Tonight’s the night? Newcastle United v Sheffield United match banter!

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Will tonight be the night?
Will tonight be the night?
Could this be the night when Newcastle United regain their place back in the Premier League at the first attempt? Well, the maths are that if Nottingham Forest lose their match against Cardiff City, or The Magpies just manage to scrape a draw against the Blades of Sheffield United this evening, then we will be promoted in either of the top two automatic promotion places.

As the whole region waits in anticipation of the big match, the team news is generally good. Only long term casualty, Steven Taylor, and ‘One Size’ Fitz Hall will be missing from selection, and a full strength team will be expected no doubt at St James’s Park this evening.

It should not be forgotten however that Kevin Blackwell’s mighty Blades have promotion ambitions of their own. Though only sitting in tenth on 55 points, they are still in with a slim chance of making the playoff places and will fight tooth and nail for a spot their own piece of the promotion action this evening. Speaking on the game this evening, and their promotion chances, Blackwell said this:

“We don’t want to be the warm up act for someone else’s party. It’s a big day for Newcastle but it is our job to go up there and spoil things for them.”

On the playoff chance he added:

“We still have some thing to play for even though it will probably mean we have to winat least four of our last five matches”.

Meanwhile, our glorious leader, Chris Hughton, had this to say on the game tonight and promotion:

“I think in an ideal scenario, yes, we would like to do it at St.James’ Park in front of a full house,”

“The fans have turned up in their droves at St.James’ all season and to clinch promotion in front of them would be magnificent.

“They deserve to enjoy that moment when we know we’ve done it and we’re all hoping that is Monday night.

“But there is still a job to be done and we have to prepare to face a good Sheffield United side who gave us a good game earlier in the season when we had to fight our way to a 1-0 win.

“We can’t let promotion distract us from the excellent job we’ve done all season and we’ll be looking for a similarly high standard of performance on Monday.”

This match will be covered live Sky Sports, but as usual, if any of you have good links for the game, then please feel free to post them. For all the usual, slightly more in depth pre match speculation, you can also check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview.

Howay the Lads!

Newcastle United v Sheffield United.

Venue / Date / Kickoff: St James’s Park, Monday 5th April, 7.45pm.


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll.

Subs: Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar, Joey Barton, Leon Best, Nicky Butt, Ryan Taylor, Shola Ameobi

Sheffield United: Steve Simonsen, Nick Montgomery, Chris Morgan (c), Darius Henderson, Lee Williamson, James Harper, Andy Taylor, Richard Creswell, Marcel Siep, Stephen Quinn.

Subs: Mark Yeates, Ian Bennett, Kyle Bartley, Glen Little, Derek Geary, Jonathan Fortune, Matthew Lowton

Referee: Andy Hall.

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322 Responses

  1. Wey Aye m8! I’m goin mental ower here!! Can’t wait for promotion to be confirmed!!

  2. I haven’t posted on here in a very long time not sure if anyone remembers me but just wanted to say im buzzing for tonight. HWTL!!

  3. oi oi is,
    don’t know about the savaloy bit like.
    This forest game is like a knackered horse taking it’s final steps. It’s painful to watch.
    The crowd should try supporting the team, it might work.

  4. Clint-

    That sucks about Forest… was really hopin they’d pull off a win. Must be either completely lackluster, or just dug out in the trenches. Wish someone would break the damn deadlock!!

  5. TBF,
    cardiff have got more of the ball right now & look more likely.
    Still time.

  6. tomojo-

    try and search for Newcastle

    usually will find something there

  7. Aye Dave,
    this game’s like a wafer thin starter, doesn’t even whet y’ appetite.

  8. Its nice to be remembered. lol
    Just work and family stuff Dave I’ve always been reading but haven’t commented.

    How long left at Forest?

  9. Anyone else think it’s possible that CH will keep the result of the Forest game from the lads tonight?

  10. Sitting in the car with the radio on near the city hall, really wish I had come by metro now, want a few beers!! Just hope it’s a great game tonight, we go out and win it. Let’s keep this home record going. Just have to have a few beers when I get back

  11. Btw- look at what I said anyway- Do you think *CH* will keep it from them. Not the crowd, you numpty :D

  12. Clint They should have netted there this has got a draw all over it.
    OHurley CH did say he had no interest in knowing the Forest result but I cant see him locking the players in the dressing room :)
    Norn Iron dont be a stranger ;)

  13. look! they would have tvs up at the ground plus when they warm up dont u think the crowd then would tell them.

  14. Asim- you really need to learn how to read m8…

    The intimation was that CH could theoretically take their phones and turn off the tele’s. They wouldn’t know until they get to the pitch. Might help ’em keep their focus… There’s really no reason to argue about it.

  15. forest picking it up now.
    5mins + overtime.

    asim, chill mate.
    we’re all friends tonight mate, ok?

  16. Hi everyone just in the club shop watching sky for the forest result. Enjoy the match everyone if you’re here, or not. We are all Toon fans the world over. Hwtl

  17. If still stay goalless at full-time at Forest and, as it stands, The Magpies will be playing Premier League football next season.


  18. reet am off to pub, looks like we have promotion in the bag due to forest drawing – lets have a promotion party!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh No, Cardiff team-mates having a small fight.Apparently is Marshall and Gerrard. :Lol:

    hoho,another Dyer incident???

  20. NUFC: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll
    Subs: Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar, Joey Barton, Leon Best, Nicky Butt, Ryan Taylor, Shola Ameobi

    SUFC: Steve Simonsen, Nick Montgomery, Chris Morgan (c), Darius Henderson, Lee Williamson, James Harper, Andy Taylor, Richard Creswell, Marcel Siep, Stephen Quinn
    Subs: Mark Yeates, Ian Bennett, Kyle Bartley, Glen Little, Derek Geary, Jonathan Fortune, Matthew Lowton

  21. Sitting here in Saudi Arabia trying to figure out how to get result and hear the match

  22. Well, not what I was hopin for, but WE’RE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We went to Blaydon Races, ’twas on the 9th of June
    1862 on a summer’s afternoon
    We took the bus from Balmbras
    And she was heavy laden
    Away we went along Collingwood Street
    That’s on the road the Blaydon!

    Ohhhhh me lads, ye should’ve seen us gannin
    Passin the folks along the road, just they were standin
    All the lads and lasses there, all with smilin faces
    Gannin along the Scotswood Road,

  23. HWTL We are up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. This is great night – I can watch Premier league here next season!! Bugger Aresenal chelsea the lot!

  25. Harper
    Simpson Coloccini Williamson Enrique
    Routledge Nolan(c) Guthrie Jonas
    Lovenkrands Carroll

    Subs: Krul, Kadar, Barton, Best, Butt, Ameobi and Ryan Taylor

    Best availible team,imo.

  26. Nice that our promotion is secured. Hopefully tonight’s game will be a good one, and a NUFC win.






    Princebishop… I’m in the UAE!!

  28. alrite AoD.

    any predictions??

    3-0 for me.

    Carrol Loven and Nolan.

    Toon Toon

  29. So the Team Sheet is :-


    Toon Toon Toon Toon

    Toon Toon Toon Toon

    Toon Toon

    Black and White Army HWTL !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us win by a lot tonight, lads. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see us make some ridiculous errors haha. Preferably the former.

  31. Born and raised in the North East, now in Edinburgh. Sick I cant get down for midweek games, bugger having a job.

  32. Hell yes, get in. In the US, currently in class, but gonna fire up the game in a few minutes. Can’t wait to get to Newcastle this fall for uni and go to a few matches!! Howay the lads!

  33. Hey guys, first post here but had been reading this site often. Delighted as with everyone else that we’re up!

    Seeing the lineup, a tad disappointed that Ranger’s not in. Hope he gets his chance in the coming matches.

    Anw, who’s the one from Singapore here?

  34. Fans Should Own The Club says:
    April 5, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    “What are we all drinking lads? Me? Brooklyn Pilsner!”

    That’s good beer, FSOTC.

  35. FSOTC,
    down here in the smoke, everyone knows who i support & they wanted to buy us a drink.
    It’d be rude to refuse anyone like.

  36. If Routledge finds his shooting boots he could be pivotal for us next season. He’s good with the ball at his feet and is lightening quick. Not saying he wont be anyway, but more that with a bit of work he has the ability to be a midfielder who really pitches in with a good few goals.

  37. ‘arry ‘igor’ redknapper is trying to start a bidding race for alan hutton from spuds.

  38. That’s good work if you can get it, Clint. Can I get an application, please?

    SPELLING AND TYPING ALERT: The beer is going to my head already, so apologies for any typing disasters that result in the ensuing posts.

  39. FSOTC-He is (or was earlier this season i think), a player coach. Dunno if he’s just sitting it out now purely to coach but i’m pretty sure he’s a squad member. Bugger off.

  40. Bloody typical!

    Anyone think we should try and get Robbie Keane in the summer?

    If Ashley ups the wage cap to maybe 60k then i reckon he would comee.

  41. They’re talking about Harper being blocked off but i can’t see how theyve down owt wrong there like. They’ve just stood in his way. Go through the back of them and clear out the box if thats the case.

  42. My friend Scott had his jaw busted in the old days and his face was swollen like a chipmunk for a good few weeks. But later, his jaw was wired and you wouldn’t know anything unless you went up and spoke to him directly.

  43. Missed Taylor, his face look fine did it?..we look a bit sloppy here, a yard off the pace and they’re pressuring us quickly when we’ve got the ball.

  44. FSOTC-Keane has 10 in 12 at Celtic, or 12 in 12 or something. Pretty sure he bagged a hattrick a couple of weeks back.

    SJP are just desperate for a go on goal, screaming shoot at Williamson when he’s 25 yards out with the ball at his feet lol.

  45. FSOTC

    Taylor might have had plates put in rather than had it wired. I broke my jaw about 10 years ago, i didn’t know it was broken until 3 days after it happened, i went to the dentist thinking i had a split gum but he moved my jaw and said it was broke in 2 places! I had to metal plates inserted, there was no marks and only swelling for 1 day so it’s possible Taylor’s was broken and you couldn’t tell by looking at him.

  46. Promotion got sealed early, worst thing that could of happened because there’s almost nothing to play for and the lads are far too relaxed, couple of guilt edged misses from Routledge. Still think we’ll win, Shola will bag a goal.

  47. Martin Tyler was funny just now–trying to figure out why SJP is so quiet, he siad “Well, they’ve only had half an hour to celebrate…” wonder what it could be?

    Carroll–very close.

  48. Isn’t Williamson 29 or something like that?

    I don’t think we should read to much into this under 26 thing, the club never directly said we had such a policy did they?

  49. Looks like a friendly game.
    Howay lads don’t give up the home record, today of all days.


  50. FSOTC-you also have to remember that with all due respect to the Scottish, the SPL isnt exactly the height of talent as far as the footballing world goes. Living up in Edinburgh these days I see plenty of it and have plenty of mates who are Celtic fans. The moment he made the move I said it was a great signing for them because he’d run rings round alot of the defenders and thats seemingly being the case looking at his goal record thus far. Personally I just dont think he was getting the game time at Spurs or he’d have scored there too though. I think he’s a good striker, that “right place right time” sort of player, gets himself into good positions and knows where the net is. There were pundits saying the other day we need to emulate the scum and get a striker like Bent who will guarantee goals next season. As much as i dont like using the unwashed as a mould for next season and wouldn’t, I sort of understand where they’re coming from in that we need a proven striker who is a straight up goalscorer.

    On another note, how haven’t we scored yet!? lol. Couple of good efforts and good saves.

  51. Really stupid defending to be honest. The ref has just told him to keep his hands off Carroll and 30 seconds later he’s all over him when the next corner comes in. All eyes were on them and he’s clearly fouled Wor Andy. Fair play to Loven, good pen.

  52. Yup Good Pen….deffo grabbing him.
    Think we will come out and smash em second half.

  53. What Dave said,
    CH kick ’em up their ass please.

    This team can’t believe their luck.

  54. FSOTC,
    i don’t normally drink either,
    so i’m gonna be well f***ed up real soon.

  55. Well, its a great day promotion wise.

    This game is another matter however.

    One player that clearly won’t cut in in the premier league is Danny Simpson. I don’t even think he’s a great Championship player so we definately need a right back.

    Then we’ve got players that are bottom feeders. Ie. The making of players that are only good enough to see us be relegation scrappers.

    A player like Coloccini really worries me: for instance, how he didn’t even jump to challenge for Sheffield United’s goal.

    Nolan gets a lot of stick, but for me, his football intellegence is leagues above any other player in our team.
    Enrique is also fantastic, and I think Jonas, Routeledge and Guthrie would all be valuable players in the premier league.
    However, Carroll still isnt ready quite yet for that standard and would be a good squad player.

    We’ll need an experienced good Premiership striker, a right back, and an attacking midfielder as major priorities next season.

  56. FSOTC-You’ve stumped me a little RE Keane, because i’m not 100% sure, haha. He’s experienced and he would score goals for us I think, but he is the other side of the age barrier, so I think we’d have to get him for a canny price and he’d want to be one of, if not the highest earner at the club i’d imagine. We all know Ashley isnt going to be pushed about financially by anyone.

    However, is he a better option than a foreigner who may take time to adapt to the league or a younger player who isn’t proven at Premiership level? Absolutly. Whether we like it or not, a large portion of next season will be about survival. First season back for any club isn’t easy and if we get the chance to sign a proven goalscorer at Premiership level I think it should be taken. Provided the price is right, of course as other area’s of the squad would need strengthening. I can’t see the likes of Hughton blowing our wad on an overpriced player though. He’s too sensible for it and the days of trophy signings are gone-Something i’m more than happy with.

  57. Howay m8s!

    Relaxed first half, but I see an avanlanche headin their way in a few minutes.

  58. Yeyyyyyyyyy!
    i’m having one for y’right now mate.


  59. Few things that are clear we need to sort out:

    1 Jonas needs to pass in his own half and take on players in the opposition half, not all the time.
    2 Coloccini needs to grow a pair and challenge even if theres a chance he thinks he might get hurt.
    3 We need a better quality right back, surely Ryan Taylor deserves a spot before Simpson.

    The rest can only be done in the transfer window.

    If Barton can get fit, I think he and Nolan would be great together with an INTELLEGENT PACEY striker next year.

  60. Jonas and Routledge are good suppliers in a way (though Jonas needs to work on his crossing) but it woudl be great to have a scoring winger or two.

    what about a creative midfielder?

    is Guthrie really the one?

  61. Why are we the first team to play lovenkrands as an out and out striker ? the lad has every thing in his locker as a fox in the box , he took that penalty as cool as you like .Maybe M owen should study some videos of him :)

  62. Lads it’s me birtday in 20 minutes! What a present eh?? Haha, promotion- now that’s a gift to savour :) Gonna sink a few more tinnys then off down the pub! HOWAY THE LADS

  63. Did anyone see their 1st goal again was Colo at fault as it looked like he let the player get the shot in without tomuch of a challenge.
    Well as young OHurley says we should see an avanlanche this half as im sure CH ripped a few players apart

  64. Don’t think we can judge the lads too harshly tonight lads.
    It must be tough to get up for this game.
    A bit of professionalism should reappear next half.
    CH is slapping their daft heeds right now.

  65. Were I not at me graft, I’d be tankin’ em with you’s. Ooooohhhhh how I’m gannin to the booza as soon as I get off to down many many many pints of Broon ale

  66. FSOTC
    i’ve got the advantage of a little something to stop me getting too lashed & no work tomorra!

  67. I think Nolan is a fantastic attacking midfielder on his day.
    Guthrie too shows good “drive” and i enjoy watching him play.
    I think they’d both cope in the premiership but of course we need a couple others pushing them. Barton and (not Smith) (not Butt) but someone else. Smith would only fit in a five man midfield playing the anchor man role really.
    As for goal scoring wingers, I agree we don’t have on. Jonas never will be one, but Routeledge could be with a bit more composure. He reminds me a bit a Kieron Dyer.
    We need someone in the mould of Nobby Solano though.
    Robbie Keane, Hutton on loan from Spuds and say Wilshere from the Arse would be great wouldn’t it.
    That way MA wouldn’t have to spend a cent.

  68. Fans , dont forget that Guthrie is still quite young and imo improving all the time , would like to see him and Barton together .

  69. happy birthday DevonMag

    3 goals in the Gallowgate will be your present from the lads.

    get in!

  70. JJ-Jamie O’Hara is a young midfielder I’m a big fan of. Puts in the graft, is a good passer of the ball and can finish too. Right age and who knows what will happen at the end of this season because he wont be down in the CCC with Pompey.

    Also, happy Bday Devon!

  71. WHo else would you like to get for us, realisticallY?

    I’m a yank–so how aobut Landon Dnovan?

    Never happen, I guess. I wasn’t always a huge fan, but he’s really improved a lot over the last year.

  72. Commentators talking about a journalists lack of material at NUFC this season, strange, that spiteful M@ckem Louise Taylor still finds plenty of dross in her twisted brain to spout about us! :D

  73. Feel sorry for whomever that Lovenkrands effort hits on the bonce, he absolutly rifled that,lol

  74. We’ve had our chances here like, great burst and ball from Enrique, Loven should have done better.

  75. Got lucky there, a better ball and he’d have had plenty of time to pick his spot 1 on 1.

  76. cheers lads! I’m writing from the fine city of Exeter FSOTC, but my permanent residence is actually in Brighton. I’m just down here seeing friends and family. Right-o, 7 tinny’s down, 5 more to go! I doubt very much I’ll finish all 12 but it’s worth a crack, eh?

  77. Ross – right then its decided then, we need Robbie Keane, Jamie O’Hara and Alan Hutton and Jack Wilshere on loan.
    Right Houghton, we’ve done your shopping list for ya, now go out and get them! haha.

    Simpson’s still looking very poor :-(, the rest I could all see scraping by in the Prem though.
    If anyone scores a winner in this win I can only see it being Nolan or Lovenkrans. Maybe Guthrie or Shola coming on as a sub.

  78. JJ-I would take Hutton aswell. What is this talk of Redknapp mentioning us being in for him or something?..He’s not brilliant at the back but if we got him we’d have two very attacking fullbacks which i’m a big fan of.
    So unlucky Jonas!..Fantastic run and he almost had another goal, brilliant effort.

  79. FSOTC……Wellington New Zealand , just tucking into me celebratory bacon sarnie and a bottle of broon !! 8.20 AM…

  80. CLiNT-Jonas essentially picked the ball up on the half way line, danced through 3 players, cut inside and battered an effort off the post. A ball in the air wasnt cleared properly there, Danny Simpson hooked it over his head back into the box, Lovenkrands cushioned it down and Nolan took it over his shoulder with a lovely overhead to finish.

  81. CLiNT-Without being a d!ck i’m essentially trying to say you missed a brilliant bit of individual play, and a great second goal…not too much though, neither were anything special, honest :D haha. We’re starting to turn the screw a bit now like, seem to be creating chances regularly when going forward

  82. South Africa, New Zealand, Brighton, Niagara, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, USA, Scotland, Netherlands, London, Singapore, UAE, Saudi, Northern Ireland, Ireland, New York.

    And Let’s say Nigeria too since Shola’s on!

  83. Ross
    i’m back mate & i seen it, so no prob mate.
    Ta for the write up-very pro man.

  84. Joey answered the call of one Joey Barton by swiftly conceding a free kick, haha. Textbook!

  85. this says a lot that we have repeatedly come back from being down. Thats a quality that will do us well in the Prem.

  86. Way to grind out an ugly, but 3 point yielding result.

    What a day for NUFC.


  87. Anyone know why Ryan Taylor never gets a game? Everytime he plays he seems to either score or make an assist, I think he’s a better RB than Simpson.

  88. Tell you what, watching this isn’t helping the fact I cant make midweek games, lol. SJP is on fire, the place is bouncing. Hughton taking rightful applause, he’s been fantastic this season and full credit to him. Howay The Lads, brilliant feeling to know we’re going up.

  89. Don’t feel like reading all 280+ replies to the thread…how many were there tonight? Fortunate enough to watch via Job is almost done…what…7 more points to confirm as champions?


    Get the F*** IN!

    Now win the league y’bastards, you’ve had a night off.

    Howay the lads!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  91. Fantastic !!
    Showed Grit second half could of had plenty more!
    Howay The Lads

  92. California, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brighton, Niagara, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, USA, Scotland, Netherlands, London, Singapore, UAE, Saudi, Northern Ireland, Ireland, New York.

  93. Right,
    Club, players, fans!

    Well done to Chris Hughton & Colin Calderwood, & ALL their backroom staff.
    Well done to the lads for sticking around, getting stuck in & getting us back with games to spare!


  94. Great night , morning for me , lets plan for the future tomorro ! But enjoy the limelight today HTL , KTF !

  95. Yes, coming from behind again, with nothing to prove really, but that’s a good sign boyd.

    CLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINT! Drink up again man. We’re not working tomrorrwoa.

  96. It’s been a pleasure tonight lads & lasses.

    Oh it’s such a perfect day, i’m glad i spent it with you……

    Get the beers in FSOTC.

  97. OHurley your right mat it has been a great day and hopfully we will see more very soon when we left the CCC cup. and dont be a stranger mate you will get good banter on here mate

  98. Right lads, a couple of other questions off topic.

    1-If we’re promoted as champions, i assume we’ll be presented the trophy at the final home game of the season? I will be at both remaining home games so its not that much of an issue, im purely curious lol.

    2-As we’re going to Puma for our kit maker next season, will we be doing what most teams do when changing their kit, and sporting it in the final home game of the season? Or are we contractually obliged to wear the Adidas kit for the remainder of the season until we officially change to Puma?

  99. Tenne-fughing-see, California, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brighton, Niagara, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, USA, Scotland, Netherlands, London, Singapore, UAE, Saudi, Northern Ireland, Ireland, New York!

  100. Clint @ 295 same here mate I cant wait to get over for another match and maybe stay the weekend tattoo a few on here while im over I know Toonsy and Icedog are looking stuff so hopfully be good fun

  101. Ross I dont think we will see the new kit untill next season they normally wear the new one but that is with the same sponsor so that fans will buy it during the summer. I just hope they dont have the cat in black :)

  102. Big Dave-That was my thought aswell mate. If the sponsor stayed the same they’d promote it, but my general feeling was that Adidas were probably contracted to make our kits for the season and I doubt they’d say “aye, why not, let Puma advertise their product on our patch” lol.

    I’m intrigued to see what it’s like mind. Puma have made some canny kits over the past few seasons so hopefully we get something decent cos I think the Adidas this season is canny, one of the nicest we’ve had for a while.

  103. Ross I have allways liked Adidas as there stripes allways fitted in with our kit and will be sad to see the end of their sponsorship. but Puma have made some canny kits

  104. I preferred last season’s kit… but I don’t want to buy till the fat man is out.

    Up NUFC! Fan ownership for me!

    signing off boys. Enjoy the celebrations.

    Congrats to all far and wide!

  105. Newcastle United crumbled into ruin, burned down, by the flames of relegation.
    But out of the ashes arose not a phoenix but a glorious black and white Magpie.
    Geordies and fans celebrate in and outside the Geordie nation,
    The belief, the hope and the true faith will never ever die.

  106. FSOTC,
    take it ez dood, top stuff mate!

    Keep up the drinking bud, no work tomorra!


  107. FSOTC,

    Denver, Colorado. Chuffed to bits, couldn’t follow the game until the very end (bloody work), but I did know the Forest result so knew we was gannin’ up tae the Prem. Happy days. This season has been a joy, but now we have to win this league and then prepare for what will be a difficult season come August.


  108. Me too jay jay,
    nice dizzy though eh?
    Looking forward to a lovely heedache tomorra.

  109. Brilliant win, we could have scored more if Lover had his boots on the correct feet! He had enough chances to get close to twenty himself tonight.
    And I was just thinking to myself Nolan don’t seem to be doing much and wondering whether it might be an idea for CH to sub him when he goes and scores a sublime goal. Pity Andy couldn’t get on the score sheet but I reckon his presence was enough to create chances and that near miss by Jonas was a great effort. I don’t think Harper had many serious saves to make in the second half other than some slightly shaky corners, whereas their goalie had to make several. We could easily have won by more but who cares we have done it, next stop the Premier League. Anyway hadn’t planned to try and summarise the highlights I think I’m just babbling with delerious joy, so I’ll shut up now.

  110. Well, what can I say?

    Well done lads!

    But I have to say I heard something tonight that I’m not sure anyone will appreciate.

    I’ve heard that Hughton will be replaced in the summer.

    I know it sounds ridiculous but this is what I have heard.

    The guy who told me is the guy who told me Barry Moat had made a bid for NUFC and he was right.

    He mentioned Shearer but I don’t quite believe that – But he was adamant that Hughton will probably be replaced.

  111. Stuart hope you had a good night mate it sounded like a real cracking atmosphere, I only wish I was there. Re what you heard I take it then you have faith in your source

  112. Big Dave,

    I had a good time thanks, bit of an anti climax probably due to the expectations ect but great nevertheless.

    I can only go off what he has told me in the past. He is well placed and he really doesn’t need to make this sort of stuff up.

    I told him he was talking shite and he agreed with me! But said, nobody is denying this at the club.

  113. Stuart-I’m refusing to believe it myself but even in the post match analysis on SS the possibility of CH being replaced by the time the Prem season’s start rolls round was murmoured.

    I’m also interested if anyone knows the gate? Must have been near enough a sell out?

  114. Ross,

    Think there was about 48,500- Sheff Utd only sold abut 800 apparently so that had a big impact on the gate.

  115. I think the corp box’s had a big impact aswell but im sure when we start in the prem next year there will be some wa#kers taking their seats in the prawn sandwich box’s

  116. ah classic times. great crowd down nevadas. plus champaign on the bar! love it.

    hope the boys back in newcastle are partying us proud.

    next stop – pickin up the coke cup on our way up to the premier league!

  117. Tenne-fughing-see, California, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brighton, Niagara, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, USA, Scotland, Netherlands, London, Singapore, UAE, Saudi, Northern Ireland, Ireland, New York, SYDNEY