Shola, Coloccini, Enrique, Barton – injury status.

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Pre-Christmas return for Shola
Pre-Christmas return for Shola
Newcastle United’s Shola Ameobi is likely to return to first-team duty by early December according to Chris Hughton.

Shola suffered a stress fracture of the foot in August but has already begun light training. Hughton said:

The good news with Shola is that he has no adverse reaction to the original injury and he’s started doing work on it again.

He’s with us over this fortnight and he’s continuing to work at it. We are looking at a pre-Christmas return for Shola, and we’re thinking it should be early December at the moment, which would obviously be a big boost for everyone because he is a big player for us.

He is with us at the moment, and I think it is a slightly frustrating time for him because he cannot really do any weight-bearing training with the foot at the moment. Obviously the most important thing is making sure he is right, so we don’t want to rush anything, but his progress has been quite good.

In his absence we’ve managed to get Marlon Harewood and he has brought some quality to the squad, but obviously the more players that we have capable of scoring goals the better, so it would be good to have him back.”

Hughton also expects Fabricio Coloccini and Jose Enrique to be fit again after the international break.

At the moment he’s [Coloccini] on course for Forest. He’s not at the stage where he is joining training yet, but we’ll look to get him outside and back with the lads by the end of the week,” said Hughton.

He’s not too far away and that is another good sign for us to be getting players back. Jose will be fine for the Forest game too, he was touch and go.”

The news on Joey Barton isn’t so good and it looks like he could be out for many months. Hughton said:

Joey’s had some surgery to his fourth metatarsal, and he will be out for a period of months. That’s very much a blow for us.”

It’s something he’s been carrying for a little while now, but at least we know now.

We were in the fortunate position to have Nicky Butt and Geremi on the bench, and even Peter Lovenkrands who can play in the wide area.

It’s an area where I think we have got good cover.”

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11 Responses

  1. Am I the only person who had completely forgotten that we still had Barton on the books?

  2. MT – No, but when I saw the headline on Ed’s blog the other day about Hughton ‘launching another assault on the league’, I thought we must have our ‘main’ man back for that sort of thing.

  3. WTF is it with all these foot injurys ? Are boots these days made of f@cking paper or something ?

    The bad news as far as I’m concerned about Barton is that this injury will stop us shipping him out come Jan

  4. What a sorry state our club is in when we are looking forward to Shola coming back and also when our manager says that we are fortunate to have Butt and Geremi on the bench.
    Could be worse i suppose if they were on the pitch.
    I cant wait to see the back of this regime and all the cheap tatt that goes with it.

  5. bigbad, Shola’s recent form has been nothing to scoff at man. Give the lad a break.
    Geremi has a great cross/freekick & a cool head, he usually does well, when played & we win most games he plays in.
    Butt, full of experience, yes i know he has no pace left.
    He’s a good sub, for closing a game out. Wouldn’t have him as capt. though & wouldn’t play him from the start.

  6. Clint – keep kidding yourself if you want, you may be convinced but i am not, short burst of form in a lower league followed by injury doesnt make him a proven striker especially as he was billed as the next Shearer for so long we forget he is actually 28yrs old.
    I am pleased he is knocking them in but considering the wages he has had over the years, its about bloody time.
    As for the other two overpaid plodders, waste of space.

  7. Hahahhah i dont care about enrique and barton who have been a dissapointment since they arrived but we must think about next year b/c we wll win the leauge or be promoted i think our squad must be krul,masimo(acmilan),taylor,collo,emanuelson (ajax),taylor,nolan,donadel(fiorntina),danny,taylor(bolton),doyle(wolves),diop(ports),bench harp,loven,caroll,ranger,inman,butt

  8. No kidology required,
    ‘recent’-i typed.
    Never used the word ‘proven’.
    Didn’t forget his age either, better go back & read what i wrote.
    Never hailed him as the new anyone & anyone who said ‘new Shearer’, well enough said. Did you believe that?

    Mate, we can all pick holes in whatever.
    Not best practice though.

    If one clock-watches time goes slower, it’s weird like that.

  9. CLiNT FLiCK fans like ur kiling us u think Geremi is good think again what he fuc…ked up for my final say the only worth playrs r guteri,jonas,carol,taylor both,and collo plus ranger,nolan and love the others r stupi…ds and duum ass and i dont know whay nufc buys players that the premier leauge clubs havent heard of like xico and jonas(hes lucky )but stll stupi…d

  10. Kiss my ass hnCOCK n lern 2 spel or sumik n tipe n mayk sens n punkchuHATE ur d killa

  11. CLiNT FLiCK hay dick wad likidi bitch.mother f_____ dumm n____………if u wan debate by kissing as take ur as to traler park.