Champions at last! Plymouth 0-2 Newcastle United.

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Party time at Home Park last night.
Party time at Home Park last night.
Scenes of delerium dominated Home Park in Plymouth last night as Newcastle finally achieved enough points to be crowned champions after last nights 2-0 victory.

There was no trophy presentation last night, that will come against Ipswich on Saturday in front of a packed out St James’ Park. Credit must go to the guy working the Plymouth PA system as he belted out a plethora of songs related to Newcastle United after the final whistle. It was a bit surprising given that the home side had just been relegated but it was welcomed with open arms by some away fan’s who made their way onto the pitch to join the players in celebration. Plymouth kicked off the hospitality with a banner saying “Congratulations Newcastle from the Green Army” greeting the players as they emerged from the tunnel before kick-off. I have to say that after last night I hope they can bounce straight back up after relegation and I can wholeheartedly say that I will be looking out for their results from now on. A proper club, with proper fan’s, and if they stick by Paul Mariner and John Carver they will be fine.

Both sides knew what was at stake, but it was Plymouth who gained an early foothold in the match, although they failed to take the early chances that came their way. Despite the hosts fine start the away side struck first on 20 minutes, Andy Carroll looping a header into the corner of the net from Joey Barton’s corner kick. Just 8 minutes later it was Barton again who bagged an assist as he executed a perfect through ball for Wayne Routledge to run on to leaving the winger to round the keeper and roll into an empty net.

Plymouth came out in the second half and played with passion and commitment but the closest they really came to scoring was when Alan Judge cracked a shot off the crossbar from fully 30 yards. Newcastle had their own chances to extend the lead with Leon Best being unlucky to see his own long distance shot rattle the crossbar and Joey Barton forcing an instinctive reflex save from Plymouth ‘keeper Stockdale. It wasn’t to be however and the scoreline remained 2-0.

Newcastle manager Chris Hughton said after the game:

“I think we got to a stage where we couldn’t shout from the rooftops but we were comfortable that we were going to go up. We got to that stage and probably for a little while it’s been about winning the title and I couldn’t be any prouder of this group of players.”

“They have gone from day one and we have probably had one blip during the season, they came back from that strongly and went on a very good run. We have been the team to beat all season. We have a magnificent support that have made every stadium that we have gone to a big occasion, including tonight.”

I really do feel for Plymouth though, especially after their hospitality last night. On the plus side I have found myself a second team to support and I know what they are going through right now, we did the same last season remember? And at least their players tried when they knew they had to get a result.

Howay the lads, well played Janners!

Plymouth: Stockdale, Rede Johnson, Eckersley, Ngala, Bhasera (Bolasie 81), Duguid, Fletcher, Johnson, Judge, Mackie, Wright-Phillips (Mason 75).

Subs: Larrieu, Barker, Clark, Kari Arnason, Bolasie, Fallon, Mason.

Newcastle United: Harper, Jose Enrique, Hall (Kadar 83), Williamson, Simpson, Nolan (Best 70), Barton, Guthrie, Routledge, Smith, Carroll (Ameobi 70).

Subs: Krul, Taylor, Kadar, Pancrate, Lovenkrands, Best, Ameobi.

Attendance: 13,111.

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100 Responses

  1. Commiserations to Plymouth. We know the feeling you’re harboring at the moment, trust us.

    Congrats on being very noble, that shows something that bigger clubs don’t have.

    As for the Toon Army…..SHIT YEAH!!!!!!



  2. Hats of to any plymouth fans reading the blog today.
    Not a nice feeling going down hopefully you can get yourselves back in the championship soon.

    Over the moon with promotion and taking the title,we really have seen plenty hard graft this season which is a big improvement over previous prima donna era’s.

  3. Anyone heard how Stardust is getting on fixing up Mike’s Big Red Bus for the Championship parade?

  4. Yep, I think while we’re all still up a height about winning the title, everyone has recognised the gestures from Plymouth. I was pretty bowled over to be honest. Think I’ll need to get on some boards to thank the club and wish them well.

    It was like being back in ’93 with everyone going nuts on the pitch, maks you wish you’d been part of it last night, although despite being the right age to run around like a lunatics we were too far back at Blundell Park and never made it on to the pitch.

  5. The song ‘It’s only just begun’ comes to mind and as one door closes, another opens. Let’s hope that now we’re up in the Prem, that’s where we stay.

    Promotion as champions has been a magnificent achievement by Chris Hughton and all associated with the team.

    If MA has an eye on marketing the club, what better platform than an open top bus to parade the lads around the city? That would surely show the world just what passion exists for Newcastle United.

  6. Its great feeling today morning. As all have said already, In wish well to Plymouth fans. Hope they bounce back to championship soon.

    We can enjoy for few more days then have to wait how we do in transfer market. I think we need atleast 4 players. 5-6 would be great. I think have already 7-8 players of PL quality and experience. If players show same spirits next season we will finish Top half of table.

    I will not fancy a relegation fight again after experience of last season. :)

  7. Sahota,I didn’t think it was a relegation fight last season,I didn’t see many players fighting to avoid relegation,that was the most annoying thing.

  8. I agree with the comments about Plymouth last night, they had our songs, Blaydon Races and Local Hero playing for us, which obviously showed that although they were fighting relegation they had still thought about us. It is a fantastic area and great people.

    Bad news though, the mail has Vuckic linked with Man U and use taking Yobo from Everton with ST linked going the other way. I would hope neither of these happen, esp Vukic, but dont want to bring a sour note so early.

    Fantastic game, fantstic support and reactions after the game, all in good spirit and great to see the sterwards didnt get power happy and they let things occur in the spirit that it was meant.

  9. Hopefully the atmosphere will be great on Saturday. It should be, it’s been a long hard season.

    No doubt in my mind that the bond between fans and the club has been mended. I just hope nobody does anything stupid and spoils it.

    What better way to show mike Ashley what it could be like if he invested in some good players than on Saturday with a great atmosphere and great support for the team.

  10. Anyone got a link to the vukcic story and on another note young arsenal playmaker fran marida is out of contract, he’d be a quality signing IMO

  11. Just read the daily mail article, (couldn’t find a link sorry) think it’s crap, can’t see how trying to swap tayls for a 29 year old fits in with our blueprint, but if it’s true that man ure and ac Milan are really prepared to make an good offer then I think we will sell. Isn’t that the plan, buy low sell high?

  12. The links in post 13.

    Yeah JJ I guess it is, but I wouldve thought they want to play him for a couple of seasons and maximise the profit.

    Yobo doesnt fit with the blueprint no, but if they want to get something back for losing ST then he has prem experience. The problem I see is that he is yet another injury prone player, much like Bullard as you say who is too old for the blueprint.

    I would much rather hold onto ST than trade him for Yobo

  13. If we get the right offer for Vuckic he will be gone.

    That’s the business model, I think we paid about £500,000 for him didn’t we?

    Also he’ll want to go if a bigger club come calling.

  14. First off congrats to Hughton and the players , its a great feeling ( I know the championship is not a major honur but still ) to win something!

    But the real work will start in the summer , we have to build on what we have and we have a good foundation to build on buts gonna be a tough next season,

    On the Vukic story , its the dailymail , i think a large pinch of salt needed with any tabolid story so i think this is no different , til it happens i wont worry to much

  15. Sorry jay jay!

    I would be gutted if we lost Vuckic, but I saw what I have been wanting to see from Barton for ages last night, I just hope he now kicks on and starts like a train next season

  16. Breaking News – Stardust has been banned by Workyticket

    BBM – Toonsy – Dig Dave – Geordie Deb – Batty

    Read the Plymouth v Newcastle thread at the end for the biggest hissy fit of all time by the incredible Workyticket.

    Stardust was having banter with Big Dave about something Worky had said (Big Dave was simple :lol:) (which Stardust agreed with :lol: :lol:) and Worky has taken his ball home – probably no one but Worky knows why!

    Stardust thinks its a wind up – he “Can Not Be Serious” right? :lol: even funnier if he is!

    Rat tat tat tat tat – off to my next blog

  17. anyone see the Nolan & Routledge interview after the match when Joey Barton came in going WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, high fiving them and shouting love it midget to Routledge?? hahaha was class, and people have said on here he should be sold cause he doesnt seem to fit in! truth is, and anyone who has played in teams with these sorts of personalities im sure will agree, the team is better off with these sort of arseholes in them :-D
    ps Barton for defensive midfield next season? spraying those sorts of passes around like for the goal? hello!

  18. That interview was very funny mick! Did you see Midget ( Routledge ) trying not to laugh when someone was making the sound like they were gonna puke?

  19. Ok, can we have an embargo – just this once – on ANY postings on this thread which aren’t about last night’s incredible achievement? We’ve got months to argue about players and rumours, but today is about celebration, ok?

    (And in my case, wondering when the phone is going to ring with a colleague on the end taking the piss because he saw me on TV taking part in a certain pitch-invasion.

    BBM: “the right age to run around like a lunatics”. Hmm. It’s my birthday and I’m 42. Does that count?

    What a night!! Fantastic performance by the Toon Army, although too many songs at poor Plymouth’s expense did show some short memories and double-standards from the fans who were on the receiving end at Villa.

    And the Colloccini song proved so popular that it was sung throughout… despite the fella not being within 400 miles of the place.

    Damn. Got it stuck in my head now.


  20. Barton stayed out on the field (along with Smudger) and got totally mobbed. Good on the both of ’em. For me, Smudger was part of the small group who kicked this season off in the right spirit and led to this result. Glad I got to thank him in person, even though I doubt if he heard a word of it.

  21. Whumpie I concur with your idea!

    It was a great night , recored the last coplue of mins on my sky box and it will never ever be deleted! Watched it last night and again this mroning!

  22. A massive wrong has been put right by everyone connected with NUFC, well done & thanx.

    Maximum RESPECT to ALL at PAFC, an abso-lute credit to sportsmanship!
    To have the magnanimity to treat us the way they did, despite their predicament was a lesson to fans & clubs the world over on how to show courage & pride, while maintaining integrity. All the very best to them in their fight to get back to the championship. Amazing! ;)

    Totally agree with Stuart @ 11, well said. :)

    Harper made some top saves, Jose was excellent-again.
    2 assists for Barton-he played great & is starting to look fit at last & like the player we know he can be.
    Williamson, Hall & Simpson helped preserve another away clean sheet- Top stuff lads.
    Routledge scored a great goal, that shows great promise.
    Nolan & Guthrie kicked ass.
    Great header by Carroll & was treated harshly by the ref.
    Best did well & was very unlucky not to score-Good lad.
    Ameobi & Kadar did their bit too!

    The staff got the tactics right.
    For a highly charged game with a hell of a lot at stake for both teams.
    On a dodgy pitch.
    Newcastle never looked like they would lose this game.

    & finally,



  23. Shit!
    I forgot to mention Alan Smith, sorry Alan!
    What a Guy, played a blinder & in his interview you could tell what it meant to the lad.
    Howay Alan!

  24. Saw it on ssn last night mate.
    & he was going purely mental in the looker room, great scenes!

    You could tell that he was so happy that the lads had proved all the detractors dead wrong.
    & brought home the ‘it all stays in-house’ new order at NUFC.

  25. Nice that the daily fail are already trying to spoil the party with their anti-celebratory stance.
    congratulations to them. Ppfffftt!

  26. thanks ch we are up it is great! but sorry people saying newcastle were great last night are missing the point yes we won but they had a lot of chances but for harper they could have scored are back 3 apart from enriquie were shit and if he keeps playing 4 central midfield players we will struggle to win games in the prem. again barton or who ever plays on the wing if he does that then we are in big trouble barton should always play
    centre midfield he came in field and set up the goal i in every game away from home we have got to play 2 wingers and 3 central midfield and 1 up front or we wont win a game with that team last night without rout or jonas unless what he gets in the summer am i jumping the gun until what he gets.

  27. so Whumpie – are you the big fella with all the tats who had his shirt off all 90mins?!

  28. asim,
    you have no clue mate, sorry.
    We played within ourselves, with team tactics to do that.
    It’s called reading the situation/opposition.

    Go & get some drugs & chill out dood!

    Uush already!


  29. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 20, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    “Some top & funny pics here.”

    I liked the “Warning: Features topless Geordies” bit. :-)

  30. eastend toon says:
    April 19, 2010 at 10:58 pm
    for all the detractors…for all the haters… for all the scumbag lame ass supporters (batty) stick it
    <<<<< u peice of shite never slagged the team never will always sed we would do it easy without losing more than a hand full of games so go and jump off the tyne bridge dipshit

  31. clint flick if u think that then u are blind or daft thinking it was team tactics. we were crap my point was this team would struggle to win a away game in the prem not this joke league if these were prem players we would have lost.they could have been 2 nil down first five minutes or was u drunk. not to do with team tactics bad finishing and harper with some great saves.

  32. batty says:
    April 20, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    “worky have u fell oot with stardy and dave or is it a wind up ?”

    I banned Stardust, batty. I didn’t do it lightly, he’s only the third person ever to be banned on here.

  33. asim,
    but we weren’t 2-o down, we won, the history books read:
    PAFC0-2NUFC, the end.
    If you believe what you’re saying, you’re paranoid mate.
    & the cut & thrust of the game of football, with all it’s twists is not the game for you. You’ll be dead of heart failure before your 20’s lad.

    We are in this ‘joke’ league, though not for much longer, cos we beat everyone & came 1st.
    They weren’t prem league players at Plymouth, they were ‘joke’ league players.
    If the other teams would have scored more goals than us, they woulda won, andy gay eat your heart out.
    I don’t drink! Or a least, very rarely & not to excess!
    & that’s what Harpers there for, to save shots & keep us in it.

    Take a breath/pill or wharever gets you through, so long as it’s not pissing on everyone’s chips.

  34. asim – you seem to be suffering from the same problems as spew.

    you don’t have to suffer alone you know – there is all types of help for people with your condition.

  35. Didnt do it lightly? Exactly what did Stardust do?

    You are a LIAR young Workyticket – you did it because it took your fancy – no more no less – oh yes and there were the profanities from yourself – again for no reason when the banter was aimed at Dave not you.

    You have hissyfitted like a little girl about nothing – poor little you.

    You have conveniently forget Stardust helped initially with the blog and thats a sad reflection of you – not Stardust.

    A warning to everyone – no minor banter or small time jokes with each other – or you’re banned.

    No one but the imaginary friend in Worky’s head knows what Stardust has done – Workys having a breakdown me thinks.

    Rat tat tat tat tat tat off to my next blog (if this one isnt banned too lol)

  36. well said mate! newcastle will go far if u think that was good stuff mate u sit next2 ch next season and we would get relegated with your match tactics and yes lads we won last night thats what u would have said to them last night and we were great not going throu what happened in the game what a clown u are.

  37. we did play shite last night,guthrie had a shocker,but im going to blame it on the pitch :)

  38. Ok sir alex asim,
    i bow to your superior self appointed knowledge kidda.

    Do you understand the word perspective?

    You must be a barrel of laughs dood.

    I guess you can’t please some of the people any of the time!

    have a nice day, missing you already!


  39. Toon Chicken says:
    April 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    I have strength of my conviction to stick to my opinion – This squad would struggle in the PL.

    Although with a few new players we will stay in the division. It’s not rocket science.

  40. CLiNT @ 38, that series of pics is priceless.

    Compare pics 8 with 14 and just feel the utmost admiration for the Plymouth supporters who not only witnessed PA’s relegation but layed on one hell of a reception for the Army.

    Brilliant performance all round and very best wishes to PAFC and all their supporters.

  41. Damn right lesh.
    Plymouth did themselves proud & deserve good things there way.
    I’m sure all True Toon Fans wish then all the best.

  42. I think saying we will struggle is doom & gloom, we may not set the world on fire but the beauty of football is that any team can beat any other team on any given sunday, the current team play with passion and pride, why tear them down before they’ve kicked a ball?
    hardly what i call support

  43. asim says:
    ” … what a clown u are.”


    I hope he isn’t actually a clown because I’m scared of clowns. I think it’s something to do with an episode of The Avengers I saw when I was a bairn.

    Worse still would be a clown with me in a tight box at the top of a cliff because I don’t like heights or enclosed spaces either.

    Although I grant you the chances of me finding myself in a small box at the top of a cliff with a clown for company are remote.

  44. danny-boy,
    better get used to it mate.
    I agree with you though.
    Can’t we actually just enjoy the moment, just for a little while longer?

    “Football’s not about enjoyment”(in deep meaningful teacher voice).


  45. lesh says:
    April 20, 2010 at 1:05 pm
    Where next for Mr Stardust?

    Could he quietly be slipping back to Ed’s site?

    I think it more likely he will quietly slip back under his rock.

  46. Cheerist, you lot – can you not go one day without resorting to getting your cocks out and trying to slap each-other??

    Still getting my head around how great Plymouth were as hosts. My favourite bit was when the head steward stood back and held his arms out, smiling, as if to say “come on then, I’ll stop you myself”. He had no intention of trying, but it was that kind of humour that kept the whole thing controlled and good-natured.

    As for performances: one thing I’m just starting to get used to is the idea that we may not always see a good performance, but the results will come anyway. I’m proud of every one of the lads – even ‘Barn Door Best’ who missed two sitters but at least made the chances to miss.

    Wish I could be there on Saturday too – would love to see them lift that cup. Party hard, lads and milk this for all it’s worth. Tougher days are not far away, but at least we can meet them with some pride, confidence and a weapons-grade hangover!


  47. Didnt do it lightly? Exactly what did I do? I invite all to read the Thread for the Plymouth Match Preview.

    You are teller of untruths Workyticket – you did it because it took your fancy – no more no less – the banter was aimed at Dave not you – and Dave took it with the humour it was intended.

    You have hissyfitted about nothing.

    You have conveniently forget I helped initially with the blog and thats a sad reflection of you – not myself.

    A warning to everyone – no minor banter or small time jokes with each other – or you’re banned.

    No one but the imaginary friend in Worky’s head knows what I have done – Worky are you having a breakdown.

    I find it all so funny – Worky you have obviously never had any real problems to deal with.

  48. Well said Danny boy!

    And who says we cant hold our own next season? Did anyone gives us a chance of winning this league and on course of breaking the 100 point bracket at the start? Nobody in their wildest dreams thought this season would pan out as it has

  49. Sometimes it’s not all about the taking part or seeing brilliant football.

    It’s about WINNING!

    Ask the team that wins the prem this season after losing a bunch of games, playing crap sometimes, sending offs, bad decisions, injuries & just scraping through…………………TO WIN!

    I bet they feel sooo unworthy & degraded.

  50. Johno Toon says:
    April 20, 2010 at 1:25 pm (Edit)
    Well said Danny boy!

    “Nobody in their wildest dreams thought this season would pan out as it has”

    I did, Johno.

  51. I tried very hard to find a stream last night with only partial success missing the whole of the second half. The one thing that did stand out imo was our propensity to lump the ball upfield as often as we did. Plymouth and a lot of other teams have seriously outplayed us for big chunks of matches and but for Luck, Harper and some poor finishing by them we could have been looking at a different scenario.
    I can’t help thinking we had a guardian angel this season (SBR?)

    Still as history will show we won (apparently) at a canter as someone else has pointed out and the big positives was the team camaraderie plus a manager who managed what he had (in the main) superbly.
    So congratulations to the team, the backroom boys and especially the fans. At least next seasonwe won’t be struggling to find streams for the games. ;)

    By the way the Vukic rumour is rubbish as I have heard we have put in a bid for Terry Gibson that due to their financial situation they have to think about.

    Thats a load of tosh by the way but if the tabloids can make it up why can’t we. :)

  52. What’s happened to this place? I don’t get on here much as I’m stoved off with work and home commitments, but the tone of this place seems to have changed. It seems a lot more aggressive on here of late.

    Was that really worky and stardy having a handbags moment? For a minute I thought someone must have been doing the old imposter trick.

    I blame toonsy, he’s blogging far too much these days. ;-)


    Championies, Championies, ole, ole, oleeeeeeee

  53. BW,
    that’s what you get with a big guy up top on a crap pitch away from home in the first half then, hey?

  54. So is this a bad time to mention that I’ve left the ‘admin’ club by mutual consent then?…

  55. 8)

    Yep, I’m a free agent. Or maybe it’s more like I’ve retired to go and run a pub.

  56. See y’down the ‘Boot & Whistle’ later then, for a drink. :)

    Political differences?
    Artistic differences?

  57. just gotta echo what’s already been said by everyone else – pure class from everyone involved with plymouth – hoping they can bounce straight back up. red carpet treatment when they were locked in for relegation. nearly unthinkable and pretty much every other club should take note.

    also just pumped that we’ve finally done it. great scenes on the pitch and in the locker room. bit of FU to everyone who was laughing at us this time last year. now its just the matter of winning the last couple games, and digging down and prepping ourselves for the battle next season.

    until then though, lets enjoy this one! for anyone in/around nyc – the toon army nyc is planning a pub crawl saturday night to celebrate. will post details once they’re sorted out!

  58. Wheyaye! I was finding it tough to contribute as much I used to anyway. But I plan to drop in with tuppence worth as much as I can.

  59. Ta for y’input bowburn, i’m sure most appreciated it.
    All the best mate.

  60. * my * tuppence worth.

    Cheers Dave. I’ll be doing nowt more interesting than dealing with life that gets in the way of the things you enjoy most!!

  61. workyticket says:
    April 20, 2010 at 1:44 pm
    Johno Toon says:
    April 20, 2010 at 1:25 pm (Edit)
    Well said Danny boy!

    “Nobody in their wildest dreams thought this season would pan out as it has”

    I did, Johno.
    <<< and me :lol:

  62. Team for saturday should be:

    Simpson Williamson Kadar Enrique
    Routledge Nolan Guthrie Barton
    Carroll Best.

    Subs; Krul, R.Taylor, Butt, Pancrate, Vuckic, Lovenkrands, Ameobi.

    I think Butt will come near the end with it being most likley his last ever home game for us and even though some people don’t like him (including me) he has done a good job for us for the last 5 years. Also i feel Best should start on saturday because i thought he did well when he came on yesterday, not only because he hit the bar with a cracking shot, i thought he did more than Sholaa. anyways .. LET THE PARTY COMMENCE :D!

  63. Great job by the yesterday and am over the moon with this season. Seeing a fit Barton show what he can do, and with Routledge looking like he willl be able to handle the Prem, fills me with optimism. Would love to see Krul, Vuckic and Donaldson get a run next in the final two matches.

    Also, I join the sntiments towards Plymouth. Total class yesterday. I also like finding a club in the lower leagues to pull for and they now have a new fan in me.

  64. Well congratulations to the players and manager also the coaches, for one hell of a season.
    Dont think anyone expected we would do so well, myself included.
    So Mike, everyone`s played their role to perfection, it`s now your turn.
    Give the man a contract and a few bob to bring us up to PL standard, not a lot to ask !

  65. BATTY,you put your money were your mouth is good on you never dounted it m8,hope you keep a bit back for the lad ;)

  66. Yeah MDS
    Have to agree, Butt has taken his licks on this blog, but no one can deny he is a true pro.and much of the criticism was unwarranted , usually by people who would`nt recognize how he contribute`s.
    As for Best, a hard working team player, could become our Kuyt, just give the guy a chance.


    WORKYTICKET: Would you like to explain why you banned Stardust?

    And thereon debate it here and now in front of everyone with STARDUST. You dont have a reason Worky do you – apart from the fact YOU insulted some of your loyal bloggers and Stardust was laughing about your blunder with one of the people YOU insulted. YOU then went on to use profanities at Stardust who was having harmless fun.

    You then tried to turn it on Big Dave and Geordie Deb.

    But why ban Stardust Workyticket. He helped set up this blog. You claimed to have thought long and hard about it – thats a lie – he has never given you one reason to ban him.

    You are a Coward Workyticket – just as you will ban this account for having the afront to question you – we will not stop until you admit you are wrong.

    For other readers this is a transcript of an email sent by Stardust direct to Workyticket (Paul directly)


    Now as I can see this is serious and not a wind up.

    You didn’t ban me lightly? – LOL – I really needn’t expand on that as you know yourself your statement is so obtuse its bizarre.

    You are a coward – rather than debate this issue openly with me on the blog – you have banned me so I can not retort. The reality is you were annoyed by Dave and Deb and I was simply enjoying a bit of banter with Dave – you need to lighten up fella – you’re heading for a heart attack.

    I can see that you have the IP and Proxy covered but given time I will make those few I am bothered about aware of what’s went on.

    Interesting to see people forget who helped them in the past.

    Shame on you fella – shame on you.”

    To date Workyticket has not replied.

    Is he a decent genuine sort – or the very worst kind of person – time and actions alone will decide that.

  68. BBM – can you enlighten us as to Workys decision – when Worky as normal will refuse to answer – cheers fella

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