A Newcastle United fan’s away day guide to Plymouth.

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Pilgrim Pete says "It's a fair old poke!"
Pilgrim Pete says "It's a fair old poke!"
Away I go with my next Toon fan’s away guide, which will feature the long, long, long trip, all the way to the south coast resort of Plymouth for our FA Cup 3rd round tie against Plymouth Argyle at Home Park. You may even bump into Big Dave and Janner from that TV advert!

With the journey from Newcastle weighing in at over 400 miles, it is sure to be a very very long day stuck on a coach or in a car. If your lucky enough and have the cash to catch a domestic flight, to perhaps Bristol, then i’m sure you’ll be the envy of many! With the distance, combined with some notoriously busy roads and traffic hotspots, I would estimate at least an 8 hour journey from start to finish.

We’ll start of heading out of the Toon down the A1 then onto the M1 at Leeds. Follow the M1 down past Nottingham and leave at J23a (A42/M42). It will turn into the M42 after a while and you’ll need to be aware that around Birmingham airport can be pretty sticky for traffic. Follow the M42 all the way to the end where you will pick up signs for the M5 south. Follow the M5 south for around 140 miles – it really is a long journey! When you reach the end of the M5 at Exeter you will merge with the A38 and start seeing signs for Plymouth. On entering Plymouth, turn left onto the A386 (towards Plymouth). When this road splits into two, keep on the left hand side (still sign posted Plymouth) and after about a mile you will see the ground on your left. The ground is well signposted ‘Plymouth Argyle Home Park’ on the way into Plymouth.

There is a farly decent sized car park at the ground which is free to use. It does however use a first-in, first-out system and is usually full around 30 minutes before kick-off. I expect it to be full earlier than this as coaches will usually take priority. If that car park is full, there is some street parking to be had if you head away from the city centre. I’ve tried to find some information on how many tickets we have and all I can find is an Argyle fan who thinks it will be 3,000 with quite a few fans in the home end on top of that.

If your looking for a drink and something to eat then options are quite limited. If you manage to park in the car park, then a left-turn out of there and a 10 minute walk will bring you to a Wetherspoons called The Britannia. It is away fan friendly although singing football songs is not tolerated and it can be very busy. It must be a theme for Wetherspoons as I got barred from one of their outlets for singing England songs a while ago! Failing that, alcohol, soft drinks and snacks (quite possibly pasties) should be available from inside the ground.

Unfortunately I won’t be making this game as I have to pay some bills! However, I do wish I was going as I enjoy the long trips. Lets hope after the distance travelled, the players can send us back for the pilgrimage home safe in the knowledge we’ll be in the next round of the FA cup!

Howay the Lads!

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114 Responses

  1. I just hope we field a second string, only one goal for this season, the news about beckford does there appear to be any substance to this story or is it just paper talk. toonsy you forgot to mention how crap and misserable plymouth is mate!

  2. Maybe jay jay, but we’re only interested in where the ground is :D. To be fair, i didn’t think it was too bad a place last time i was there, seemed a bit cliquey but apart from that it was fine.

  3. Toonsy if hughton does put out a second string, do you think he should have mentioned that before supporters by tickets for (in many cases) a 800 mile round trip? Just a thought.

  4. Isn’t that Brian Kilcline with a hat on?

    toons – worky means that it didn’t appear on newsnow. They ballsed up with debs’s article the other day too.

    Gutted I’m not going to this now. My mate has just got his tickets sorted. Leaving tomorrow morning. Not to make sure he gets there on time 8O

    He’s going to Devon for New Year. I’m not anymore :(

  5. Watchin the Villa v Liverpool game and it really depresses me how far behind we are and how much money/hard work would be required just to catch the Villa’s of this world if we get back to the Prem.

  6. jay jay – Im not sure. On one hand, if Hughton was to play the kids ala Peterborough then giving out details such as that will obviously get used by Plymouth. On the other hand, if Hughton gives a warning then i suppose it avoids the situation like Wolves a few weeks back, especially as its the toon and resting our first XI seems to have some sort of negative knock on effect!

    BBM – Ah, got ya. Never-mind eh! Is that NewsNow crap or something? ;)

  7. First game for 6 years, can’t wait, and my 7 yr old daughter’s first game an all. She’ll be happy as long as Steven Taylor’s playing…her favourite player…just hope he does better with any simple headers that may come his way this weekend

  8. We’ll play 3 maybe 4 kids & try & squeak through.

    Great job toonsy, it’s just like being there mate, i can almost smell the ocean.

  9. Hello NUFC fans , if you dont want to come here you dont have to ,we are not forcing you.
    If you do please leave whipets at home and no smoking tabs inside ground.
    Enjoy the game and then go home with defeat ringing in your ears.
    PS dont forget the Green Army make journeys you are doing to get down here every week.
    Bye for now
    Green beard

  10. Toonsy, could you do an article about the Beckford news because i dont really know whats been said, do we want him, has hughton said anything or it all just paper talk?

  11. Very good news, a think he would do a great job, get him early in jan and cheap and him and sholaa would be great :D hopefully scores against Leicester because i am going :D

  12. Clive Partridge – “Dont forget the green army make journeys you are doing to get down here every week”

    Hmm, Lets see.

    Plymouth distances to away grounds.

    Bristol City – 122 miles
    Cardiff – 151 miles
    Reading – 197 miles

    Newcastle distances to away grounds (forget Boro as we know thats close)

    Barnsley – 118 miles
    Scunthorpe – 136 miles
    Preston – 138 miles

    Ive done the 3 closest for each team, so you see there isn’t that much difference. Certainly not the differences you claim. How are ticket sales going? I hear there is still plenty to get sold in your end.

    We’ll leave the whippets if you guys a)get the farm vehicles off the roads and b)dont have intercourse with your sisters in front of us. That might be your bag but not many other like seeing those sorts of things!

    Stereotypes are a wonderful thing!

  13. I just love it when visiting fans moan about the “long long” journies you have to make. As you’ll have seen from the adverts, us janners have to make a long long trip most weeks! Plymouth is a lovely city, if you have time, walk up to Plymouth Hoe, see the stunning view (fog permitting) over Plymouth Sound, have the best fish and chip lunch imaginable at Platters in the Barbican and get a bus up to Home Park before being soundly thrashed by the underdogs.

  14. Roger W – Who is moaning about long long journies? Does stating fact constitute moaning nowadays? See my post at 18 and you’ll realise its not only the green army that have to make long journeys every week and that the toon army are in much the same boat!

  15. “NUST said it will draw up a prospectus with a view to making a bid for the club on the Stock Exchange”

    I didn’t think we were listed on the stock exchange anymore as we are a private business?

  16. NUST are changing their minds every time I hear them.

    Are they aware that the value of the club will be approx £120-130m now?

    I wish they would give it a rest, it will be a real serious blow to have them own the club, especially if their wanting to float the club again.

  17. Top comeback toonsy. :)

    I didn’t notice anyone moaning either, some people love to have a dig, hey?

  18. I like to think that us & the Bretagne are similar, in as far as we’re the ‘ignored’
    part of england & therefore not quite part of it.
    So please calm down all you cornish/devonish boys & girls.

    We’re not so different.

  19. Anyone heading down who fancies meeting up for beers before or after? I’m dragging a mate from work the whole 30 miles from Exeter. Be nice to meet up with some of the others typing utter gibberish on here.

    BBM – really sorry you can’t do this one, mate. We’ll sing for ya.

  20. Megson sacked by Bolton and a few Bolton fans are looking for Hughes to replace him! And the media claim we are deluded!

  21. You forgot we do have a daily flight to newcastle from Plymouth with airsouthwest so why go to bristol?

  22. vic – Good info mate. Its not that often that i right the guides for teams where it is generally quicker to fly :D

    I only hope one day i’ll be writing guides for champions league teams someday in the future :(

  23. Workyticket, to find the blog I just add the latest one to my favourites and then delete the older one. I might be telling people how to suck eggs but it may help some if there is no Newsnow listing. Doesn’t Exeter have an airport, don’t know if it has Newcastle connections or if it quicker than Bristol though. Plymouth might be another banana skin for us, so giving some youngsters a run out might be a good idea.

  24. Roger W says:
    December 30, 2009 at 9:33 am
    I just love it when visiting fans moan about the “long long” journies you have to make. As you’ll have seen from the adverts, us janners have to make a long long trip most weeks! Plymouth is a lovely city, if you have time, walk up to Plymouth Hoe, see the stunning view (fog permitting) over Plymouth Sound, have the best fish and chip lunch imaginable at Platters in the Barbican and get a bus up to Home Park before being soundly thrashed by the underdogs.
    <<<<<< aye and have u still got them dirty cement works poluting the air down there and as for the bed and breakfasts dirty holes we would be better off staying at the local sally army

  25. I feel sorry for Megson. At the end of the day, he has had his best players sold, been told to trim the wages and running costs, he kept them up last season and has been trying to play better football than they got under big sam.

    A vocal minority ruin it for him…. sound familiar?

  26. Batty your mention of Sally Army lodgings takes me back to when I was doing long distance driving many many moons ago. I stayed in a few during that era, cheap and clean. I remember Liverpool in particular where I was invited by some urchins to pay them to insure my lorry didn’t get damaged overnight, enterprising little s*ds!

  27. Toonsy I agree , he was never given a chance from the moment he started , think he is a capable manager and done a good job. Tho I wouldnt want him managing us!

  28. Big Willy – it’s just inconvenient because non-regular posters who aren’t always aware of the blog, don’t get linked to it. And we may miss out on decent short-term or long-term contributors as a result. Including opposition fans, although I suspect the Plymouth lads above got it from their newsnow pages, as it’s on their’s.

    It was toonsy’s first that they missed so he’s lost his cherry as far as the newsnow bin goes.

  29. Stuff worth a bit of chat today –

    (1) Solano off to Colchester – part of me knows he’s not the same fella we used to know and love. The other part thinks, drop in quality re the division and maybe he could do a job. It would also be great to see him back. Hope he does well for the U’s.

    (2) Barton slating modern day players – yes of course his sentiments are spot-on. But do they not fall a bit flat coming from Joey, when alongside his publicised misdemeanours he candidly admits there others we don’t know about. It’s great being all honest and introspective, but if you continue to be an ar*ehole are you not missing the point. He says he’s changed, but he said that before. Whether he stays here or not, let’s hope he has.

    (3) Chopra back to Toon? Great timing if it’s true considering he’s lost form currently. Not sure there’s much truth in it.

    Busy as ****, so unfortunately not able to do an article but thought that might stimulate a bit banter until I can do summat later.

  30. So the rumour today is that we’re offering 1.25 for Beckford because he can leave on a free in the summer. Looks like we’ve got around 1.5/2 mil to spend, lol. An offer of 1.5 for Beckford will be laughed off. 1.5 for Boyd probably wont be enough for Rangers to reluctantly agree either

  31. BBM, I’ve been banging on quite a bit lately about Nobby, I think we might have missed a big opportunity there. Chopra is no better than we have already and Barton needs to shut up get a few games in and prove he is worth keeping.

  32. Chopra, IMO, is a class finisher with a proper striker’s instinct. However, the sort of service he craves and plays off… We’re just not that sort of team or have that creativity.

    I wouldn’t bother with Beckford, Kilgallon is a player out of contract soon as well as Simpson so I would just get them 2 signed up.

    Solano would be good for the sentiment and experience… But a player i’d much rather see come in, in the same position, is Victor Moses from Palace – who’s for sale as well.

  33. Also BBM, Ed often used to generate lot of response by mentioning Owen (yawn), I said I thought he was a bigger Lemon than Marcellino recently and was glad to see the back of him. I’m sure that there are still some who wish he was still here. Barton is another marmite type who people love or hate so just mentioning either in an article should stimulate comments, or not!

  34. Would like beckford, kilgannon and moses, but as for boyd…..no,no,no,no,no. He only faces one half decent team in that sub standard league and they have a centre back pairing of loovens and caldwell. no wonder he scores so many goals. andreas andersson would score 40 a season against pure crap like that. This is a league which is so crap it made boumsong look like ronald koeman.

  35. I see HM Revenue and customs have issues a winding up petition on Portsmouth.

    Only a matter of time before a football club go out of business.

  36. What will happen if pompy do go out of business? I assume only 2 teams go down and 3 come up , but what about the games they have played etc etc? Anyone have any ideas?

  37. Johno – The game played will have their points scrubbed, so every game vs Portsmouth, they will find the real result (draw, win etc) and then scrub any points from the other team. So if Bolton drew against Pompey say, then Bolton will lose one point, just as if they hadn’t played the game. That would be the fairest way of doing it i guess.

    Isn’t a winding up order worse than administration? it sounds it! I know one thing, dont p1ss HMRC around.

  38. geordie deb says:
    December 30, 2009 at 9:51 am



    I don’t understand, Deb. It says:

    “NUST said it will draw up a prospectus with a view to making a bid for the club on the Stock Exchange.”

    But the club was delisted after Ashley gained full control of the club through a holding company called “St James’s Holdings” on the 18th June, 2007.

    This is getting a bit weird now.

  39. workyticket says:
    December 30, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    I can only presume their on about re-listing the club if successful.

    It gets more bizarre everytime I listen to them.

    Stockport County were bought by a supporters trust and their on the verge of going out of business now. Same at Bouremouth too I think.

    Says it all really.

  40. I’ve always said – it’s clear that NUFC can NOT be run by the fans and especially not by this NUSC group, who are basically, just winging it. Why don’t they apply their efforts into a realistic, beneficial and productive activity such as marketing the club to prospective owners, gathering contacts, making links with high profile ‘players’.

  41. There you go folks – now you have your answer as to how moronic these gimps – NUST are!

    Listing on AIM – they will need an Nominated Advisor (Nomad) ,then a broker (may be one and the same) and a finance guy, lawyers, a nominated board of Execs and Non Execs.

    To do this – they will have been told to expect a bill of around 200k – it’ll be nearer 500k as this lot need guiding at every stage. Unless (and I doubt this as its a high risk listing) the advisors are on a contingency – they will need paying regardless.

    The purpose of an AIM listing is to present shares to folks interested in a return on investment. Anyone can buy the shares. But when was ever a football club a good way of making a return – breaking even is great business.

    So your club may well some time soon be ran by a similar mechanism that FFS used to bleed us of every penny that Ashley has repaid.

    They have no contingency for shortfalls in earnings, no idea what to do as the price goes up as we near promotion, no idea about what they are doing – their press releases more or less say they are making it up as they go along! The only thing they can then do is – borrow against the asset.

    The only people who will earn out of this are the key stakeholders.

    I implore everyone to stay away from these donkeys – they either havent got a clue about the consequence of what they are trying to do – or even worse – they know exactly what they are doing.

    Worky – surely we have to have an Anti NUST campaign?

  42. if they ( nust ) take over the club and as stardust said returned us back to the freddie days this club would do a portsmouth sooner or later

  43. Evenin lads, i haven’t posted on here yet but have been reading every now and then in the wake of Ed’s departure. Good job worky, bowburn, deb and any other’s who have contributed; it’s a fine blog!
    I’ll be making the trip to Plymouth as I’ll be comin down from Bristol after new years and it’s not that big a distance. I really really hope Hughton doesn’t field a team anywhere near as weak as Peterborough, as I want to see us win! I haven’t seen the toon since we played villa last in the prem, and we all know what happened then. Call me romantic, but I fancy a good run in the FA cup, if only to show people we haven’t disappeared of the map entirely! Managed to get tickets for the Geordie end as well which i weren’t expecting, so I’ll hopefully see a few of you lads there.
    Howay the toon!

  44. Stardust says:
    December 30, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    If the (highly unlikely) event of the club returning to being an AIM listed company that is quoted on the London Stock Exchange, it would cease to be ‘fan owned’ club in very short order. It would be next to no time before bigger more sophisticated investors and companies hoovered up most of the shares of smaller investors. Getting back to the Byker Beelzebub, he would probably love it!

    Stardust, I will continue to voice my opinions on the NUST scheme, good or bad, and so will you and many other people no doubt, but I feel that a organised “campaign” wouldn’t be the right way to go at this stage.

    DevonMag, good to have you on board!

  45. Worky – you will remember some time ago when I warned against this very eventuality.

    IF (a big IF) they listed on AIM and were successful, the continuing losses at the club, the responsibility of the shareholders to stump up cash to keep the club solvent and or leverage assets to raise capital is frightening.

    The orchestrator’s (who could even be FFS) are attempting to use others money to secure the club and through the devaluation of shares through time, combined with the ongoing costs for which the owners will be responsible , they will pick up the club cheaply, highly gear the remaining assets and strip it bare.

    I do not say these words cheaply. IF the donkeys that are NUST are successful – say goodbye to Newcastle United Football Club – it will be ruined forever – as the post Ashley Experience will mean no man will be a philanthropist for us ever again. Man U, Liverpool et al – are all currently on a precipice of a mountain of debt depending on success to underwrite its payments. The day they are no longer successful (which has to happen over time) is the day their clubs start to implode – especially in markets where credit is no longer freely available at highly geared rates.

    NUST didnt know how to even raise capital without crossing the legal lines – they can not be trusted with our club. Let them burn in hell.

  46. Why the hell do people question if joining newcastle is a move up for beckford, it clearly bloody is media mongs

  47. jay jay,
    got it in one mate. :)
    Maybe they don’t realize that league 1 is below the
    championship, cos it’s got a 1 in the title.

  48. Stardust,
    i can’t see them succeeding, can you?
    I can’t see them staying legal.
    But, maybe they measure success by how much they can
    snarl things up?
    I’ve said it before, & i’ll say it again: MONGS.

  49. Stardust says:
    December 30, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    “The orchestrator’s (who could even be FFS) are attempting to use others money to secure the club and through the devaluation of shares through time, combined with the ongoing costs for which the owners will be responsible , they will pick up the club cheaply, highly gear the remaining assets and strip it bare.”

    Stardust, when I referred to the “Byker Beelzebub”, and how he would love that scenario, that’s more or less exactly what I was thinking in my highly cynical mind. I’m not sure about him being an orchestrator at all, though of course it isn’t outside the bounds of possibility.

  50. Clint it does my head in, yes we may have had a fall from grace but thats nothing compared to leeds, but the media still think leeds are a bigger club than us, pure crap they’re talking.

  51. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 30, 2009 at 6:29 pm
    i can’t see them succeeding, can you?

    No Clint I cant – but every ounce of publicity they get rankles me – but journalists and the like need a story so if they can help generate a sensational one they will I suppose.

    And I take exception to you calling them mongs, many a mong around the world right now is deeply offended that you thought they were that stupid to sign up to NUST lol.

  52. Worky – on the BB front – he has been conspicuous by his absence and silence lately. Always a time to worry.

    This is shaping up exactly the way it did last time – and our goon element are lapping it up – maybe they are happy to think they are saving the club as they lose their money and ruin it (like last time)

  53. jay jay,
    they just love having a pop at us mate, just laugh at the divs & don’t give ’em your hard-earned. ;)

    you’re spot on mate, ‘any publicity…’ & all that, hey?
    They only give them oxygen cos it’s a possible snipe at us.

    & i do apologize to mongs everywhere (except s*lun) for likening them to journos & NUTS (sic).

  54. Nothing on Jermaine Beckford so far lads?

    All the Leeds sites are talking about the possible move, including my own. I wrote a post for here once before after our friendly game in pre-season. If Beckford does happen to sign and you want a bit of info on him, feel free to gimme a shot.

    Best of luck for the rest of the season and happy New Year. Can’t see you failing to get promotion whatever happens.

  55. I heard them once say that we couldn’t be any worse off under them as under Ashley we have sold our best players and madeprofits inevery transfer windows.

    What they forgot though was that even with that negative transfer activity Ashley has still had to invest £20m per season just to look after the running costs.

    Where are they to get that from?

    Even the best case scenario with us getting promotion and the club not needing the £20m per season from Ashley would still see them needing to invest approx £20-40m for new players just to ensure we stay in the division.

    Again where does this come from in their grand plan?

    Ashley has promised £20m per season for the club, can they match this? No is the answer.

  56. Nice one TSS,
    maybe we’ll see you lot back up there in a couple of seasons.

    All the best.

  57. Stardust says:
    December 30, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    “Worky – on the BB front – he has been conspicuous by his absence and silence lately. Always a time to worry.”

    Stardust, when he’s quiet, I worry too. However, when he isn’t quiet, I still worry! :-)

  58. Stardust says:
    December 30, 2009 at 6:50 pm
    Speaking of Goons – where’s Batty?

    That was priceless :)

    TSS whats your views on him are you glad or sad at the prospect of him leaving

  59. Big Dave “TSS whats your views on him are you glad or sad at the prospect of him leaving”

    Becks is one of those that will drive you absolutely insane with his attitude and selfishness, but also provide you with some magical moments. The amount of last minute winners he’s scored is unbelievable.

    He gets some stick for the amount of chances he misses, but he has a natural talent of being able to get in those positions more than any striker I’ve seen in a long time. His pace is by far his biggest attribute and contrary to what some Leeds fans may tell you, I think he could do a job in the CCC.

  60. Lads and Lasses – we’re going top have plenty of spare money for players! Barton has said how modern players are “knobs” (his words) – all the flash cars and watches. All he wants to do is play football.
    I guess therefore he is going to give up his £65K a week salary so we can use that cash for new players! On second thoughts, I’m sure we can let him have £5K a week – pretty decent wage (can’t be many on here would turn their noses up at that – not to mention the amount of sick leave on full pay that he’s had).
    Why does he not shut up, keep a low profile and try to play a few decent games for us. Then we might, just might believe that he’s learned his lesson (at the 6th attempt ?)

  61. TSS says:
    December 30, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    The big question is how much will it take to prise him away from Leeds?

    Were not awash with cash and I just cannot see us paying more than £1m really.

  62. TSS says:
    December 30, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Good to hear from you again TSS. I like the look of the site too. Well done!

    Good to see that Leeds still look set for automatic promotion too.

  63. Worky – You never take these things for granted being a Leeds United fan mate. We’ve had far too many false starts to get optimistic at the halfway point, but Grayson’s doing a great job.

    Stuart79 – I’d be massively annoyed if he left for less than £3m. What’s the point us accepting £1m when promotion will net us more and he’s integral to that goal?

    CLINT FLICK – Not really sure. I don’t think there’s as much of a gap as people think between L1 and the CCC. Teams often succeed in back-to-back promorions after all, but the difference between the Prem and the rest of the Leagues is enormous and the reason why teams without the foundations to attract big crowds and big players invariably plummet soon after promotion.

  64. TSS says:
    December 30, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Do you really think that someone would pay £3m for someone they could get for nothing in 6 months and can actually sign them on a pre contract from Friday?

    Looks like he’ll stay at yours for the rest of the dseason when he is contracted to someone else. Not sure whether his heart will be in the right place like.

    Maybe that will have a bad effect on the team? There’s that many different permitations Grayson will get criticised whatever he does.

  65. No, I really don’t think anyone would which is why I’m still thinking he’ll stay. It’s not worth risking promotion for £1m to Leeds and it’d be silly for anyone to pay anything more to get him sooner.

  66. TSS,
    I reckon you’re right about the step up like.
    & with regard to the ‘clubs with the right infrastructure’ & fan base/size doing well in the prem, or at least surviving there.

    Well, maybe Ameobi but with pace, hey?

  67. TSS would you not fancy a swap we can take Beckford of your hands and you’s can have Butt and Geremi ;)
    Good luck to you’s anyway mate I hope the New Year brings you’s success

  68. Big Dave – Nah, you’re alright mate. Don’t think the Leeds fans would be very welcoming of Butt.

    Happy New Year to you too, and hope things carry on the same for us both.

  69. Big Dave says:
    December 30, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    “but he just slows everything down.”

    To be fair though Dave, that is his his job, to break things up and slow things down for the other team.

    He’s the ginger lad who always gets picked on! ;-)

  70. workyticket says:
    December 30, 2009 at 9:32 pm
    Big Dave says:
    December 30, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    “but he just slows everything down.”

    To be fair though Dave, that is his his job, to break things up and slow things down for the other team.

    Yes but he slows us down in attack too!

    Not his fault, it comes with age.

  71. guys its being reported here in holland that marcel siep plymouths dutch central defender has just agreed to join Sheff Utd on loan for the rest of the season . He has been loaned out to Blackpool but wil now make the move to the blades . With him being a cb , it could mean he is a replacment for KILLGALLON who we are after .

  72. AXEL “…it could mean he is a replacment for KILLGALLON who we are after”

    As in, Matthew Kilgallon? Are you just trying to collect as many former Leeds players as possible? Haha

  73. did anyone c that kris boyd scored 5 for rangers tonite as they beat dundee united 7-1?if hughton had his eye on that match he will be more than impressed!

  74. toonsy says:
    December 30, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    “TSS – Aye, Bowyer, Woodgate, Milner, Viduka, Smith, possibly Beckford and Kilgallon.”

    Batty (not you, batty).

  75. toonsy “TSS – Aye, Bowyer, Woodgate, Milner, Viduka, Smith, possibly Beckford and Kilgallon.”

    Might not be the best course of action. It didn’t work for us after all!

  76. TSS-great to see leeds doing so well this season hope ourselves and ye replace teams like hull and bolton in the near future!what age is robert snodgrass and urman becchio two exciting players?

  77. Some bizarre reporting today about possible signings. Beckford – bid rejected but Toon may have to increase bid from £1.25 million. Kilgallon – the rumours gather apace, but Toon may have to pay well over £2 million.
    Best of all, Toon may be bidding for Charlton teenager (Shelvey?) – valued by club at £10 million but we could get him for £5 million! Oh – and I’ve just seen something flying past my window. It’s pink, going “Oink Oink” and has the letters MA and Sportsdirct.com all over it!
    Anybody else think we’ll be lucky to get Harewood back, hopefully Simpson – and Chris Hughton can then remind us of his previous statement that it would be a quiet transfer window and he’s quite satisfied not to have lost anyone significant?
    Mike Ashley pay £5 million for a promising youngster from League 1? Love it!

  78. Magpie6699 , I think Beckford and Kilgallon are serious targets , dunno about the Charlton young lad but that was a policy Ashley wanted to go down , buying good young players so I dunno, Dont think it will happen but it could show some intent from Ashley that he is commited to the club but would rather Victor Mosses

  79. Magpie, to be honest I’d be happy with the status quo at St James Park.com. No players in or out, a defender such as Killgallon would usefull but I really don’t think some of the players mentioned as targets are any better than some of the young’uns we already have. What we could find usefull would be some short term experienced players such as Nobby or Hypia, Harewood at a push but despite his goals he hasn’t exactly been a great success. Come the turn of the year I feel that Butt will be appreciated a bit more by some of his doubters (including me) especially when the inevitable injuries start to hit us.

  80. where the hell do those figures come from 10 million for a kid out the 1st division . Somebody needs a reality check , as for Beckford 2.5 million would be a decent fee , if we get him then he will have a half season at a higher level than he has played at before and that may make the adjustment to the premiership easier for him if we get there .

  81. I dunno if id pay 2.5 mil for him axel but in saying that if he came in and got us 10-15 goals that got us promoted it would be a very small price

  82. That was what i was thinking too Johno , lets face it @.5 million is not a massive fee these days and if he gets the goals in the ccc and we go up every ones happy . also if he fails in the prem we could sell him back to a ccc club and get most of the fee back .

  83. ime with big willy on this one lads,plus n ranger has a a bit ex in this lge bexford has non just a thought

  84. Johno Toon,
    I agree that Ashley has set a precedent for new young hopefuls – Kadar, Tozer, Spear etc but not at millions of pounds! I was commenting on the bizarre reporting – MA really forking out £5 million for an unproven league 1 youngster? Would that be our first choice for the use of £5 million? Could we not find a more experienced skilful, driving midfielder for £5 million?
    What happened to Skjelbred?
    I want Simpson, then Beckford (we desperately need a pacy striker), then Kilgallon. Then Harewood – but only if no Beckford and if we absolutely must!

  85. Its more wishful thinking from my part ( is that a pig i see flying…) magpie6699 if im honest, I cant see us spending more than 5 mil max this jan and I think it will be beckford and kilagllon.

    Is your man SKjelbred any good? I have never seen him just know we have been linked with him for ages , think he was meant to sign for us the day Keegan walked , and he supports newcastle

  86. Johno
    Skjelbred? – dunno – just some of our Scandinavian fans rate him, I think he’s said to be pacy and skilful – and he’s said to be a Toon fan, for what that’s worth. (Like Steve Bruce??)

  87. Hey, I’m making the long trip to Plymouth of about 40 miles (from Newquay). My pal Chris is a toon fan and so there are four of us joining him in the away end to chear on you lot! I just hope you field some decent players. It takes 1.5 hours to get here from Newquay you know, so I wanna see some class!!! Last time I was there it was to see my side (Southampton) sink without trace. Come on you Magpies!