Shola and Joey footwatch: Bambi back before the end of the month?

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Shola: Back for Swansea?
Shola: Back for Swansea?
Well, you just can’t stop Chris Hughton at the moment. This time, he’s been talking about the return of Shola Ameobi, who broke his foot after scoring in a 4-3 cup thriller against the mighty Huddersfield on 26th August. Hughton said he has high hopes for a Bambi’s return to the Newcastle United squad for the encounter with Swansea on 28th November. If he did return for that game, it would mean that the ‘Fenham Eusebio’ had been out of the game for around four months, and would probably need some time to return to full match fitness. His return would also coincide with the ending of the loan period for hired in hitman, Marlon Harewood, who has had mixed fortunes as a temporary replacement.

Ameobi, who seems to have picked up the very welcome habit of remembering to head the ball into the goal before he falls over this season, has been much missed in Newcastle United’s front line.

Hughton said of the West End assassin:

“Shola’s a player who was making a positive and big impact on the team when he was injured,” said Hughton.

“And now he’s beginning to near a return, he can make a big impact again.

“When he was injured he was playing very well, and that was underlined by him winning the player of the month (for August) in the division.

“He’s great to have around, not only because of his goalscoring, but also his presence and experience.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming him back, and I’m sure he can’t wait to be involved again.

“He’s up and running again. We’re monitoring him on a daily basis, and it’s so far so good.

“I’ve said that Shola’s expected to be fit by the end of the month, so (the break) gives us a bit more time, and brings him that little bit closer, with one game less.

“The one thing I have said is that Shola’s expected to be fit by the end of the month, so it gives us a bit more time and brings him that little bit closer, with one game less.”


Hughton then moved on to mild mannered midfielder, Joey Barton, who has also of course been crocked for some time, after picking up a similar foot injury in September and having surgery. Hughton said:

“Joey is doing fine too.

“This two-week break has given the likes of Joey and Shola the chance to get closer to a return.

“It also gives players who have played a lot of games the rest they need.”

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15 Responses

  1. Small point – isn’t the Swansea game pre xmas? November even? Still not sure on Shola – sometimes looks a world beater then at other times resembles a ship turning in the night. Ranger’s the one to develop!

  2. f**k it georgio play all 3 Ranger/CArroll/Shola
    lets have the keegan days back, you score 2 we’ll score 7!!

  3. Worky – apology accepted but there again – it’s g e o r g i o. It was the post xmas that caught the eye.

  4. worky , joey barton – the mild mannered midfielder – it’s a pity he didn’t have a bit of aggression about him he’d be one helluva player haha..

    danny-boy @..4 that’s the way i’d go  mate especially in this league.

  5. C`mon WORKEY !
    Playing to the gallery here ?
    “The Fenham Eusebio” ——-“The west end assasin”
    You can do better than that.
    Notice you did`nt say anything detrimental about our sociopath, afraid he might chin you ?
    Joking aside, i have found Shola to be something of an enigma,   There have been games where he looked terrific, unfortunately they have been balanced out by games where he disappeared .
    Not quite sure how good he can be, he was on a run prior to his latest injury and looked good, even got platitudes from some of his worst critics.
    I would like to see him get a good run and prove his critics wrong, after all he is a Geordie and we love our local lads in the side , no!

  6. Unfortuntley Chuck I think this is Ameobi’s level. He played well so far but if we got promoted up top and right wing is where I would strenghten right away ,

    I just dont hate Ameobi as a top level striker

  7. @ worky
    you ve done it again.
    You claim shola is the west end assassin.
    Not true. Shola has never lived in the west end. On the contrary, shola has many properties in newcastle. None of which is in the west end.
    Your mistake may innocently have come from the fact that his father is called westend ameobi, an old jamaican name.
    Your second point about being an assassin is also wrong. His great aunty was called assassin ameobi, again a traditional jamaican female name.
    Your connection may have been well intentioned but totally unfounded.
    Did you know shola means city dweller.
    In fact this explains why shola lives and has always lived in the city centre.
    I hope i haven t made a fool out of you worky but wiki stavers is never wrong.
    If you need any more facts just call for my assistance.
    Wiki stavers over and out.

  8. Troy,
    stop smoking that shit !
    Love to see a real Geordie (Shola) become the goalscoring hero we need at this time, he has the potential, he needs the support, lets hear it for our local hero,
    Put yer left foot in……………