Toon Tyke liberties – Newcastle 6 Barnsley 1

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'Ruff' justice for Tykes fans
'Ruff' justice for Tykes fans?
Seventeen years ago, give or take a month, a vibrant Newcastle side swept aside Barnsley 6-0 as a certain Andrew Cole began to find his feet in town. After roughly forty minutes of stop-start first half football, your money wouldn’t have been on a similar outcome today. But after Barnsley ‘keeper Luke Steele saw red just before the break, the floodgates effectively opened and Newcastle ultimately demolished the ragged Tykes.

A minutes applause was impeccably overseen by both sets of supporters as they paid respect to Charlie Crowe and Keith Alexander, as I took up my usual vantage point. Unfortunately for me, the stewards were particularly jobsworth-like and were intent on contradicting the usual free-for-all-pick-your-seat process that goes on in much of Level 7, so I spent the first 20 minutes just trying to find somewhere else to stand. Of course, I could have just gone up to my seat but it’s one row from the back of the Level 7 corner and I just didn’t think I had the extra thirty steps in my legs. Those who know that part of the ground might sympathise.

As it was, I didn’t seems to miss much anyway and having finally settled down, I enjoyed the crack between the supporters, as a young lad who couldn’t have been more than twelve put himself in the firing line and had to endure cries of “who’s the midget in the red” and “one Alan Carr”, yes he did look like a miniature version. In fairness, the little fella took the grief well.

On the pitch, Chris Hughton had opted for the same side that won at Watford other than bringing in Lovenkrands for Leon Best, while Pancrate came in on the right of midfield and Guthrie switched back to the middle. Alan Smith made way for the Frenchman, with an apparent ankle injury picked up in training, though no doubt Hughton has one eye on the Boro game next week.

However, other than a half chance for Barnsley and a header from Andy Carroll at the other end, there was little to get excited about. So as I left early for half-time (it was my round this week), I was confident there was little danger of missing much. Typically, Lovenkrands then forced their ‘keeper into fouling him in the box (although TV replays suggest that was a harsh decision) and after Steele was dismissed, David Preece replaced him, though not before Steele made it clear how unhappy he was with the decision. And the first task for the understudy was to pick the ball out of the net, as Lovenkrands despatched confidently from the spot.

Into half-time and it seemed like the goal was a little more than we perhaps deserved and so when the second went in from Lovenkrands barely minutes into the second half, after a great ball from Carroll it came as a surprise, particularly as I was still waiting for one of the lads to finish his pint…

Fortunately we were back out for the third goal only a few minutes later as Danny Guthrie’s speculative effort from outside the box found the bottom corner for 3-0. Ten minutes later we finally saw that elusive Spiderman mask from Jonas Gutierrez and what a goal for which to don it. Cutting in from the left between two players he rode the next challenge before guiding the ball off the underside of the bar from outside the box for 4-0 to send Level 7 slightly mental.

The goals continued to flow as Danny Guthrie grabbed his second to make it 5-0, when his free kick and drifted into the far bottom. And there was mild disbelief, when two minutes later Kevin Nolan controlled a long ball from Kadar before rounding the keeper and slotting in to make it 6-0.

Hughton chose to make some changes with 20 minutes left, and Newcastle seemed to stop taking it seriously with the inevitable ‘showboating’ cries echoing around the ground. It was almost inevitable when Barnsley sub Daniel Bogdanovic, took advantage of a sloppy bit of play from Danny Simpson to reduce the deficit, albeit in vain.

So there was a mild feeling of irritation at the end but it would take a very cynical supporter to come away not being happy with a 6-1 win. With West Brom losing 3-1 to QPR, we’re now 8 points clear of Forest in second, who beat Swansea but we have a game in hand. Even despite the reoccurence of Enrique’s hamstring injury, match days don’t come much better,

Us – Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique (Kadar 33), Pancrate, Guthrie, Nolan (R.Taylor 73), Gutierrez, Carroll (Best 72), Lovenkrands.

Other subs – Krul, Hall, Butt, Ranger.

Goals: Lovenkrands 44pen,48, Guthrie 50,69, Gutierrez 60, Nolan 71.

Barnsley – Steele, Hassell, Foster, Shotton, Dickinson, Teixeira, Colace, Doyle, Hallfredsson (Bogdanovic 63), De Silva (Preece 42), Gray (Macken 63).

Other subs – Moore, Hume, Potter, Hammill.

Att – 44,464 – (2,800 of them were Tykes and fair play to those stuck around).

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89 Responses

  1. At this stage of the season – the result is everything….

    Only Newcastle United could throw a position like this away now….

    Oh erm…..LOL

  2. toonsy says:
    March 6, 2010 at 7:22 pm
    Cracking result, still buzzing!
    <<<< and still worrying :lol:

  3. Batty I think Toonsy will still be worrying come the last day, some folk are just doom and gloom merchants ;)
    are we still going to take Big Mike and Owl heed out for a celebration on the last day ?

  4. So chuffed. And nicely written BBM. I make it 18 goals in 4 home games- the absolute muttsicles. Keep it up lads.

    Anyone know owt about the state of Jose? Gutted if he’s re-crocked.

  5. Icedog if he had took the job we wouldn’t have been able to take him out on the Tyne Bridge on the last day with his concrete boots on ;) mate.

  6. Hughton said after the game it was a tight hamstring. That does not sound like a long term injury but he shouldn’t be rushed back after Kadar’s peformance today.

  7. big dave,didnt need new wall m8,these anderson shelters came as one unit,got it off batty,so it must be good,he would!nt screw anyone! i think

  8. batts – It aint worrying, it’s called being a toon fan and only ever being 2 games away from disaster. Too many false dawns over the years and all that ;)

  9. It’s time to chill n enjoy that winnin feelin as we may not get too much of it next year!!

  10. I wonder if the Boro game next week will be ‘game of the day’? Hope so, chance of a stream if it is!

  11. toonsy ime with you m8 been with toon many many years also had more false dawns than you can count,(but this time!!)

  12. toonsy belive in batty was right today,and he!s got his hols booked for april they would not dare

  13. Will we be the main game on that crap football league show? If us notching up 6 goals doesn’t get the main highlights then i’ll lose all faith in that programme like. Not that I have any in the first place, it’s rubbish.

    On a slightly more enjoyable note, Jonas’ goal the day was an absolute belter.

  14. Ross,
    that show is pap in a bag, isn’t it?
    There’s no way you’d pay for that.

  15. I do like Claridge though, he’s wasted on that lame excuse for a football show.

  16. But anyhoo,
    great win, nice goal difference, that’s worth a point extra.
    Keep it going lads.


  17. CLiNT-It’s rotten mate, How do you fit the entire football league into an hour or so. Lets be honest, we don’t need “Lizzie” taking emails etc. Shut up and show us the highlights, just wasting valuable time. It’s like that female commentator on MOTD. I couldn’t believe that when I heard it. (Not trying to be sexist, I just dont think it..”works”, lol)

  18. Wahey, we’re gonna get 5 minutes!..Oh no we’re not, they’re just showing us our 30 second highlights immediatly.

  19. Ross,
    so long as they know their footy, i couldn’t care less who presents/comments etc.
    But y’dead right about the emails section, literally a waste of time.

    Aye, brief highlights, again.

  20. Should’ve been a pen there for Swans v Forest.

    Would’ve been a perfect day if they’d dropped points as well.

  21. Broon-thats a stonewaller like. He’s about to hit his shot and has his legs taken away from him. Crap decision. Canny rubbish goal to concede n’all.

  22. Yep. The ref didn’t want to know for the pen. He just ran off! Chickened out.

    Still, a cracking day otherwise.

  23. Like you, CLint, i couldn’t care less who commentates as long as they know their stuff. However, i do find it a bit irritating that the female commentators and podcast participants constantly feel the need to prove their credentials with ridiculous and abstract references to past players, history etc. Just be NORMAL!!! :D

  24. Aye,
    down to the dozen now.
    forest don’t look strong, they’ll get crushed if they get up. Been on a good run, but look naive.

  25. I personally feel FOrest winning is a good thing. They aren’t good enough for an auto promotion place, but they are chasing West Brom and hopefully putting a lot of pressure on them. I can see Brommy buckling under it and we may go up with 5 or so games left.

  26. Dragonera,
    aye man, spot on.
    Girls, chill, we know you love the game too.
    What’s not to love?

  27. You might be right Dragonera.
    Any added pressure for our rivals is welcome.
    bob matthews will be relieved of his smugness tonight.

  28. Drago-The only thing that grates on me about the lass commentating on MOTD is when she shouts, a shot on goal, a goal, etc. Her voice pierces through me, i find myself scrambling for my remote and fumbling for the volume, lol

  29. Ross,
    that is her worst point like.
    Maybe she should adopt a gimmick like shouting :
    Like they do in spain.

  30. Here’s a brilliant example of why I dont like this whole email thing. The first Newcastle fan featured, starts his email with: “THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS JUST FAR TOO EASY!”..people wonder why peole poke fun at us. To be honest I’m just keeping my trap shut this season, I wont be doing too much public bragging about potentially walking the championship, lol.

  31. Ross,
    they pick them ones out on purpose mate.
    Every team has those divs, but they love having a dig at us & what better way than making us look stupid by picking out the stupidest comment.
    Typical really.
    She even said we get too much to start off, a sure sign of bias coming up & they didn’t disappoint did they?

  32. *Too much airtime- i meant. :)

    Yea, like the 30 seconds at the start of the show.

  33. Ross

    Exactly, mate. They will pick and choose the emails to read out in relation to your average football fans beliefs E.g. Most fans think we are deluded mugs so they will try their hardest to reinforce that belief. No one wants to hear the level headed Geordie that is taking one step at a time, ey?

    It would also seem Pompy are the new targets of the media’s humiliation campaign. All i can think about is Sky Sports News’ constantly repeating the footage of that old woman shouting, “WE ARE POMPY TIL WE DIE!!”….hahahaaaaaaahahaa

    Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, it will be back to us next season unless we hit the ground running at Usain Bolt speed.

  34. Dragonera-I cant deny, i laughed at that old woman. She said it with such passion and aggression, i found it canny funny.

    Also, the second email they read. Nee offence to the sender of that, but he surely has to be the mug of his mates? “Ehh, areet Barry mate, here’s a couple of quid, you gaan get the pies”…70 minutes in and he’s still standing there!? He must have had a list as long as his bloody arm!

  35. great result loved it,being a twisty old sod start looking for other things,could not belive how long carrol had to cross that ball for loverman had time to make a pot of tea,but then again who gives a shit :)

  36. Toonsy thanks for posing the youtube link. Great to see the goals. Cheers, Jilly Bean

  37. Great win but have to admit Barnsley were unlucky to concede the penelty and have their keeper sent off

  38. Jayjay, we have had our fair share of poor decisions so its nice to get one our way, the Premier league refs are poor and ours are worse, the game is becoming too fast for them but they are ignoring the opportunity to improve by using technology so we are stuck with one controversy after another.
    Major decisions in cricket and rugby are sorted in a blink of an eye, im puzzled why its not used but when i look at Blatter and Platini and hear what they have to say its no wonder we are stuck in a time warp.

  39. You’re right BBB as harsh as it was on Barnsley we have been on the end of some right crap decisions, let’s take what we can get.

  40. The way I see it there doesn’t have to be any contact anyway. Why would Lovenkrands dive when he is beyond the keeper 8 yds out with an empty net to aim for? Unless of course the challenge of the keeper was enough to disturb the run, which it was, which makes it a foul :)

  41. Can’t see goal line technology been introduced – the fact is – without it we all end up debating points for days and days before the next game. It keeps football high profile – its similar in F1 too. The only sport I think it adds something is tennis.

  42. Jay jay I don’t think Rob Styles refs anymore,but here is a TRUE story about Rob Styles,the day we played Chelsea at home last season ,Rob Styles reffed the match and at the same time his building firm was working on Abromavich’s house.

  43. Mick G, that doesn’t suprise me mate, you expect even the best refs to get the odd decision wrong but styles got major decisions wrong in every one of our games he reffed. When he sent Beye off for that great challenge on Robinho and reviewed the replay he said he stood by his decision, meaning he was either corrupt or he just doesn’t know the rules. The man is a complete tw@t!

  44. so if we go to video technology for refs do we need to start singing “the cameramans a w@**er”?

  45. batty,morning m8,you seen BIG WILLY has!nt been on for a while might be with cropper like,looks like your hols is ok for april mate :)

  46. dog hols still touch and go cos a dont know wen me lads coming back for his 2 week m8 but yes i sed we would be up by mid april and i stand by it

  47. So many pessimists! Be an optimist like me! We are now mathematically certain not to be relegated – and the highest points total NOT to get in the play-offs in past years was 74 so we’re almost there! So that’s the worst case scenario -Errrrmm – I suppose that’s being pessimistic……

  48. magpie6699,could look on the dark-side,AS said on motd,wolves scored 80 goals highest in ccc last year,with same team they lowest goal ave in epl,food for thought eh :(

  49. icedog – true – but right now I’d settle for being in EPL and then start worrying about things like that!

  50. BATTY,by the way you were 2points out, with points forcast only 8 clear (picky me like)but let you off m8 :)

  51. Great result yesterday.

    Shame about Forest but you cannot have everything.

    Stardust talking rubbish again.

    Technology has brought a great deal to cricket and it has a much more important role in that game than it does in tennis.

    Stick to your abacus – You know nothing about sport.

  52. stuart69,shame we cannot move with modern technology bad shouts can cost clubs millons,and fans heart-break,all through one dick-head :(

  53. Thing is, on one side ref’s making bad decisions has always been part and parcel of football from year dot. The human element has always been in, it’s just because of coverage from TV and being able to watch it every hour on SSN and being able to talk about it more readily via internet and such, that the decision becomes magnified. Take out the human error element and that destroys a little bit of the game.

    On the other hand, I don’t see the problem with using technology to help officials get decisons right. It’s just hard to try to think of a reasonable way of implementing it so it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game.

  54. Especially when the dickhead in question is rob styles! I hope he’s choking on turds somewhere the tool.

  55. I don’t see what the issue is with technology. FIFA haven’t given a good reason for not using it.

    I’m not asking for it to be used for every aspect of the game.

    It needs to be used for matter of fact decisions – Did the ball cross the line, was it a foul in the box or outside ect..

    I hope the World Cup is decided on a contreversial decision – I hope the winners score a goal that doesn’t cross the line but the goal is given. It will show FIFA up for whst they are – Complete idiots!

  56. Well lads, not a bad result eh? :)

    Thinking if we go up next season, Id like to see Forest go up because I dont think they are as strong as WBA, andsomeone like Coventry to gain the playoff spot, just to maximise our chances of staying up next year.

    Pompey are a good side who are poorly run and are too good to go down

    If we stay up if we go up then I think we have the financial foothold to move on

  57. ‘pologies for a below-standard report. Wrote it on a dying laptop with terrible signal. Hopefully a bit tidier now.

  58. toonsy,you say has been the same since year dot;in the year dot we did!nt even have wheel,till someone made one you have to move on, ime with s69 onthis one, goal line tec is a must,it would not take the rest of human error out of game on other parts field,down to blatter thisone imo

  59. hello people im from barnsley and when my mate told me u was talkin about is son…. well it was funny
    whos the midget in the red!!!!
    is name is elbo higgins does anyone have a photo on this.

  60. Off-topic.

    Apparently,Patrick Van Aanholt is on bench today for Chelsea FA CUP match with stoke city. Hope he can make a appearance for the blues. :)

  61. squeak , squeak squeak squeak squeak , squeak squeak squeak ? squeak squeak squeak squeak, squeak squeak !

  62. had trouble with computer all day,my laddie says ive got a viris,but he can get it out “clever shit”,so catch yous later :(

  63. Morning Stardust and something I forgot to say to you, assuming that you’ve recently become the proud dad a probably delightful daughter – congratulations to you and Mrs/ Ms Stardust and sincere best wishes for a happy and successful future.