Tricky trees? Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest – match preview.

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Living on former glories?
Living on former glories?
Newcastle United take on Nottingham Forest in a top of the table clash on Monday knowing that 3 points at St James’ park would all but secure promotion back to the Premier League at the first time of asking and virtually end Forest’s interests in an automatic promotion place.

Very much the game of the weekend as far as the Championship is concerned and many fans will be able to tune into live Sky TV coverage of the 1st place vs 3rd place clash.

Nottingham Forest are now one of only two sides remaining that can ‘do the double’ over us this season after they beat us 1-0 at the City Ground earlier in the season via a Dexter Blackstock goal on the stroke of half-time. Back then though Forest were flying and sweeping teams aside comfortably. Things are very different now, particularly away from home where they have struggled badly in recent weeks failing to win in their last six away games. In contrast, Newcastle have been fantastic at home and now boast the only unbeaten home record in the football league.

In previous meetings it has been Newcastle that again hold the upper hand. Of the 54 league game between the two sides Newcastle have emerged victorious on 29 occasions compared to Forest’s 12. The last meeting at St James’ Park was over a decade ago in 1998 where the Tonn ran out comfortable 2-0 victors.

Newcastle can expect a flood of new faces back from injury for this most important game. Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands, Alan Smith and Mike Williamson all come back into the squad although fitness levels will dictate if any of them can start. Williamson should be fine as his hand injury would not have prevented him from training. Steven Taylor has been out for three months now and now looks like he will miss the remainder of the season and Fitz Hall misses out with a hamstring strain. The team should be:

Newcastle: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Forest go into the game still missing Paul McKenna and Julian Bennett although one time Newcastle target James Perch should be back in the squad to add to their numbers having missed last weekend’s win over Crystal Palace with a recurrance of a foot injury. Manager Billy Davies can rotate his front men and also has on loan midfielder George Boyd to call on if needs be. They lined up against Palace with this starting XI:

Forest: Camp, Gunter, Morgan, Wilson, Chambers, Cohen, Moussi, Anderson, Majewski, Earnshaw, Blackstock.

Officiating the match will be Premier League referee Alan Wiley who last took control of a Newcastle game in the FA Cup tie down in Plymouth in January.

As for the game, it will be tough. Forest know this is the last chance saloon and if they are to maintain their slim hopes of automatic promotion then they will need to take all three points away with them. On the other hand, Newcastle know that if they take the points then they are only a maximum of 3 wins away from guaranteed promotion. It should make for an interesting game.

My prediction: Newcastle 3-1 Forest. I think we will be too strong for them and roared on by an expected bumper crowd I feel our boys have enough in the tank to secure a massive result.

Howay the lads!

Date: Monday, 29th March, 2010.

Time: 7:45pm.

Venue: St James’ Park.

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90 Responses

  1. Going to be a strange game this one.

    Forest really need a win if they are to have any realistic chance of automatic promotion. So do they push forward and take the game to us and risk being left wide open, or do they sit back and hope to get to half time 0-0 then go for it?

    I think they’ll go for it right from the start, and I think it’ll be a really great game. There could be quite a few goals in it.

    I’m tempted to go for a 3-1 home win but it could just as easy be 2-2.

    All in all I wouldn’t be too dissapointed with a draw considering we don’t HAVE to win this, we just don’t need to lose.

  2. Write caption here, Toonsy . Classic toonsy needs post-it notes lol. I think your team selection will be pretty much spot on as for the score im going for a 2-0 win but yet again if we can score early god knows what the score could be ;)

  3. Aye Stu. A draw is better for us that it is for them but we shouldn’t be accepting a draw from a home game in the form we are in.

  4. Nah, I swear I changed that before I put it up. At least I spotted it early :lol:

    That was you rushing me anyway Dave ;)

  5. Now it says living on former glories, I’d dare say forest fans would say the same about us :)

  6. Toonsy ;) and I agree we shouldn’t be happy to accept a draw at the fortress but it would be the end of the world as long as we keep our unbeaten home record going to the end.
    Howay the Lads

  7. Toonsy,

    Ya right but I think what I am saying is that it would be pretty foolish of us to go out all guns blazing and get caught on the counter attack and get beat.

    They need to win the game we don’t.

    We should definitely go for the win but not gung ho.

  8. the pest is back just in time to read new blog which is good, team a good shout,big dave knocking you about ;),changed his photo again the DAWG,back to old fellow in uniform :)

  9. Form suggests an easy win, which is why i am wary of the fixture. However, i just can’t see Forest performing against a side filled with no less than 7 or 8 in-form players (Gutierrez, Routledge, Lovenkrands, Carroll, Guthrie, Nolan, Enrique and Colo). At worst, i can see them upsetting the odds and getting a draw. If so, I will only be happy with a 0-0 draw and our 20th cleen sheet.

  10. Toonsy,
    Totally agree with your proposed team selection, there must not be a starting place for Shola, he’s either crap or injured. lol

  11. Its not so much that TGS, its more i cant see Shola starting as it will be his first game back.

  12. icedog,
    Agreed m8 – Bobby Moncur stated a couple of years ago that as long as Shola is there we will always somehow turn to him. Get promoted and move him on FAST, he’s bloody useless imo.

  13. I’m sure Forest will step up to the mark but yes, on current form you guys should be confident of a win. Nice to know that some of you would be happy with a draw though; that’s great respect for our young side. I’m sure our boys will give you a good game…I hope so anyway. To the best supporters, in my opinion, outside of Nottingham, enjoy your trip back to the Prem!

  14. Mark from the Forest says:

    Respect m8 – Would you be confident if you have to enter the dreaded play off’s?

  15. Hi Lads,
    Have you seen Holly tonight on that ice skating thingy?

  16. To be honest, it’s a nightmare prospect but to go to Wembley (which used to be an annual outing for us) with my boy, would be nice.

  17. Mark,
    Wembley was an annual outing once for us, 98/99 and 2000.
    Lost the bloody lot. lol (though I wasn’t laughing then)

  18. Keep the faith Tony, you are a massive club and with your current set-up, great manager and 100% real Geordie support (something I’m proud of at Forest – real supporters)you’re bound to get some silverware in the coming seasons. I just hope we’re there with you. I would have taken mid table at the start of the season and I’ve been so happy to see some great football this year…for me it’s win win win. NUFC just doesn’t sound right in the Championship and neither does NFFC.

  19. Mark,
    What do you think of Billy?
    I don’t know why, but he gets right up my nose. He appears arrogant and full of his own importance, nowt like Cloughie though lol.

  20. TGS,

    Davies has something. He’s been a succes everywhere he has been. Bit like Martin O’Neill in that respect, just not at the same level – Yet.

    But don’t expect him to get a decent PL job, it doesn’t happen here does it? Our clubs prefer to go for people with foreign names.

  21. Something about the word turd that makes me laugh out loud when said or written…

  22. Billy is Billy and Billy has transformed our club in one year to be within two sniffs of prem football. I’ve supporetd Forest for 40 years and seen good and bad managers but I’ve learned that arrogance seems to go with the flow…look at that red faced, jaw chewing, genious at MANU. Thing is, he hasn’t got a stadium full of local supporters like us, they are just promoting the latest fashion to the world. I wouldn’t mind Roony lining up with us tomorrow night though lol.

  23. Mark from the Forest Refreshing to hear another teams supporter on here without trying to wind people up. I wish you’s all the success you want but just not tomoro nite like ;) .
    Stuart Martin O’Niell is one of my fav managers I think he is a players manager

  24. Think o’neill is a good manager but I can’t stand him, think he’s a right moaning prick.

  25. Mark from the Forest
    The fact that you have been a supporter of your team for 40 years means you have seen the best manager ever alongside Sir Bobby . Clough was the ultimate Genius , why he never got the England Job is beyond comprehension . Yes the red faced scottish manc may have won many more trophys but clough was from the era that sides where built and not bought . Anyways good luck for the rest of the season after tommorrow night , it would be great to play you lot again next season in the prem where both sides deserve to be .

  26. Thanks Dave,
    I’m a football fan, not a thug, and love to get reasonable chat from other supporters, especially NUFC who, as I stated earlier are by far the best fans I have ever come across. I was once working in Liverpool (1995) and was fortunate enogh to get a ticket for Liverrpool v Newcastle in the cup. Ginola was playing at the time (awesome) but what I remember most is, after the game (1-1) was the atmosphere in the city…fantastic from both sets of fans. Also, it was bloody freezing but the NUFC fans were all wearing the team shirts…in their thousands…great stuff! We have a great blog ‘Through the seasons before us’ that has great banter and always invites the views of other fans…constructive views of course.

  27. Axel,
    I can’t even go there. It was just too good to be true. I do however passionately support my LOCAL team and have watched them in division 3 with the same passion as ever. Forest are my team…end of! You know, you bloody well know!!!!!

  28. BIG DAVE,nay m8,heard steve bruce said if any toon fan stood watching there training with shirt on he would jump off tyne bridge,was there two days the sod chickend out
    nay nipped over to malta 3 days m8

    battys hiding in the bunker with roy cropper :)

  29. Good luck with the playoffs mark, rather you than me going through that. I do hope you go up if I’m serious, just not at our expense obviously :)

  30. Hi Guys
    Gutted I cannot make St James tomorrow night have to work up to 7.30
    I hope the Forest fans enjoy their night out in newcastle but go home disappointed with the result.
    The toon will be fired up. if Lovenkrands is and only fully fit he should start. if he isn’t then CH i think will push Nolan upfield and bring in Smudger. Barton can get the last 15 / 20 minutes

  31. Well I expect a good crowd tomorrow and a great intimidating crowd. Could do with the same atmosphere we created against Boro last season. Club should give flags out again.

  32. big dave i m8 good trip,son read blog while i was away,said there was bit of bother like? he liked the job you do,hes mad on them (tats),trying to eat and look on blog,sorry for delay in ans

  33. Just on the last train back to Durham. Been for a few beers with old pals in town, one of them up on business with his Forest mate. His pal played for Hucknall at a decent level against some of our local teams and some old foes and dropped down just recently. Met a group of Forest lads on the train across as well. Been on the drink in my second home. Good lads to a man. Have to be honest, never saw them win big but they were always a proper a football team. Hope they go on to bigger things.

    My mate and his Forest pal are in corporate seats tomorow so I’ll chuck pie tin down at them while giving the Forest fans some grief with my other hand from Level 7!

  34. Dunno toonsy but I guess with it being on tv it won’t be a 50k plus crowd which dissapoints me.

  35. 49,644 is what we need to beat. Unfortunately i think your right. Being on a monday and on Tv i think well get around 45-47k

    The full house will come before the end of the season though.

  36. toonsy,funny like son said you were the main man like,picking on poor big dave etc ;) read report from chairman of wolves re doyle,said he had bigger and better offers from other epl clubs but chose them,(attitude)thats what the toon need players with right attitude

  37. sick of footy being stuffed by T.V.but clubs need money so us fans have to put up with it,must spare a thought for house-bound fans like

  38. this is how many seats are left

    anyway been looking at the full league and notts forest stats away from home are,
    W D L F A
    4 9 6 16 19

    thats not very good so im fairly optimistic for tomorrow as our home stats are…

    W D L F A
    15 4 0 46 9

    SO… i no stats arn’t life but they mean something
    my prediction for tomorrow which i have the pleasure to be attending is 4-1

  39. toonsy,funny:) have you any gen on this dongle thats on sale£50-£60,you plug it in (typeable window -box)compter and get 3000 tv stations all countries which includes footy?

  40. toons – pretty much, aye. But I meant everything I said. Whatever that was. But still…

    “We hate Nottingham Forest, we hate…”

    Cheers for keeping the blog alive sunshine, we’d be sunk without you. I am a shadow of my former contributing self. ‘Must try harder’!

  41. toonsy, cheers m8 was for son like,hasnt got net,always at work thought he could have took it to work for him and lads,off to kip airplanes always make me sleepy. later

  42. icedog – In my experience it is hard to get video streaming using a dongle, not impossible though. Radio is fine through them though.

    bowburn – Get ya heed down mate, tou got a big night tomorrow ;)

  43. Hi, Can’t wait for tomorrows game. Think we’ll sneak it. Thinking about putting a lovenkrands/carrol both to score on. Maybe a touch optimistic…?
    This is only my second post and sorry it’s still on the carrol/taylor story BUT..
    If rumours, bar the mackem mistress are to be beleived, i feel carrol was probably aloud a crack at taylor(Terry/bridge) I know what i’d have done. He went too far i’ll agree but hopefully they’ll put it behind them and mature from this incident. Their both great talents and good local lads. Plus if the new regulations come in they could be worth a lot of money in the future..

  44. Rorycn – Don’t be sorry about having your say mate, it’s what this place is for :)

  45. Rumour No. 2: Newcastle United have reportedly placed Hull City midfielder Jimmy Bullard at the top of their summer shopping list should (when) they win promotion to the Premier League.

    Bullard cost The Tigers £5 million nearly two years ago and has only managed eight starts in that time due to a succession of long-term injuries, but Newcastle owner Mike Ashley is ready to make the necessary funds available to secure the 31-year-old’s signature.

    Great character Bullard….think this rumour is bullshit though why would we be chasing another sick note?

  46. And the terms youth policy and 31 year old don’t usually go hand in hand with eachother. A good player but too old and not fit enough.

  47. yeh that’s blatently bollocks Jason, although I’ve always liked Bullard. Honest player. Inured far too often though and too old. Next!

  48. Cheers toonsy :) can’t decide what my favourite version is, I like the classical versions, orbit, and tiesto. It was also great at the end of red dwarf when rimmed knees the Grimm reaper in the bollox, “not today matey, only the good die young” classic line.

  49. Mate, I hate Bob Mills!

    Also, anyone want to go work for me later so I can watch the footie?

  50. Most people do hate him toonsy, I’m in 2 minds wether to try and book half a days holiday, but it won’t look good on my first day supervising, there may be trouble ahead!

  51. Make up something that is very important that has just come up ;)

    Too make it worse the match isn’t even on 5 live. It’s on digital though.

    Wigan v Man City instead :(

  52. Newcastle are where Forets need to be in a couple of seasons: Romping the League.
    Yes, I’d like to see with teh Goerdies next year, but we also want to be in a position to compete next year, not just exist ey?

    Anyway good luck with the prem Newcastle. Genuine club, and like Forest, still with football rather than commercialism at heart

  53. Toonsy my gaffa knows nothing means more to me than Newcastle mate, just gonna have to be honest about it mate, do you work afternoons as well then mate?

    Kind words mart, fairplay mate.

  54. Been on earlier fook me theres like 7 articles and it’s only 12.08,
    you guys have got the balance right here…plenty banter less bullshit articles for articles sake.

    Keep up the Good work !

  55. Art’noon smegs!

    Looking forward to a proper end-to-end match tonight. Loads of fight and flair in that Forest side, but with the team Toonsy’s put at the top of this, I think 3-1 is about right… provided Harps has a good game.

    Oh, and TonyGreenSupreme @20 – very pertinent and on-topic point. Shows a good insight and makes some thought-provoking and laterally vectored thoughts. All I can say on the subject is that Holly’s dress made you want to strip naked, jump in some KY then try to climb in there with her.


  56. Oh, and can we lay of Shola a bit? Yes, he’s crocked a lot but let’s not forget who put us at the top of the table a the beginning of the season!

    Since then it’s been Nolan and now a combo of Carroll and Loverboy. But to score the number Shola did, at a far less stable and positive time and with the much poorer service we provided to the front back in August – that takes some doing. I hope to see him on as a sub in the next couple of games.

  57. jay jay – I tend to float whenever I need to work, if something is going on then I need to be around.

    Last week was murder! 73 hours :(

  58. 73 Hours?? Struth, that’s a month’s work in some places! You a student doc or summat?

  59. Millionaire? I wish.

    After the end of every quarter of the year my job goes mad for about 2-3 weeks. On top of that Im doing dealer surveys around the country at the minute.

    I cant moan really as normally I average about 35 hours a week, so it works out in the end.

  60. Lads did anyone here anything about another bust-up > has a few stories relating to it ? just wondered if anyone heard owt

  61. Big D,
    Barton’s back so he ‘must’ be causing trouble.
    Oh! wait, the Toon are close to getting their shit together so the ‘press’ are causing trouble.

  62. Yeah Dave, HUGE piches of salt needed with the Sunday Stun, as their article suggests.