Enrique deserves player of the month award says Hughton.

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The Bull: 58% of fans' vote.
The Bull: 58% of fans' vote.
Newcastle United’s manager, Chris Hughton has been singing the praises of left-back, Jose Enrique, who has been voted as the fan’s “Player of the Month” for the second time in a row.

Agreeing with the judgement of the supporters, Hughton, a full back himself in his playing days, told nufc tv:

“The award is thoroughly deserved and he’s a player in very, very good form at the moment.”

“Defensively he is very strong, but he’s also built up a good relationship with Jonas Gutierrez down that left flank.

“We’re delighted with his performances this season and he has shown what a quality player he is.”

Meanwhile, Jose himself commented on the award:

“I was very happy to collect the last award because it shows that the fans appreciate what you are doing,” he said.

“I feel very good and I’m happy with my performances, although you can always get better.

“I am pleased to win this award again and I thank the fans for voting for me.”

“The Bull” won a remarkable 58% of the fan’s vote, with erstwhile shot stopper, Steve Harper, trailing in his wake on 39%.

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94 Responses

  1. And to think – many were knocking him – just goes to show it takes time to get used to the English game – can we remember that for others arriving from overseas leagues.

  2. I think he has to be the player who has showen the most improvement at the club over the past couple of years. He was looking a good player last season in the Premier League and even better this season. I think he should get the credit as others who look good have really stood out now in this divsion where as he started reaching out last season. I just hope the other improved players can keep it up when we get promoted. I’m saying when and not if as we are still looking good. Yes I’m very worried about the lack of players coming in, be it loans or perm, but if we win tonigh and go 9 points clear of West Brom and 5 over Forest with a game in hand. Win that and the game against them and we should be safe as long as the players don’t get too complaicent

  3. Emrique is a class act but managers always start and praise current players when there are no new ones on the horizon.

  4. personally i think he is only one of a few of our playing staff who,s good enough if we go up.
    enrique was one of big sam,s signings i believe.

  5. Now then TGS – was speaking to TS yesterday – he says you genuinely mean your harebrained ideas – and he said that you were in awe of my intellectual capacity (something like that anyway lol)

    re tonight – its a dam shame Lovenkrands isnt here as I think the Carroll/Ameobi partnership is ineffective. I am open minded to whether you play Ameobi up front with Nolan behind or Ranger instead of Carroll and a standard 4 man midfield.

    My own view is that Carroll would be last on my list of our forwards on the pitch – other than being big – I have seen nothing to suggest either he can play – or he can bring others into play – or even head a ball for that matter – but time will tell on that.

    Itll be a tough old game – but as long as the right side functions correctly – and the midfield and forwards offer support – I hope to see us creating a great deal of trouble with Jonas and Enrique.

    But if Carroll and Ameobi start together – I cant see us creating a great deal as their movement when playing together is poor at best.

  6. definatley no carroll tonight,please.
    what,s the lesser of the two evils carroll or the amazing cart horse shola?i think obama will go one of those two with the elephant in concrete boots nolan.

  7. Stardust there wont be any more oversea’s signings, there wont be ANY signings at all at this rate.

  8. I liked him from the start, he came in at a difficult time and struggled a bit at times but he always looked like a player who hack it (In the nicest possible way).
    Once we Have Nobby back in the right back position we will have a great defence and attacking defence.
    I want a win tonight but a draw wouldnt be a disaster.

  9. Absolute legend.

    Looking forward to the game tonight. Good feeling about it and think we’ll win 2-1.

    Nobby Solano…

    Would be a lovely story, eh? But I hope that’s not all we would have to show for January if it happens. Loanees released and an ex-player close to retirement returns out of the wilderness.

    Better crack on!

  10. Stardy,
    I bow to your superior wisdom………lol

    The key to tonight’s selection is, who start up front and who starts on the right wing.

    Hope CH does not pair Shola & Carroll for obvious reasons, personally I would start with Shola and Ranger but can’t see CH doing this.

    I have serious reservation’s about Pancrate, as he offers nothing to the team, is this why Nobby may be coming back?

    I don’t feel too confidant about tonight…….

  11. Regarding the problems on the right side the options appear to be:

    RB – Simpson
    RB – R.Taylor
    RW – R.Taylor
    RW – Pancrate
    RW – Guthrie

    Tonight I would start with :

    RB – Simpson
    RW – Guthrie

  12. I see we’ve got a 3 year sponsorship deal with Northern Rock from 2010 – 10 million paid in stages rather than all up front – so no nest egg for tranfers :(

  13. tgs,we could quite possibly get the legs run off us tonight,our static midfield is the achilles heel of the side.i know the baggies are smarting from the home defeat by gunningham forest,but their away form is pretty good.
    should be an interesting night,and could answer a few questions,in the words of obama we,ll see where we are.

  14. Yeah Shola and Ranger for me too – but I dont think CH will opt for that – he hasnt so far in lesser games and its too much of an ask of him in the biggest game of the season.

    So Id have to hope for Nolan withdrawn an Shola up front. though with that combo I’d like to see Guthrie in the team.

  15. TGS – I would work on the fact he isnt – and if he is its a bonus – personally I couldnt imagine playing after that – and I am not sure his mind would be on the game if he did – it would pass in a blur. Terrible time for him.

  16. btw: Loven is in Newcastle and it’s up to him if he feels he’s ready to play – his father has been ill for some time and the sad death was expected (although as always it’s a shock when they actually pass away)

    If Loven feels he’s ready I’d go for him and Ranger up front to give us some mobility tho I doubt Hughton will feel the same way

  17. Batty – I have noticed you try to be all things to all people – have you a real opinion about anything – or are you a man of straw?

    Nice to see you made up with Ed and are now bestest friends (creep)

  18. moondust i will never be freinds with ed judas harrison and yes still hate the fat c@nt ashley and want him oot asap and chrissy boy but i do think we could have been in a bit of trouble if mikey boy hadnt wasted his cash on the toon

  19. Don’t overrate West Brom – they were terrible against Forest and could only draw against Derby, were beaten at home by Cardiff and Swansea, drew with QPR and Coventry

    They’re not below us for nothing!

    Am going for a 2-0 win

  20. gk-harper
    think we will go for the ultra defensive option unfortunatly.

  21. @batty – whats your problem with Ed, his blog was pretty good although over time it may have become more about his opinions but thats what a blog is about ….. opinions

    I doubt this blog would ever have started if it weren’t for the fact Ed said he was closing his down – to be honest I prefer this blog simply for the fact Ed had banners and javascript adverts all lower the place but I still read both (I use noscript in firefox to get round Eds adverts :-)

    Theres def room for both (and many more)

  22. whenever we get a big test obama is always caution first,i think he set up the team to stop them playing their passing game.
    i think he will go 443 in attack and 451 when we haven,t got the ball.

  23. here batty mate,at least judas got thirty pieces of silver,ed,s blog is only worth two bob and a bag of apples,a few more rags on ed,s blog and you,d offer a balloon for it.

  24. (hoho)

    i had a weird dream yesterday night,that we will beat WBA 5-0.

    Scorers are: Smith,Jonas,Carroll(2),Ranger.

  25. Batty – Moondust certainly isnt me – as youre aware but I do see he is an able tormentor of yours – you on the other hand have been on an Ed love in and claim to call him Judas.

    Everyones seen your loved up posts to him – I cringed a bit for you. If anyones a Judas its you – you love him on one hand then hate him behind his back – be a man – tell him not us

  26. And I quote

    “batty // Jan 16, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    Ed you knw we fell oot but av got to say its good your back. Av called you judas but a divn meen it, its jus you banned is 7 times but ye cant keep is away – ye know i love ya reely – take care sweety – xxx”

  27. @TROJAN 69: that’s why i said it was a weird dream.

    But if he did score tonight,It will be WOW~~~~hahahas.

    Let’s hope butt score too.^,^

    Also it has been awhile since guthrie scores.And i also notice something…..It has been so long since we get a penalty.hmmmm~~~

  28. If batty did call your pint a puff Trojan – it looks like he would send you sweet nothings to apologise!

  29. to be fair to stardust, he doesnt copy off anyone else. In fact, ive never known anyone to agree with him. Well, only you nora when stardy starts picking on you. . As for tonygreendarts commentator and stardy giving their tactical views, well it shows they know nowt if carroll isnt in their team. Carroll and ranger are the future and not shola. . They were successful at the start of the season. Ranger provides the speed and carroll the battering ram. .
    Cant believe bobby shinton is also training wi nobby at the toon.

  30. Anyway – I do think its really nice that Batty has grovelled to – sorry – made up with Ed.

  31. Interesting that now after people initially slagging Enrique something rotten, we collectively think he’s sound
    (now he’s settled in), what a surprise!
    & double surprise!
    We’ve turned our attention to Pancrate, whom hasn’t had enough game time or time generally to settle in.
    Anyone notice/see a pattern?


  32. what,s ed,s blog like now?is it still easier to get into the brink,s mat than get on his blog?

  33. clint, i,ll agree with you up to a point,but pancrate,s 29 ffs,enrique,s still young with time to improve.
    pancrate looked settled when he turned that kid inside out,and scored that raker.he was in the paper the next day giving it the biggun,there,s more to come etc.
    since then though he,s never tried a happeth.

  34. Enrique improved a lot as compared to last year. I think this year has been very good for him. I am sure if we move up we should keep him. He will prove good in premier league also.

    I will go for us winning 2-1 today.

  35. TROJAN 69 says:
    January 18, 2010 at 1:45 pm
    here batty mate,at least judas got thirty pieces of silver,ed,s blog is only worth two bob and a bag of apples,a few more rags on ed,s blog and you,d offer a balloon for it.
    <<<< aye y right m8 lol

  36. Fair point trojan,
    but regardless of what players say, it still takes a while to gel with the team.
    At least he’s shown he can score so if we just hang fire he could still come good.
    Not putting me life on it but y’never know.
    He ain’t played a lot yet.

  37. One of the problems we had with Enrique was the managers. I dont feel that he was a big sam signing as he always plumpted for Zog or Duff to play left back quoting he needed time to settle into his surroundings. Then KK came in and did similar damage to the lads confidence. So in that case the only managers to give him a good go are JFK and mainly CH. I’ve always liked the look of the lad and think there will be more than the Mackems looking at him come the summer.

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    Woo hoo hoo hoo!
    Ave just been doon sjp to speak to mother like. A divvent kna if a telt yi’s like but shes been sh@@@ing big Mick like for ages man. . Had on, i’ll work it oot. It was when me dad was locked up in durham in september for drug trafficking like, so thats aboot, eh, canny few months like. Cush bloke me dad like! Proper business bloke like. Hes running aal the drugs in the nick noo. Everythings kosher like, he tells the screws and that like so its not illegal or nowt.
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  39. 35 Stardust says:
    January 18, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    And I quote

    “batty // Jan 16, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    Ed you knw we fell oot but av got to say its good your back. Av called you judas but a divn meen it, its jus you banned is 7 times but ye cant keep is away – ye know i love ya reely – take care sweety – xxx”
    <<<< stardust y lying get ive just been looking for that post cant find it lol

  40. Stardy,
    Off topic, are still trying to sell sand to the Arabs?
    Stick to your Karoke man, your quite good at impersonating Chris de Burgh lol.

  41. I see we have signed a 4 year deal with Northern Rock for our shirt sponsor.

    I cannot get my head around the fact that it can rise to a maximum of £10m IF were in the PL for the full four years…

    That means at it’s maximum the deal is worth £2.5m per year. That is a dam pittance (IF were in the PL).

    So we’ve committed ourselves to a four year deal for a minimum fee.


  42. signed by big sam for 6.3 million euro,s,i will give you that though sam used him sparingly as he thought he was a bit green lets say,which is daft really because if you,re good enough your old enough.

  43. batty // Jan 16, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    ED judas harrison even though your a complete traitor too the geordie nation iam prepared too give u 1 more chance but only if u ban that utter shit hoose stardust from ur blog so i dont have too read the vile shit he writes

  44. batty,
    We have managed to convert Ohurley into an HP Sauce fan, he’s ditched the ketchup following our advice on friday night. He is currently on eds blog.

  45. worky my freind iam prepared too give u 1 more chance but only if u ban that utter shit hoose stardust from ur blog so i dont have too read the vile shit he writes <<<<<and tahts the email i sent worky lol

  46. Stu – The new shirt sponsership is poor, real poor. Its another short sighted move on the part of Ashley and Co. A POTENTIAL £2.5 million a year? Awful. At least we know what our next 4 seasons transfer budget will be!

    I’m sure the tax payer will be mightily impressed!

    The only good thing about that is stops Sport Direct bein splashed on the front of the shirt.

  47. stuart,can you remember when they had that question and answer session with llambias?he said we,re a buying club,but we want to own our players outright,and not pay for them with instalments.
    they then asked him if the money for shay given was paid upfront?and he said no we,re being paid in instalments,all the lads who were there said well derek if that,s the policy how in the hell are we going to sign anyone,he couldn,t answer.
    they also told him if we didn,t strenghten during the window we would be relegated,and has was bullish saying we will not go there we will not go down.
    we del boy we are there now!,that is why i,ll never trust these people.

  48. Stuart,

    I may be willing to conceed your point now that Manure fans can be just as radged as Toon fans, since they are now calling for Alex Ferguson to resign in protest over the Glazers. :-)

  49. I spoke to a journolist this morning and they said that there are few people in football asking why NUFC are in such a bad financial position that they cannot afford to buy anyone.

    They said add it up: Turnover has been halved to £50m down from £99m last season. We have recieved approx £30m in incoming transfers and a further £20m injected into the club from Ashley. That adds up to £100m…

    The wage bill is down to £35-40m, now there are other running costs but not to the tune of £60m.

    One explanation is that the club are paying back the loan that Ashley lent them. Now that’s his perogotive as he did lend the club the money, but the club needs some money spent on players to achieve promotion.

    I don’t really know what to make of it, but it’s food for thought.

  50. Thanks Worky.

    I don’t think it’s just them and us either.

    Football brings out a passion in everyone.

  51. worky,i think all football fans are as daft as a brush,remember the mancs barricade of burning cars when the glazers turned up.

  52. Troy whats with the cod geordie, it may well have been interesting or funny even but I couldn’t be *rsed to read it. Probably others likewise, it’s your time to waste though.
    This Ed bashing it getting a bit wearying as well if some one doesnt want to like him then thats up to them, but to see it constantly being regurgitated is infantile and pointless. I like both blogs but sometimes I feel I am watching a playground squabble, how about we stick to football with the odd political, religeous or environmental bit added to the mix. Now if anyone wants to talk about the election of the antichrist to high office!!! :)

  53. All a bit lame on here today. Basically the same handful of posters continuing running jokes like some clique in a playground. No offence to those involved individually – but collectively it ain’t what the rest of us come here for. Try to keep it on thread now and again, eh?

    Enrique has shown that if things get bad enough and you stay fit, you can eventually get enough time to justify your fee. Or you’re Albert Luque.

    Right now, when it comes to what’s in and what’s out with the cliques in terms of player ratings, I’d say:

    1. The Ranger love-in is getting daft. He’s been utter buttons on his few starts, and I think Hughton is right to use him as an impact sub. He’s just a kid, and it shows – he is often too easy for defences to tie down. He’s a really exciting player – but we have to be realistic.

    2. Pancrate – the slaggin’s started already. Another Enrique? Give the man some time, for chrissakes – his debut goal was top drawer.

    3. Carroll. Yep, he has shown what a tool he can be off the pitch. But at 19 (just) he’s more than handy off the ball and really opens things up for other players to score, especially towards the end of a match. Don’t just watch highlights and goals – what what he’s doing when the ball’s nowhere near him to see why CH plays him.

    Tonight I’m just hoping the right wing can show some of the promise of the left. I’d put Guthrie on at the start, but can he learn to stay out there and deliver crosses instead of tracking in?

    The love child of Jonas and Guthrie would be
    a) The complete winger
    b) Really, really horrible to look at.

  54. whumpie,have to agree with you over ranger,hasn,t done enough,and some of the chances he,s had he should have buried.

  55. Big Willy,
    Now if anyone wants to talk about the election of the antichrist to high office!!!

    >>>He’s already been elected, the name is Stardust lol.

  56. i think pancrate has looked disintrested in the last few games,whether this is because he isn,t getting enough of the ball,i dont know.
    the one thing he should be doing is put himself about more,as he has played at quite a good level.

  57. Trojan 69,
    I agree with your comments re Pancrate, he’s not putting in a shift or showing any kind of form we can’t afford to carry passengers at this time.
    Guthrie should play tonight with Pancrate benched.

  58. TonyGreene, well I’m b*ggered, I didn’t know Obama was Stardust, you just never know who is on the blog!! ;)

  59. I can see Hughton playing Carroll and Ameobi tonight. They have about as much movement as Brian Potter and Douglas Barder!

    Teams come up here, sit back and wait for one of them to go deep to win the header and then pick up the flick on.

    We will play the long ball game I imagine with the two of them up front.

    We could really do with Lovenkrands. He might want to play, I see he’s not been ruled out yet. Might take his mind of it for 90 mins.

  60. workyticket says:
    January 18, 2010 at 5:18 pm
    I think, perhaps, that we should give Pancake a little time to settle in before we bash him, like Colo, Enrique and Guti before him.

    Has everyone forgot were playing in the Championship?

    This is the worst league I have seen, and certainly the worst Championship for quite a few years.

  61. Trojan, so are you saying Stardust, is Chris Hugheton and Obama and the Antichrist, blimey the plot thickens.

  62. Right ladies I’m off to the match, I’ll be back on tonight.

    0-0 or 1-1 tonight for me.

    Ta Da

  63. Worky, thanks M8, I’ll give it a go although I got people coming around so hopefully we will be 5-0 when I have to stop watching and no they aint footy people. :(

  64. Big Willy says:
    January 18, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    “Worky, thanks M8, I’ll give it a go”

    Nee botha Big Willy. Get in there quite early and give a few of them a try first as some can be very good, and some can be pretty awful.