Toon put to the Blade(s).

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Sheffield Utd's mascot, 'Captain Blade'.
Sheffield Utd's mascot, 'Captain Blade'.
It appears that the current mutinous attitude of the Toon faithful is spreading around the country as fast as the H1N1 virus with the latest rumblings of discontent being voiced at Bramhall Lane, where more than 100 supporters stayed behind after Sheffield United’s last home match, to demonstrate at their recent poor form. With two draws and four defeats in their last six matches, they decided nothing less than the head of manager Kevin Blackwell delivered on a Sheffield steel platter would be acceptable.

His excuse of having had lots of players unavailable for selection due to injury is cutting no ice, even though United had 10 first team players missing for a recent match with Scunthorpe. Probably, the same fans payed homage to him at the end of last season when he led United to the play offs, after narrowly missing out on an automatic promotion spot. Fickle lot us footie fans.

So, the Blades go into this game on the back of a 4-3 home defeat by Cardiff City, having leaked no fewer than 10 goals in their last three games. Senegal striker Henri Camara, on loan from Wigan, made his debut. Meanwhile, the absence of first choice keeper Paddy Kenny due to a nine month ban, and on loan Mark Bunn too, meant that 38 year old Ian Bennett found himself between the sticks for this game. The highly rated central defender Matthew Kilgallon has been linked with ourselves as well as several premier league clubs and he will be looking to showcase his skills if he fancies a move up to the North East. With a similar goals for tally to Newcastle, we will be watching out for top scorers Darius Henderson and Jamie Ward.

As hinted at above, defence seems to be the problem for The Blades as they have conceeded 25 goals so far this season versus our 9. Currently 15th in the table, you would imagine confidence to be low as the team struggle to find a run of good form, so it should be a good time to meet them. It seems like the new faces introduced by Blackwell at the start of the season haven’t yet had the desired impact and that, coupled with injuries and the constant swopping and changing of the team has led to the current poor form. Nevertheless, off the pitch plans are under way to further develop Bramhall Lane which will increase it’s current capacity by 11,000 to 44,000 by developing both The Kop and South Stands.

Newcastle should be boosted by the return of Alan Smith, who always gets quite a bit of stick when playing anywhere in Yorkshire, and we are hopeful that Fabricio Collocini, Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson will return to bolster our patched up defence. Khizanishvilli will be unavailable after his recent red card at Doncaster, although he will probably be quite glad to sit a few games out if his recent poor form is anything to go by.

With Chris Hughton appointed permanent manager during the week, let’s hope his first official game in charge sees us adopting confident, positive tactics to take advantage of their shaky defence who are probably very low on confidence. Hopefully the sullen face of Marlon Harewood doesn’t figure too much unless he is willing to change his attitude and up his workrate. After the poor reception he received last week when he was substituted, he should have the message loud and clear that the fans expect so much more of him. It’s now up to him. Another one flattering to deceive is Lovenkrands who really needs to get his act together and improve his contribution to the team. It seems that since he received a permanent contract his performances have gone down the pan. I understand he has been played out of position the past several games but even so, he should be doing so much better.

Newcastle go into this game knowing that a win will see them go back on top of the table, a spot they relinquished yesterday to West Brom after their latest 5-0 victory. Let’s hope we emulate the result we achieved on our last visit to Bramhall Lane which saw us leave 2-1 victors.

Possible Newcastle United team: Harper, Simpson, S Taylor, Colo, Enrique, Guthrie, Smith, Nolan, Gutierrez, Ranger and Carroll.

Possible Sheffield United team: Mark Bunn, Kyle Walker, Chris Morgan, Matthew Kilgallon, Jordan Stewart, Glen Little, Stephen Quinn, James Harper, Keith Treacy, Ched Evans, Darius Henderson.

Former Toon favourite Gary Speed, who is currently player coach at The Blades, won’t be playing due to a back problem, but I’m sure he will receive a warm reception from the travelling supporters. Let’s hope the Toon Army get behind Chris Hughton. He’s our permanent manager now so I would hope there are no more chants for Shearer as that would be very disrespectful to Chris. Also whether the fans were in agreement or not, he is the man given the responsibility to manage this great club and for that he should have our support.

For those like myself who can’t make this match, it is being shown live on Sky Sports Monday evening.

Howay the Toon.

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29 Responses

  1. Deb agree about Harewood he just looks like a real lazy git Lovenkrands has been poor so far but I dont think he is fully fit well doesnt look fully fit. I would love to see CH starting Carroll and Ranger but dont think it will happen.

  2. Yeah, I’d certainly want to see Ranger start and will feel more confident if Taylor and Coloccini pair up in the middle of defence (although I’d be surprised if Taylor gets a full 90).

    Considering how down I feel about most things club-wise, I’m actually feeling positive about this game.

    I’ll go 2-1 to us.

  3. Uh-oh, the mobs are out!! Fancy demonstrating against the club they love. Are we taking our’s down to have a mob-off? Anyway, enough of my annoying sarcasm.

    Ranger has to start. I’d be happy if Colo is back (I know, I know, I just nipped myself and I meant it). If Taylor is back then double-whammy but he seems a slightly longer shot. Be good to see Smudger back too.

    Deb – there was nobody cheering for Shearer at the last game. I know it said so in The Mirror, but it didn’t happen.

  4. BBM there was cheering for Shearer. I heard it on the radio and the commentator picked it up. I didn’t even want Shearer to begin with but i’d rather have him in than Hughton, although no disrespect to Hughton.

  5. I seriously hope Harewood doesn’t start, Ranger deserves to start and maybe he’ll get off the mark tomorrow hopefully. I still would like to see Ranger and Lovenkrands upfront but I also want to see Carroll and Ranger hmmm…

  6. Hi Big Dave

    I love to see him start Ranger with Carroll but I agree I think it’s unlikely he will.

  7. Hi Bowburn

    ‘Deb – there was nobody cheering for Shearer at the last game. I know it said so in The Mirror, but it didn’t happen.’

    I hope not Bowburn but it was reported in a couple of places, but then you can’t believe anything you read in the papers!

  8. So Sheffield organising a lynch mob for Kevin Blackwell? We’ll have to take some notes…let them show us how it’s done…eh Troy?

    Hopefully they’ll be in more turmoil than we are (unlikely, I know)…and we can smash and grab all three points.

    Carroll and Ranger to start….let Jonas and Stardust sit in the away section; holding hands and reminiscing about all the good times (sniff).

  9. You can understand Sheffield United fans being a bit peed off – after all, they shouldn’t be in this division – West Ham should have been relegated for playing an unregistered player, but then the London Old Boys Club came into play…….

    Good article Deb !!

  10. Excelsior says:
    November 1, 2009 at 8:57 pm
    ……let Jonas and Stardust sit in the away section; holding hands and reminiscing about all the good times (sniff).

    Excelsior – you going out of your way to upset my mate Batty?????

  11. UTD111 says:
    November 1, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    OOOPPPSSS! Sorry UTD111, I didn’y think! How insensitive of me…of course Batty can join in. Jonas seems like a broadminded guy.

  12. andyNUFC – totally didn’t hear it. Unless it was Donny fans being mischievous because they had seats near the press I think. I’d swear on a loved one I don’t recall the Shearer chants. If any Toon fans would have been singing it would have been Level 7 and I didn’t hear it up there. The rest of the ground is fairly quiet.

  13. A point will be a good result for us tomorrow.

    All depends what team Hughton picks for me. Ranger has to start with Carrol.

    On the other threads I’ve noticed Stardust mentioning the ‘hate filled’ nature of this blog.

    Only a saint wouldn’t be hate filled after what we’ve been through this last two years!

  14. UTD111 says:
    November 1, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Stardust is an idiot

    Lets just agree on that

    Who’s Stewart?

  15. St Stardust it is then. Patron Saint of all .org fans with a stubborn stance which they refuse to relinquish. It’s OK to be wrong. It will make you a better man to
    admit it publicly. Ashley is a buffoon. We are all negative and mistrusting of events around Newcastle because of this man and his regime.

    We might even all be best mates when he’s gone!!

  16. Stuart – Maybe you can refer to me as Saint Stardust from now on.

    Must be a lot of people in here with no self esteem – they spend their time slagging me off when I am not here just for holding an individual opinion – sad world you must live in.

    Big D – havent got a clue fella lol – Batty will be thrilled (notice Hitman hasnt been on too lol) Hitman and Batty sorry erm John and Edward to win it lol.

  17. bowburnmag says:
    November 1, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    We might even all be best mates when he’s gone!!

    Hang on a minute! No need for that!

  18. Stuart79 says:
    November 1, 2009 at 10:02 pm
    UTD111 says:
    November 1, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Stardust is an idiot

    Lets just agree on that

    Who’s Stewart?


    My apologies doh!


    Stardust is an idiot

    Lets just agree on that

    Is that better? (with apologies)

  19. Stardust – I don’t know how you dare and still keep a straight face!!!! :)
    – hypocrisy thy name is you.

    Stu79 – howay, you and ‘dusty were agreeing on issues and everything the other day. I bet he’s getting a Xmas card and all sorts now. I knew you two were best mates really!! :)

  20. bowburnmag says:
    November 1, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    That is an outrageous accusation!

    Totally unacceptable too!

    Anyway, I never agree with him – He may have agreed with me though. But can you blame him?

  21. Reet I’m starting to feel lousy again with this man flu, off to bed. Pleasure as always…..
    was your’s ;)

    Speak later fine ladies and gents of .org. Look forward to a win tomorrow night!!!!