Chris Hughton – Newcastle United’s unlikely hero.

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Chrissy has the balls to keep us going forward.
Chrissy has the balls to keep us going forward.
Who would have thought it eh? Who would have thought way back at the end of last season when Newcastle were relegated that in just a year the fortunes of the club would have seemingly been turned around so dramatically?

The shame of watching such an abject display at Villa Park and the embarrasament of bowing out of the Premier League has been replaced with a healthy optimism and a feeling of pride has been restored to Tyneside. One man must take the broad chunk of the credit for it – Chris Hughton. Since being appointed as Caretaker back in pre-season, Hughton has hardly set a foot wrong. That in itself is startling when you take into account that the guy didn’t know from one day to the next whether he would have a job or if he would be working with the same players again or even who his boss would be. Yet he just got on with the job in hand, ignoring all of those factors from within the club and numerous factors from outside the club trying to undermine him.

Criticism has always been levelled at Hughton from some quarters. He doesn’t play the young players enough, his tactics are wrong, his team selection is wrong, he wouldn’t be able to motivate the team, plus many more assumptions throughout the season. Results would suggest that some of the criticism has been unfair, after all it was only on Monday night we were on the Home Park pitch celebrating winning the title, again something Hughton apparently wouldn’t be able to achieve.

The media have also had their pop at Hughton this season, with scandalous reports of him being replaced with a ‘big name’ manager mentioned several times. Perhaps it’s out of spite that the media try to drum up some frenzy? After all, Hughton isn’t exactly the type to give a great sound-byte like Joe Kinnear and that wont sit well with journalists who are fighting for stories to fill column inches in the hope of justifying their jobs. Hughton gives no quarter in press conferences or interviews, a point proven with the Carroll/Taylor altercation a few weeks back. To this day all that flies around is speculation, hearsay and gossip, just the job to keep Newcastle United out of the headlines for a change!

There can be no doubt that Chris Hughton is just what the doctor ordered to help heal a broken Newcastle United and hopefully lead them on the road to recovery. It wasn’t always the case, many people doubted him including me. He certainly shut me up, and he now regularly recieves his very own adulation from the stands as chants of ‘Hughton, Hughton give us a wave’ have become more frequent.

One would hope that the chants continue into next season and that Mike Ashley will give Chris Hughton the tools to help us stay in the Premier League. Right now we have an excellent chance to start afresh, to jump start the battery and kick Newcastle United back into life. We have had our fingers burnt with relegation before, too many gaffer’s in just one season being one of the reasons. Let’s not make the same mistakes again and lets give Hughton the time he deserves after what has been a simply stunning season. We have one of the games few remaining ‘nice guys’ in Hughton, let’s keep him!

One Chrissy Hughton…….

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129 Responses

  1. the biggest job that hughton has to do now which is just as important as his achievement this season, is to convince ashley that this squad needs strengthening massively.
    My worry is that, he is just grateful for being given the managers job and will go along with whatever ashley says without a whimper!

  2. Let’s face it to not keep him, would be possibly the worst decision Ashley could have made in all his time at NUFC. Even in view of his past calamities. I’m sure even he isn’t that daft.

  3. I still reckon he is only 3 or 4 defeats on the bounce away from a backlash from some sections of supporters (Ashley’s puppet, blah blah etc. (yawn yawn).

    We really are our own worst enemies sometimes…

    Case in point: Milner!

    De ja vu: Best?

    Who knows – the moaners have already made their minds up on that one.

  4. toon chicken – get your head out of your arse man 90% of managers are only 3 or 4 defeats away from fans getting on the their backs or even getting bladdered by trigger happy owners.

    – & i’ve noticed your never happy unless your having a pop at the fans ! (yawn f@cking yawn).

  5. Could not agree more Toonsy. I too must hold up my hand in not wanting him as our manager. Time for me to eat humble pie.

    He has done a great job under difficult circumstances. He has such humility too, reminds me of a certain Sir Bobby Robson.

    Well done Chris, and the lads.

    Roll on Saturday, I cannot wait.

  6. Article in the daily mail today saying mike ashley has opened talks today about extending hughtons contract. But what can you believe in that paper?

  7. JAY JAY,there just haveing a punt m8 imo,as it has to at some point like,my guess when it does happen is 1yr rolling contract,a get out for both sides really

  8. Bit off topic I know but does anybody know when the new strip will be released. Tradition used to be that they wear the new kit on the last home game of the season. I remember them wearing the new Asics kit at the Leicester game after our last promotion. What chances then that the new Puma kit will get an airing this Saturday?

  9. We may have lost one of the last decent men in football when Sir Bobby passed away, but we’ve found another right under our noses. Ashley, for once, made a decisions massively against opinion and pressure, and proved many of us wrong when he appointed wor Chris.

    As for those (ahem, post 1) calling for radical overhauls of the squad: better get used to the idea that this is not going to happen. CH has said very clearly what his strategy is, and now we know what he is capable of, I think we should trust him to implement that strategy well.

    Evolution is the way, lads. Personally, I think he’s bang on there.

  10. TC,
    aye mate.

    Nowt wrong with having a pop at ‘some’ fickle as f*** fans(?), like!

  11. Aye whumpie,
    CH has telt us enough times in ‘actual’ recorded interviews, i guess no one was listening or more likely, didn’t wanna hear.

  12. Halftimebovril , I think Iread somewhere new to be launched this thurs , I dont know how true that is as it wasnt from anywhere offical and not sure if we will have new kit by end of season as I dont think addidas be to happy.

  13. Haha – looks like I’ve come a Cropper there like! :)

    Truth hurts eh Roy? I take it your in the Spew crew then?

  14. Job only have done I’m afraid.

    I think he’s done a great job but he himself will admit he’s still a long way off achieving anything.

    Although he’s done a good job, who’s really responsible for bringoing the players together? Is it the ‘commitee’ of Nolan, Smith, Butt and Harper? They were the one’s who asked the players to stand up and be counted – Asked them who wanted to stay and play for the club.

    There is also the school of thought that with these players any manager would have been expected to get us straight back up.

    I won’t be making a opinion of Hughton untill I’ve seen more of him – Just like you would a player.

    I think it’s a bit early to be waxing lyrical about him.

    He’s had a great start – Lets hope he can finish the job – Although I think next season he could well be a sitting duck without the help he needs from the club.

  15. Whumpie says:
    April 21, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Hughton has said what his strategy is? That’s not out of choice, it’s what he’s told he has to do – He has no choice.

    DAon’t make it sound as if this is his great vision for the club when he has no choice whatsoever.

  16. I’m pretty sure it was CH that set up that ‘Committee’ like, being the socialist that he is.
    That therefore gives him the credit.

    he was in charge for this season & to imply it isn’t his doing is
    a bit silly.

  17. Doing the do is what counts, however you ‘have’ to do that is irrelevant really.
    It’s all about working with what you’ve got in the end.

  18. Cheers Johno.

    Had a feeling the whole adidas becoming Puma may be a factor as i’m sure adidas have paid up until the end of the season

  19. Stuart,

    Spot on, he has done a good job this season but in fairness he is the envy of all the other managers in the championship with the squad we have (experience and so-called quality)….many people are getting ahead of themselves. I hope to god he turns out to be a good manager because he is a good man, but this season reveals little in all honesty. He most likely wont get backed with enough money from the fatman, and he is already dumbing down our already tame expectations. Lets enjoy the last few games of the seasonn because we wont be getting too many wins next year

  20. no , he really is a GOOD manager , to use what he had , and lose the overpaid nonsenses we got rid of , and yet he coninued to work hard , and yet all around him and at director level thjer has been talk of buy / sell / buy , and yet the club has been steadied by one man Chris HUGHTON….Full Bleedin credit where it’s due , ashley has only appeared last 10 -15 games when the grounwork was done by CH , again trying to reap reward from the fans , get lost cashley , you get nee credit mate yer a waste of space ,

    Chris I hope you stay as long as you care to… RESPECT due…. HOWAY THE LADS….

  21. Buddy

    How has this season revealed little?

    I think its revealed that CH cant unite a broken dressing room , build up a team spirit , organise a team and most importantly win games.

    Yes its the championship but we can only beat whats infront of us.

    I do agree the team needs improving but I honestly belive there is a good foundation to build on

  22. Stuart79 @ 15

    Damn – you just sad eveything I was going to say!!

    Right, well I’ll just go and cut the grass then LOL

  23. Stu: “There is also the school of thought that with these players any manager would have been expected to get us straight back up.”

    But you spent the first half of the season telling us all how sh!te we were – how great Cardiff, QPR, West Brom etc. were compared to us – and how we didn’t have a hope of even making the play offs.

    So which one is it???

  24. Be interesting to see how CH gets on in the premiership and if he gets sufficient backing in the summer window who knows he may continue to put out winning teams or teams that are very tuff to beat.

    I think one thing I have noticed is the team seems galvanised and mentally much stronger than they have in years and I wouldn’t take the Owen’s,Beye’s,Duffs and Martins type players back now.

    Sensible investment,11 men prepared to fight tooth and nail to represent our great City is fine by me.

  25. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if Spidey will be fit for selection on Saturday, or is he still suffering from that niggling groin problem? :)

  26. “still a long way off achieving anything.”


    What more could he have achieved?? It’s been bleedin’ miraculous! The Smogs have a similar wage bill and ‘talent’, and look at them! And they don’t have to deal with Ashley…

    Nope, not having that. Yes, he has constraints placed upon him by his boss – so does everyone. But to take those constraints and work out a structure and approach which has delivered so much is the work of genius.

    Yes, wins will be more scarce next season – but if CH is as good at devising and applying strategy as he has been this year, we’ll be just fine. Stop giving him grief before he’s even started.

  27. Toon Chicken says:
    April 21, 2010 at 11:21 am

    No I didn’t!

    I said that we cannot keep performing like we were and still expect to win. Performances did improve after January.

    I advocated that we needed new players in January or we wouldn’t go up – I think that was proved right given the injuries we got.

    But the fact we were performing so badly pre January could point Hughton not being the ‘great new hope’ people are saying.

    Our first team is far and away the best in the division – We should have got promoted. We just needed fresh legs and we got them in January.

  28. Chris has done a job far better than most of us could of imagined and deserves alot of credit-we could have easily slid down another rung of the ladder as many pundits where predicting.

    Job done,onto the next challenge..personally I will be happy even if we scrape a survival 1st season and gradually push forwards towards global domination in the near future :)

  29. SJT – yeah global domination has to go on the back burner for a while now…

    at least until after Xmas!!! :)

  30. Toon Chicken says:
    April 21, 2010 at 10:54 am
    Haha – looks like I’ve come a Cropper there like!

    Truth hurts eh Roy? I take it your in the Spew crew then?

    if spew has concerns about the lack of funding CH will recieve or whether the FCB is going too put the club back up for sale at the end of the season or even whether CH can cut the mustard as a premiership manager – then yes it’s the spew crew for me as it must be for the majority that attend the games & pubs on match day coz thats all i ever hear.

    all we want is for CH to be supported in the transfer market so he can have a good go at the job & be successful with it.

    – me a fickle fan ? no chance ! & if anyone called me that at the games they’d come a cropper , i’d take my shoe off & bray them with it.

  31. CH has done good job. Getting promotion as Champions is achievement. Those who are saying in media that anyone would have got promotion with these players..TAKE A BREAK. You were same people who were saying at start of season that these players got Newcastle relegated and don’t have courage to fight in championship.

    I still think for our stability in PL, CH should convince Mike to support him and buy 4-5 good players. What I meant by good players is might be 1 player worth 7-8 Mil and rest each one around 5-6 mil. Rest we will have to wait and see how we do in PL.

  32. As has been said, what I like about Chris is his humility. Just watching his interview on Monday, he has done what not many managers of this club have and got the best points tally to date (I think anyway) but did he take the glory, no, past it on to the players. Football needs more people like him involved.

    Yes, I was one of the ones concerned at the start of the season about him, but he proved me wrong. No reason why he can’t continue what he’s doing. May need a couple more players, but I’m sure he can do the right thing.

    As for the kit, I got an email asking if I want to be at the launch at 2pm or 2.30pm on Thursday, had to email back, guess it will be some kind of draw. So, it comes out on Thursday, but who knows if they can wear it or not on Saturday. The club have done well there not to let any details/pictures of it get out, must be a first.

  33. one thing is for sure ashley has to back hughton in the transfer market,coz this team would struggle in the prem.

  34. I think Mike will back CH not massive bags of cash but around 15-20m in this window and see how he gets on and I think with that amount of cash we can add a bit of quality and guile in key positions.

    Be interesting to see who is sold or moved on…Butt should retire and work with the kids and reserves,Shola is not premiership quality,neither is Leon Best and both could maybe be loaned to Plymouth as a gesture for the other night.

    Would like to see some money spent on a decent striker that is keen,knows the history and has the balls and talent to wear the number 9!

  35. SJT @ 26 – good summary.

    Nobody knows how well he’ll do next year, but we do have lots of evidence to give us some idea, and you can come to many different conclusions.


    One you cannot come to is that CH is anything but a good manager who has done incredibly – miraculously – well so far.

    As has been pointed out, the doom-mongers on here are the same people who were saying we’d get spanked by Cardiff, West Brom, Swansea…

  36. Cheers Whumpie-like I said with a few new strong additions,good work ethics and team spirit we can survive our first season back with the big lads.

    We have some canny young players as well that will be chomping at the bit and developing all the time and with the right development and patience we could have a decent backbone to the squad already homegrown.

  37. Is Chris Hughton the ‘unlikely hero’ that the header states?
    A resounding YES must be the answer.

    Was there the question: ‘Will he be able to cut it in the prem’?
    Well i didn’t notice that one.
    Will MA give him some funds to stay up, get in the top half, get european football, win the league?
    Again, i didn’t see that question.
    So, who are getting ahead of themselves?
    The ones that claimed we would do a belly flop this season.
    Gotta learn to crawl, before you can fly!

  38. The last time everyone clambered for the young ‘uns to get a game v peterborough, they were played & spanked.
    They’ll get their chances when they’re good enough.
    Are they good enough yet?
    Only the staff know that.
    So it’s up to them.

  39. Just thought of a MUCH more imperative issue which we, as the work-shy fans, should address RIGHT HERE.

    We need a decent Hughton song. It was sadly lacking at Plymouth, and we ended up reverting to the Collocini song despite him being 400 miles away.

    Come on, fellas – suggestions, please! Summat for Saturday’s game for Level 7 to hoon out there…

  40. Ok, my first… and very dodgy… suggestion.

    To the tune of ‘who let the dogs out’

    Who is our leader?
    Hoo – Hoo – Hoo – Hoo- Hughton!

    Aaaannnndd… repeat until sick of it.

    Must be better out there. Come on lads.

  41. What’s wrong with:

    Hugh-ton’s B&W Army.

    He deserves that & it’s his team.

    Chrissy Hughton’s B&W Army…………….
    ……………………..HUGH-TON’S Black ‘n’ White Army!

    Altogether now………..a 1, a 2, a1234…………

  42. I just think he needs a new one; not his name bunged in in place of the previous one.

    Classics are perennial, though :)

  43. Toon Chicken says:
    April 21, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Those without the intelligence to accept other points of view and debate will see it as negativity.

    Others will see my points, understand them and debate the rationale behind them.

    Crapper – I agree with you again. This squad could have a decent run in the PL but when a bad run of form comes or a couple of trouncings, confidence is low, who does CH look to on the bench? Ameobi, R Taylor, Lua Lua, Leon Best and Ben Tozer? That’s going to struggle in the PL.

    Nobodies asking for Man City esk spending but when you consider that the Mackems psent more on Darren Bent that we will probably have to spend in total it doesn’t bare well.

  44. Aye whumpie,
    When a manager has the fans truly ‘onside’, that’s what we sing.
    Not saying there ain’t room for a new one like & it would be cool if people went to the trouble to make one up.

  45. No ones saying were gonna be prem beaters or that were gonna do this or that.
    Ameobi & R Taylor have come off the bench & scored goals though-Strangely enough.

    No ones disallowing others opinions either, just having a differing one, is all.

  46. In fact,
    i doubt anyone doesn’t think we need a few in.

    They’re just giving credit & Respect to the man who’s made it possible.
    Chris Hughton-& his methods & staff all pulling in the same direction, players committee ‘n all.
    After all,
    everyone said MA wouldn’t support CH in jan, he did & CH brought in a few that got the job done-loans & buys.
    Within our means at the time.

  47. We also need to up the standard of player-specific songs to match the heady heights of the Colo song. Jose is sorted. Need some for Guthrie, Jonas, Routledge, Carroll, Nolan et al, preferably all involving the word “shag” cos that’s class, like.

  48. Chris HughTOOOOOOOOOOON !!!
    Chris HughTOOOOOOOOOOON !!!

    Repeat until a headache arrives.

  49. Clint @ 51 – spot on. I don’t think people on here are that far apart on expectations. In January 1 in ever 10 pounds spent on players came out of Ashley’s pocket.

    With the track record CH has, I expect we’ll see the same approach scaled up as appropriate, and a few judiscious buys. I don’t know anyone who’se calling for huge spending on here; some think just a few mil, I’d go for 10-15, and some are on about 20-30.

    Whatever is spent it’ll be sensible and effective. Have faith.

  50. Stuart79! people will stick up for CH that is good! the problem u got and me is others cant see he doesnt have any1 on the bench to come on and change a game he doesnt want to give are attacking young players a go and have sh..t on the bench. the thing about ch he doesnt want to upset are central midfield players he would play them all or they are on the bench. when u have players on the bench u always have 1 defender 1 central midfield player and 1 forward the rest attacking players who can change a game he doesnt have is going to be a big thing this summer when he buys not to have dead waits on the bench just to please them thats why i belive he wont be strong enough.

  51. Roy Cropper says:
    April 21, 2010 at 9:51 am

    “toon chicken – get your head out of your arse man 90% of managers are only 3 or 4 defeats away from fans getting on the their backs or even getting bladdered by trigger happy owners.”

    Unfortunately Roy is right, that is the way of footbal nowadays. Just look at the critics Wenger has at Arsenal nowadays!

  52. hitman-Not too encouraging, that like RE Vuckic like. Pretty sure if Manure come in for him he’ll go. Fits with Ashleys plan of buy young and sell off at a profit and as the player himself said, its hard to turn down old wax face. He doesn’t once say anything like “But i’m happy at newcastle for now” or “but my main aim is to get into newcastles starting 11”. Obviously its all just rumour like but he’s one of the youngn’s i’d really like to see stick around.

  53. Whumpie,
    i agree mate.
    We’re not that far apart on here.
    Probably the closest for many a month.

    & y’right, we do ‘have’ to have faith, cos we can’t go out & buy the players ourselves, can we?

    good shout on the player songs.
    We need to get our ‘writing boots’ on.

  54. jay jay – There is a pre-match game in Carlisle with an unconfirmed date. Plus I think they are heading over to Ireland for a training camp.

    Whumpie – Jonas alreay has his son.

    Oh Gutirerrez
    from Buenos Aires
    He’s spiderman!
    He’s our superhero playing on the left or right,
    Wearing black & white he is f**king dynamite….

  55. Basically,
    if manu & sir rudolph want a young player from us that hasn’t even featured yet, he must be ‘out of this world’, hey?
    £20m+ please.
    Sounds about right.
    They’re rich apparently?

  56. If they wanna turn the young lads head with a game every 6-10.
    Extort the mothers!

  57. I can’t see MA hanging around , he won’t want to risk his “investment” going up in smoke with another relegation. First 200 million offer that comes his way he’ll go, IF (and you’ll notice thats a big if) he gets an offer that is!!

    He’ll blow some hot air into the media about investing in the team, put 15-20 million in (that’ll include wages not just purchase price) and pocket the rest of the TV money whilst looking for someone to buy us.

  58. Toonsy – like the Jonas song, but what tune is that?

    Need one for Routledge; I think he could be big for us next season.

    Well, big for, um, a midget. A very quick, talented midget.

  59. Maverick says:
    April 21, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    pocket the rest of the TV money

    What are you implying?

  60. If Vuckic doesn’t get a bit of first team action soon he will want to move without Man Utd being interested in him.

    I will be dissapointed if he doesn’t at least get 20 mins on Saturday.

  61. Stuart-I’m the same to be honest. We’re promoted, the league is won and he’s back from injury. I’d give him a run out just to see how he gets on. I firmly believe in the “if you’re good enough you’re old enough” line. I don’t think the likes of Manure would be good for him but at the end of the day young lads are blinded by bright lights, I think he will start to get the itch if he doesn’t see first team football in the very near future.

  62. the joke is he looks streets ahead of any1 at his age and ch and the team cant see it but other teams can same with the goal keeper. he should be playing in the first team good enough old enough.

  63. Aye,
    nowt like alerting other teams to our young ‘uns in the last couple of games, let’s see if we can get shot, hey?
    Good plan.

  64. take it u are a clown clint! you only have to look at players for 5 minutes to see if they are good they dont go on us alerting them.

  65. CLiNT-Both AC Milan and Man Utd showed interest in Vuckic before we signed him. He wasn’t some unknown talent that we scooped up from nowhere. As far as i’m concerned he was quite a coup for us because there were huge European teams well aware of his ability. Regardless of whether we give him a run out or not, Ferguson knows about him.

  66. Not ‘us’ on here you……….._______.

    Playing them in a F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L M-A-T-C-H
    A-T T-H-E E-N-D O-F T-H-E S-E-A-S-O-N.

    y’get me?

  67. It be nice to go the season unbeaten at sjp so i dunno if youngsters will be risked if the game is in the balance tho i really hope Vuckic Rnager Best ( shop window ) Kadar Krul get a run out in the last two games

  68. CLiNT-Hopefully that wasn’t directed at me because I havent got a clue what it means if i’m honest! haha

  69. In actual fact, ManU are so hard up, not only can they not buy players but, our approach to them for Gibson and Tosic will probably have them snapping our hands for a reasonable or even a low price. Absolute truth!!

    Rumour furnished care of “Daily Make it Up”

  70. If they were that interested they woulda bought him & took a chance then.

    If they want him now, let’s make the price prohibitive.

  71. CLiNT-Thats my point though mate. They’ve shown interest in the past and they’ve potentially shown interest again. It doesn’t matter whether he’s “in the shop window” or not. If he’s playing for us, there will be interest. If he’s sitting on the bench wasting away, there will be interest. Surely we play him and show him that there is (hopefully) a place for him in the team, encouraging him to stay? If one of the biggest teams in the world are interested in him and we’re letting him waste away on the bench, he’s not going to have a tough choice to make! My argument is that playing him, will hopefully encourage him to see that there is room for him here

  72. clint stick to your nicky butts smiths and r.talyor of this world we will win the prem.

  73. Ross,
    only the one with your name on.
    The other one is meant for asim, who likes to get abusive, calling people clowns, when he just doesn’t read the comments correctly.
    Sorry Ross-not you mate.

  74. Also, I’m pretty sure he only cost us like 500k?…If Ashley wants to buy cheap and sell on at a profit, at 17 years old Manure wont have to shell out much to snap him up. Ashley could make a decent profit on half a mill and still sell him off cheap as chips in the process.

  75. Ross,
    he’s not wasting away on thew bench.
    He’s fresh back from some terrible injuries, had thee pash lad.

    Big W’s right, the richest club in the world ain’t got no money.

  76. Well done Igor, possibly your best article yet, congratulations, yer doin good.
    As for Hughton, been saying it, “give the man a contract”.
    Not much else to say other than concur with what Igor said above.

  77. If manu want a young player that hasn’t even played yet, why would we sell him cheap.
    That makes no sense.
    & please don’t give me the MA’s a tit etc.
    He’s a businessman.
    We got £8m for bassong from spuds after he played all year.
    If they want a young ‘un who hasn’t even played, he’s worth at least twice that +.

  78. You don’t buy a youngun then sell him on before he’s anywhere near the finished product. Whether you bought him for use or for profit, it makes no sense.

    He’ll still be here next season, unless he throws a hissy-fit, in which case good riddance. He should understand that it takes a lot more than some good footwork in the ressies, and it could be years before he gets a regular first-team spot. Nothing in that quote to suggest that he doesn’t know that.

    But I would like to see him out there; especially if Jonas is still dodgy.

  79. So CLiNT, we’ll never play him just in case there is a scout at the match from another club? Let me get this right – You advocate not spending too much on first team players but you think it’s a great idea to spend £500k on a 18 year old just to play in the reserves, not to play in the first team in case he gets spotted?

    What a business plan.

    I would have thought that other clubs scouts could get tickets for the reserves if they wanted to look at him. No?

    Your thinking on this subject is bizarre to say the least and has absolutely no sense.

    Your thoughts on football are getting more and more strange.

  80. Bang on whumpie.

    He’ll get his chance, all in good time.
    He’s a bairn that’s fresh from injuries, doing good in the reserves.

    Maybe we should get another headless chicken in as manager?

  81. Wasn’t it £12 million for Bassong?

    Give Vuckic a game on the bench. He has just been out for 6 months and only lasted 60 minutes last night. Put him on the bench and bring him on when the game is won.

    I remember the last time people camoured for the kids to be played, Peterborugh wasn’t it?

    Give a go by all means, but don’t play him in a pressure situation. Bring him on on the hour mark on Saturday, let him taste St James’ in the atmosphere it will be in.

  82. I reckon the close season games will see CH playing quite a few of the Kids (actually they are young men that many of whom would have played full seasons in some quality leagues by now) and blending them into the full squad for next season. I’d be surprised if he plays any in the last two games this season.

  83. Stuart,
    nice swerve mate. ;)

    No, let’s get this straight, hey?

    I advocate, letting the lad get a bit of fitness back after being injured, in the reserves (he’s 17 btw).
    Not playing him at the end of the season, in the shop window, so any team & their wife can ‘scout’ him.
    Scouts watching a player in the reserves isn’t quite the same as first team, as i’m sure you’ll agree.
    It proves, well not a lot, in the reserves, does it not?
    It proves a hell of a lot more in the first team, yea?

    Don’t see what’s strange about that like.
    Though one can look at it from a variety of strange angles, if it suits a view point, i suppose.

  84. toonsy says:
    April 21, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    There probably won’t be another game with less pressure than Saturday in his whole career! Won the league, sell out crown and the atmosphere will be brilliant. He would get a great reception that would lift him to 10 ft high.

    Also why are you comparing this with Peterborough? That was totally different. Half of the team were kids that day. Were only suggesting giving him a little run out.

  85. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 21, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    What is the difference between playing him for 30 mins on Saturday or playing him at the start of next season?

    If a club want him they will watch him – Simple as that.

    You argument is ridiculous!

    He is being made to be the big bright hope for the club, well why not lets see what he has?

    Rather give him his first team debut at home to Ipswich when were champions than in the PL.

  86. Stuart79 says:
    April 21, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    My point being Stu, is that although the league is won there is still pressure. The home crowd will be expecting a win. That = pressure. If he starts and we go a goal down the atmosphere will soon deflate, the groans will return and it will be counter productive. That plus I doubt he would be fit enough to start a proper game.

    All I’m saying is let the big boys do the damage first, then bring him on around 60 minutes. Seems sensible to me.

  87. toonsy,

    I’m not sure anyone has said he should start – That would be stupid. I personally will be dissapointed if he didn’t get on the bench and play a little bit of the game.

    Also, unfortunately there is going to be pressure in every single game for Newcastle United – I don’t think you could pick a game without pressure. Hence this Saturday being the ideal starting point for him.

    This is only if he is as good as were led to believe of course.

  88. Stuart79 says:
    April 21, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    “This is only if he is as good as were led to believe of course.”

    There lies the problem. He may well look a cut above the ressies or U-18’s, especially given his physique which mean he is well above the U-18’s. But what is he like against fully grown men, seasoned porfessionals?

    Perhaps he trains with the first team and can’t quite cut it yet?

  89. Come on Stuart,
    you know what i’m saying mate.
    It’s not at all ridiculous.
    I have a point.
    I’m happy to admit you have a point.
    Maybe i’m just a bit craftier & not so cavalier.
    Not dissing you.
    toonsy’s right, there is pressure.

  90. I just think CH is a right crafty get too.
    & i think he’ll be looking to keep tight hold of players & their egos at this very important time.

  91. There’s pressure in every match man!

    This coming Saturday is the least pressurised game we will have for probably ten years! It will be a party atmosphere and the players will love playing on that pitch.

    Still don’t get your point about not playing him incase he gets spotted.

    Today, tomorrow or next year. He’ll be watched whenever he plays if he’s as good as were told.

  92. Can’t think of a bigger stage to ‘shop window’ him.
    That’s my point.
    Next season is a different matter, of course.

  93. very interesting thread lads, IMO this game could be the ideal time to bring a couple of young-uns on around 60-70 min mark as a way of showing them that it could be all worth while sticking with us. I am just worried that our young-uns are going to think fuk this, I cant get a game even after we have won the CCC and promotion whats the point of sticking round. just my humble opinion. As I said before I dont expect to see Lua Lua back as he will want a permanant move because a manager has showed believe in him and has give him the chance that he wanted.

  94. What a 3pm kick off in the Championship that isn’t televised or even on the national radio?

    Opposed to next season in the PL where every game is beamed live around the world?

  95. CLINT
    Yeah i`m aware he has a year on his contract.
    What I am implying is give him a real contract.
    Look the fans have put their bums on seats.
    The team has done more than anyone expected, including myself.
    No one thought CH would or could acomplish what he has and in his own quiet manner.
    He was derided as a yes man and had to listen to idiots who criticised his team choices , substitution policies, lack of any tactical sense, etc.
    And proved them all wrong, except the die hards who believe they themselves could have done the same, having a talented side.
    Cant please everyone, but my main point is what more could we have possibly expected.
    For someone to inherit a team newly relegated and in a chaotic state, with unrest and dissention everywhere and mould them into a confident winning side.
    Just does`nt happen with a catalyst.
    The man deserves a decent contract, give it to him if you got a brain in your head Mike !

  96. Yes, give credit where it is due. It would only fair to give Chris a shot in the premier league and it would be injustice if he were denied such an opportunity I am tentative with the opening remarks regarding us needing to strengthen the team massively. I think we have a team have players who have developed!! Developed is a very important word here.

    Our season in the Championship has allowed us to play players that would not have had the chance had we played in the premier league this season. There would be so much pressure to gather points such that our strongest team on paper would always be picked giving little to no chance to develop the talent coming up.

    there are several players in our team who have developed considerably. Also, we have developed our congruence (the manner in which we work together) and not to mention Chris has also developed as a manager. I would not be disappointed with a relegation scrap so long as we survive next season but I think such has been our development along with the confidence we have, having won the championship, I think we will be the surprise package next season

    No doubt there will be some purchases, I do not want big purchases but rather players who showed determination as did the players we had this season.

    One this is also certain, we need to give our team time and support them in the PL. The league has changed and teams are tightening their belts considerably. A season in the Championship has seemingly helped us by paving the way for the Ashley’s vision of a club based on continuous development from within.

  97. Posting this here as it’s more relevant I think..

    I haven’t seen a Newcastle team with more team spirit a real togetherness, lack of major prima donna’s, hard working attitude and as well organized defensively since the Bobby Robson days.

    For those reasons alone he deserves a contract.

    Chris has done a superb job this season, many thought Newcastle would do a ‘Leeds’ but I knew we would be promoted in the end as the cream always rises to the top in the Championship. Chris is saying all the right things about buying the right kind of players to not only stay in the premiership and to re-establish ourselves. With 4-5 class players I believe we can finish in the top 10 as I don’t think Blackburn, Birmingham and even Fulham will be able to compete with us next season.

    We don’t need or want prima donna’s we need to learn from what’s happened to our club, yes Mike Ashley should have some of the blame but I blame the culture at Newcastle United more than Mike for our demise. We became obsessed with having so called ‘big names’ which is all well and good but some of these big names are mercenaries like Owen, Viduka, Martins I want to see us buy players who would give anything to be here from now on and that way they can grow with the club and thrive at the club. Look at Tottenham, Aston Villa and Arsenal as good examples of this strategy.

    Best of luck in the premiership Chris and the boys!!!

    Thanks for everything this season! As Nolan said himself ‘Newcastle are back where they belong’

    Job done for now!

  98. Think comments 112 and 113 are just a little off the mark.

    You both mention the fact that we don’t want big name players ect as they have been a bit of a disaster in the past – Think we need to look at who was choosing them big names to be honest, not blaming the players without due thought.

    You can have as much money as you want but if you have managers who cannot judge a player or spend it very well you will fail.

    We have given money to the wrong managers in my opinion – I don’t think we should be castergated for spending that money – Just the people the club employed to spend it.

    We gave Souness £50m for gods sake – If we would have given that to another manager I would imagine we would have been slightly more successful.

  99. Chuck,
    aye mate, i’m with you.
    i reckon MA will hedge his bets for a while at least, just to see if CH can actually cut it in the big league.
    Nowt wrong with that like.
    He is a businessman, as i keep reminding everyone, so he won’t make a decision on such a matter ’til he has to.
    What d’y’reckon?

  100. It’s not so much about not wanting big name players I would like to see up and coming players being signed similar to when we signed Milner, Jenas and Dyer those kind of players. Dyer isn’t the greatest example because of what he turned into (an injury prone primadonna) but all were just on the fringe of the England setup and all developed into better players than when we signed them.

    It’s important to get the right kind of characters, we don’t need 10 players we just need 4-5 good up and coming players. They need to have the right kind of attitude, drive and technical skills but I believe you can still find these kind of players.

    Yes we gave too much money to managers like Souness (great example) and it was wasted as you point out. I believe if we had given £50m to a David Moyes or even Martin O’ Neil then yes we would have been a great team.

    From what I have seen of Chris Hughton so far I think he has a good idea of what makes a good player and I trust him to spend the money wisely. We don’t need to spend £50m as you can pickup free transfers, loan signings (with view to permanent deals) and some bargains are to be had before a world cup. We need 4-5 class players (down the spine of the team) young, hungry up and coming talented players much like Bobby Robson tended to go for.

    That’s how you leapfrog the other teams in the league but that’s just my opinion.

  101. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 21, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    He is a businessman, as i keep reminding everyone, so he won’t make a decision on such a matter ’til he has to.

    How do explain his calamitous decision making over the last 3 yrs then?

  102. Pandering to the fans, first up.
    By trying to bring kk back, that’s where it all went wrong.
    & if i remember correctly, FFS bought those half of those players as ‘trophy’ signings.
    owen £17m, Solano to appease the fans, Luque £10m-ish.
    Don’t think sour-puss had much say there like.

  103. I didn’t know any that wanted KK back, I didn’t know that many who wanted big Sam sacked either.

    He sacked Sam due to personal differences if what we hear is true – How can that be rational?

    Once he had KK here why did he side with Wise, Jiminez and Llambias instead of KK? Did he not know the fall out that would come from it?

    It’s all old news but does stimulate debate I suppose.

  104. The success of SBR was all about HIM, not the money spent.
    Just a proper manager, with a deep love & knowledge of the game & NUFC.

    moyes & mo’n wouldn’t know what to do with £50m to spend, they’re better off building a team with less money, that’s their style. mo’n is already feeling the pressure.

  105. He sacked FSA because he was foisted upon him by FFS, shortly before he took over-Not his man.
    Obvious that was gonna happen sooner or later & FSA made it quite easy to do that, the knives were out.
    kk agreed to come, then didn’t like the terms, cos he’s a baby-also obvious that it would end in tears too.
    But hey ho!
    Arl watta unner the tyne bridge noo like.

  106. Ashley did saction Big Sam to give Barton, Viduka, Cacapa and Geremi ridiculous wages! Why do that if Sam wasn’t his man?

    So my point is still valid. He has made unexplained and poor decisions and even when he’s tried to justify them he’s been made to look more foolish.

    I will put it down to inexperience…

    Hope our young players we buy don’t make mistakes with the same consequences.

  107. & 3 of them players cost nowt or next to nowt.
    & that was the prices back then, bit different now.
    We have instigated a new philosophy with regards wages, haven’t we?

  108. But my point was that Ashley still allowed that sort of money to be spent on wages. He offered Owen a contract extension worth basic of £90k but with add ons it was more than he was originally on!

    He knew the wage bill was too high but still sanctioned it.

    What’s changed since the, apart from being in the Championship. But were back there now,but all of a sudden we have a wage cap in place that if it’s true won’t attract anyone but the average player.

  109. Stuart,
    i’m pretty sure MA is using it as a smoke screen to get what we spend down, especially in the eyes of agents.
    It’s the perfect opportunity to drive a hard bargain & start again as a new owner.
    Plenty of teams treated us as big money merchants.
    Whatever we can get from smaller clubs, but add a few million when it comes to manu, arse, chelsea, liverpool Newcastle etc.
    They all do it.

  110. Firstly, lets deal with the Chris Hughton situation. There is no doubting the achievement of the man in getting Newcastle back into the Premiership at the first attempt, if anything, Hughton should get to manage in the Premiership on merit. However, I’m just not sure that we should let sentiment get in the way of success. Sentiment has gotten us into regrettable situations in the past, see Mike Ashley’s appointment of his “mate” Dennis Wise, see also Mike Ashley’s appointment of Kevin Keegan and also Mike Ashley’s appointment of Alan Shearer. All of these appointments could be labelled as sentimental, but none have been particularly successful. The question is, would extending Chris Hughton’s reign be a sentimental decision? Or a sensible one based on his record so far?

    The same question applies to the players, who needs replacing and who will be good enough? As with the Hughton situation, do we give players the chance to prove themselves in the Premiership based on this seasons performance? Or do we take the plunge now in order to ensure we can compete?

    My strongest starting 11, in 4-4-2 is as follows: Harper, Enrique, Coloccini, Taylor, Simpson, Gutierrez, Nolan, Barton, Routledge, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

  111. good post julio….someone talking sense at last. all these players have done in my mind is atone for last year….no more no less(bar carroll/nolan/harper/enrique who either werent at fault for last year or didnt play enough to make a significant impact)… a lot of our players i fear will be found out once again next year so sentiment is not something we can afford this summer. we will need to bring in some serious reinforcements especially as hughton wont use our youngsters

  112. Well done Chris and the lads, I,m glad Chris proved everybody wrong,big name managers are not always the answer in our case Newcastle it could not be more apparent all the big name managers we have had have done nothing for us but make us financially a mess taking huge wages and spending big money on useless players you have got to give these new and up coming coaches a chance to manage teams like our because lets face it the usual ones have done nothing but put us DOWN and it has taken a younger and fresher one with new ideas to bring us back,if we think what the old Newcastle managers have done for us is success then we don’t know what success is do you think teams like Liverpool,Manu,Arsenal,Chelsea would be calling these managers successful if they managed their teams “NO” thats why their names have never been mentioned in managing their clubs it would be a running joke with their fans. Allen Shearer great footballer No No No as manager,Bobby Robson god bless him was our most successful manager but won NOTHING so we need to strive higher in and us the word successful properly Cris Houghton is on his way so lets not stand in his way give the guy a proper chance.