Llambias hails ‘saviour’ Ashley.

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Llambias and Ashley the "Saviour".
Llambias and Ashley the "Saviour".
Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias has hit back at what he described as “a small and very negative group” who “insist on chanting ugly and abusive comments” directed at the club’s Southern owner, Mike Ashley. He also added that “If it wasn’t for Mike’s continued input, we would be in a similar position to Portsmouth.” Of course, Portsmouth are a club who are currently under Administration, and have even faced the threat of complete extinction in recent weeks.

Indeed, Newcastle United did find themselves in a very difficult financial situation after years of financial mismanagement and misappropriation of funds by previous chairmen, Sir John Hall and Freddy Shepherd, with the situation coming to a head when Ashley found over £100 million of hidden debt after taking over the club without performing adequate “Due Diligence” on the club’s accounts.

Writing in the programme notes for today’s game, he also outlined some of the financial backing Ashley has given to the club in recent times. He wrote:

“Let me set the record straight about Mike’s commitment to Newcastle United.

“Since the beginning of the season, he has pumped £25.5m into this football club and this week, a further £5m was needed. In addition to these amounts, Mike, realising the need to bring in new faces and back his manager’s request, spent £5.5m in the January transfer window.

“In addition to these amounts, Mike, realising the need to bring in new faces and back his manager’s request, spent £5.5million in the January transfer window.

“This cash, as with all the funds that Mike has put into the club, is interest-free.

“This money is critical and is needed to cover the shortfall between what we bring in as a football club (income) and what we pay out (costs).

“As you will have read in the press, not all football clubs have such a benefactor and some are on the verge of bankruptcy or have already gone into administration.

“There are clubs from across the board that are struggling financially at this moment in time, and if it wasn’t for Mike’s continued input, I genuinely think we would be in a similar position to the one Portsmouth find themselves in at this moment.”

What do you think about Llambias’s comments? Do you think that Newcastle United could have faced Administration without the financial input of Ashley?

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187 Responses

  1. My vote was no. Yes we losing money under FFS and SJH but the debt compared to other clubs wasn’t that big. We may have run out of lenders to go to but the club would have found someone to invest in it if the debt got too bad.

  2. Think we where too big for Admin and would have been rescued by someone,Llambias gets on my nerves.

  3. we wudnt have been relegated under fat fred neva would have let given go or milner or other stars without bringin anyone in any way fat fred all ways bought us the players we wanted but sum did turn outcrap.

  4. We’ve just won 6-1 and it’s back to Ashley bashing, will you lot just fooking grow up.

  5. All hail the “HERO” that is ashley,the the reason we were relegated was due to him and his mis-management.We have sold millions of pounds of players with nothing coming back in the form of players,also the wage bill has been slashed dramatically,they had expected and accounted for 24.000 crowds and they have averaged 44.000 nearly double what they had expected.The price of a beer or bovril at half time has gone through the roof and the greedy sod has even changed the phone number for enquiries or the box office to premium rate-believe me,he isn`t doing the fans any favours-so the question is this-(OOPS NEARLY FORGOT according to the national rags this week we`r STILL the tenth richest club in Europe)again the question is WHERE DID THE MONEY GO MIKE? the mess you find yourself in is YOUR FAULT nobody else’s-llambias is the most sneaky un-trustworthy person i have ever encountered,the only time he speaks is to tell lies.Account for the missing millions please!!!!-LIAR!!!!
    I agree in principle with ashley`s long term plans,i would love to see the best young kids in Europe playing at St James`s park but sadly if we don`t have a lot of investment in the team next year i fear we will be straight back down.
    llambias-you don`t build bridges by putting down the fans-shut your gob and tell the truth when you do speak,not the usual verbal garbage you speak.

  6. Lllambias makes me sick.
    The so called saviour he speaks of , is this the one who didn’t perform due diligence which lumbered him with hidden debt (his own fault), or is it the one who tried to sell the club off to Arbs for £400 million only to insult them and then be sent packing with their laughter ringing in his ears, is this the man who was branded a PROVEN LIAR by a tribunal, is this the one who sacked Keegan then replaced him with a fat old swearyhead has been or is it indeed the man who sold Newcastles best players, signed no adequate replacements tthen watched as Newcastle sunk without trace then attempted to humiliate Alan Shearer.

    These are hollow words from the hollow Llambias. He has no place in football never mind at Newcastle. Ashley and Llambias can simply not EVER be trusted and its all their own fault that the geordie public will never take to them.

  7. Barry Moat may not have had enough to buy us but he’s 1 of several people who could’ve invested if we were getting in trouble. I thank Ashley for paying off some of the debt, but he did not ‘save us’.

  8. Sorry, but Ashley hasn’t saved us from administration, he’s merely covered his own arse.

    he is the club’s sole owner, the majority of our ‘debt’ now is tied up in personal loans from him, to the company he set up to run the club (SJP Holdings or whatever he called it)

    so basically, to put us into administration would be an incredibly stupid move on his part, because as the main creditor, he wouldn’t get most of his money back.

    it’s in his interests to keep us solvent as it’s the only way he’s ever got a chance at all of getting all his investment back.

    Llambias, as usual, is spouting bollocks purely in the hope that he thinks most fans are too stupid to see what’s really going on financially.

    When was the last time the guy ever said anything about the club, or it’s ambitions, or what the future holds? All he EVER comes out with is “oooh, Ashley is great, you should all love him as much as I do” type PR spin statements.

    The man is as much an MD as Sunderland is a title challenger

  9. same auld lamearse opens his mouth and lets the wind blow his tongue around.
    he,s on about everytime they communicate it backfires on them,whatever gave them that idea!.
    as for wanting to drink with the fans again,do these people ever learn owt?drinking with the fans imo,is what got them into trouble in the first place.
    maybe they didn,t listen to the fans or they listened too much to them,as following their sherbet sessions led to some of the worst footballing decisions of all time.
    if we are to endure these two lard heads for the foreseeable,then i suggest they use some common sense.
    owners,chairman etc should stick to the boardroom and not mix with the fans,it doesn,t happen at other clubs,and it shouldn,t happen here either.
    it is totally unprofessional and they should realise this,and stay away,we were a laughing stock at the time because of it,no more replica tops either mike shirt and tie please.

  10. del boy,if you want drink with the fans go into sunderland city centre,as they will welcome you with open arms.you and jabba will not have to put your hands in your pockets all night as this is a force of habit your mate mike is used to.

  11. I see Liambias had interview as spin doctor for lib/dem party,batty,big dave,r.cropper got together and put a stop to it,
    should have let him go lads even though you would miss him :(

  12. Would we have been in administration without Ashley’s money?

    I think so, unless some other billionaire was willing to buy us without doing due diligence, we were only signed off as a going concern by our auditors for the 2008 accounts because Ashley had promised to fund all of our loses.

  13. Being in the rich list means nothing btw, Leeds were 16th in the rich list when they went into administration.

  14. Some of the comments really are pathetic and beyond reasoning, OF COURSE we would have been in trouble:
    1. The way the club was financed – on CREDIT
    2. The nature of the recession – CREDIT BASED
    means that we would have been in serious danger of being in a similar position, the man couldnt be a spin doctor if he tried, this is the reality, when are some of you lot gonna grow up.

  15. No being on the rich list means nothing-BUT WHERE IS THE TRANSFER MONEY etc…..season ticket money-gate receipts(in access of the predicted 24.000)? ashley`s no knight in shining armour but i think he`s a decent bloke who received seriously bad advice.llambias is a snake-a horrible creepy worm of a man and with him at the helm we will go nowhere.
    Lots of money has simply”disappeared”if ashley is pumping in millions somebody`s on the take!!!!!!!!!!

  16. mick,bet your lass thinks your a bundle of fun,the only reality in life is your born-you die,try having a laugh in between,it helps m8

  17. I doubt we’ve got the transfer money yet as most clubs pay in installments, you also have to include what we have to pay out of those transfer fees like loyalty bonuses to players who didn’t ask to leave, any outstanding fees still owed when we bought the players etc.

    Ashley putting £25 million in doesn’t necessarily mean the club has lost £25 million this season, the problem for a lot of clubs is cashflow which means we may have sold players worth X amount but we don’t have that money in our hands to spend on wages, running costs etc, so Ashley has to put the money in out of his own pocket and will likely get it back when clubs pay us what they owe us.

  18. How can people say that we would be in the same position as pompey.

    1: we can not rely on any info coming from the club everything so far has been lies an spin
    2: maybe we are bleeding money but thats cause of failure to invest last year when pretty much everyone else would. we have lost sponsors, shirt deals, tv money, league position money all because of teh failures last year
    3: Ashley has said in the past that all the money he has invested is a 0 interest loan so no one will touch the club. We are more in debt now that when he came in

    never mind the amazingly low fees received for player we have sold, Given being an obvious example

    Things may be tight if Ashley had not come in but we would be in the premier league. We would have a large debt, sure, but we would be profitable. We are now in the championship and making a loss and with even larger debts

  19. batty says:
    March 6, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    i agree with tino on this 1 and mick and rangerman are talking utter b0llocks ;)

    Good Man Batty :)

  20. tino ive always sed we were not in that much debt if ya take the 60 mill for the ground off m8 but the c0ck sucking ashley crew cant see it

  21. So the short memories have kicked in eh? Knew it would happen eventually.

    As long as we’re top of the league and banging in the goals, all is forgiven and the Sports Direct, stack em high and sell em cheap mentality is fine, eh?

    I’m not going to put the full blame for our financial position on Ashley and his halfwit MD, Shepherd still has a lot to answer for. But are some of you daring to suggest that we would be in the same boat as Pompey with our gate receipts and the TV & prize revenue of the premier league, if Ashley’s/his people’s decisions hadnt taken us down.

    I heard ‘grow up’ mentioned quite a bit earlier, my response is that naivety is an immature trait.

    Two things to close. Ashley has pored money in to our club, not because of his commitment to what NUFC stands for, but what he stands to lose if our club goes under.

    The second, a major part of where we are is down to him.

    So I say, ‘I dont care about Ashley, and he dont care about me, all I really care about is NUFC’.

  22. batty says:
    March 6, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    tino ive always sed we were not in that much debt if ya take the 60 mill for the ground off m8 but the c0ck sucking ashley crew cant see it

    I agree Batty, the debt was nowt compared to Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea.

    At worst we would have needed some new investors and someone to run the finances properly, there are far to many rich supporters of this club for it to of gone the way of Pompey. There would have been no need for them to buy the whole club, just invest to help ease the debt.

  23. batty,
    just the lengths we’ll go to to feel bad after a top win, while our closet rivals lose.
    Suppose we’ve got find something to moan about, might as well be about money.

    Laugh a minute!

  24. Fact: Shepherd and co hocked the club up with unsustainable debt, used up all future advertising revenues lining their own pockets.

    Fact: Ashley bought the club, settled the debt and allowed the club to continue to function albeit still at a loss and has to continue to prop it up until we get back to the premiership.

    Fact: No prospective buyers with any financial backing have been found to “rescue” the club.

    irrespective what you think of the man, you cant argue against the facts.

    If you can do better, put your money where your mouths are. Otherwise stop biting the hands that are keeping the club afloat. If he walks away, we will go into administration. FACT, time for you all to face it.

  25. ‘and has to continue to prop it up until we get back to the premiership.’ You said it, he might have made some of it back by now if he hadnt made such bad decisions and got us relegated.

    And whilst we’re doing ‘facts’, the debt is not settled, its just all owed personally to him. Probably one of the prime reasons that no self respecting buyer would venture anywhere near the club.

    As far as my money goes, I’ve been putting it where my mouth is for quite a while now where NUFC is concerned and will continue to do so and to be honest, I’m so sick of the self perpetuating circle of wheeler dealing that we now call football, the same cycle that has put the fans of clubs like Pompey through so much grief, I’d happily see us do a Leeds if it meant we never had to trust people like Shepherd and Ashley again.

  26. I’ll try and answer your points, dale.

    1. The clubs finances are regulated by Ernst & Young auditors, so what is in the books are correct, so whether Llambias says it or not all of the profits, losses, money spent and what Ashley says he’s put in is fact.

    2. We’ve been bleeding money for a long time, in Shepherd’s final season and Ashley’s first season combined the club made an operating loss of over £50 million.

    3. Ashley isn’t charging us interest on what he’s put in however the reason our debts are getting bigger is because he’s had to put money in to cover the clubs operating losses.

    Saying we would still be in the Premiership if Ashley hadn’t come in is speculative, if we were still a PLC we wouldn’t be able to borrow money to buy players as we had borrowed already against all of the clubs assets, we had nobody who would cover the clubs losses so we wouldn’t get signed off as a going concern by the administrators and we would still be making massive losses unless Shepherd found a way of cutting the huge wage bill by half that was bleeding the club dry.

    Basically, we were f*****.

  27. ashleys buys and sell since took ova look away now f***** breaks ya heart like
    parker 8
    dyer 7
    given 8
    nzogbia 7
    emre 3
    bassong 8
    ab faye 2
    duff 4
    martins 8
    beye 2.5
    viduka free
    owen free[a no he was shit last season but 2nd highest goal scorer in champs leage after ronaldothis season]
    horrible but that team of players with the right manger wud have been good to watch neva mind here a some of his signings look away now

    cacapa barton rozenhal smith guthrie nolan r taylor xisco

  28. @kev

    “If he walks away, we will go into administration. FACT, time for you all to face it.”

    FACT If he walks away, it means the fat c*nt’s just sold the club.

    It also means that ‘The Streak’ will be going with him.

  29. What can I say – if you ever needed proof that some of our fans are scumbags – read the above.

    Ashamed to be associated with them – they should be hung or at the very least – spat at

  30. mick the prick @ 14 i can see your like for fat tits & hence your love for the large chap ashley & his gimp lame-ring – there’s no doubt certian people that post on here have a dislike for me ‘ but i can assure you it’s not half a much as i dislike you lot ! with the likes of the dick @ 14 & the one @ 33 being a couple of prime examples.

    toonsy – you know i make sense :)

    i’m off – bye….

  31. @Roy Cropper

    Stick around. Have your say.

    It’s supposed to be what this forum’s for, isn’t it? For NUFC fans to have their say.

    They can’t really spit at you. And they certainly can’t hang you.

  32. Darth – Tino and Batty

    Scummers – actions speak louder than words – here catch this greaser – courtesy of the mob who leave them everywhere in the ground (I fired it with a megapult)

  33. If I were Mike Ashley and wished for a rapprochement with the fans, so that I could go doon the Bigg Market or Quayside and have a night out with the fans, the first thing I would do is fire Llmbarse.
    The man is clearly hated by the majority of the fans and as a spokesperson for Ashley, does nothing but rile those he seeks to placate.
    He is the last of the gang of four and clearly knows nowt about either football or PR.
    There will be no rapprochement while he is still employed by NUFC, sorry Mike, but that`s a fact.
    It`s difficult to believe I know , but like all show business enterprises I assume NUFC has a PR dept. ?
    Then why not attempt to use it.
    Yes it`s still possible to have a civil relationship between owner and most fans, of course some will remain
    unforgiving for whatever reasons.
    And attempting to shove down the throats of the NUFC fans, how much Mike Ashley has done for them and the club, certainly will only raise hackles.
    We are all aware of who the main beneficiary of Mike`s investing in the club is, yes you guessed it Mike Ashley.
    It`s seldom hear much (officially) in the way of news in regard to the club, in which case fans are mostly left in the dark as to what to expect, from ownership.
    This has to be a major annoyance and plays a large role in the division between fans an owner.
    If Mike Ashley really wants to see a rapprochement, I would suggest he employ his PR department to bring about a clear the air meeting, where he can make known his intentions in regard to his role as owner.
    Otherwise the situation will fester as it is, with no one particularly happy and I certainly would`nt advise him to go for a pint in Toon soon, too bad really !

  34. chuck, c.moat had little no footy ex,but had more PR in his little finger than Liambias could learn in a life-time,pity he walked :(

  35. ICEDOG
    Moat whatever he did or did`nt do, was smart enough to see the approaching train wreck that was the club, immediately following the firing of BSA and got his ass outta there.

  36. said the same a few times,to honest to stick around m8,but he was led up the garden path,but at least tried to talk to press/fans

  37. Been repeating the same mantra forever, is there actually a PR department @ the club ?
    If so it`s about time they started earning there bread.

  38. Mike Ashley is indeed a hero and credit should be given where credit is due. If you are big enough to attack when you think things are wrong then Let us be big enough also to give credit.

    Let it be declared that Ashley is the right man for the club. Whether he will be here next season is up for debate but it would be our loss if he goes.

  39. Looking at the posts which we hope continue today does DL want us to start from this week as if nothing has happened?

    the fans will forget while we are top of the championship but next year when we are struggling then things will heat up again.

    lets look at what we are meant to forget as if it all didnt happen

    Treat KK like he was nothing and eventually make him resign – Keegan won tribunal so he was always right

    Treat our most famous number 9 with a lack of respect

    Lied to the fans

    Employed JK

    got us relegated

    employed chris as he couldnt afford or wanted to get us a decent track proven manager (i like chris but next year i have him as first to be sacked in premier league).

    the people who are saying grow up for sure have short term memory loss.

    remember this people – first game of 07/08 season a draw at old trafford with KK in charge and how we were all looking to a bright future.

    lets hope we can go up and ash sells the club as that is at the end of the day whats needed.

    regards to you all


  41. NufcElite agree with you there mate comes to something when a man who has pumped so much money into the club, is scared to go to the match with his kids thanks to a few idiots.

  42. of course its all bollox and spin from lambiarse and cashley. and because ashley is as clever as an old fox with his dealings and has such a big empire he can – and does- spread money in all diff directions to make it look anyway he wants regarding profit and loss. the man has an army of accountants that screw and cook the books constantly to ensure he pays as little tax as he possibly can. he is a business man, first and foremost, end of.
    So really, for all the arguements about is he making money or is he not making money can never be proved – regardless of what baloney figures you may read which have been churned out by the ashley proaganda machine. It boils down to ‘just your opinion’ and judgement. For me, he has lied to us so many times, flogged off so many assets, gained increased revenue i just dont believe him at all. the trust factor has well and truly gone. Ask yourself this though… in the summer he tried to sell us for 100 million, then he reduced it to 80 million and then said no one had matched the price to he pulled it off the market and invested 35.5 million. Now to my thinking, he could have dropped his price from 80 million down to 50 million and sold to moat for cash and still have been 5.5 million better off than he claims to be right now. This fact alone makes me think there is money being made by cashely out of nufc. If not……why did he not sell for the 50 mill, save pumping in 35.5 extra and still be better off and also be rid of us?? makes no sense to a man who’s sole purpose on this planet is to eat pies and make money.

  43. ffs there,s some proper pr:cks get on here now ,brain wash by mike ashleys promotion push ,it reminds me of the thatcher eera ,have i realy been away that long that it has turned into the mike ashley apreciation blog ,worky i see iam gonna have too clean it up for you . your not included in the pr:cks stardy cos i love you :lol:

  44. It’s futile replying really – so why am I doing it!

    Because I love my team, but it’s so obvious to anyone with common sense that Llambias has absolutely no idea and isn’t capable of running a football team (he’s a glorified food and beverage manager from a hotel) and will only do or say whatever Ashley tells him.

    As for Ashley, he would get out of the NUFC tomorrow if he was offered his unrealistic expectation of what he wants. If and hopefully when we get back to the Premiership the truth will be that are are no better than when we were relegated.

    Sorry about this … but let’s not kid ourselves.


  45. So why dont you knoicvkers of thye club buy it then and stick your own money in di ck heads.Just gos to show none of you have a bussiness brain.Are you dic k heads proud of yourselfs when a fella caqnt take his kids to a match cause of you di ck heads.

  46. NUFCELITE ha ha u brain dead fck havent heard that before are u stil humping your sister

  47. Is that all the matchs you go to batty boy home games.Iused to take the kids to all the home games but stoped cause of the abuse from pricks like you.

  48. NUFCELITE – what are you, a moron? ashley never brought his kids to SJP, took them to one away match as far as I am aware. By the way learn to spell and type, (did’nt you do English grammar at schoo)before you start calling NUFC fans unpleasant names and questioning their business acumen, people in glass houses and all that. I think you may be a mackem who is pissed because we are doing great and your lot are heading for relegation, please God.

  49. NUFCELITE says:
    March 7, 2010 at 11:10 am
    Is that all the matchs you go to batty boy home games.Iused to take the kids to all the home games but stoped cause of the abuse from pricks like you.
    <<<<< get a fckin life knob head keep taking you tablets and dont try kid us u have kids your not man enough too shoot bairns oot your a seedless apple

  50. take my grand-kids to the toon,never had a problem,in fact most times they have been showed resepct

  51. NUFCELITE says:
    March 7, 2010 at 11:15 am
    Says puff the b m boy
    <<<,, sore point is it me little seedless grape :lol numb nuts

  52. NUFCELITE says:
    March 7, 2010 at 11:28 am
    F ck off back to sunderland were u belong puff boy
    <<< ha ha your crack is sh:t grow up numb nuts



    No one’s knocking the team you c*ck.

    They’re knocking the fat f*cker that got us relegated. We got the the best win of the season yesterday – in the championsship.


    Don’t chill. Carry on making an arse of yourself. No spitting though.

  55. And you’re barracking for the bloke who got us relegated.

    Give your f*cking head a shake.

  56. Excellent…so we beat 10-man Barnsley 6-1, we’ve had some impressive results at home and all of a sudden, we should agree Ashley is a hero. Do me a favour… :)

    Even going to the in-laws for lunch is better than sitting reading people chatting pro-Ashley lines.

    If anyone received the letter through the post asking season ticket holders to pay up by March instead of the usual June/July, they might be led to thinking about all of the recent PR activity. It all leads to one thing, get the money in quick and try to spin the punters while everything is still rosy. And the less said about the inane ramblings from Llambias in the press and in the renewal letter, the better.

    Dusty – ‘spitting’ is stooping a bit low sunshine. First and last time I ever really clocked somebody properly, it was because they spat in my face playing football at uni. No room in life for spitters.

  57. Sorry bowburnmag. I meant that for ‘LITE:

    I’d guess you’re about seven years old.


    It doesn’t make us idiots, or ‘puffs’, or people to be spat at, or even HUNG as some lunatic suggested.


    I’m saying YOU are obviously an idiot.

    But everyone – even YOU -are entitled to an opinion.

  60. @bowburnmag – 88

    Well said. That just about sums things up perfectly for me.

    Enjoy your lunch!

  61. just ignore the piece of crud that calls himself NUFCLITE and he will go away if not justrip into the numb nut fcker :lol:

  62. Darth you are an embasment to the supports the team and the whole club in general.Talking out ya ar se as ussaul.

  63. Batty most of the supporters wish you would go away call yourself a newcastle you a joke man .

  64. i think we are letting llambias and ashley play mind games with the lot of us,we shouldn,t be stupid enough to swallow this guff to easily.
    it,s already been said,but it is season ticket time again!!!,these jokers are silent for the majority of the time,until this time of year rolls around again.
    to me the whole del boy llambias non existant charm offensive,are p**s poor subversion techniques.
    how many money men who,ve bought football clubs sing from the rooftops every five minutes about his outlay on the club.
    mike ashley seems desperate to be loved more than anything else imo,it says a lot about this egotists mentality to be honest.
    we never asked ashley to buy this club,he did that of his own free will,he cannot start crying and blame the fans for his stupidity,in his handling of the club.
    i get a bit sick of people blaming the fans for the clubs demise,when in reality the fans were only reacting to the decisions that ashley made,so there were demonstrations based on the mess ashley created,he alone took the decisions that have put us where we are.
    people now want us to forgive him because we are top of the trampionship?it will be a long time before i forgive him for what he has done,what sort of mugs would we be to go along with this latest spin.
    i,m not saying ashley couldn,t redeem himself down the line,but to be begging for forgiveness this early is a bit rich to be honest.

  65. TOONARMYBOOT says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:05 pm
    Batty most of the supporters wish you would go away call yourself a newcastle you a joke man .
    <<<<< well lets have a pool on it dipshit boot

  66. toonarmyboot so you speak for most of supporters i dont think so,in my world everybody speaks for them selfs,unless you live in a commy world like

  67. 113 TROJAN 69 says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:16 pm
    batty,i think nufclite is a wind up mate,it,s probably that spud nando.
    <<<< trojan u might be right there i should realy stop biting :lol:

  68. TOONARMYBOOT says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:18 pm
    Icedog = batty boy
    <<<< u know nowt dipshit ive been on here from the start now go away and play with NUFCELITE willy little boy

  69. icedog,communists you say?i,ll tell you what there are some school of frankfurt subversion techniques coming out of barrack road.
    keep the fans divided and rule.

  70. our esteemed chairman llambias the croupier,he should put an end to his winning streak,because he aint playing with a full deck,and it is definatley time to cash in his chips.

  71. TOONARMYBOOT says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:22 pm
    Offto the quayside myself puff boy why dont we meet up
    <<<< grow fckin up peewee ive shit bigger turds than u

  72. TOONARMYYOURMISSISISABOOT <<<< ide meet up any time if a thought u would turn up but like most of the chavs your age u have no bottle

  73. Batty boy im toon hardcore not homey like you little man put up or shut up.

  74. toonarmyboot and nufclite….. you lads really need to chill out a bit and ease up on the threats. this is a blog ffs and anyone can say what they like about footy. i for one think lambiarse and ashley are class A shit heads and just spew out none stop lies for gulable fans to latch onto. the only thing that suprises me is that some believe wehat they say.

  75. Dont tell me this prat is a old age pensioner did not know that.If thats the case i vwill just ignore the prat.

  76. Toonsy how are you this fine day, I allways thought it was saturday fight night when did it start getting carried ower into Sunday the day of rest like ;)

  77. nufc elite is mackem wind up he is a tit neva forgive or forget that dark dark day last may delirous mackems how a wud love to see them go down this season hwtl!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Big Dave says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    Batty why is it you are allways being stallked
    <<< must be me name dave it atracts queers

  79. TOONARMYBOOT says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    Batty boy im toon hardcore not homey like you little man put up or shut up.
    <<<<< ide put u up ya peice of shite

  80. TOONARMYBOOT says:
    March 7, 2010 at 2:06 pm
    Dont tell me this prat is a old age pensioner did not know that.If thats the case i vwill just ignore the prat.
    <<<< wish u would nonsey boy

  81. TOONARMYBOOT says:
    March 7, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    Batty boy im toon hardcore not homey like you little man put up or shut up.
    <<<<< we havent got a harcore no more like we did 20 years ago ,your just a gobby chav who needs a good slap because ur a pussy boy

  82. Becasue inevitably it would end up with both side of the Ashley camp bickering and end up like this no doubt :lol:

  83. Toonsy @ 146 I thought the same as soon as I seen this ‘saviour’ title yesterday. So instead of being on BBM’s post match report most bloggers are stuck on here dretching over this sh1te, rather than talking about the great 6-1 win.
    and do you ever notice how many bloggers pick on our resident oap :) but he can still give as good as he gets

  84. C`mon guys, you surprise me, just ignore these knuckle dragging neanderthals, stop feeding their poisoned little minds, Woops! you got me doin it1

  85. Where is Icedog? I think he likes me, which means I like him :lol:

    Dave @ 147 – Spot on mate. It’s like yesterday never happened lol. It sure as hell did though as I thought I’d go for a few pints to celebrate and well, you know 2 turned into 10 or more plus some tequila. I feel like shite :(

  86. chuck @ 152 – I really really want Everton to win. Hull absolutely must go down. Fecking hate them!

  87. Well Toonsy that is the evils of drink mate, thankfully its over 10 yrs from I felt like Sh1te from drink. as for Dog does that mean you only like those that like you :lol:

  88. In a word Dave, yes! Why would I like people who think I’m a cnut? :lol:

    First night out on the beer since Christmas Eve. I know why now! :)

  89. Cheers batty, you wanna watch it though, you may get called batty boy again with remarks like that :lol:

  90. nice one everton stuck five past them prats hull city,with their tiger claw goal celebrations,they,re more like an nfl outfit.the tango man must be doing his stack right about now,he,ll be signing thanks for the memories in the centre circle soon enough lol.

  91. if we could only get rid of wigan also,it,s a shame when proper clubs like wolves struggle,when rent a crowd stay in the league.

  92. craig c,@ said the same early on m8,have the bombs stopped (sorry ment BUMS)

    TOONSY,course i love you but still not getting a new striker for epl :(

    batty off to bookies (3-1) a love you————–

    dave got that cream for your rash m8

  93. imagine phil brown wearing a hull home kit,it will look like he,s been decapitated.

  94. the traffic lights around the kc stadium failed,so they got phil brown to stand in as the amber………..tumbleweeds……….i,ll get me coat.

  95. trojan69 got canny team of egg chasers like any idea what crowds they get for that?

  96. Landon Donovan, comes on and scores then sets one up, the fans love him,want him to stay, ends a 5-1 rout.
    Always said them Yanks cant play the game, should stick to baseball.

  97. chuck – And at the other end Jozy Atidore, who is a yank, and got spanked 5-1, nobody cares for him blah blah. One good player doesn’t make a team.

  98. Chuck have to agree with you most Yanks are Planks when it comes to footie ;) but Donovan has done well for them mate and as you said the fans love him.

    Toonsy is that you winding up the Barnsley fans on their blog ?

  99. Honestly Dave, they are being a bit OTT to be fair. As I said to them, I’ll await Barnsley getting a contoversial penalty and will obviously expect them to take the moral high ground and refuse to take it or miss on purpose.

    Not going to happen is it? Bitter bitter people. :lol:

  100. Toonsy be fair mate if we got hammered 6-1 we wouldn’t be over the moon :lol: but we wern’t so hell slap it up them, and keep up the good work ;)

  101. toonsy,found a c/f for you playing for pommy,tall black fellow should be in toon budget cannot spell his name like,sureyou can but could cut the mustard at the toon

    just cause i love you :)

  102. Big Dave says:
    March 7, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    “Toonsy be fair mate if we got hammered 6-1 we wouldn’t be over the moon”

    I watched us get hammered 6-1 and I certainly wasn’t over the moon, Dave.

  103. Worky im sure you were well p1ssed off mate, and to make matters worse for them they have to wear tops that have 2 of the Village people on their badge :lol: .

  104. toonsy thats the boy,might be a snip at 3mil from adm,have you seen him play?dont know where they picked him up from or how much,goes to show there still a few gems out there

  105. Just read that article ashley has only one concern himself,same old crap from the same idiot all the time, think of something new to write and stop spouting the same old shit NU MAD.

  106. NUFCELITE and others, yes Ashley has made some big gaffes in his time with us and whilst I understand some of the venom that’s directed at him, I do think it’s becoming a little tedious. Although not at the game on Saturday, it’s been reported that there was som anti-Ashley chanting from fans.

    Of course he’s not exactly endeared himself to supporters, we must surely realise that he is putting his hand in his pocket to provide day-to-day working capital – without which the club wwould fold.

    He’s not going to let that happen as he’s got so much to lose and is therefore protecting his investment until the club really is a saleable proposition. Until then, he’s investing with a view to getting us up to the Prem and form there, consolidating and setting the finances into sensible proportions and debt free if possible.

    What do the booers want? Do they want him to put the club on the market and let us endure another close season of uncertainty and instability with no cash injections to finance player deals? Do they really want this club to flounder yet again with players bailing ou and none wanting to join us? Are these people mad?

    Surely common sense says show the guy some respect by at least maintaining a dignified silence. At least recognise that without the investment during the transfer window, we’d be struggling.

    At least encourage NUST, which may well be making the bullets for the anti-Ashley brigade to fire, to enter constructive dialogue with Ashley or establish itself as a credible alternative to him.

    Come on guys, wake up and give Ashely what he wants, whether your feeling are from the heart or not and support him in making our club successful and a product that will be sought after by big investors. Do that, and MA might be gone….. leaving us fit a well for the future.

    Just a few random thoughts, that’s all.

    Oh, and I’ll say it again: I am NOT an apologist for MA but one who values our club and wants nothing more than for it to be in the news for the right reasons – come back the entertainers.