And we’re off! Taylor rumour kicks off silly season.

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Viva Espana?....... Nah.
Viva Espana?....... Nah.
Only three days ago, Newcastle United recieved the Championship trophy in front of a packed out St James’ Park. For those unaware of what it is, the Championship is the the league below the Premier League.

Things are very different down in this league, and I would hope that the experience of the Championship will make us more mindful as fans with regards to just what other teams face in this division, particularly relegated teams who are used to stories in the media and TV coverage on pretty much a weekly basis, there isn’t much of that down here. Far too many times over the years I have picked up a newspaper only to see Newcastle United involved another scandal or linked with another star. You soon learn to ignore them and disregard them as rubbish. It’s been different this season though, and whether it is through our actions as a club to reduce the amount of headlines generated, or through lack of media interest in anything other than the Premier League or any other combination of reasons, I have been happy that we have been allowed to just get on with the job without being the targets of media frenzy.

However, that has now changed and it now appears that the media are planning our next step before the current season is even over. Silly season is upon us, and the silly transfer rumours have returned. I would urge people to not take any rumour they hear too seriously. We are bound to be linked with a vast amount of players throughout the course of the summer, and it appears today has been launch day for some quite laughable stories.

The most laughable story concerns Steven Taylor, and it’s the evolving story as it turns out. Now when you usually see a report of Steven Taylor moving away from Tyneside, you can be reasonably assured that the words Aston Villa or Everton are not too far away from the story. Well this time they are, nearly 1,000 miles away from the story in fact. It appears on the face of it that wor Stevie is a target of interest for Spanish giants Barcelona. Yes that’s right, Barcelona. Not only that, but the rumour has evolved over the course of the day and has ended up incorporating some form of swap deal for two-time Champions League winner and Barcelona captain, Carlos Puyol. Quite frankly I am lost for words with that ‘rumour’.

Then we move onto some more realistic rumours. A deal for Stephen Hunt at Hull has been mentioned although it is unclear how much he would cost after Wolves had a £5 million bid turned down for him in January. That figure will almost certainly have dropped due to Hull having been relegated but by how much is a rhetorical question. He has scored six goals in a struggling season on Humberside and his work rate has been witnessed at Premier League level for a few years now. Jimmy Bullard is also still being linked with us whilst we are talking about Hull.

How about striker Jason Roberts? Would he be a steal for a £1 million deal? The papers seem to think so and are lining him up for a move over the summer. From a personal point of view, everytime I watch Roberts I always think he works hard and chip in with his share of goals. unforunately I think he is one of those players that would immediately become a target of the boo boys as he wouldn’t be deemed classy enough or have a high enough profile.

Watch out for a link to any West Ham player over the next few days. Their whole squad, apart from Scott Parker, has been put up for sale so that will surely be a source of rich pickings for the media. Although to be fair there are some players from West ham that I would love at Newcastle. Anyway, pinches of salt needed.

After our January window, I am quietly confident that the club will continue in the same direction and the first we will get to hear of new signings will be through that little yellow bar at the bottom of the screen on Sky Sports News or through hearing it on the official club website, which kind of makes any newspaper reports redundant. If they keep trying they may eventually get a rumour right, then they can claim an exclusive I suppose.

The fun has just begun!

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71 Responses

  1. Well done Toonsy, brilliant work!

    I can also concentrate on my latest historic epic for the old fogies among us.

    Does anyone out there in Magpieland have any Fairs Cup final videos?

  2. How about a Xisco with Bojan/Jeffrén swap deal???

    Would love this to happen,ha.

  3. Congrats, Toonsy; that’s a whole loada words! Much appreciated, mate.

    Nice article too. I do cringe when I see whole conversations sparking off based on what is obviously more uttler twaddle. We are our own worst enemies sometimes, feeding the media’s need for evidence of our ‘deluded fans’ calling for messias and so on.

    Last summer I believe we were linked with over 150 players, and NOT ONE of those links proved correct.

    I just hope we’re not so gullible this year; perhaps the World Cup will help to keep the boredom and hunger for gossip at bay.

  4. Also, sorry Whumpie :)

    Although I feel there is enough mocking in the article to suggest that they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

    Plus this;

    “I would urge people to not take any rumour they hear too seriously.”

    May also give a clue :lol:

  5. workyticket says:
    April 27, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    “Well done Toonsy, brilliant work!”

    Do I get some form of watch? Or a carriage clock? ;)

  6. toonsy says:
    April 27, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    “My 100th ‘blog”

    Toonsy, I’ve just checked properly. You haven’t done 100 ‘blogs, you’ve done 102!

  7. Toonsy – I think I posted this before, but seriously: how about this blog handing out the Rumour Awards? Keep track of them all and actually send ‘awards’ (no end of options for what form they could take) to the journos earning:

    – Most outrageously daft single award (early entry there with the Taylor/Barca story)
    – Greatest number of disproved links from a single journo
    – Most obvious shit-stir
    – Award for the one correct link more than 1 hour in advance of the official unveiling (may never be awarded)

    And so on. It’d be a laugh. Gwarrn.

  8. toonsy says:
    April 27, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    “I just went by the search bar at the top of the page.”

    You must have forgotten to put your name in the writer categories twice. We probably all have at some stage.

  9. Oh, and the “wouldn’t get a job as shit-kicker in a sewage works” award (a dried dog turd on a plinth), which could double as a lifetime achievement award for Louise Taylor.

  10. At least it’s all todays silly stories wrapped up in one place rather than a subject on each one ;)

  11. How long before the next “Toon up for sale” or “Ashley in talks with Lord Lucan about selling NUFC” story?

  12. Whumpie

    Just curious, what kind of drugs are you on, or are you just pissed, cause you are not making a lotta sense !

  13. Since some funny rumors coming out.Why not,let’s predict which position would be CH first signing.

    I reckon he would still bring in 1 more Centre-back.If i rmb correctly,there was once almost all the CB are injured at around the same time right? Steven taylor out for so long,colo has a hamstring injury(2weeks-3weeks),Hall(still Out now),Willamson(hand).Which only left kadar.

    And i got a feeling,Xisco will still stay with us next season.

  14. theirs been lots of rumours today and i hope the rumours about old strikers isnt true they offer nothing for their clubs and why would they be good for us anyway and if CH buys 1 i will not be happy. if we stick to under 28 players unless they are top players i dont wont the club to go down that rout.bit part players we dont want or need.

  15. Congrats, Toonsy. Well done as usual.

    Regarding the article, “silly season” indeed. Can someone please wake me up for the World Cup???

  16. love that they didn’t even let us finish the season out before starting all this crap up.

    so let’s see…the sale rumors will definitely start next week…we’ll be linked with large bids for the likes of henry, torres, terry, arshavin, and others. oh and almost forgot, the fans will be demanding shearer and/or keegan back as manager.

    did i miss anything in there?

  17. Hehe! Hope Taylor stay at us next season too! Seriously I want more that Taylor stay than we get Pyoul! Thats serious!

  18. Had a couple of days off blogging and reeling through newsnow…looked earlier and was like WTF !!!!
    Pages of crap in large doses….bet it’s keeping Ed Harrison Busy rat tat tat uziblogging :)

    Congrats on your 100th post Toonsy-keep up the good work,appreciated fella !

  19. well done toonsy!

    West ham have bid for dorrans. He’s the type of player we need to look at, but I don’t think WBA will sell him for beer money.

  20. sirjasontoon says:
    April 27, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    “Congrats on your 100th post Toonsy-keep up the good work,appreciated fella !”

    Even better, it’s his 102nd, Jason!

    This ‘blog will be having it’s first anniversary soon too, I think.

  21. Dr Toonsy well done on your 102nd article but I dont think there is any danger of you catching Dr ED as he can do 102 in 10 days :lol: but yours is quality not quantity ;)

  22. Stuart was quickly reading through the last thread and seen you were getting a bit of stick, am I right in thinking that all your asking is that MA should invest roughly 20 mill in players for next season ?

  23. Chuck says:
    April 27, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    “Woops! beat me to it Dave.”

    Aye, and as Dave says, it’s quality not quantity that counts ;)

  24. Yeah your doin OK, question is will you run outta steam,
    I realise it aint easy and yeah have to say the themes of your blogs so far are interesting.

  25. Chuck says:
    April 27, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    “Yeah your doin OK, question is will you run outta steam”

    Doubt it.

  26. Every west ham player up for sale, apart from Parker? Wonder how many bids they’ll receive for dyer?

  27. Dyer, too frail, both he and Jenas had their best periods at Newcastle.
    I remember Sir Bobby wanted Bent also, too bad we did`nt get him, he looks (like Carroll) un co-ordinated but he has been a consistent scorer and you cant argue with that.
    Yeah West Ham need some help Scotty and Upson are almost their entire assets.
    Had some good players pass through the side though, just not wealthy enough to hang onto them.
    Remember being at the Boleyn when we first signed Martens, The toon fans were singing…
    “Oooba Obafami, twenty one or twenty eight ?, Obafami Martens”.

  28. TOONSY,dont accept a gold watch m8,you only get them when your too bloody old to here them tick ;) class post,getting spoilt now like

  29. Chuck says:
    April 27, 2010 at 7:07 pm
    Dyer, too frail,…………..

    Chuck your not wrong there mate, he’s made of twigs and spit. lol

  30. watched local tv show with loverman,seems nice guy,said he had words with danish boss and told him he did not want to be picked for world cup, just wanted to spend time with family after hard year

  31. I heard that Messi was in the home changing room after the match against Ipswich – or was that the changing room was in a mess?

  32. ice,
    Glad to here that your on the mend.

    Aye the auld fella enjoyed the match, he insisted on getting a round in at the Platinum Club and nearly shat a brick when he was charged £7.50 for 2 pints. lol

  33. TGS,ay m8 that would take his breath,cheaper than some places,had friend tell me when he was at liverpool races (grand nat)he paid £12 for a drink,not right in the heed

  34. Areet Icedog, glad to see you’re on the mend! As for drinks prices, try Edinburgh on for size lads. 2 pints in numerous bars will set you back near enough £8 standard. If you’re out on the lash and you enjoy a spirit and a mixer, you’ll get stung n’all. Obviously Edinburgh has the fringe festival every summer, pulls in all the tourists yada yada. Not good for the locals, one lad tried to charge me £12 for a double vodka last year. Madness.

  35. icedog says:
    April 27, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    “It’s 25p in Tadjikistan, Toonsy.

    any dealerships there like WORKY”

    If you’re talking about a certain Japanese car maker, Toonsy, it doesn’t matter where you go; they are everyfriggin’where! Honda Dreams are the same.

  36. ROSS,ill stick with my j/ds from s/market thanks,bloody price of coke to go with it is a disgrace like ;)

  37. Hopefully Carroll will not get sent down on Thursday when he goes to court – that will really start the silly season rumours.

  38. SpartanChris says:
    April 27, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    “Hopefully Carroll will not get sent down on Thursday when he goes to court – that will really start the silly season rumours.”

    Not so sure about spinning rumours from that to be honest. I mean if he goes down he won’t be going anywhere :D

  39. dog-Haha, your mate jack with a dash of coke would probably set you back about 8/9 quid up here on a bad night. That lad poured me a double vodka and gave me a fantastic excuse.

    “aye mate, but, we have to charge you for the tin of red bull aswell, thats just how it is” reply is naturally “but you’ve given me less than a quarter of the can, give me the rest of the can then”…to which he didnt, so i told him to sink it.

  40. Big Dave says:
    April 27, 2010 at 6:28 pm
    Stuart was quickly reading through the last thread and seen you were getting a bit of stick, am I right in thinking that all your asking is that MA should invest roughly 20 mill in players for next season ?

    Quite right Big Dave, just for organic growth – Plus whatever we generate ourselves.

    Personally I don’t think that’s too much to ask a millionaire who buys a football club, do you?

    Why else buy it? Apart for your own self gain for your business.

  41. This is what I love about the summer, all the gossip. The papers always get it wrong and this latest link is laughable. Will be interesting to see who we do sign though as I believe we don’t need too many, obviously some need to go as there not premiership quality and we’ve got some cracking youngsters that deserve a chance. I’d look at 4 or 5 new additions, a striker, a left back, a right back, a winger and a striker. Think Hunt would be a good addition, plays well on both flanks, Bullard isn’t a bad shout either but his fitness is a concern. What about Darren Gibson on loan from Man Utd if we could get him in? I think the kid is absolute class. Desperately need a goal scorer though, Santa Cruz would be brilliant but probably just out of our price bracket, Bellamy anyone?

  42. dog-that had me laughing mate, never considered that option! Prices are expensive but sadly standard so you get used to it. Never get bored of paying 2.20 or so for a pint at the match, its a novelty, lol

  43. Stuart I dont think 20 mill is asking that much I would say we could get a few Good Players and a couple of back ups for that. But I do believe he will splash the cash I think MA is well on his way to having what he allways said he wanted with us. If im right in thinking we will get basically 50+ mill extra this season so 20 can go towards running cost that leaves 30 of which I think it isn’t asking to much for 20 of it to go on strengtening the team, IMO it will be money well spent.

  44. Big D,
    Stuart’s asking for £20m + ‘what we generate ourselves’, if you go back & read him.

  45. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 27, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    But what’s wrong with that CLiNT?

    I don’t mean bankrupt ourselves to the tune of City or Chelsea, but I’m really looking at him to invest this summer – As an owner he really should.

    Otherwise he has no reason to be here.

    Harsh but fair.

  46. Stuart – How can he invest what we havn’t earnt? He said he would put in £20 milllion a season, he has done that.

    Sustainable is what he said when he took us over, no more castles built on sand etc.

  47. Dave’s under the impression that you only want MA to spend £20m.
    Which isn’t quite true, is it?
    Somewhat of a departure from you originally asking for £20m spent.

  48. toonsy says:
    April 27, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    You have totally missed my point, toonsy.

    This season he has loaned us the money, he hasn’t invested it – There’s a rather big difference.

    But back to my point – He said he would invest £20m per season of his own money – He couldn’t afford anymore than that – Fair enough. That in the past has been to keep the club solvent, so he didn’t really have a choice.

    Now, the club is very much solvent and indeed will prosper – Will he still invest that £20m he promised, when the club don’t technically need it?

    If he does, along with some of what the club generate too would allow us to grow organically.

    Is that such an outrageous thought? The owner ‘investing’ money into the club, not loaning?

    Providing Hughton’s the right guy, trust him – It could be a good investment. You never know it might get us in the top half of the PL – That’s worth more than £5m alone than finishing in the bottom 7 or 8.

  49. Lads im not a fan of MA’s but I do believe he will invest 15-20 mill for the right players but I think there lies the problem getting the right players. As I have said before I dont think we need many players just 2-3 quality players and a few good back-ups.

  50. But that first bit, he has loaned us money. He will want his loan back wont he? And he will take it this season, right? Whilst he can.

    Who knows if he will continue with the £20 million? He has made no sounds about stopping putting that money in and he has put it in every year, as he said, and it’s shown an the accounts.

    As Dave said, I expect he wont want to risk his investment (the club) dropping down a division again so I am pretty confident that he will buy the players needed to keep us up.

    Make no mistake, this season in the Championship will have hit us hard. Our income will be down to less than half of what it it was, probably around £50 miilion, and our wage bill is £40 million (the same as Hull). It will take a while to sort that out.

  51. Toonsy I honestly believe that MA’s is maybe starting to think that its all been worthwhile he even looks genuinly happy again to be at the games, and I do think he bought us for all good reasons and did want us to be successfull.

  52. Haha just heard nufc wants to swap talys for Carlos …lol..I would sell Steven for 7 mill plus messi cause the 7 mill will at least pay for the wage …seriously who shod we buy all if us say we will make it next year but we all know we r going to suffer …