things back as much as possible until the home team were off the field, then let it all go. They kept it funny and it worked.

  18. Whumpie-Aye mate, .com mentioned people chosing to make their way onto the field were liable to be lifted but there didnt seem to be any immediate police activity like. I think there was too many on the field to try and deal with it. It wasnt the odd couple here and there, there were hundreds.

    Fair play to them though. They were excellent with us. Their lot arent too impressed with the hospitality though.

  19. anyone see the front page of the mirror? great pic of joey barton, fist in air, being carried around after the match

  20. ice-aye mate I agree, must have been horrible for them. We know how relegation feels but to have to deal with it as the away fans celebrate winning the league on your patch must have been tough to swallow like. Their lot aren’t happy with all the songs etc which I can understand. Great for us but they had to leave the stadium knowing they’d been relegated to “We Are The Champions” and Local Hero. Not the nicest of ways to do it.

  21. Mick says:
    April 20, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    “anyone see the front page of the mirror? great pic of joey barton, fist in air, being carried around after the match”

    Aye, he sadi he wanted to get down as he didn’t deserve to be carried around like that.

  22. Aye, he sadi he wanted to get down as he didn’t deserve to be carried around like that.

    been carrying him for 6mths thought guthrie played well like ;)

  23. ROSS,just a thought m8 but i think most ccc will miss the toon, sure there income will drop 4000-6000 missing fans is a fair bit of cash,the epl teams that look like comeing down have nowhere near our fan base imo

  24. dog-I agree mate, everyone down in the CCC has said we’re a fantastic day out and we always bring excellent support, as we do wherever we go. I can guarantee any team in the world could look at the fixture list, see “Newcastle-H” and say “our away end will be sold out for that one”, which is a fantastic trait to have. Whether you’re Man utd or Scunthorpe, we’ll bring as many as they’ll give us which we have to be incredibly proud of.


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  31. Stardust – haven’t meant to ignore you but for the record, I had nothing to do with the decision and no longer have admin rights.

  32. Hey just answering a question honestly…

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    Still can’t believe you’ve banned him though. You’re thick as thieves at the old debating table.

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  33. bowburnmag > Surely you can give him an explanation, if you haven’t in the meantime?

    Lol im still waiting for an explanation on how I successfully managed to convince most people on this blog that Workyticket was a liar.