Newcastle United v West Bromich Albion match banter!

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The Throstles await!
The Throstles await!
Tonight sees the first of two epic encounters with a team that are seen in many quarters as Newcastle United’s biggest rivals in the Championship, since the sad decline of our less fortunate neighbours in the city of smog.

In the run up to the match, manager, Chris Hughton has said he sees the game as a chance for his Toon lads to “make a statement” adding:

“The fact that West Brom are so close to us, yes, it’s probably the biggest game.”

NUFC Blog’s Geordie Deb has already written a very good match preview for the game, and there will, of course, be a full match report to follow.

If you have any good links for match coverage etc for those who aren’t travelling to the game, please feel free to post them.

Howay the Lads!

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169 Responses

  1. Harper

    Loverman, fair play. Do it for your dad. Make him even more proud.

  2. 2 to watch – Dorrans and Brunt. Their front 2 of Thomas and Bednar should be in Colo and Taylor’s pocket. If/when Miller comes on i’ll be more concerned!

    Kiss of death from me now, you watch :)

  3. Shocked, looks fairly attacking. on another subject colchester wont offer nobby a contract after a trail, are we being romantic wanting him back?

  4. Rather annoyed that i have to go back into work but i should get to watch until half time. I just hope the 2nd half is on 5 live?!

  5. jay jay – I hear Boothroyd was impressed with him but the board wouldn’t sanction it. Not sure how true it is mind.

    Hughton has also distanced himself from it. So unless Fat Mike see’s it as a bargain basement deal i doubt he will be back.

    I don’t think getting him back would be the best move anyway. Some things are best left in the past and at 35, i think Nobby is one of them.

  6. Mcloven is playing!?…thats fantastic news. If you want commitment to the cause, there it is. Flying back to be with his family after the loss of a loved one yet leaving a day or so later as he’s clearly desperate to keep playing his football. Hope he bangs one in, no doubt our lads will get right behind him with renditions of “signed on a free” from the first whistle.

  7. Even if he does not score he is a hero , flying back to England to play so soon after the loss of his father . True commitment ,i have deep RESPECT

  8. Already i can see the positions Lovenkrands gets into are geared towards flick-ons rather than knock downs. On that basis maybe Carroll would have been a better choice to start? The pair did well enough against Plymouth, why not continue that?

  9. aye, not started well like and we’re a goal down. They’ve passed it around neatly and look dangerous coming forward. Jonas the only one to have done anything worth mentioning for us thus far.

  10. Thats three poor deliveries from Guthrie in potentially dangerous areas, could do with that improving canny quickly like.

  11. You can see West brom’s game plan though. Try and do us on the break or grab a set piece goal.

  12. yeah i know in work toonsy! Not a good place to be and only started to get busy as soon as we kicked off!

  13. I’d much rather watch Carroll or Ranger struggle (but still learn) than watch Ameobi try to get a penalty.

  14. we defo need a creative mid fielder! Someone talented would have made all the difference tonight! Jones once again play out of his skin…

  15. Performance picked up after we got our equaliser but we still werent good enough. Think it was just a case of still thinking we were in the dressing room when they nicked their second like.
    In saying that-Loven was clearly onside when he got in 1 on 1 with Carson. A rotten piece of officiating from the linesman. Also, that challenge on Carroll was a stonewall penalty in the dying minutes there. He’s running in to rise and meet the ball, and its taken out with a shoulder in the middle of the box. I dont like blaming referee decisions because at the end of the day we werent good enough, a draw was a fair (and good, tbh) result, but we’ve been denied a blatant penalty.

  16. Usual away team ref, yet again.
    What is with that?
    Every time i watch any other team, the ref is a homer,
    except us.
    Seems like they are so determined not to be bullied by our crowd that they go too far the other way.
    Pathetic, sniveling officials.

  17. CLiNT- i suppose we could say that Miller missed his open goal etc, but at the end of the day thats chances they havent put away. We’ve shown character to come back from a goal down twice and as i’ve said previously, probably didnt deserve to win today, but playing badly and winning is the sign of champions. We’ve had two penalty shouts, the first questionable, the second not. Stonewall.

  18. Massive RESPECT due to Peter Lovenkrands, so glad the lad scored the equalizer tonight.
    What a BIG MAN.
    Your dad will be so proud of you Peter.

    All the best man.
    Keep it going son.

  19. Ross,
    i hear ya’ mate, but,
    that doesn’t excuse another pathetic showing from the refs, does it?
    The number of bad decisions in that game was note-worthy.

  20. Thanks to everyone who posted links for the game. Much appreciated.
    Proud of Lovenkrands. Glad for the lad that he got a goal to dedicate to his Dad. Thought he was very brave to do the interview after the game too.
    Thought the game was a fair result but…I think we should have had 2 penalties and Lovenkrands only had the goalkeeper to beat when he was given offside when he wasn’t. So not too happy with the standard of refereeing today.
    Jonas put in a good shift as usual and Ameobi looked like he was back to his ‘normal’ self!

  21. CLiNT- i agree mate, not only was the challenge on Carroll a stonewall penalty but they should have been down to 10 men after their leftback went in off the ground with studs up

  22. Nice one Big Dave, he deserves all the plaudits, doesn’t he?

    Aye Ross,
    Blatant pen on Carroll & like Jill said: NO WAY was Lovenkrands off side with just the ‘keeper to beat.

    Pretty good game though.
    They only scored cos of us making mistakes & if i remember correctly, their goal at their place was a dodgy ref decision for the free kick they scored from.

  23. HARPER 7
    TAYLOR 6
    SMITH 7 (Thats why we need a defens mid at home stuart)
    NOLAN 4
    AMEOBI 4

    Ref was terrible as usual and we need Beckford, simpson, a creative centre midfielder and a cover center back (wouldnt mind the Brom centre back)

  24. Lovenkrands is the key to our promotion. I’ve said it for months and he proved it tonight. He was more Newcastle than any local lad tonight.

    Who needs Beckford when we have our Danish Bacon to sizzle each match.

  25. good goal by lovenkrands but apart from that he wasent realy in the game we could have easely come away with 3 points if we had of had officials that had the eye sight of MR MAGOO

  26. CLiNT- he was a mile onside, it was a rotten decision from the linesman. The only thing you can say is that he wasnt keeping up with play. These decisions are made taking millimetres into account and he was yards onside, rubbish officiating.

    As far as their lot go, is his name dorrans? their winger? he was brilliant tonight, 100k they paid for him apparently, great little player.

  27. Out passed – Out paced – Out played and out classed.

    Fed up of watching us play like the away team when were at St James’.

    TF – Smith slowed everything down today, was always on his backside and gave the ball away quite a bit IMO.

    I can only recall us creating two clear cut chances in the whole game. Not really good enough.

    As of now our thread bare squad is lighter by 4!

    I don’t think this squad is big enough, they will tire more and more.

    By the way, did anyone else think Simpson looked like he wanted to be anywhere but St James’ Park? Why did he never close anyone down? He just kept inviting them into the penalty area.

    All in all, glad we got a point as they were the better team, as most teams tend to be against us.

    The players look like they need a lift – New signings please….

  28. TF,
    bit harsh them no.s mate.
    I know y’pissed we didn’t win but, howay!

    Guthrie’s goal deserved more.
    & like you said yourself, the ref was ridiculous.

  29. stu it wasent as 1 sided as your making oot agree aboot simpson and see ur getting back too ur old self

  30. Happy with the point but perhaps that says it all? Expectations are dropping week by week…

    Sorry, but Bowburn Family glitch and I can’t post match report til tomorrow.

    Lovenkrands interview had me choked by the way. Respect to the lad.

  31. batty,

    seriously, they passed us off the park, their movement crippled us and the amount of times they had 3 against 2 or 4 against 3 was frightening.

    Dunno where our holding midfielder was either, they just sliced through the middle all the time.

    Their balls into the box were brilliant and Harper was by far the more busier of the keepers.

    Anyone who saw a different game is living in cloud cuckoo land and are just be blinded by the fact were top. They will forget out 10 point lead is now just 3.

  32. stu i agree aboot the passing but i wouldnt say harper was the busyer and the officials were shite m8 and as for new signings when will barton be fit oh and were still the only unbeaten side at home

  33. You’re one of the blinded people mate!

    Were unbeaten at home but we’ve drawn our fair share.

    Carson didn’t have one save of note.

    Sorry but they were the better side and when Barton gets back what good would that do? IF he plays he’ll play on the wing – He hasn’t played anywhere else thisn season.

    Getting totally underwelmed with the entire show!

  34. Calm down Stuart,
    it was a well fought game, by 2 teams pushing for promotion. They had good spells, so did we.

  35. agree about Simpson also Nolan is absolute sh1te,him and ameobi look like there playing in quick sand

    we should of snapped hugo viana up before valencia loaned him out

  36. Stuart79 says:
    January 18, 2010 at 11:04 pm
    You’re one of the blinded people mate!

    Were unbeaten at home but we’ve drawn our fair share.

    Carson didn’t have one save of note.
    <<<< so carson didnt save of nolan or stop an own goal or chipped ryan taylors shot round the post oh i must of been at a diffrent match then m8

  37. Stuart79 says:
    January 18, 2010 at 11:04 pm
    You’re one of the blinded people mate!

    Were unbeaten at home but we’ve drawn our fair share.
    <<<<< stu it isnt me who wants too give fat ash another chance and as for our home record weve won 9 drawn 4 our away record won 6 drawn 3 so we have more than double wins than draws

  38. and stuart after every game you say we only created ono or two chances, we created bloody loads but are strikers dont like to shift themselves and run into positions, what ever happened to pass and move

  39. batty – i wouldn’t give you 10 bob for your bet & that’s with us 3 points clear.

    spew – nice to see your getting your sad little life back together.

    tit_factor – see you side stepped another game tonight in favour of the couch – so that’s a big fat zero you’ve been to this season then.

  40. apart from the goals and them hitting the post we had the better chances loven was a yard on side

  41. Roy Cropper says:
    January 18, 2010 at 11:22 pm
    let’s see how he’s feeling tomorrow batty & good luck with your bet.
    <<<<< cheers roy keep ur chin up a know its hard some times

  42. Well Ive got to say that we may not have been the better team tonight, but I really enjoyed being there. That was a point won rather than two dropped. Good to see a team come here and play rather than go for a draw

  43. its top of the tits time straight into the charts at number 5 its bobby shinton at number 4 moondust number 3 gotta be stardust number 2 unt111 and number 1 this week for 10th week in a row its leaky butt stu with we played shit agen and give ashley more time

  44. well stu would rather we play every game like we did against liverpoo 95 96 season and lose than battle and sneak a draw or get a win

  45. Evening gents, I had to go out just after WB scored their 2nd goal, I’ve just got back and fully expected to see that we had lost, so at the moment my glass is halve full. I said before the game that a draw wouldn’t be a bad result for us as it maintains the gap we had over them and takes us anothre point clear of Notts Forest with a game in hand still. I think we really need to beat the Forest at home. From what I saw of the game I thought we were ok but we still cannot handle long balls over the top and we are still crying out for a decent constructive midfielder. Ameobi was getting pushed around too easily for such a big lad, Carroll would be better imo. Presumably Subs were made, who were they and how did they do?

  46. Whats all the panic, we are still 6 points ahead of WBA.
    NFFC will have their bad run shortly.
    Good points ;

    Bad points tonight.
    Shola, if you play the long ball forget about him…
    Smudge, entitled to a bad game.
    Simpson, every reason not to sign him.
    Nolan, poor game, he should be better than that.

  47. Just doing enough…we are very good at draws…maybe we can get some wins in the future.
    Well done Mike,Owl Heed,Chris real promotion potential and a bright future lies ahead.

  48. This game is a test of what is to come from Nottingham Forest. For large periods we were second best all the time. Koren and Dorrans were left in to much space to play their way around our static team. Overall its a very slow side and some pace would be welcome in midfield. Defending was poor for both goals but did alright overall. Ameobi does not win enough headers for someone his size so Carrol should be used as a target man in future. Still 6 points ahead of Albion and 3 ahead of Forest. Don’t let the lead slip anymore!

  49. Dont forget 3 ahead of Forest and still a game in hand , if we win it we have a six point lead and we are into the second half of the season . Forest at our place is now the big game , dont forget WBA and Forest still have each other to play .

  50. batty,

    The fact that you’re counting a save from Carson to stop an own goal as a chance/save of note says ut all. I was actually talking about Taylors chance, he could have thrown his cap over Nolans effort.

    As for Ashley, I said I’d give him this transfer window to show his committment, well slowly but surely I’m losing confidence in everyone involved at the club.

    Out played again. Only my opinion of course, I’m sure I’m entitled to that.

    The players desperately need a boost and I mean new players to take the heat of them.

    Our lead is from 10 to 3! Does that not concern you?

  51. You’ve hit the nail right on the head Stuart. The radio commentary suggested a close game but WBA were the better of the two sides – especially going forward.

    Shola…. well, I’ll reserve judgement and Simpson was run ragged.

    We need a striker that’ll do the business, a winger who doesn’t fall down and a decent, versatile defender.

    As you say, as the days pass by, the prospect of signings diminishes and yes, from a 10 pt gap to three is worrying as it should be for our ever-popular owner.

    Of course ther’re the needs for economies and sensible budget management but without some speculative investment, we may not even go up – Mr Ashley… just what will your investment be worth then – £10m over four years IF we get to and stay in the Prem?

  52. Likewise I thought WBA were very potent in attack – our front line and midfield and back line were simply too far apart – they didn’t move up the pitch and back as a unit – and WBA exploited that. Our players thereon looked uncomfortable because of the space there was around them and it made it easy for WBA to go through them. Take young Simpson every time and even Collo and Toylor looked uncomfortable at times.

    But for me the biggest impact on the game was a shocking display of refereeing – how on earth WBA ended the game with 11 men on the pitch was a disgrace. Persistent fouling, tackles from behind, blatant penalties etc etc etc – if the ref had stamped down on that – we would have coasted this game – as WBA were relying on it to unsettle us – Id be surprised if a few of the lads arent out for the next game it was disgraceful.


    So Puma it is,got to be better than Lonsdale which I was expecting!
    Not been keen on the recent adidas kits the yellow one is degrading,the milan style one laughable and the fat striped home kit is dull too.

    The last kit I got that looks good is the sky blue away kit with the navy trim on the sides which is cool, since then I have not bought any more due to bad design and giving MA my hard earned cash.

  54. batty, i hope your right cos if stroller is our main striker for the rest of the season, we are in trouble.

  55. stu are u ever happy we get 8 wins on the trot and you still moan i think u just want too be proved right with the shit u were coming oot with at the begining of the season when u were saying this team isnt good enough too go up play offs at best wasent it ?

  56. I think the club are just going through the motions to look busy Batty….same every window under the current regime 3/4 of the window gone and it’s obvious no groundwork leading up to this window was done either properly or at all.
    Expect a busy final 1/4,lots of silly spin,rumours of amazing swoops…resulting in fook all my friend. :)

  57. makes me wonder why we were ever after beckford,i keep saying it,we need to spend some money on a decent attacking midfielder.
    you could have drove a bus through the gaps we left last night,collicini looked as bad as he did last season.
    he was rocked on his heels more than once,and also caught out of position time and time again.
    i knew we were slow as a side,but that was just laughable the way the baggies went through us like a dose of syrup of figs.
    enrique was solid again hats off to him,if kevin nolan moved any faster he would grow roots.
    alan smith was anonomous,shola is doing his customary score a few goals early in the season,then get by on that for the rest of it.steve harper made an amazing save by changing his direction at the last moment.
    some people on other blogs give guthrie stick,which i found strange.brilliant free kick,but hughton needs to start playing the lad in centre mid,as he is the most creative of our midfield.
    simpson was all over the place,maybe his mind was elsewhere after failing to get his move?
    peter lovenkrands what can you say,i think it says alot about this lads character.
    peter our hearts go out to you and your family at this difficult time.
    everything peter has been tghrough in the last few days,puts in to perspective of seeing shola amoebi in his gum shield ffs,it,s worse than the ballad of marcellino,s broken finger.

  58. Batty I don’t think this team without reinforcements (right now) will get promoted,that’s my gut feeling,If we do I can’t see the team being bolstered with enough quality and depth to sustain premiership football.

    The scenario I see is a failed promotion challenge this season,the complete stripping of all well paid senior players,club moral at an all time low,dwindling gates and a few years in the football wilderness.

    I hope I am wrong.

  59. SJT a think the team is good enough too get us up without many injurys but like u say its not good enough too keep us up even though theres some poor teams in the prem

  60. I just think with so many draws the team lacks that bite and craft to win games on a regular basis,once we get a few injuries,suspensions etc I see the rot starting to kick in.

    So we have managed to get re-sponsored by northern rock,sorted a new shirt sponsor but landed no players….speaks volumes of the intentions of MA.

    He clearly does not give a stuff about the Team.

  61. sjt,you,re right without bringing in some new faces that offer us something different we,re going to stagnate.
    if you take a look at teams who play us,they just double up on jonas,which puts us out of the game.we the spend our time playing in front of the oppostion.
    how old is shola 27, 28?and he still cannot keep himself on side.
    we just seem to be a big physical side,who use set pieces to try and get our noses in front,then hold what we,ve got.
    the worrying thing for me,was the way west brom took it to us from the off.
    we being the home side should have started like that,and not looking like the away side.
    what galled me aswell watching it back last night was the team meeting in the tunnel before the 2nd half.
    they were trying to gee each up and still conspired to let in a goal thirty seconds after the restart.

  62. Trojan we need to freshen things up I agree,the football they are serving up is stale,sluggish and one dimensional.
    There is little pace,skill and craft and we have not been convincing all season considering the cost of the team compared to the opposition we play we should be hammering teams on a regular basis…in my opinion there is little between us and the opposition hence all the draws we are getting.

  63. With all the guff that people are writing about the team, you’d never guess that we were on top of the Championship and on course to win it with around a hundred points. I just can’t beleive what I’m reading.

  64. Worky fair comment squire,but as you know in football you are only as good as your last report,we are not winning enough games and the football is regularly dire.

    Football is a nasty mistress at times and I can just see this campaign going arse over tit very soon if things aren’t freshened up with some creative talent to unlock defences more regularly and a striker that is more talented than Ranger,Shola and Carroll who in my opinion are not anywhere near the grade we need.

  65. For a big lad Shola goes own like a sack of brown stuff, has all the mobility of a 501 bus and hardly terrifies position defence, do we have any other attacking moves other than hoofing long balls or Jonas down the left? I don’t think so,
    very predictable are we.

  66. worky,i think people are stating to worry,we are too predictable.that is now 1 win in five,it,s not good form is it.
    i watched west brom against forest,and i have to say i wasn,t impressed.last night though in reality if ismael miller hits the net,it could have been painful reading this morning.
    west brom looked like a top of the table side,where as we struggled at times last night to be honest.
    worky,i dont think fans want to be negative,and i take your point about being top,but if we dont bring in a few new faces that can make us less predictable we may not be at the top for much longer.

  67. What we need is some players just to add something to the party as everyone has pointed out the team may as well be playing on mobility scooters.

    Like I have said we don’t need to spend megabucks just a show of intent by Mike that he is serious about the long term future of NUFC.

    Surely £10m in this window on two decent players is not asking for to much?

  68. sirjasontoon says:
    January 19, 2010 at 11:13 am

    “Worky fair comment squire,but as you know in football you are only as good as your last report,we are not winning enough games”

    Sir Jason, as I’ve said before in here, even the top teams who win the Championship pick up quite a few losses for various reasons. Like Reading, the last team to get over 100 points in this division, we tend to be drawing many of these awkward games instead because of our defensive resilience. Yes, I know we let in two goals yesterday, but WBA are our stiffest competition. Our squad may be miles ahead of many of the other squads in this division, but not WBA’s and not Middlesborough’s, and look how badly they’re doing!

    Cheer up, John Laurie! ;-)

  69. :)
    I just want to see some intent from the board Worky…some investment now will help us get some momentum back that we seem to be losing of late.
    With a couple of signings and a couple of decent loans we would have a much more comfortable run in 2nd half of the season and start to smack teams off the park regularly.

  70. I know he is too busy selling NUFC down the river to invest Batty.
    We will achieve nothing with him in charge.

  71. Lot of negativity in here I’d hate to read this site if we were mid table. Which is where we’d be if we weren’t playing how we are. We know FMA is not going to spend so we need to get over it. Until we go up, get sold or whatever.

    Did no one notice that it was a fantastic game of football between two very evenly matched teams both looking at promotion at the first time of asking? I haven’t seen a game that good for ages it had everything but the win.

    I thought we played well. I thought the baggies played better, slightly. Bring on the cup, bring on the league and watch the Baggies and Forest fight it out for who’ll be joining us in the Prem.

  72. Good grief – cant imagine what some folk are like in their private lives when they act like this when we are top of the league. Remind me never to have a pint with you – or venture near bridges or the tops of tower blocks, nor razor blades for that matter

  73. wasnt impressed wih shola last neet,i forgot smith was playing for the first 20 mins,but hey still top of the tree.3 clear and a game in hand.

  74. Stardust-I just want MA to show some intent,see what his plans are(short/medium/long term)…because to be honest I don’t think he has any solid plans and we are now trapped in limbo.

    We have had some disappointing windows under this regime but they where glossed over because imaginary For Sale signs where erected around the place to distract us…now we just believe we are impoverished,have no need to invest,guaranteed promotion etc etc

    It is just not good enough!

  75. No the owner issues aren’t good enough I agree. NUST won’t help. Our main hope as I see it is to win this league and Ashley to sell.

    And all we’ve got to win it with is what we’ve got now, possibly less when the injuries start coming in.

    But we’ll do it. And I think the squad really thinks we’ll do it too.

    I’ll start really crying when FMA decides he can run a Premiership club again.

  76. “Newcastle made it 14 games unbeaten after twice coming from behind against promotion rivals West Brom but that’s now just one win in five league games for Chris Hughton’s side.” (from the dark side)

    One win in five games = 7pts won, 8pts lost – our lack of goals is putting us at risk of not going up!

    MA, we need some investment, quick!!!

  77. no surprise that west brom threw everything down thier left wing, Guthrie is not a natural winger and doesn’t track back enough to help simpson out (who looked poor last night) Guthrie had a solid game in attack but needs to be played centrally, nolan and smith were poor last night and Jonas looks like a world beater until his final ball

    We are one of the slowest sides in championship – at times it was almost embarrassing to see noone in the box to take a cross

    On the up side we came from behind twice and theres obviously a good team spirit in the side – we would have def lost this last year
    Enrique, Lovenkrands, Guthrie, Harper and poss Steve Taylor had decent games last night rest were very average with Simpson and Collo being poor
    Still unbeaten at home tho we need to start winning some games

    oh and it looks like this will be a typical Ashley transfer window with maybe a loan or two coming in – don’t be surprised if we cash in on a couple of first teamers

  78. don’t think we deserved to lose tho – if carson hadn’t made a brilliant stop from free kick or Nolan had shot instead of side footing or We’d been given one of the two pen decisions from carroll and loven, more than enough chances to win it although we could just have easily lost

    all in all a great game of football – doubt you’ll see a two better matched sides or that level of quality from any other two sides in this league, we need to make sure we pull away from forest and the baggies and let them fight it out for second place – we do not want the lottery of playoffs!

  79. Stevep Good comments,I see a few seniors sold last day of the window,possibly Carroll,Smith or Nolan.

    If MA keeps the current squad in tact fair play but I think a little asset stripping at the end of the January sales maybe a little hard for him to resist :)

  80. @nora
    quite funny that post aboot the top tits. Cant believe you didnt have stardust as number 1 tho!
    I was fizzin last night when i discovered fat mick ashley put the price of entry up to 25 quid for a seat in the gods. I refused to pay out of protest and went to the strawberry and watched it there. No wonder there was only 39k there. We are playin in the championship thro fat ashleys fault and he has the nerve to charge premier prices. Well he lost one loyal customer last night and i wonder how many more.

  81. Thought some of the comments from Billy Davis were interesting last night. He feels Forest are too inexperienced and young to go up this year. he also identified the weakness in NUFC. All the attacks coming from the left! He won’t be the only one to of noticed this. Therefore teams can now work on this and stop us playing. Is this why we have drawn the last few games? Need to get someone in to attack from the right so we can mix and match. Creative central midfielder would be useful. Wiltshire anyone?

    I was impressed by the work rate once we went behind and the overall end to end game. WBA certainly tried their best to win. Not many teams do that at SJP. I had anticipated a loss last night and thought it was odds on once they scored but the boys did well. Would be happy if these draws are our dip in results, but not convinced!

    Have to agree with the comments on the ref. He had a poor game with reference to two blatant penalties. Although to say he was with WBA may be a bit much. After all he did book 5 or 6 of their players.

    Will we be ok and gain promotion? Not too sure at the minute. Lost 3 players from the squad. Need to recruit more!