Watford return for Jose?

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Jose looking bullish in a fetching yellow.
Jose looking bullish in a fetching yellow.
Jose Enrique could make a return to the squad after missing out on the last six matches. The 24-year-old and £6.5million-rated Spanish left-back, has been one of Newcastle’s best players this season, but with initially no natural replacement it was feared that the Spanish defender, nicknamed ‘The Bull’, would be a big loss.

Chris Hughton brought in Chelsea’s young left-back, Van Aanholt, 19, who had a previous loan spell at Coventry City to cover the position for a month. The young Dutchman has done well when called upon and has turned in some decent performances considering the shoes he’s been filling in the position.

Hughton will have the option to extend Van Aanholt’s loan from an initial one month period to until the end of the season. Personally, I’d like to see him given the opportunity here as he won’t feature for Chelsea (injuries permitting) and there’s always the danger of Enrique falling to injury again.

Enrique’s last game for Newcastle was the 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, now nearly over a month ago. Hughton has the decision to instantly bring Jose back for his guaranteed experience, or stick with Van Aanholt who hasn’t really put a foot wrong. However, seeing as Hughton only rates Enrique as “hopeful” for Watford, it would be assumed that in keeping with his usual ‘safe approach’, the manager will stick with Van Aanholt.

Speaking to the officiall website, Hughton simply had this to say –

“We’re hopeful that Jose could be ok to return and we’ll see how he gets on this week,”.

The former Valencia player has had a steady rise to ‘fan favourite’ in his time at Newcastle, which has been helped by an unusual lack of injuries (not in keeping with the trend set by former players, thankfully). His ability to link up with Argentinian winger Gutierrez on the left hand side with similar powerful, pace-filled runs down the flank has been an exciting sight at St. James’ and provided an important attacking outlet – though not compromising his defensive duties. So let us hope that in the near future we can see Enrique back in action for the Magpies.

Hughton also added that Newcastle captain Nicky Butt, could feature at some point next Saturday, as he returns from a thigh injury. Meanwhile, Peter Lovenkrands, a goal scorer in the 3-0 win over Preston, is waiting to have his leg strain assessed and will know on Monday whether he will be fit to face Watford.

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142 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t want him to rush back. Would rather he made a sub appearance rather than coming back and getting knacked again.

    Hamstrings are dodgy things to recover from.

  2. He’s had a nice break in a long hard season.
    Great player, always was, always was be.
    Good move to bring Aanholt in to rest the Bull.

    Yes way Jose.

  3. Whenever he returns, it will be great news as we have missed him from both a defensive and attacking perspective, clearly our best player.

    However, no disrespect intended to his young and able deputy. It would be good if we can keep young ‘van the man’ for the remainder of the season too. He is a kid that shows great promise. Anyone else think he sort of grew in stature once Jonas was substituted and took it upon himself to make forays into attack.

  4. Great player, still essential to a strong promotion push.

    Bravo on your article debut by the way Andy.

  5. Is it for a selective amount of ppl to write on this blog or free for all to write?? Kinda blur. sry for this “dumb” question.

  6. AOD – there’s a team/structure of sorts but worky has always been looking for volunteers, to help out. Though I guess we can’t have too many because it’s already quite difficult to liaise when we all have day jobs.

  7. If he’s fit he should play, any doubts then Van Arnholt should play – we could do with a win at Watford, the baggies have a fairly easy game tho Forest have a very tough away game to Leicester and will be lucky to come away with a point – it’s a chance to go 8 points clear of 3rd

  8. Five current with one on sabbatical but hopefully, by the looks of it, preparing for a ticker tape return.

  9. I think we should rest BUTT for the rest of the season so that he is ready to start the new one with Whoever is dumb enough :-)

  10. I like Van Aanholt and kudos to him for his efforts on our behalf but do we not have equally good youngsters queing up to show they can perform as well as him. Or are all of our exceptional youngsters mythological beasts that do not really exist. I think if I was one of them I’d be right in CH’s face demanding to be given a chance, to have a 19 year old loanee step straight into the team ahead of me would get right up my nose.

    Incidently on the previous thread someone was trying to be insulting by calling some of the blogees (is that a real word) butterflies. I would see it as a compliment as it is a well known fact that they are responsible for Hurricanes and other major wind storms.

  11. Jose has become a major player in the side.
    He like many continental players took time to adapt to the physical nature and speed at which the game is played here, certainly his losing possession while attempting to beat attackers inside our box, brough frustration to many fans, but he was a quick learner.
    His pace surprised me, outpacing Lennon on one occasion,who is no slouch.
    I believe he has the making of a really good wing back,
    and would`nt surprise me if he got into the national side, as he is still relativly young.
    Lets hope we can hang on to him, could be a big assett to the team.

  12. Thanks Bowburn and Clint :D not much to report on but didn’t want to sit around much longer without writing anything haha!

    I don’t think too many will be head over heels to see Butt back mind, hope Routledge will make a speedy recovery though, he looks a real threat on the ball like we haven’t seen in a while.

  13. Go Andy.

    We may hate(?) Butt, but, other teams see him as a quality
    player, believe it or not.

    Cue lots of nots.

  14. think van aanolt was a great pickup for the short term while enrique has been hurt, but from what i’ve read, chelsea won’t be allowing us to extend the loan as they’re having their own defensive injury problems at the moment and need him for coverage.

    that said, what are peoples thoughts on kadar getting more of a chance? i think he’s been a decent enough defender from what i’ve seen, though i don’t think he gets forward nearly as well as enrique or VA. that being said, he should be given a chance for some minutes should there be another injury, no?

  15. eastcoastmag I feel for Kadar although van the man has done a good job, I still think if Kadar was given the same amount of playing time as Van has had he would be better for it.
    Andynufc well done with the blog mate nice one ;)

  16. “what are peoples thoughts on kadar getting more of a chance?”

    I didn’t have a problem brining in Van Aanolt once enrique got hurt, but am a little disapointed that Kadar hasn’t been given more of a shot at LB. Van Aanolt has played well, but is he that much better than Kadar? If the two are close I would prefer giving our own player the experience.

  17. For me, only Enrique and Harper are premier class. I would persist with Carroll in the top flight but still has a lot to learn. Also worth persisting with is Steven Taylor.
    The rest are championship material.
    It’s been proven last season.

  18. To be honest I think Kadar should not be playing LB, I think it was a good deal bringing Van the Man here on loan and I would like to see his stay extended. What I would say is that it is ‘one size’ who has stumted the chance for him to grow. I think Kadar is a great prospect and would rather have seen him given the chances the ‘one size’ has had. I also think it wouldve been better to hold onto LuaLua and given him 30mins instead on pancake. I think we need to give these youngsters some game time and although LuaLua is on loan and playing, I think he shouldve been kept in and amongst the team to keep him involved.

    The very fact that CH keeps pushing Guthrie out wide backs this up. He is wasted out there and his 2 performances in the CM should have proven that he should be given a run there and give Nolan a rest, esp when CH will certainly play a defensive 5 man midfield against Watford.

    I hope to god we beat Barnsley though! Our lass is a Barnsley fan and I was at the game at Oakwell and need the bragging rights!!!

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  20. raffo, I’m sure I read somewhere that Lua Lua has had his head turned by the bright city lights, which has left Hughton duely unimpressed which could explain his lack of first team squad involvement….

  21. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    February 22, 2010 at 8:14 pm
    For me, only Enrique and Harper are premier class. I would persist with Carroll in the top flight but still has a lot to learn. Also worth persisting with is Steven Taylor.
    The rest are championship material.
    It’s been proven last season.
    I would think Jonas and Collo with the extra year in England under their belts are prem quality as well, but we will see. I think guthrie could be if left to develop in the middle. Barton as well.

  22. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    February 22, 2010 at 8:14 pm (Edit)

    For me, only Enrique and Harper are premier class. I would persist with Carroll in the top flight but still has a lot to learn. Also worth persisting with is Steven Taylor.
    The rest are championship material.
    It’s been proven last season.


    I think it’s difficult to tell from last season. There was much political turmoil at the club and we didn’t keep the same manager for more than a few months. Regardless of how we may think “they’re professionals and should perform regardless”, it doesn’t work that way in reality. The lack of consistent management had a huge effect IMHO.

  23. When’s Joe Kinnear coming back…surely the ink on his lucrative 2 year contract has dried by now?

    Maybe he is managing and CH is just the frontman for this season?


    God to see the penny has dropped with Owen and him not going to the world cup-I could have told him 2 years ago he had no chance…keep warming the manchester united bench Owen you knob jockey!

  24. @Hugh De Payen

    “I think it’s difficult to tell from last season. There was much political turmoil at the club and we didn’t keep the same manager for more than a few months. Regardless of how we may think “they’re professionals and should perform regardless”, it doesn’t work that way in reality. The lack of consistent management had a huge effect IMHO.”

    I couldn’t agree more, Hugh. Especially the debacle with the reappointment of KK, and the the treacherous repudiation of his contract by Mr. Big Bottom and his incompetent cronies.

    I think we have six or seven players of EPL quality in the current squad. Hopefully, we’ll keep most of them next season – we’ll be in sh*t street if we don’t as the reported wage cap (somewhere between 15k and 30k depending on who you listen to) won’t get us much in the way of replacements.

  25. Hugh,
    don’t expect people to factor in any ‘mitigating circumstances’ mate.
    There’s a ‘selective memory’ trait here that only remembers what fits their argument.
    & that dissociates it’s self, so all our players are crap whenever it suits.

  26. Bobby Shiton

    “For me, only Enrique and Harper”

    Tell the truth Stavers – you said Harper was rubbish when Given went – you hated him all last year and the start of this. You also hated Enrique – Jonas and Collo (3 of our star men this year) You describe Nolan/Guthrie/Williams as a cheap buys – and dross – you say the only player we have of any class is Carroll – so why do you argue differently on a blog.

    Pint after pint, weekend after weekend you bore me with your rubbish – youve slated everyone because of your hatred for Mike. Dont try and now say you support Enrique, Carroll, Jonas, Collo and Harper – youre a creep and a twerp – with piggy eyes..

  27. You just bought a new Ikea mirror Stardust?
    “youre a creep and a twerp – with piggy eyes”

  28. @Sawdust

    “Youre a creep and a twerp – with piggy eyes”

    At least he’s got two of them (I assume).

    And YOU shouldn’t be using words like creep and twerp, you creepy f*cking twerp.

  29. @Smallnuts

    Wow! Lavatorial humour!? How could you sink this low?

    I’ve brought you to this. If I were a better man I’d apologise!

  30. @Sawdust

    Come on. You must have at least one more pompous, ridiculously verbose salvo left in you before I shuffle off to bed.

    Go on. Say something nice about Fat Mike.

    I promise not to take the piss.

  31. DirtyTool

    “before I shuffle off to bed.”

    “Go on. Say something nice about Fat Mike.”

    Whatever you do in your bedroom has nothing to do with me – I will not say his name whilst you shuffle.

    Each to their own though….

  32. woo hoo hoo hoo. You absolute idiots.
    Jonas is still ineffective in the championship so how is he going to up his game in the premier where the players are leaps and bounds better than the chumpionship. ! He has one goal all season and carroll is crying out for a cross to land on his head in the box and he hasnt done it once! What on earth are you’s seeing in him. Yes, he works hard, tracks back, gets past his first man but then it all goes wrong. He plays all his football in his own half or halfway line. Hes a 5 a side player and he may perform better in the middle of the park where he can get past his man and then lay it off or pass thro the middle cos he certainly cant cross!
    Stardust says i only rate carroll and dont rate the colo and jose. Absolute tosh. I have always rated jose, however i slated colo last season, totally justified cos he was hopeless. He has had a tremendous season in this division. Yes, this league where there is an extreme lack of quality centre forwards! I, just like many of you’s, have seen game after game where the opposition could have buried us if they took their chances. Stardust would not know cos he has not been to the match for 5 years.
    Colo will once again be found out next season however he wont be at the toon cos his wages are too high. Fact, so get used to it.
    Jose will be sold as well.
    Stardust says i didnt rate harper, and said he wasnt as good as given. Well given goes on from strength to strength but yes ive been surprised at the quality of harper. That is why i would keep him.
    As far as nolan and guthrie, well if anyone thinks they are premier class then jog on and keep talking to the fairies at the bottom of the garden.
    Have i missed anything out? Oh yes. The piggy eyed little creep stardust. . Ive known you for a decade now and you have not been to a game in 5 years and you used to watch the mackems . Tell the blog the trooooooooth. Woo hoo hoo hoo

  33. DarthBroon – you almost used up two day’s worth of ‘poncey words’, based on the new ‘Whumpie Scale’.

    “pompous, ridiculously verbose salvo”

    But I reckon you just about got away with it by following up with “F*ck you then”… ;)

  34. Got to get Joe Kinnear back once we are in the premiership….he is like a miracle worker and a tactical genius in one.
    Whhhhooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo :)

  35. I heard the Joe Kinnear deal was done ages ago by a source close to the irish/cockney messiah.
    Ashley thought it unfair on other championship managers to have JK at the helm this season so Mike decided to give other teams a chance….it was rumoured by another source that if JK had started his contact at the start of this season all the championship managers would have staged a mass strike they where that scared :)

  36. Even if we get promoted we will be in for one hell of a ride.

    I Ashley sticks with Hughton and we are as bad as I think we might be all hellwill break loose. Alternatively if he sacks Hughton and brings in someone else everyone will be slating him for changing things.

    It all depends on how much cash is made available in my opinion.

    My fear is that Hughton will be hung out to dry by the board, with paltry investment and a totally unrealistic wage cap of £15-25k. That would mean we couldn’t compete with Bolton, Stoke, Blackburn ect..

    There’s some choppy waters ahead after promotion (If achieved).

  37. Thinking the same Stuart and we could end up in even more of a mess than our last season in the premiership.
    Like you say a wage cap will make us a very poor proposition if we are chasing a players signature and we are offering 50% less wages than our rivals,re building will be impossible and we will end up with with less flare than a bag of wet fireworks.
    I am all for us balancing our books and cutting cloth accordingly but the current squad would need a small fortune spent on it in the summer to get anywhere near premiership quality or even scraping at premiership survival.

  38. sirjasontoon says:
    February 23, 2010 at 9:42 am

    I don’t want us to spend more than we can afford on wages or transfer fees but the fact of the matter is we will go into the PL and we will be in the top five or six clubs in terms of turnover.

    I only want us to spend what we have and we will have a higher turnover than Everton, Fulham, Villa, West Ham, Blackburn, Bolton, Stoke, Birmingham and pretty much every other club outside the top four (ex Man City).

    So why is it mooted that our wage ceiling will be less than a quarter of the majority of the clubs I mention?

    Proof of the pudding and all that I suppose but in theory we should be in a postion to out spend the clubs mentioned.

  39. like stuart and jason are saying is ashley going to make funds avalible to the manager,we need alot of surgery on the first team to keep us in the prem,because the team now couldnt do the job,but no doubt ashley will screw it.and screw the fans in the process.

  40. Stu if our wage ceiling is a quaternary that of the likes of everton west ham Stoke and the like which one of them are offering 100k a man even if you talk the lower quoted figure not many would offer 60k. We have paid some really silly money on wages and what have we had in return? Sweet fa. Owen, Butt, Geremi, Luque, just to name but a few.

    We are cabaple of generating a hugh turn over but until things are balanced we need to sort things out impose wage structures curb spending on signings(no more Owen, Luque or even Shearer and Ferdinand) for the forseeable future if ever again. Football as a whole can ill afford to continue in that vein. Liverpool and Man Utd are saddled with ridiculous debt with SAF cutting his spending the last two windows. Even for my one of the best owners in recent time Randy Lerner has alledgidly told MON that there isn’t the type of money he was hoping for.

    We as “hopefully” a responsible club will be doing everything to avoid the troubles of Pompey, Leeds, Cardiff and the likes. And don’t say with our turnover it’s not possible because with irresposable spending on both players and wages it could be a reality and would have been just that with Ffs at the helm.

    I’m by no means a MA fan but if we can sort our finances out and become a solid PL team again rather than tetering on the brink of delegation year after year he will have gone some way to turning my opinion.

  41. Whilst I can see Stuarts and SJT’s fears re contracts and the outcome of attracting players if someone is prepared to offer X more than us – the fact remains the top clubs will always have first choice anyway – and there’s no point in bidding high – paying huge contracts on forth or fifth choice players.

    When it comes to the second tier in the PL – you have to remember the world has changed, cash is king once more, we will be one of the strongest teams in the division financially – that means while others are trimming their playing staff and making draconian cut backs – we wont have to.

    We havent seen the backlash from the markets on all clubs as yet – as debt facilities expire watch for more distressed clubs who gambled on short term limited success (after all the top four are the top four year in year out).

    Whether by accident or design (if we are promoted) we will be out the other side 3 and 4 years ahead of other clubs. The financial chaos that will be arriving will be interesting to watch it unfold.

    I expect us in 3 to 4 years to be in a very strong position (and it’d be nice to watch Liverpool and Man U fall to pieces on the way) – I dont see doom and gloom ahead – Im looking forward to the future unfolding.

  42. waldo i get what your saying,but clubs up here have to offer more wages,because most players want to be down south.f**k nos why like.

  43. Stardust & Waldo are closer to the potential outcome IMV.
    We are 3/4 decent players away from a good prem team.
    The team we have now is starting to show signs of balance & patience.
    Very important if we get back up.
    Our financial restructuring has come at the best possible time, way away others clubs, big & little alike.
    Big clubs expenditure is way down & will stay down(manc ?). That’s why even manu look like they’re struggling to keep up, with injuries.
    We been forced to curb spending, but it could be our making, if seen through properly.
    Ashley may not be a football man, but he is a business man.
    & the need for proper reality in the football BUSINESS is knocking on the door, even as we type.
    So, just maybe, with 3/4 solid prem players, in the right positions, we could dive back into the top half of the prem.

  44. Waldo P. Barnstormer says:
    February 23, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Everton and West Ham both pay certain players 60k per week.

    My point is that if we can only offer that amount on wages we aren’t going to get many good PL experienced players, if any.

    You poin to the fact that we have over paid alot of average players in the past – We need to look at who was spending that money. We gave large sums of money to very poor managers.

    I maintain if you have the right man spending that money he would have paid very good players the high wages and the likes of Geremi, Smith, Martins, Duff ect would have had wages to match their talent or they wouldn’t have joined us.

    I’m not talking about mortgaging the club to the hilt to pay huge wages – I am talking about competing with the second tier of PL clubs – There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be in a position to pay the same wages as Everton, Villa and West Ham.

    Stardust says:
    February 23, 2010 at 10:44 am

    I see your point re football finance but us being in brilliant financial order won’t be much comfort if we go back down to the Championship.

    You have to admit yourself that we should be in a position to offer a more attractive package than most in the PL.

    Take the top 4 or 5 out of the equation – We cannot match their finances at the moment, but the rest?

    I will be utterly pissed off if we miss out on a player to Bolton, Stoke or Blackburn because we wouldn’t pay them £40k a week (If he was worth that) but they would.

    My bottom line is we should be in a position of strength if we get up – But that will quickly turn to weakness if we only attract average to poor players and end up relegated again.

    We would then end up with a lot of poorly paid average players instead of afew good players who are well paid.

    We need to pay players what their worth, not what they want.

    If we find a brilliant player and won’t pay him over £20k per week were heading in one direction.

    Great balance sheet – In the Championship.

    It’s akin to Marks and Spencers selling Primark clothes and Lidle food.

  45. Most players would rather come & lay at SJP in front of 50k than a few extra dollars at ‘carpark’ in front of 15/25k boltganunderland city.
    & if they would rather go for an extra few dollars, then shouldn’t play for us, that’s where we’ve gone wrong in the past.

  46. They don’t have to be £15m 80k p/w players, we have to be shrewd, lots of players still want to play for us.

  47. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 23, 2010 at 10:57 am

    We are 3/4 decent players away from a good prem team.

    That was a laugh out loud moment!

    Were a million miles away from being a good PL team.

    Were slow, lack creativity, allow the opposition to create plenty of chances (Which will be taken in the PL), look laboured and very rarely out play our opposition.

    In the PL newly promoted clubs have to play to their max every game to get points, we won’t get away with ‘just doing enough’ in the big league.

    Only Harper, Enrique, Jonas, Taylor and possibly Colo will be good enough in the PL. Our midfield would be swamped and would look like their playing with calipers on.

    We need plenty of good players to survive and prosper in the PL.

  48. Soz mate,
    your dead wrong & “history will prove you an ass”,
    soz that’s not an insult, it’s a quote from mel brooks (history of the world part 1)
    You gotta say it in an ironic american accent.

  49. i reckon we need at least 6/7 quality players in just to keep us out the bottom 3,our mid field needs sorting,we need strickers,its going to cost money and thats why im worried about next season coz i dont think ashley will be willing to spend what it takes to keep us in the prem.

  50. Harper
    ? Colo Taylor Jose

    Routledge ? ? Jonas

    at least one of Lovenkrands, Best, Carroll, Ranger could score goals in the prem with decent mobility & service from a couple of midfielders.

    Plus Barton, Nolan, Smith, Ameobi, Williamson, Simpson, R Taylor etc as back ups.
    Most of those have prem experience to boot.
    Who’ve i missed out?

  51. Actually, i’d take Jonas off the wing & stick him in the middle, where i think he’d be more effective.
    Yea, i forgot Guthrie too, soz Danny. ;)

  52. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 23, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Routledge has had his fair share of PL clubs and he has ended up in the Championship – What does that tell you?

    I mentioned Jonas, Taylor, Enrique and Colo (Possibly).

    Nolan and Smith are just too slow – Simple as that. They lose the ball far too much and will be punished in the PL.


    Ameobi has never scored consistantly in the PL and never will, Carroll is still potential and that doesn’t make you a good PL side (Ask Middlesbrough).

    Williamson, Simpson and Lovenkrands have never played regular in the PL and done well so again their unknown.

    R Taylor? He cannot get in the the team now – How is he going to be even back up in the PL? Wigan were happy to let him go man!

    You mention the players who have PL experience – So to had Geremi, alot of good he was!

    Some might say the players still here are the ones no PL side wanted to buy…

  53. If we go up,
    We’d have to be better than the 2 championship teams that we went up with & 1 or 2 current prem teams only.
    We already have a better team spine than that, surely to f***, howay.
    It ain’t rocket surgery.

  54. @ clunk click
    what a buffoon you really are! 3 or 4 players away from being a good premier side. Go and talk to the fairies at the bottom of the garden . You will fit in well you garden gnome.
    @ sawdust
    how can you say we will be in huge advantageous position compared to other clubs come the summer? We have a squad of chumpionship players and needs huge investment which ashley wont do. The other premier clubs, struggling or not are streets ahead of us. They could spend nowt and we would have to invests millions to reach their levels.
    Starboard we listened to your drivel all last season and no one therefore has any respect for your opinions so jog on with clunk click to the bottom of the garden.

  55. I think we have enough to survive in the premiership , I think we might struggle for goals , and I cant think off the top of my head who we could bring in to get us 10 to 15 goals in the premiership,

    Im not saying 3-5 quality players wouldnt help but Id be fairly happy with the squad we got if we were to be promoted

  56. so your happy with just avoiding relegation clint,f**k that i couldnt go through a season like last,this is all down to ashleys ambitions.

  57. Nicely side-stepped Stuart. ;)
    If Nolan hadn’t scored ALL of his goals in the first half of the season, where would we be now, get off his back.
    Smith played correctly has been very effective, particularly first half season.
    Geremi doesn’t play for us any more mate. ;)
    Will, Love, Simpson good back ups if nowt else, & Williamson looks pretty good so far & lovenkrands is putting ball in the net.
    R Taylor, 2 in 2, great dead ball & good crosser, he has assists too.
    Aw yea, Routledge got injuries that curtailed his natural development at key times, we got a bargain.

  58. not fighting relegation johno,like ive says ashley needs to dig deep and show some ambition,or f**k off.i know its going to be a slow process getting our selfs settled in the prem,but it all depends on ashley

  59. 007,
    That’s C*NT F*CK already mate
    ‘It’s a visual gag’. ;)

    Na, i’m not saying that, but you are.
    I’m saying we wouldn’t necessarily be coming back down, like others are.
    That was the bottom line mate.
    Have a bit ambition man.

  60. The secret for next season if we get to the PL is spending £30-40m on good PL players.

    Sunderland went up and spent £40m on lots of really average/poor players. They just ended up with a huge squad of poor quality and are still struggling to recover.

    We must have the attitude that if you’re good enough will will pay for you and pay you a good wage – If you’re not we won’t.

  61. I dont think so , prob by the top 7 will tear us a new but there is alot of poor teams there , i think our defense is certainly good enough , think barton ( if fit ) n guthrie would work well , jonas and routhledge ( Be nice to sign a right winger ) is a good enough midfield , for me we have to improve up front,

  62. Wow guys..

    Why does everybody assume that good championship players can’t make good premiership players? Look at cahill, lescott, walcott and numerous others.

    Also, re routledge. He was good at fulham – 24 games in one season when they finished mid-table if i remember correctly. He was then sold to tottenham, a top 5 club (that season I believe), then villa, a top 7 club with an abundance of wingers. Who cares if he didnt get a game there? We aren’t gunna be competing in the top half of the table next season. It would be interesting to see what routledge would be like now if he had stayed at fulham.

    Everyone agrees we dont want to sign big names who come here for the money, but then assumes we cant do any good in the premiership without big names. Naive much?

    A balanced, committed squad is most important – which is why clubs with ‘championship players’ (eg birmingham/stoke a while back) do reasonably well.

  63. adam,

    The Birmingham and Stoke’s of this world have experienced managers to help them with their aim of staying in the PL.

    Not saying Hughton won’t do the job but it will be harder for him as he is so inexperienced as a manager.

    But ultimately there is always an exception to the rule.

  64. No matter if we go up it be an interesting season! Right off to grab a bit of lunch , talk to ye after!

  65. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 23, 2010 at 11:56 am
    Some wanna ‘fly before they can crawl’.

    If our highest earner is only being paid £15k per week, we won’t even be crawling mate!

    We will be free falling through what is known as the PL trap door!

  66. why do you think routledge is premier class? What evidence? What has he really done at our club never mind being rejected from spurs and villa. ? He has been a decent buy for the chumpionship, to get us promoted cos he gives us width with two natural wingers but he is definitely not a premier league player. It is as clear as stardust is a mackem.

  67. reading through some of these comments makes me laugh, the likes of bolton, blackburn and stoke dont pay the wages people are talking about. most of their players are on less than 30k a week, before nolan joined us he was paided around 25-30k. some players do get stupid wages like elmander at bolton and anton ferdinand at sunderland but thats just the odd player.

    we need to change our whole thinking and go back to the young hungry players that sir bobby was bringing in like jenas.

  68. adam couldn’t agree more mate I’m so sick of hearing all the negativity about a lot of our players on this blog. Look at Birmingham ffs, if I remember rightly they didn’t even win the league last year Wolves did and Birmingham are now a solid top half side with their ‘championship squad.’ Stoke are also a side that have become extremely hard to beat since going up and in their few recent seasons in the prem have never once been tipped for relegation. I personally rate Routledge extremely highly and am absolutely chuffed with his signing, my best mates a diehard villa fan and he always used to complain that Wayne didn’t get enough games there, and said we’d made a cracking little signing when we bought him. Personally I think he’s just been waiting for his chance to get back into a ‘big’ side and now that he has that chance with us back in the prem he’ll thrive

  69. Stuart,
    If that’s true, hey?

    & Does that abnegate the fact that we have players better than at least four teams that would be in the prem next season, like i stated earlier.
    When was that discounted as a theory?
    Anyway, i can’t go round where shit-stained glasses, they smell & you can’t see properly. Rose-tinted smell better, but make everything soft-focus, not quite reality either.
    So i’ll stick with reality.

  70. Aye CLiNT,

    The reality is we were relegated last season with a squad a lot better then the one we have now.

    Relegated from a division that had the likes of Hull and Sunderland in it.

  71. @ adam
    dont lie to prove your point. He has played a total of 24 games for spurs, pompey villa and fulham put together and not one club took him seriously.
    He hardly set qpr alight prior to joining us.
    He is a frustrating player and a player managers pull their hair out with. He can produce wonderful bits of skill once in a blue moon and everyone wonders why he doesnt do it more often. We’ve all seen them. He will be in and out of our side in the future once the fans get on his back.
    If ginola can come in for stick by our fans then routledge who couldn t tie his boot laces certainly will.
    You will of course deny saying it when it happens but thats what clueless people do.

  72. Stuart, yeah I agree with what you say about hughton not being a premiership manager. However I don’t believe theres too much difference between the championship and premiership between the level of management needed. This season Hughton has learned a lot. Most managers ‘arent premiership managers’ on their first attempts. Personally, I think its all about being given the time to understand and associate with the players/backroom staff which is more important than experience necessarily.

    Bobby Shinton – Routledge was a premiership player. He had a good season at fulham before joining Tottenham/Villa. I’m sure they’re moves he regrets, in hindsight he tried to make the step up too soon. He’s added width/creativity/skill. I’m not saying he’s a guaranteed premiership player, I know he’s a risk. But I think he could turn out to be a great player.

    Realistically, I’m confident the wage cap won’t be below £30,000 – below that and I’d agree that we could have major problems signing players.

  73. Dont think it matters how much we spend, its about getting the best out of the players.
    When i see Zamorra banging them in i think there is hope for every player, we have been down the road of star names with disastrous consequences.
    I quite like the current policy of young and hungry players, there are cracking players around and i look at Bullard, Danny Murphy, Bellamy and the likes who were all in the second tier as an example.

  74. @bobby. He made 28 appearances for Fulham in one season (trusting wiki on this one). That is taken seriously.

    I thought I made it obvious enough he didn’t play for villa/tottenham – but both of those are top 7 sides with a lot of money spent over the last few years.

  75. Stuart,
    now you’re forgetting/avoiding the managerial upheaval etc.
    Not inconsiderable or un-considerable for that matter.

  76. bobby – your right about routledge , since signing for that whopping undisclosed fee he’s already had a couple of crap games & wouldn’t be suprised to see a few more before the penny drops & hughton has him keeping the bench warm.

  77. Strartdust I get what your saying and hopefully the future will hold some brighter days for NUFC under this regime.

    I think Mike needs to address the future now that he sees for the club in a detailed statement and not just saying we are following an “Arsenal Model” etc

    Now would be a good time for Mike to win a few more plaudits and who knows he may even start loving us in a real sugar daddy kinda way :)

    Come on Mike tell us the future is bright?

  78. Stardust If it did happen though I think a lot of fans would start accepting Mike long term and I think it would also produce a more galvanised team and fan base in the final promotion push.

    The knock on effect would obviously give Mike a lift and maybe spend a bit more next season,can’t be much fun for him at the toon,I would hate to be in his position owning a great club but the locals full of hate,uncertainty and distrust.

    As it stands we are still not clear as fans what the owner is planning for…is it a steady build strategy or get the hell out and make back some of his lost money?

    These uncertainties are always in the back of my mind I want it to be fun to support NUFC again.

  79. Agreed, Ashley still hasn’t learnt that the thing that can help him more than anything at the minute is the thing that will cost him nothing and the rewards could be huge.

  80. A statement of intent would really help heal the rift but nobody knows what his strategy is short/mid and long term plans are for the club.

    Maybe he will read this and think it’s a good idea…maybe even employ me as head of strategic planning….if you want to discuss my future prospects Mike please email me

  81. roy cropper you have to be the most miserable sod I’ve ever come across on a footy blog, you’d even give sirjason a run for his money last year before we were relegated ;) (sorry jason) ffs why can’t you guys just mellow out a bit and lay off our players, who have all put in more than decent shifts in recent weeks. Routledge scored a screaming 25yard volley in the last game he played yet still you manage to spout dross like

    ‘since signing for that whopping undisclosed fee he’s already had a couple of crap games & wouldn’t be suprised to see a few more before the penny drops & hughton has him keeping the bench warm.’

    jesus christ man!

  82. @Sorenuts

    “and it’d be nice to watch Liverpool and Man U fall to pieces on the way”

    Wayhey! Is this a bit of manly HATRED coming out here? A bit of pointless negativity? Christ, you’ll be taking a swing at the Mackems next!

    A wee bit hypocritical though, given your amateur psychology and pontification elsewhere. And miss piggy will be appalled.

    Maybe you’ll get away with it by pointing out that you’re just waffling on about balance sheets as f*cking usual.

  83. knacker dan @ 111 , that’s how i see it – through my own eyes – i go to games & i give my own opinion , unlike like you seeing it through other peoples eyes & giving their opinion.

  84. Devonmag I have mellowed these days as there has not been many Ashley antics to get wound up about…however if he starts acting the Dafty again I will be angry again :)

  85. just because I originate from the southwest doesn’t mean I don’t go to games pal. I’ve seen 5 games this season, which considering my geographical location, is pretty commendable I’d say, especially whilst in the midst of writing a dissertation. When I can’t make it to games I do rely on ‘seeing it through other peoples eyes’ if that’s how you traidtionally refer to watching the tv and listening to the wireless, but my opinions are my own, thanks. I just reckon you should chill out and stop surrounding the club with negativity at every possible oppurtunity, as entitled to your opinions as you may be…

  86. haha fairplay Jason and to be fair I have noticed you’ve become far more mellow. I for one used to be happy with the idea of Ashley falling down a mineshaft but if he reinvests in the squad over summer, spending say 15 mill on a few decent signings then for me his intentions will be clear and he can stay for the next 5 years (granted he continues to invest where neccesary) For me, the last transfer window was a sign that he’s finally started to listen to advice from real football people and his reaction after the Preston win shows his heart may still be in it…

  87. I agree…I just want what is best for the club DM and want us to look like we have a game plan for the future.
    If the future is with Ashley so be it as long as he treats the fans and the club with respect we can all live happily ever after and push on to better days.

    My gut feeling is that things will not run as smoothly as we all hope though and like Stuart mentioned “Choppy Waters” could be on the horizon so I won’t get carried away and start camping out up Mike’s backside just yet :)

  88. chill out !!!!! – i piss ice cubes dont you know & posting my views on here is hardly surounding the club with negativity you clown.

    on match days the team always gets my full support whether it deserves it or not.

  89. devonmag says:
    February 23, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Alternatively the activity this transfer window might have been because money came into the club via Man City for Given and from Wigan for Nzogbia. His reaction at the PNE game may also have been relief as with every 3 points come a few extra million he’s clawed back from his losses.

    Or it might be as you said.

  90. to be fair I have to agree with your gut feeling that ‘things will not run as smoothly as we all hope’ as of course, one improved transfer window will not change the mike ashley legacy, and mike ashley will always be mike ashley after all. We’ll just have to wait and see really won’t we?

    Ha, and sorry Roy but I don’t think I can contend with your clear intellectual superiority on this one, I’m out.

  91. Stuart of course those things are possibilities, to be fair he could have been celebrating like that purely cos he knew the camera’s were on him and he wants to lull us all into a false sense of security so he can start shafting us again. We’ll never know though and untill he cocks up again I’m just gonna take the positives, wherever they may come from as I’m sure you will too

  92. I just hope when it comes to making critical decisions in the future that they are well thought out and have some benefit to the club or even the local community.

    If we get promoted Mike should try and get David Moyes and give him some half decent funds…I often think what a Moyes side would do with a bit of depth and some decent financial clout.

    Considering the financial restraints and injuries his team has had they seem to have a stubborn unity and survival instinct.

  93. Why does everyone think the new transfer policy will be in place if we are the Prem? did I miss something? I took Hughton to mean that those were the limitations in this January window.

    But on the finacial fornt, ashley has loaned a heck of a lot of money into the club to keep us solvent- and I say fair play to him and thanks. At some point, however, he is going to want it back- either upon sale of the club or piece by piece from annual revenues once the pre-spent sponsership money becomes real money again. So we are still in debt somewhat, just not to outside parties where administration could occur.

  94. Moyes has wasted some top dollar on mongs like.
    Who was that guy he bought when it was his brother he meant to buy?
    I think he’s a decent manager, but he got good time from everton to get it right, they nearly went down a couple of times, would he get that long from our fans?
    Not sure he would like.

  95. I see ‘the daily fail’ are trying hard to get back on the ‘let’s hate Barton’ trip again.
    Nazi sympathizers.

  96. MDS – Administration wont occur in these circumstances – it simply would have no benefit to MA

  97. I think all managers have bought “Mongs” goes with the territory.

    MDS I heard the new policy was for all windows.

  98. Yeah I read it earlier about Barton….hope Barton comes back and starts to perform,I think if he is poor last half of the season he will be shown the door – his wages are huge and he never hardly plays so it’s up to him now to knuckle down and graft.

  99. Stardust says:
    February 23, 2010 at 2:58 pm
    MDS – Administration wont occur in these circumstances – it simply would have no benefit to MA

    Agreed, but my point is the money will need to be repaid to him at some point unless he makes it a gift.

  100. no gifts from ash – he’ll want the price he paid for the the club + his loan + a bit on top – good luck to him but i doubt he’ll get it.

    good old mike , i get a lift every time i hear/see his name.


    Ashley and Cheryl Cole to split!

    I’m going to get my pulling pants on just in case Cheryl comes knocking! My understands, Cheryl is on my list :lol:

  102. Clint, saw the article, one headline was that Barton had turned the lad into a wife beater, this has been reported almost as a fact instead of the defence lawyers spiel which has obviously been swallowed hook line and sinker.
    What it does remind us, the club and more importantly Barton, that he is still on the gutter press hit list and they wont stop until they have driven him into the ground, regardless of what the truth is, Barton is a twat but he will never be as brutal as these w*nkers.
    Terry and Cole are just about sorted and Barton is on the back burner, i am quite sure they will not be happy until the England squad is in complete disarray before the World Cup and then when we fail they will ask why.

  103. the difference is,barton,s a good owld fashioned thug who,ll knock yer teeth oot in the dead of night,john terry is just a drain pipe shimmy merchant.

  104. MDS – “Agreed, but my point is the money will need to be repaid to him at some point unless he makes it a gift.”

    He can either convert it to new shares in the company, or he can leave it as a loan to be repaid at point x – or write it off. Its a matter for him and his current tax position (and intentions) as to which will be best for him.

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