Newcastle United v Watford match highlights video and full match report.

Posted on December 6th, 2009 | 17 Comments |

Highlights of Newcastle United’s 2-0 victory over Watford at St James’s Park, including a wondergoal from Fabrice Pancrate.

Bowburn Mag’s full match report of the game.

Geordie Deb’s match preview.

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17 Responses

  1. Coloccini got done a bit too easy for their chance cleared off the line by Taylor… Class goal by Pancrate.

  2. Top notch finish from Pancrate like. It’s been a while since i’ve seen one of our lads use footwork like that to turn and smash in a finish, excellent goal to open his account. Agree RE coloccini getting caught out for their chance but he’s been alot better as of late than he was in the past. Hopefully we can keep going and pick up another 3 points against cov.

  3. areet batty mate, havent been posting much on here since Ed’s vanished but i reckon i will far more regularly now like. I was impressed with Pancrate, i mentioned just before he scored that it sounded like he was starting to get far more involved as the time went on and he had fresh legs and then he managed to get on the scoresheet which i was canny pleased about. 4 points clear at the top, dont think we could ask for much more at this time of the season, gotta try and keep that gap and expand on it if possible like.

  4. Just get promotion, ugly or bad, shit football, doesnt matter..just get as many points and be promoted. That most important then anything eles. 

  5. It was almost unreal to see pancake  make make a run into the box , and then put his foot on the ball like you see in a schoolyard , and then he had so much time once he’d wrongfooted the whole watford defence by going back on himself….CLASSIC …and yet so absurdly simple…

  6. Thanks BBM for putting up that video clip. Felt sorry for Nolan as although he did trip the opposing player I actually think it was the opposition players fault! He totally came in and blind-sided Nolan just as Nolan was kicking the ball.
    Fabulous goal by Pancrate. He is definitely a player I’d like to see more of.

  7. Hadn’t realised just how good Pancrate’s goal looked from different angles until I saw the replay, although what were the defenders playing at?

  8. That goal was awesome. However the defense for Watford made it easy for him. Good home debut. Lets hope there’s alot more to come from him. Match fitness will come over the next month.
    Can’t believe the physio room only has one sicknote in it now, namely Barton. Amazing the difference winning a few games makes. When was the last time we could say that!

  9. Nah, I disagree Jill.  He definitely was asking for it – especially when he was already on a yellow.  He should know not to make silly tackles like that.  I agree that it was a matter of convenience that the Watford lad went down immediately after, but I can’t blame the ref for that decision.

  10. Watched the Pancrate goal, if thats how they defend in the second tier we should be getting bagfulls, pathetic !