Newcastle trail French starlet Diakite.

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Adama Diakite.
Adama Diakite.
It appears owner Mike Ashley has resurrected the scouting policy that was mentioned when he took over the club, the one where Newcastle United look towards younger players from throughout Europe that have a lot of potential and a profit margin in their sell on value.

We have already seen signs that this could work in the long term with players like Nile Ranger and Haris Vuckic both having been brought to the club under the same pretence and both looking like they could have strong career’s in the game.

Next up for the scouting networks attention is a young lad from France that goes by the name of Adama Diakite, currently playing with Lens. It appears our new scout Graham Carr has been over to France to watch the 19 year old in action and has given a positive report to the club about the young Frenchman.

Diakite plays up front or just behind the strikers but is yet to make an appearance for the Lens first team so it appears to be a case of ‘one for the future’ as the Toon try to lure the player to Tyneside and out of the clutches of Werder Bremen and Juventus, both of whom are said to be interested in the youngster. The fee would probably be decided by a tribunal who would decide how much compensation would need to be paid to Lens FC.

Graham Carr has also been ruling the eye over Tom Cleverley, the Manchester United midfielder who is on loan at Watford, and has highlighted the young Englishman as a possible addition to our midfield. Cleverley’s direct running and goal scoring exploits have lead to many plaudits this season and the exposure to first team football can only aid the player’s development.

I’m unsure whether Manchester United would be willing to let him leave Old Trafford and come to us, or if he is in our price range as it’s well documented just how expensive good, young English players can be. What this does show though is that the scouting network appears to be back up and running and should serve the club well going forward.

We should always be looking towards the future to replace today’s player’s, it will have to be done at some point, and looking at young players such as Diakite, Cleverley and O’Hara should undoubtedly be the way forward as long as they are bled into the team with some experience around them.

Special mention should go to Graham Carr aswell. If these are the players he is looking at then it is clear he will become a valued addition to the club. It’s nice to hear about a scout actually going to matches to see the player themselves rather than fiddling around on YouTube!

My only concern is a possible chance of us becoming too focused on youth players. We still need to strenghten the first team and that should take priority for next season as it looks increasingly likely that we will secure a return to the top tier of English football.

Finding the next Messi would be great though, wouldn’t it?

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95 Responses

  1. Nice article, i share your concerns about focusing too much on the youth however i keep telling myself our own youths are coming up at the moment so it may be a case of just bringing up the players and keeping a blend of different ages and replenishing the squad when people retire (i.e. butt) carrol, forster, krul, kadar, ranger all coming through at the moment. we just need some midfielders in the summer (skjelbred, please for gods sake lets bring him in just to end the rumuours :D that and hes a canny player)aslong as we dont overload with youth players we should be ok.

  2. but give it a few years and we will have a fantastic squad if the youth are anything to go by. we just need to stabalise the squad for the premiership and build the team with good young players, and keep the same team going for a few years. ideally build around krul, taylor, guthrie, carrol. but for the moment lets forcus on getting to the prem and staying there, for which we need all the experience players like harper, nolan, smith, mcloven can give us!

  3. good post bit more in depth than local press shit,watfort were going not to bad,but since cleverly has been banned they have dropped like a stone,that might be something to do with it

  4. anybody else think we should bring Roeder back to help out the youth? he did a fantastic job with them last time he was here, he did a great job of bringing taylor through for us.

  5. i think this’bring in the youth’ theme could also be titled ‘look for cheap options’ by cashley. we had one of the best young midfeilders in england in milner, so what did we do with a player that fitted his exact mould.. yep, we sold his asap. w****r.

  6. I like the youth approach, but the club needs to be run correctly to attract the best young players.

  7. elfy-toon,would much rather have j carver back top class guy bags of exp,knows the game top to bottom.big willy thinks young eagles is canny player,have watched him 3 times (on tv)sorry willy not for me

  8. “We should always be looking towards the future to replace today’s player’s, it will have to be done at some point, and looking at young players”

    This is very true, and we should always be looking out for young talented players every tranfers windows.

    Yes, it is true that we have got our own youth players but not all is good when its on the pitch. Some might have to leave the club if is not suitable to play for us or simply to say the newcomer is better then the “old youth” or can start stright away.

    We can always get 1 or 2 youth in, thats important to keep the youth competitive.

    And futhermore, if the youth is good, we might cant even have the ability to keep him for 3 season, bigger club will come chasing. – From there we have to sell high and earn to quickly move on in search of the next youth.

    This youth thing never ends, Just like arsenal and ManUtd.

    The manager is to take care of the first team, and if he is a better manager he will also look into the rest of the matters…etc

  9. Eagles is very hit and miss. He was outstanding in the championship last year but looks like the prem is a step too far. A bit like Michael Chopra in that respect.

  10. toonsy my feelings spot on (eagles) man city players have been kicking off about bad training methods at club bye bye manager,owner now saying players should have wage-cap where have we heard that before?

  11. eighteen years old playing for lens b team,has never kicked a ball in anger in the french league,he sounds promising.i can see more problems ahead for jabba if he continues to only focus on the youth side because it,s cheap.
    anyone for leon best for first choice striker next season?it,s a knocking bet on past experience of messers abbot and costello.

  12. Never heard of this French kid, would like to get per ciljan skeljbred though, looks a decent lad and supports the toon as well, sign him up!

  13. Hopefully these youth we sign will become very good players. Hopefully he can be like Charles N’Zogbia who we got from France.

  14. Focusinf on youth is a great plan, but youth doesnt nessessarily have to be, 17-19 year olds, there are some excellent reasonable prices established youngsters around the age of 22-25.
    The point is, as long as our days of buying overage, declining wasters like Kluiverts, and Owen whose hunger for the game has left them, then I’ll be happy…
    Some top youngsters coming through at Everton, are Gosling, Rodwell, etc… everyone talks of replicating Aston Villa and Arsenal. But for me as a club Everton are a superb model and Moyes’ type signings and running of the club would be ideal for us…
    Carroll, Kadar, S Taylor, Ranger all look most likely to succeed at Newcastle… add to those young aquistions like Enrique, Guthrie etc, then you can see Mike Ashley did have vaguely the right idea in mind… just didnt execute it properly.

    Young players we should be looking at are Miles Addison (Derby), Jack Wilshere (loan), John Bostock (Tottenham), Henri Lansbury, Ryan Bertrand, Joe Mattock. Players in that mould are low risk and we could reap high rewards.
    Just look at the likes of NZogbia, Bassong, Milner, Dyer, Jenas, Bellamy etc… were all players bought young, and sold for more or the same after contributing something… (The Sir Bobby Robson policy).

    All our big name buys recently: Marcelino, Kluiverts, Owen, Butt, Smith, Barton (all expensive flops past their prime)… Please please please lets not make this mistake again by buying players on the decline.

    And finally, don’t get on our youngsters backs if they don’t perform immediately… give them support and they will flourish in TIME… examples of this: Darren Fletcher, Bentner, Milner… and so on…

    Here hoping :-)

  15. how many young players have been brought in during jabba,s reign?ranger,vuckic,some so called wonder kid who,s supposed to hate it here,that italian kid zamblera who is apparently useless,how many more is there?and how many is fat boy taking credit for?who were here before he slithered into town.
    it doesn,t seem like he,s brought in many,so it,s hardly a revolution is it.

  16. davis_toons, you’ve got a report on the WRONG player.

    That Adama Diakite plays for Padova and is a lot better than the one we’ve been linked with who plays for RC Lens

  17. JJ says:
    March 14, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Agreed with your saying. (Just that some of the fans like myself still miss our 90’s stuff the K.Keegan stuff)

    But i know if the club is moving like eveton and all it will be good for us. As it show we are ready to be like Arsenal, adding 1 or 2 imports or better star players to the team might not be youth eg. Arshavin

  18. Well he is a good player but he was linked wid juve , fuorentina,Lyon and CSKA so probably he isn’t coming here …unless Mike is going to spend 1mill

  19. Just been on per ciljan skjelbreds facebook, think the term tapping up springs to mind :)

  20. SUNLand just draw ManCity 1 – *1

    *Scored on 91min (4mins added); Adam Johnson quite a good player coming on for SWP. (no wonder his contract is still floating)

    Money dont buy u a match win.

  21. Sorry for the wrong link guys!!!

    MF Adama Diakité – Newcastle link (Unknown Stats)

    Why dont we change to the Adama Diakite that plays for Padova.

    Notice the Name diff? (Franch word é)

  22. Chief scout Graham Carr – who has he sign for us so far?
    Is he a good spoter?

  23. lads u are going on about a french kid! we got a raw player in Airey playing for us watched him saturday looks a real player both footed with pace even alex ferguson watched him. u will see a lot of him in the youth cup in the semi finals they started him at full back then they pushed him up front this season and he has got a lot to learn he will defo make it and harris when he gets fit the rest didnt look all that but fergusen who didnt play is a good player.

  24. Asim I have asked a few on here have they seen Airey as I have heard some good reports about him, and he is knocking a few goals in too. do you get to watch the younguns much ?

  25. Seems the under 18`s are at present undefeated, can that be correct ?

    Anyone apart from BBM watching the youth squads ?

    Have to agree it`s a good policy to stock the system with possible players for the future, does`nt cost a hell of a lot and if we get one or two out of ten, who make the first team, doing good, others can be moved on for a fee.

    On the other hand, hard and fast rules regarding money and age are unrealistic, sure no more Owens or Vikudas, etc. I`m down with that.
    Thing is we would never have had a Pedro, Ginola, Robert, Sir Les, and numerous others with an age cap.
    As a matter of fact it`s essential to have experience in the side, just like varying skills experience plays a large role in most sides.

  26. I’m sure my chat will convince per ciljan to join our club, gonna stick a tenna on him joining in the next transfer window.

  27. a few of are away fans got banged up off the smoggies after the match,the dirty toxic twats..onto the match..if we play like that in the pl in will be a short stint,sorry but hughtons tactis have to be brought up they were poor to say the least.

  28. I don’t think we can ever have too many youths. it’s not like they cost much, if anything. Look at all the ones Arsenal have out on loan.

  29. the problem with us going for youth is how many top young players are going to come to newcastle and if there that good why arnt they going to the top clubs.

  30. 007 – Depends mate. If we actually start playing them rather then sitting on the bench we may get a reputation for being a place young players come to become the finished article so to speak.

    A lot of the kids at Arsenal never make it yet they still go there to become better to stand them in better stead for the future.

  31. only watch them when they come up to north west if i have got time. playing man u and drew 1-1 but these young guns played them off the park we could have scored 5 or 6 but they should win the youth cup. but villa have got a good team. when i watch players i like to see if they are strong not just have skill and the only players who will make it are Airey, harris who could be anything and ferguson who can play fullback or wing but the others are not strong enough.

  32. toonsy look at lua lua,just because ashley wants the arsenal system dosnt always mean its going to work,all the top young talent do not come to newcastle why would there,where getting second teir talent that none of the big clubs wanted.

  33. Sorry dave, Love = Leon Best.

    *Messi just scored 3 goals for baca. (3-0) Val. 84mins

  34. we have no chance of getting this kid there are big clubs from italy and here looking at him so this thread is pointless

  35. what second tr talent we nicked harris off ac milan and real madrid and they are still after him he is injured and he is going to be big if we can keep him. what system at anyclub has made it none look at willkshire he looks week as piss.

  36. No 007, it’s not pointless. In your opinion it’s pointless but others want to talk about it.

  37. why,so what your saying is he will pick us over ac milan and juve and liverpool..get real

  38. asim thats not true my friend,ac milan didnt chase up there intrest in harris and we snook in..

  39. or coure it,s a different newcastle now,we have went from a club that got into europe,to become a banana republic of a football club.we are now a fish and chip club,ashley has seen to this.
    i would urge all fans not to buy into the utter garbage that is flying around atm.these toe rags cannot be trusted,and they are just telling people what they want to hear.ashley and llambias are a couple of con men who are jst trying to buy time,we should not trust a thing that comes from their lips as they are proven liars.
    they go from selling the club one minute to having a grand plan the next,total bulls****ers if you ask me.
    it really is a terrifying time to have these two idiots running newcastle united,if we are promoted i fear for us next season.ashley will not change so expect more of the same crap coming in the future.
    ashley can only cut it in the championship as an owner,i,m convinced he cannot deliver anything to this club,i hope he proves me wrong,but i can,t see it somehow.
    people should not be so quick to forgive after everything he,s done,and mark my words he will continue to destabilise the club with his roy of the rovers pipe dream.

  40. mike ashley is to football ownership,what harold shipman was to geriatric medicine.

  41. this tounge up ashleys button pro ashley blog has me onions hurting…keep the faith bbm

  42. and to add if we go up we will see ashleys true intensions.. will he twist or will he stick.

  43. hitman,he,ll act the big man surrounded with his cronies,if we happen to win a few games.
    if it goes badly he,ll run for the hills yet again with his for sale sign.his arse is in and out of the door more than salman rushdie,s when the door bell rings.
    honestly they should name the revolving door after him.

  44. spot on trojan.. this blog is full of alziemeirs victims in a whore hoose.. there constantly suprised there getting screwd

  45. if we win the championship,i hope they dont revel in it,and try to have an open top bus parade to embarras us further,as when the mackems got promoted keep it low key ffs.whats the betting though that tweedle dee and tweedle dumb will revel in it and start trying to buy drinks for people and generally act the big men.
    they,ll try to have it as some great achievement,when in reality we,re trying to put right the abject failure they caused in their negligent running of the club.

  46. 007 says:

    IT is true we might be getting some of the 2nd teir youth, but we have to start from somewhere. And not assuming all are that bad?

    Looking at those rejects at the big clubs.

    If you can put them all together. It can be a force and players do grow and learn.

  47. According to a lot of people we were going to drop straight through this league. That means we are over achieveing this term technically. Why not have an open top bus parade? We had one in 92!

  48. then again we are dealing with a couple of pricks who would revel in winning the johnson,s paint final.

  49. aye more than likely these idiots will try and parade the team through the town,they just dont get it,soon as this shite has gone from the club the better…..for all you ashley bum lickers the time is vast approaching will this man make the money ready to keep us in the prem………………..

  50. toonsy,they should keep it low key,like when sunderland won it.if we had an open top bus parade the media etc will have a field day deluded geordies etc..,like keano said at the time it,s nothing to celebrate.

  51. I agree Trojan, 100%. It’s not exactly anything to go over the top with, but by the same token not affording us fans some form of celebration also looks big headed.

    Come the end of the season, all but 19 would be envious of our promotion and not celebrate it a little smack of us thinkg we are big time charlie’s, something that also causes us ti have the piss taken out of us.

  52. Just a quick comment as I have stuff to do. I think Eagles is a real prospect but he is in a struggling team so probably does look ordinary at times. I certainly wouldn’t argue against any of the other names mentioned tonight though.
    On a slightly different tack I see Dyer was in the WH team yesterday, I thought he’d retired! Be a shame if he wasn’t able to get some life out of his career, real waste of talent otherwise.

  53. hitman – Not saying Ashley will splash the cash like, but what if he spends enough to keep us up?

  54. Dyer can go fcuk himself and break both his legs as far as I’m concerned. The guy treat Bobby Robson like sh1t. Fcuk him!

  55. lets hope so hitman,because although chris has done what he can this term,i dont think he,ll be given the tools to keep us up,so this time next year he,ll probably pay the price.hopefully that will leave the fat one with nowhere left to turn,and he will sell up.
    i dont think any manager worth his salt will work for ashley,then again us deluded idiots can look forward to the second coming of the messiah joe kinnear.

  56. For all the people out there who think this youth only policy is great I have one word for you:


    They have the 4th best youth policy/academy in Europe, based on the number of academy players that have played for their 1st team and their sell on value.

    Where are they now?

    They have suffered the same as us with lack of investment in ready made, experienced quality.

    If the transfer policy is an age ceiling of 26, only players with a sell on value and low wage earners it’s absolutely pathetic.

    The sell on policy is so negative it’s unreal – Their really saying we will sell them as soon as we get an offer that gives us a profit. Where’s the long term thinking?

    Beggers belief, it really does.

    Middlesbrough are living proof that a youth only policy doesn’t work.

  57. Toonsy I would say an open top bus is ok for a team that have been in the league for a few years or came up through the league. But I think with us just going down then coming straight back up it wouldn’t be a good idea. But I do agree that there was so many people saying we were going to do a Leeds and get relegated from the CCC

  58. well said stuart..all we need now is stardust/worky telling us everything is great…

  59. the vision of mike ashley in his customary whie shirt and jeans slobbering over the top of an open bus,fills me wth absolute dread.

  60. Dave – I agree, an open top bus would be OTT, but not recognising it would be equally as big headed to be fair.

    Stuart – As I’ve written in the article, I share your concerns. To get a good flow of youth they need to be mixed with experienced players. Playing a whole youth team we will end up like Middlesbrough.

  61. hitman,

    Their entitled to their opinion but we could only hope for an academy as good as Middlesbrough’s, were a million miles away from that standard.

    Yet Boro still went down with that great academy.

    What can we expect?

    Nobody can argue with fact.

  62. TBH sometimes I cant really see the point in all the younguns as they never get a chance take Lua Lua I cant see him wanting to come back as he was never giving the chance, or Ranger he was threw in at the deep end as a lone striker sometimes at the start of the season when we had no options with injuries, but since that he has had very little and now that we have the Best he hasn’t a hope so I wont be surprised to see him wanting a move soon.

  63. When did this happen ?

    and i’m just watching motd and they say Beckham might not make the world cup.

  64. I just looked him up on wikipwdia and apparently he is from Northumberland. So its likely he was a toon fan since

  65. that was meant to be a smiley

    well both tottenham and citeh have good academies and good young players and as they are the clubs he was previouselyat it would seem he does have good pedigree

  66. Toonsy, I understand what you are saying. I just think its a pity whenever any player, love or hate them, have their careers wrecked through injury. I don’t remember what happened with Sir Bobby but I do recall Dyer being very upset when he passed on. A lot of young players treat their managers badly, I don’t think SBR would hold a grudge though.

  67. BW – as far as I remember, he wouldn’t play against Boro because Sir Bobby wanted him on the right and he’d been playing in the middle. So he spat his dummy.

    But yeah he seemed genuinely devastated when he heard about Sir Bobby. And I’d never wish injury on any player to be honest. I’m feeling that pain right now. Nothing worse than not being able to do the one thing you really love doing.

  68. Just out of curiosity where’s the wealth of young South American talent we should be getting after the shady Uruguayan deal!!

  69. Suppose it was a bit OTT, but I’ll never forgive him for it, just like that tw@t Bellamy and his attitude.

    Can’t deny they were both cracking players for us though.

  70. toonsy – I don’t think many will argue they’re particuarly pleasant blokes based on their reputations. Both spoilt a bit by the bright lights, although Bellamy arguably just a wrong ‘un in some respects and yet he does a lot of decent things off the pitch.