Will the Hornets sting at St James Park?

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The Vicarage Road Dream Team in happier times.
The Vicarage Road Dream Team in happier times.
And we thought we had problems? The visit of Watford Town to Saint James Park on Saturday will be a welcome distraction for the Hornets, a club rumoured to be on the point of administration as early as Christmas, unless the club can find £5.5M pronto.

The Hornets were forced to go cap in hand to their current chairman for a £1million loan last weekend to help cover their cash requirements for the next two weeks. Maybe previous owner and honorary life president Sir Elton John, who has had a long association with his home town club could throw them some cash to help keep their heads above water. It’s always tough to hear of a long established club having such problems and I’m sure we all wish them well.

Watford have had an interesting history and have managed to yo-yo through the divisions with the best of ’em over the years. It’s hard to forget the period in the ’70s and ’80s when they went from bottom of the old fourth division to runners up in today’s equivalent of the Premiership in 6 years. This was acheived under the management of Graham Taylor during one of his two stints in charge of the club. In more recent times, with one game to go last season, ex Chelsea reserve team coach, Brendan Rogers, saved them from going down before leaving when he was appointed Reading manager. Malky Mackay, the former Norwich, West Ham and Watford defender was apointed into the vacant hot seat last June.

Currently ninth in the Championship, Watford have scored 30 goals this season. 6 of them have come from Man Utd loanee midfielder, Tom Cleverley, a naturally left footed player who plays well on both sides. Good friend, and Newcastle United’s own Man U loanee, Danny Simpson was recently quoted as telling Cleverly that he would “snap him in two” once they get on the green stuff at SJP! Other key goal scorers, Danny Graham and Heidar Helguson, have clocked up 6 and 5 goals respectively. Apparently, another threat is Henry Lansbury, ex Arsenal player who has been played both in midfield or as a second striker.

The Hornets travel to St James Park following a 3-0 defeat last weekend against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, and they will be hoping to improve upon a record which has seen them lose 9 and win only 2 of the 16 games, especially as they have lost their previous two away matches. They are currently 12 points behind the Toon having won 7 drawn 6 and lost 5. Their biggest problem seems to be defence with 29 goals conceeded versus our 10. The previous match played between the two at St. James’ Park within the last three years, the Toon carved out a narrow 2 – 1 victory in a Premiership match.

Steve Harper, Nicky Butt and Andy Carroll are all expected to be fit for the visit of Malky Mackay’s side, and Shola may even find himself on the bench as Chris Hughton looks at an array of strikers finally coming into full match fitness and scratches his head.

Newcastle United go into the game looking for a sixth successive win, and I predict a 3-0 win for the Toon.

Howay the Lads.

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144 Responses

  1. “a naturally left footed player who plays well on both sides”

    That always sounds like a euphemism to me.

    “Malky Mackay”

    He sounds like a right ‘hardcase’. ‘Malky’ is Scots slang for a beating or a head butt.

  2. aye cornish funny vid & good luck with your treble….and if you fancy an accumulator stick joe the –  sand dancer –  in to win the factor…

  3. Just speaking to my mate who reckons he prefers being in this league cos the players are grafters and not prima dona’s . What a crap outlook some people have. I bet theres a few of yous with a losers mentality as well. I feel its about striving to make Nufc the best team possible. Being in the end of the premier is not great but its better than being top of the fizzy pop league.

  4. Oi oi charva’s ! Just got oot of pilgrim street pokey this morning! Aal a was locked up for was chinning some mackems. Whats wrong wi that like? Pure liberty takers the bizzies like! A telt the desk Sgt like! A says, ‘ WHO MAN, YE’S ARE AAL JUST PURE LIBERTY TAKERS LIKE’. He went off it, woo hoo hoo hoo. I was laughing like a hyena on ecstacy man! Anyways, godda gan. Got loads to de like. Godda weigh me scrap in, cash me giro and buy some tac. See yi laters, allegators.

  5. come on guys, someone ustream it please…pretty please? …pretty please with sugar on top???

  6. Unfortunately no goals, could have done woth an early one! I dont like playing teams that have financial difficulty. Its not very often they roll over and tends to lead to one of them “siege mentalities” our players used to have apparently.

  7. Nice, if we can win this today we’ll be 10 points clear of 3rd. If it stays like that tonight, the xmas party wont know whats hit it….. well the bar certainly wont lol

  8. Big Dave says:
    December 5, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Big Dave says:
    December 5, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    “Worky just out of interest when are you expecting to speak to the Mutual people ?”


    Monday next, hopefully. They’re a bit of a nightmare to deal with though. Very bureaucratic. I spoken with three people so far, including a long conversation with one representative, and I still haven’t reached my final destination yet apparently.

  9. Yeah Worky I read that, as I said before at 1st I thought it might be a good thing, but as time goes by and the more info comes out I think I will be keeping my 1500 :)

  10. nucf  ;) >  if he picks on me?  I have heard that before lol what was your username as it is doing my loaf in trying to guess

  11. Argh, Nolan off. One yellow just before half time one immediatly after? Doesnt make it any easier and Watford sound like they’ve given a decent account of themselves so far like. Hopefully we can put it to bed asap.

  12. Carroll coming on to play up front on his own? Surely the smart move would be to bring someone who can trap a ball on like Ranger?

  13. All Watford at the minute like, crowd doing a top job of trying to keep their chin up though. Canny annoying that the extra man is clearly having a big impact, will have helped them mentally aswell. Pancrate coming on now, he’s gonna get what 20 mins or so?, can hopefully have a canny impact.

  14. One of these chances for Watford will go in.

    African Geordie – Stop moaning and get behind the lads. Players get sent off GET OVER IT!!!

  15. Pancrate sounds like he’s getting involved, plenty of running in him as he’s fresh, good to hear

  16. That should, should see us out!

    Good job really as we have 2 away games coming up and they are always risky.

  17. African Geordie – You cant pick and choose when you get sent of you know. Its part and parcel of the game. No need to apologise.

  18. Bugger, west brom equalized.. makes no difference though! I wont be fussed if we finished 2nd.

  19. Toon Factor @ 115 – I dont, as long as we’re in the top 2 in May but its always nice to build a gap/safety net.

    FWIW, there is far too much impetus being put on finishing 1st. Dont forget, we wont get any more money for 1st or 2nd.

  20. toonsy > FWIW, there is far too much impetus being put on finishing 1st. Dont forget, we wont get any more money for 1st or 2nd.
    even if you got less I would still want to be 1st atlest you can say you won the league lol

  21. Big Dave –  “even if you got less I would still want to be 1st atlest you can say you won the league lol”

    That sounds tacky, something like a mackem would say :D. Wolves won the league last year and are struggling, Birmingham who came 2nd are 8th. It really doesn’t matter where you finish. And its not less money, its NO money 

  22. worky- Yes, im planning one for Barnsley which i’ll probably do tomorrow as im off out on the town tonight. I had one the other day about Sol Campbell which bowburn finished off as i couldn’t work out how to sort the images. How come?

  23. well thats another crap game weve won , it’s sufferance  watching it but with a small investment on 2 zip who cares….the winnings will now be reinvested in  khan beating the 4 be 2 tonight….the scull cap to be hoyed in by the fourth round @ a very nice 11/1.

  24. cornish-magpie – I was waiting for Cheryl Cole to knock on my door wearing nipple tassles only and telling me to “come and get it”…….. that would have made my day a lot better and i very much doubt i would be going out tonight!

  25. toonsy says:
    December 5, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    “worky- Yes, im planning one for Barnsley which i’ll probably do tomorrow as im off out on the town tonight.”

    It’s a good idea toonsy. If you build up a good collection over time, maybe I could put a little link to them in the sidebar or something like that.

  26. Worky @136 – That was my plan as you never know when they could come in handy. A sort of library of away grounds written for toon fans for toon fans.

  27. Will everyone admit I was right about Lovenkrands?

    He is going to get us promoted if he keeps playing alongside a big man who can supply him.  He will prove vital to us.

    I accept your acclaim for my fantastic knowledge.

  28. wickywoowoo you are right , he is when playing as a striker the fox in the box that a certain M OWEN  should have been .  It makes me laugh that this lad cost us nowt & will go to the world cup with Denmark & Owen cost a fortune and will watch the WC in front of the TV

  29. are the 3 that voted for fat fred going to own up well 1 is worky geordie deb another and stardy dun a sneaky :lol: