Steven Taylor to quit Magpies?

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Taylor: Has he had enough?
Taylor: Has he had enough?
The inevitable speculation has started already surrounding the future of Newcastle defender Steven Taylor and his desire to stay at the club. The claims made by The Guardian and The Mirror are that 24 year old Taylor has been left disillusioned over the apparent defence and acceptance of Andy Carroll, with one paper claiming there is a hate campaign against the defender and the other questioning whether Chris Hughton is really the man to take Newcastle forward.

On the face of it, the reports of Taylor leaving may not be far wide of the mark. Out of contract in 14 months he would be the prime candidate to be moved on should he not want to sign a new contract extension as the club would seek to gain a fee for the player rather than risk losing him on a free transfer. That said, we simply must remember that this is more than likely just the press trying to stir things up, something that they haven’t had much of a chance of doing so far this season.

The Mirror kick things off by claiming that Taylor and his family are upset by an e-mail that is circulating which claims that Taylor is “despised by all at the club”. Now these things happen all the time and I’m sure over the years that Taylor and his family would have learnt to ignore things like this. I’m not defending any form of ‘smear campaign’ but I simply refuse to believe that one would have much bearing on the player deciding his future lay elsewhere.

The paper then claims that as the rest of the squad appears to have rallied around Carroll it will only increase the likelihood of him leaving in the summer with either Aston Villa, Everton or Chelsea being the destination for a fee of around £8 million. Sounds to me just like the paper are attaching the summer story of Taylor quitting the club to this new incident. Lazy journalism at best.

Saving the best until last, Louise Taylor of The Guardian puts her own vitriolic spin on things with claims that manager Chris Hughton’s reputation has been diminished by the events and that he ‘has lost sight of the bigger picture’. Remarkably she even claims that Chris Hughton now looks weak and could end up being replaced by a manager such as Mark Hughes or Steve McClaren in the summer.

She also claims that Kevin Nolan is head of a dressing room clique that Stevie Taylor has never fitted into, and that Taylor remains too close to Alan Shearer for Chris Hughton’s liking, something that seems strange considering Taylor was one of the first players to come out to the press and say that Hughton should be given the job permanently.

Having been all quiet on the media controversy front all season, it’s understandable that this latest debacle has given journalists free reign to have a field day and go over the top with their assumptions. If anything it is a timely reminder of just why Newcastle United should do their level best from top to bottom to stay out of the news for the wrong reasons.

The facts are that nobody knows the facts other than the people that were there at the time or the people who are dealing with it so why risk destabilising a promotion charge when in all fairness punishments and decisions can be made after the job is done on the pitch and promotion is secured?

Media speculation, don’t you just love it?

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108 Responses

  1. I am very concerned that Steven Taylor is being driven out of Newcastle by the media and what appears to be the taking of Andy Carroll’s side by the club. Certainly no one but the two protagonists know what went on, so it is very difficult to make assumptions about the guilt or innocence of either party. But I think of Taylor as a Geordie lad with a huge heart for the club and it saddens me that this has happened to him. I very much want him to stay and a little show of loyalty from the club and other fans wouldn’t go amiss.

  2. I have just read Louise Taylors article about Steven Taylor leaving Newcastle after his altercation with Andy Carrol. I have never read such absolute dross… Not one source quoted, nothing, zero. It’s absolute fabrication and quite simply she made it all up for the sake of Journalistic sensationalism. Grow up Louise get some fact and truth before next time putting pen to paper. I am disgusted The Guardian has allowed an article like this to go to press.

    I will never buy that paper again.

  3. there might be some truth in it…how would you feel working with someone that had just snapped your jaw…

  4. I agree Chris.

    I stopped buying the Guardian years ago as I did not want or expect this kind of gutter journalism form I paper I have always read.

    For once Ashley and his team or right. Keep it in house and get it sorted within the club. I shows that NUFC still sells newspapers I think.

    I suggest we let it take its course and see what goes. I am a big Taylor fan, and I hope that Carrol grows into a real man soon. I hope neither goes but after Wyn Davies, Macdonnald, Gascoigne, Waddle, Beardley, etc there is always someone available for sale that shows all in footbal is not the game, but the money.


  5. frivolous drivvle – written by a mackem lover!!say no more on subject – let the lads pull together and 3 points tomorrow nite!!

  6. The Media have a lot to answer for . The standard of reporting is getting worse generally and must take a lot of the blame for hyping things up often with little at the end of it.

    However Hughton and the Club have been very professional in not commenting on an internal discipline problem and quite right too .
    If there is a problem with divisions in the Squad then it should be addressed and resolved internally and sell the disruptive ones IF there are any . We have have had enough of Prima Donnas in the past and look where it got us — RELEGATED!!! If any player thinks they are bigger than the Team , then please feel free to be sold
    When we are promoted, one of the most important features for next year will be a Squad focussed on Team unity and performance week in week out. That will go a long way to keeping us up. Look at Everton , a squad which doesnt have big names but continues to perform well year on year

    HWTL must go for win on Monday

  7. Just as well nobody reads the Grauniad!
    I stopped buying papers years ago. They aren’t newspapers any more as they don’t report the news (ie facts), they just report journalists slanted and spinning opinions. They should be called “opinionpapers”

    Sadly, the spotty media school dropouts who frequent the telly stations are the same. Opinions everywhere with little reporting of what has actually been said/happened.

    Oh aye, and they can’t even say “sixth” these days, preferring “sick-th” – I wonder if they go to the bar and ask for “sick pints” – a*seholes.

    Rant over……..for now…….

    (PS – I always get this way when I’ve lost an hours sleep grrrrr)

  8. Agree what a load of nonsense. Mackem loving Louise trying to destabilise our promotion push.Sorry love it won’t work.Sadly it reminds us of the drivel written about us last year in the press. Looks like that bandwagon is cranking up ready for when we get back into the premiership.
    I also agree with Jill’s points. We have heard the club come out and support Carroll (via Hughton this week), if there is not going to be a public statement by the club it seems a bit imbalanced in Carroll’s favour. If I was Taylor I wouldn’t be especially happy about that especially as he seemed to come off worse for wear.

  9. Louise Taylor could never write a balanced article about Newcastle United due to her sunderland allegiance, the poison just seeps through every word, other journos of that persuasion are Brian McNally of the Mirror and Colin Young from the Mail, all of whom need little motivation to get stuck into us, its in their blood.
    Fact is, Hughton stood up with a massive set of balls and did his own thing with the Carroll incident which was the opposite of what they wanted, namely massive chew at the club and promotion not achieved, i may be more than a bit paranoid with the media concerning NUFC but the above mentioned rarely have a good word to say about the club whilst singing sunderlands praises at will.

  10. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there Bigbadbob…

    The amazing thing in all this is finding out there’s 3 mackems who can write……

  11. Trouble is UTD111 sometimes when I watch the Lads play ,I have every reason to feel grumpy . I hope tomorrow night will see a good fast tempo performance with a good win

    I am fed up being grumpy, never was in the past but last year was a bad nightmare . I couldnt believe we were to be relegated with the so called talent in the squad .

    Any how I will only believe Steven Taylor leaving if it ever happens . We simply do not know what happened etc etc so all conjecture and no facts .

  12. UTD111

    at 14 LOL LOL . I have cheered up now, B***** funny that last comment of yours

  13. I read the other day that the FCB has apparently authorised fresh contract talks with both Taylor and Carroll.
    From the fat cockney’s point of view it must seem better business to shell out a few extra quid to keep Taylor happy, than the expensive business of finding a replacement.
    If there is a scrap (pardon the pun!) of truth in the “Taylor is leaving” story, at least it looks like the dark forces of ownership will attempt to persuade him to stay – and also resist any other clubs attempts to buy the white Drogba.

  14. @ Toondog at 16

    Aye LOL – although Louise Taylor must be the best of the bunch as she keeps demonstrating an ability to write with her foot firmly in her gob…

    Bit like Llambias and Hughton mysteriously can never speak when the FCB is drinking a glass of water…..

  15. Complete unfounded rubbish written by a bitter mackem. She should maybe write about how Bruce regularly talks about how much he hates Sunderland fans, or even how one of their players hospitalised there own dad. No, best try to upset our title push, spiteful moron.

  16. My days, Louise Taylor really does have issues with us!

    My favourite bit,

    “Back home in Newcastle Taylor was feeding through a straw and turning down requests to photograph his newly wired jaw”

    pretty sure I heard it wasn’t even his jaw. Lazy mackem.

  17. There have been rumours floating around about Taylor wanting to leave for a long time now. I seem to recall that was how he got his contract extension and more money the last time.

    If he wants to go, let him go, it’s no good him staying if he doesn’t want to be here. We might well miss him in the short term, but we will adapt. We’ve been doing OK while he was injured!

    Whether he, his agent and his family are simply using this episode to engineer the move on what would be perfectly reasonable grounds (assuming its all true and he is the innocent party) is not really relevant if he wants out.

    If he wants to stay, he’ll stay. He knows the club wants him and he knows the supporters want him. If he want’s to move on, he will. We can’t keep him against his will.

    The very real issue that could rear its ugly head here is would keeping Taylor stretch the alleged salary cap and is he really worth busting that policy for? If he’s unhappy at the club, I would say no, let him go. After all, he’s only going to come back in another couple of years and say ‘give me more or I’m away’. What would you do then?

  18. Two things to add really, Taylor and Carroll are committed to the cause, both hard men who will put this behind them.

    As for supporters, real supporters are backing both as they still wear the shirt and with pride.


  19. Read the Louise article in the “Absurder” on-line and whilst you cannot criticise journalists for trying to make the most of what is (let’s face it) a juicy news story – it’s the wonderful spin about Hughton being demeaned and weakened by it that illustrates her inability to divorce her true alliances from her profession as a journalist. The only one whose reputation is further sullied is her!

  20. Does anyone not think that Taylor could have been the guy telling everything to the press, after all, he loves to mouth off in the press

    Perhaps he isn’t in the clique because he has been found out?

    Just wild speculation on my part,but ever since he has been out injured I havent heard many leaked stories, maybe he has been away from the team?

  21. brownrob – That’s something I’ve actually been told before, but never given any credence to.

    However, I suppose all this gossip must have some basis in truth, it cannot all be made up. Unless it’s written by Louise Taylor that is.

  22. If anyone is interested have a listen to this,and tell me what you think!

    It’s The Blaydon Races played by Black Dyke band, our band also plays it but not as well :D

  23. Sunday Sun are getting in on the lets derail NUFC act . In one of their articles today about Taylor they are reporting that 2 days earlier than the Taylor -Carroll incident their was an argument between Barton & Pancrate over a bad tackle in training . They then report that Barton did not get picked for the next game and pancrate was an unused sub . Well obviously these hacks dont realise that Barton was still recovering from injury and had only just started training . No wonder he was not selected for the squad .

  24. Taylor has never been the problem, its his idiot father who acts as his agent who has continually kept leaking stories to the press about how Taylor was being forced out by the club and how he would have to consider leaving if a certain person wasn’t appointed as the clubs manager. If Taylor has any sense and was genuine about his love for the club the he should tell his old man to keep his trap shut.

  25. Agree with utd111 with regard to snoozepapers & punditry, although i’m pretty sure that the correct pronunciation of sixth is , in fact, sick-th.
    Soz mate.

    louise ‘the mackem’ tail-er, avoid like the plague.

  26. To be fair to Louise Taylor everyone thought she was making it up when she was writing about Keegan not being happy the summer before last but it turned out to be true.

    Now whichever way you look at I’d say there’s a good chance that one of them will have to go, I wouldn’t be too keen on going back to work closely with someone that had just broke my jaw and had me eating through a straw and I don’t see why Taylor would see it any differently.

    He may be upset with what looks like lack of action taken against Carroll by the club on the surface but I think Hughton has handled it well, the most important thing for the club is promotion and he continued to play Carroll because he’s helping us do that, he’s got his priorities right at least.

    As for which one I’d rather leave, it would have to be Taylor who hasn’t progressed the way I’d have liked and I don’t think he’s going to get much better, Carroll on the other hand isn’t that great either but taking his age into consideration and how much he has improved over the past 2 years he could turn out to be a quality target man in a few years, so I’d rather gamble on him as long as he can sort himself out.

  27. Louise Taylor is a hairy arsed transexual slag, who averages 180 sexual partners a week, from boris Johnson to Tracy emin and moonunit Zappa, she actually gave the horse that played black beauty VD. She lists her heroes as fred west and lional Blair, her hobbies include people trafficing for the use of prostitution and clubbing baby seals.

  28. Of course, the club could be taking the approach that, since Taylor can’t play right now, and we need Carroll’s goals, play Carroll. Regardless of the events of last week.

    In another few months it may well be academic. The courts may take the decision out of the clubs hands. At which time they may not have to do anything.

    It’s become apparent over the last week that all is not so rosey in the garden as we had thought, but as we have seen from the reporting of this story, we don’t really know how bad it really is. It seems that the journalists can’t even determine the full extent of Taylors injury. Is it his jaw, his cheekbone, or both? Was it really ‘one punch’ or was it a full on Clubbah Lang -v- Rocky taking palce right throught the training ground with all the lads standing round shouting ‘Fight!, Fight!, Fight!’

    As always we will never know the truth of the matter, we will simply have to suffer the fall out.

  29. No doubt the press will ‘over-look’ that fact that Taylor is ‘injured’ & start saying he’s been ‘left out’ of the team for months now.

  30. Now they’re saying that Capello is checking out Carroll for the wCup.
    But not Harper?

    Can’t look in the championship for players, it’s not allowed Fab, ask Steve H.

  31. So england are gonna go with some of the worst ‘keepers in the prem, shipping goals for fun & bottom of the league?
    Confidence will reign there, i’m sure.

  32. Think we should back them both over the coming weeks by chants from the terraces. Let them know regardless of what’s went on we are still proud of the both of them! That way at least if Taylor leaves it’s because he didn’t want to stay and not because he felt forced out from the fans etc. After all him and Carroll are toon through and through!

  33. Think toonlad89 has a point there.

    Lets face it, they are both wanted by us so lets show them that.

  34. Toonlad89 / toonsy – That would end up as being reported by the press as dividing the fans.

    I can see it now Louise Taylor reporting that ‘the Level 7 Ultras squared up to the East Stand Pensioners in a tense stand off caused by Hughtons lilly livered support of the free scoring Andy Carrol and continues exclusion of local hero, Steve Taylor. Real Madrid are said to be monitoring Taylors position with great interest.’

  35. LOL @ Starkadder! So true though, we do need to show both players we want them at the club but with chants it would certainly make the media – and possibly even the players – think that the supporters are divided.

  36. Ed’s blog, or at least many of his own opening pieces, seem to be quite pro-Taylor at the moment.

    Perhaps Louise Taylor will also report that ‘the division in the fans has spilled over into that inter-web-net thingy, where opposing fans have been calling each other names. A spokesman for Newcastle said yesterday, “we’ve got some lovely parks” while the spineless Chris Hughton ate sunday lunch with his family. AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, Barcelona and Brazil are monitoring Steven Taylor with increasing interest.’

  37. CLiNT FLiCK @ 37

    I think that’s what that mackem bird from the Guardian was getting it, as Hughton “supported” Carroll by playing him and not Taylor.. baffled my mind a bit as he was done in with his knees before Carroll even started.

  38. You got that wrong. If Louise Taylor is writing it then it will probably appear like

    “Chris Hughton ate sunday lunch whilst his family watched on cold, hungry, bound and gagged in a dirty murky cellar situated somewhere near city walls”

  39. Crease Toonsy..

    No doubt it was Andy Carroll who tied them all up and forced them to watch Hughton eat his sunday beef.. You know what he’s like!

  40. An interesting peice about Louise Taylor from:

    Apparently, and I am only quoting what I read in t’internet here, but …

    Louise Taylor has written…
    More about ‘newcastle’ than anything else

    So it’s obviously not true that mackems have huge chips on their shoulders where Newcastle are concerned.

  41. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 28, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    Agree with utd111 with regard to snoozepapers & punditry, although i’m pretty sure that the correct pronunciation of sixth is , in fact, sick-th.
    Soz mate.

    Naw Clint – I’m old enough to know it’s something that has crept in over the last few years – seems to be mainly amongst the younger TV/Radio presenters and I suspect it’s a media school thingy for avoiding tongue-twisters !
    The other one that annoys me is when they use “drawring” instead of “drawing” GRRRRRR

    Erm suppose I’d better mention Steven Taylor to avoid being off topic LOL

  42. The only papers i read are The Telegraph and The Times. They are the only papers worth reading nowadays. Unless you are a Spurs fan, in which case you should only read The Daily Mail.

  43. Excellent, Jayjay you’ve just made me crease at work.. I look like one of those oddo’s who giggle at computer screens now. Sweet.

    Do you reckon Louise Taylor uses Andy Carroll as a boogeyman for her kids?

    Eat your peas or AC will snap your mandible off!

  44. One of them will probably end up leaving which is a shame. Anyway you look at it there’s only the club that will lose.

    We either lose one of our very few PL players or a good up and coming striker.

    Who goes? You decide….

  45. ‘Even so Carroll’s continued involvement appears a thoroughly depressing victory for pragmatism over principles and Hughton has surely been diminished by the entire sorry affair.’

    ‘After doing brilliantly to keep Newcastle top of the table this season, he now looks weak and it is not impossible that this affair could yet spark a chain of events that may lead to him being replaced by a manager such as Mark Hughes or Steve McClaren next season’

    I think it’s fair to assume that Louise Taylor doesn’t rate Hughton – Certainly with these comments.

  46. That’s the problem though. Unlike Big Brother, where the whole carcrash is displayed before you so you can make some form of informed decision, we are relying in hearsay and rumour backed by wild speculation and biased reporting.

    If they both want to stay, and can both stay together, then I would keep them both. But if there are any issues still to be resolved or the situation is likely to run and run, the problem has to be cut out immediately.

    To me, there is no move that would satisfy all parties. Even getting rid of both would possibly leave bad blood between factions in the dressing room. But then, getting rid of just one is likely to leave their supporters in the dressing room disatisfied. Which do you get rid of knowing that you might split in the dressing room?

    I said earlier that this might just resolve itself in a few months. And I think that is the most likely scenario.

    I think Taylor will leave this summer and his departure will probably have very little to do with this incident, but it will be widely reported as the reason why he had to leave his beloved Newcastle. Given the gossip currently circulating around Newcastle about Carroll’s impending courtcase, and the obvious affect that the coverage of this incident will rightly or wrongly have on that case, I think Carroll could well do some time. However, he might end up back at Newcastle.

    Admittedly I base all of this on the same gossip, rumour, speculation and hearsay that I mentioned before but there always tends to be a germ of truth in these things.

  47. I have to agree Stuart, on the situation resolving itself over the coming months.. I dont think the club will make any comment on the issue, I’m sure this sort of this happens daily (maybe not broken jaws etc) at other clubs and not a word is mentioned. Best way.

  48. Whoops, that wasn’t even Stuart who said that, my bad.

    I agree Starkadder. D’oh.

  49. Stuart79 – you can see how much she hates the Toon. Replace Hughton with Mclaren?? What a plonker-ess!

  50. Daverism:
    March 28th, 2010 at 2:54 pm
    Excellent, Jayjay you’ve just made me crease at work.. I look like one of those oddo’s who giggle at computer screens now. Sweet.

    Glad to be of service mate :)

  51. I aint bothered about that Louise article, most people on this blog were slating Carroll when this kicked off and quite a number were stating he should be kicked out the club etc.
    It’s easy to see who wants to stay at the club as they’re both in contract negotiations and the person who doesn’t want to stay just wont sign an extension so we’ll be forced to sell. This punch up should just be forgotten and we should move on, happens all the time on the training ground although most players dont have a glass jaw like taylor :-)

  52. bigbadbob says:
    March 28, 2010 at 9:39 am

    “Fact is, Hughton stood up with a massive set of balls and did his own thing”

    Not in public, I hope.

  53. Alot of Louise Taylor’s stories are concocted after reading the fan’s threads on NUFC forums and ‘blogs. Any blog commentator writing fairytales they heard in the pub can become a “source close to the club” etc. She is a complete fraud.

  54. Both the press and fans are locked onto this situation,
    at present.
    Better to let it go, as only time can heal the rift.
    On the other hand would be very surprised if Chelsea were interested, Villa and Everton ok.
    Hope the guy stays (Taylor)but if he were to go to Everton, (the club we know who showed an interest)would take the kid Seamus Coleman in part exchange.
    Were it Spurs we could get O`Hara in part exchange.
    Before I get accused of wanting to sell him , let me just say i think he`s an asset to the club and hope he stays.

  55. worky – You still around?

    Looking for image ideas for the preview? Was just going to put a photo of a giant scab up to recognise Nottingham but I think it may be distasteful :lol:

  56. The national press have really missed us this season.

    It’s so typical – We have our biggest game of the season tomorrow and we and the press are only talking about Carroll/Taylor.

  57. toonsy says:
    March 28, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    “worky – You still around?

    Looking for image ideas for the preview?”

    I could sort something out quickly if you wanted, Toonsy?

  58. worky – If you could mate, tried to do one of those club image things but got annoyed trying. Aside from that the preview is ready to go.

  59. Worky @ 69

    She doesnt need to read these forums to stir the crap when she’s got people like Taylors father constantly spinning crap every few months. The clue is the ‘sources close to Taylor’ bit, this was a non story until he opened his big trap again, he’s been doing it for the last 3 years about how unhappy Taylor is or about how he’s being forced out of the club or how he’s being messed around during contract talks, its been constant drip drip drip of him leaking stuff to people like Louise Taylor that feed this crap.

  60. What gets me about Taylor (Louise) is that she starts with Taylor and twists it to dig at Hughton, then how he should be replaced. Bitter bitter mackem.

    She must be so proud of her team, getting battered from pillar to post.

  61. Toonsy,

    A picture is up there for you now. I have left the caption up to you, just replace what I have put there between the TWO sets of quotation marks with your own guff. I am sure that it will be something highly complimentary about the great Nottingham Forest.

  62. Sorry, just been having a quick knuckle shuffle over that Lou Taylor bird :lol:

    Howay lads, give us some credit!

  63. This controversy is becoming very boring, aparently we all hate Taylor (Louise that is)and perhaps some dislike Taylor (Steve)
    As for Carroll, apart from the fact he has to begin acting more like an adult and less like Joey, some may dislike him also.
    Taylor has been a decent player for us and Carroll`s star has been rising of late, both have represented the U21`s.
    I woukd like to see both geordie lads playing in the side, why not.
    Question is can they bury their differences and play to-gether
    To constantly rake this situation over is unhelpful, but an easy journalistic target (including Blogs)
    Lets let it die.

  64. Chuck its hard to admit but I thing your right we need to let it die. and I hope they can bury the hatchet but not into each other ;)

  65. So what else would we talk about then chuck o mighty one?

    Reporting the days news, on the day it was released? How outdated of me.

  66. I just have to add.
    No one hates Geordies or NUFC, there is no malicious suvern press, nor do most people really care.
    Newcastle is not Millwall (nobody likes us and we dont care)
    As a matter of fact most away fans like the Geordies and miss there presence in the PL.
    This punchup and joeys anti-social behavior, are just fodder for a dumbed down press.

  67. Chuck is right, time to move on and hopefully the team can do the same.

    I think the real outrage is the results on this blogs player of the season vote. Steve Harper gets 5% ?!?!! How many times has the man kept clean sheets by himself, see this week at Doncaster, Red Shirts completely unmarked in his box, yet he’s always in position to make the save. Yes, he spills rebounds in bad places, but that has only cost us goals in two games I remember (opener at WBA and Bristo). I can’t see how anyone else could really be the player of the year over Harper.

  68. Toonsy
    Look dont feel persecuted, not everything is directed at you.
    You are doing a great job here, keep it up pard, it`s just you are such a sensitive soul.

  69. Chuck he is a sensitive soul ;)

    Free Scoring Smudge I dont really think its an outrage that bloggers have there own opinions in a poll. But I think I know what you mean.

  70. Here’s a thought, Didn’t Andy Cole & Teddy Sherignham not speak to each other for years, but formed a great partnership? Couldn’t a similar thing happen with our two ‘great friends’?

  71. Simon – Your right mate, lots of players have played well on the field and not got on off it. Shearer/Bellamy didn’t like each other but on the field they put their differences aside for the sake of the team. I expect that is what will happen with these 2.

  72. UTD111,
    depends which dictionary you read mate.
    But i’m with you all the way on the ‘drawring’ thing-double Grrrrr.
    Y’a man after me own heart mate.

    Oh yea, Taylor v Carroll, go figure.

  73. you don’t need a journalism degree to work in the media these days, just a certificate in creative writing.

  74. “Kevin Nolan is a key figure inside St James’ Park and, significantly, the midfielder now shares an agent with Carroll.

    This miss Taylor retard journalist really is pathetic…
    SIGNIFICANTLY… my god, what utter trash.
    I am a journalist and I cannot believe the bullSh#t the rags in the UK allow to get published.
    Here in South Africa, we have strict laws about publishing articles without absolute proof.
    If I’d written that I’d have been called into a disciplinary hearing an fired the next time I farted.

    Funny that the rags are starting to target Newcastle again after being quiet for so long…
    Could it be that we are nearing promotion.
    I honestly believe the papers have contributed to 40% of our poor morale over the past few years.
    So unethical. And I’d rather have no story that make up nonsense from word of mouth.

    Anyway, if Steven Taylor did mess around with Andy’s girl he deserved a smack, he should go back, shake Carroll’s hand and get on with life.

    If Andy did it for no reason, he should be suspended for the remainder of the season and sent to anger managment.

    But the fact is we dont know so we should let the club sort it out internally. End of.

    Ps. Anyone who plays sport should realise you get into these arguements over mistimes tackles and nonsense all the time!
    You swear and kick and push and punch because you put your heart and sole into it and the adrenaline is pumping! But after the game you are having a beer discussing and having a laugh about it! Thats sport. Thats why we play. And if you dont get it. You shouldnt be writing about it.

  75. I actually think rugby league is the best example of pure sport!
    The players smack each other other, get a shouting at and warning from the ref. They game goes on.
    And any disaplinary action is taken afterwards. The players forget it and move on…
    Great game!!! ;-)

    A true man’s game…