Hughton ready to strike in January?

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Hughton: "Have to be the right players"
Hughton: 'Have to be the right players'
Newcastle United’s manager, Chris Hughton, has seemingly had “more rabbit than Sainsbury’s” (to quote the famous Chas n’ Dave song) in the last few days. Today, he was looking at future transfers, suggesting that while he is always on the lookout for new players that could genuiniely improve the squad, he would not sign bodies just for the sake of it, and will probably hold out until the January transfer window.

Anyway, over to Chris:

“We are constantly looking at possible signings, but there isn’t anything pressing at the moment. I can’t see anything happening in the short term. We don’t want to sign players just for the sake of it, they have to be the right players as we work towards the January transfer window.”

Referring to the return of ‘big hitters’ such as Coloccini, Steven Taylor and others, he added:

“We’ve got a few players back from injury and that has helped as well. I’m happy with the squad – but if I get the chance to strengthen I will do.”

Moving on to the short term loan deals on Danny Simpson, Zurab Khizanishvili and Marlon Harewood, he continued:

“We are fortunate because the loan deals we have in place for Zurab Khizanishvili and Marlon Harewood take us until after Christmas so we don’t have to worry about that too much and I think Danny Simpson is actually with us until January.

“As I understand it, the only game we will be without Zurab and Marlon is the Derby match so hopefully it won’t cause us too many problems. That will take is up to the transfer window and we will see what happens then in terms of signings.”

On the supposed interest in fellow ex-‘Spurs man, Sol Campbell (35), Hughton said:

“It’s one that I wouldn’t rule out. He’s a player who will go somewhere at some stage, and he will get a lot of offers.

“But we won’t rule him out of coming here.

“I don’t expect him to go anywhere at the moment, but he will be playing somewhere. I don’t expect that to be until after Christmas.”

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32 Responses

  1. If we  fail to strengthen the side during the Jan. window it could result in a fiasco on par with last years gamble on surviving the drop.
    Then again whats the point of gaining promotion with a team that is unable to compete in the top flight of football.
    Both windows have to be used in order to reconstruct a team lacking in both quantity and quality, or it`s up for a cup of coffee and back to the second tier, an elevator team much like W/Brom.
    Hopefully we can bring in a couple of players who will ensure our promotion and a few more during the summer to ensure our survival in the PL.

  2. Talking about survival in the Pl brings to mind a game a few years ago vs. West  Brom., who were struggling near the bottom of the league.
    The Toon fans were singing
    Going down, going down, going down !
    The quick witted reply came from the W/Brom fans,
    So are we, so are we, so are we !

  3. chuck i remember think it was 89 us singing to stoke your going down with the boro and the stoke fans replyed with were going down with the boro is if it would bother us lol

  4. It was a year that Sunderland was in the Pl and yes you jogged my mind, what we sang was,
    Yer ganin doon with the mackems!     doon with the maaaaaaaackems!   yer gannin doon wi the mackems !
    I think they both did go down that year.

  5. the worst thing for the heart is going up under ashley coz we will come straight back down again the person isnt willing to invest in the first he didnt do it when we were in the prem.

  6. Maybe they’ll try & get promoted spending as little as possible, then spend if/when we get up.
    Or not?
    It’s a gamble.

  7. On taking a guess as to MA`s future plans for the club.
    Based on past practice.
    First promotion, followed by the sale of the club, to the first bidder who can meet his price.
    How are we to get promoted, as cheaply as possible.
    Problem is finding a buyer in this economy.
    So dont expect much in the way of player purchase.
    And expect a tight race to-wards the end of the season, there are no guarantees we will be promoted and if it`s a case of we fail to go up,
    a player exodus,  leaving us with a  mediocre team  a lower income and with much less chance of promotion.
    So it`s promotion or bust !

  8. Or spend nowt, ever?
    Or spend money in jan then again in the summer?
    Or, is that all eventualities covered?

  9. Hitman – cant say I am gutted about 90% of the players that got sold. 10% will be missed, the rest were overpaid, over rated, injury prone cowards. Relegation could be our salvation – Im looking forward to the future.

  10. Unless, we don’t go up & someone sees the chance to get in on the cheap, clears the decks & get’s us back & makes some dosh whilst doing it?

  11. C`mon Stardust,
    What are you doing, throwing out a baited hook ?
    So I guess Given, Bassong, N`Zogbia, Martins, Beye and Duff were all overpaid, over rated and injury prone.
    You are some judge of footballers, s`pose you are happy with R.Taylor & Guthrie, coming in, now there`s some real quality.
    As for our loanee`s, out of the bunch only Simpson has shown any signs of quality.
    But why am I wasting my time here, you are just looking for an argument.

  12. Given & Beye will be missed, poss Duff too, the rest, to be honest, I really don’t think would have fitted in with the current tempo in the dressing room, Bassong wanted out, N’Zogbia too, Martins was great when he was good, but too sporadic, as for Taylor & Guthrie, Guthrie was a good buy, he works hard and his supply is not too shabby at all, Taylor needs work granted but he works for the team which is important in a small squad, Simpson does look good and he wants football, we just need to see how willing Fergie is to let him go
    so many predictions 1/3 of a season in, cool your jets for christ sake, the team are currently optimistic so why aren’t the fans?

  13. Judging by the Journal’s article today, Harewood’s set to show his worth to Newcastle.  I read that as he’s expecting to be pedalled back to Villa at the end of his loan period.

  14. I agree completely with stardust….Everyone!!!!! Yes everyone of the players who left us at the end of the season (i do not include given in this category) can go f##k themselves! They were not good enough to keep us in the pl and they could not wait to jump ship. They were not committed to newcastle united at all!

    …..Beye…Martins…Owen…Duff….Bassong…..Viduka….etc etc Money Men; that’s all they cared about!

    Give me the committment of Alan Smith or Kevin Nolan anyday over players with more ability who are only in it for the money.

    Yes we will need to strengthen in most areas if we get promoted back to the pl; but let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves about the jan window. In Jan we must look at players to get us promoted; before we begin looking at players who might keep us in the pl!

  15. Jedi – I wasnt just talking about last season – I was talking about the season before. I am only sad to see Given, (but Harper is as good IMO), Beye and poss the two huffy french men go Bass and Nzog – though we wouldnt have the team spirit we do now if they had stayed.
    Whats ironic – is that the players who were meant not to be as good as the ones who left – have stepped up to the plate – as a team – and fight for each other. Give me that every game rather than Owen prancing around for 30mins once every 3 months.

  16. Phew Danny – just nice to see a couple of people circling planet Stardust (even if no one else is on it lol)

  17. Watching owen run out in a man utd shirt angers me to the pit of my stomach; even if it is only for a few seconds each game :-)

    He did not try for us in our run in for fear of getting injured! When the nig chances came his way (i.e. 1 on 1 with david james v portsmouth at home) he bottled it big time! All this talk of giving him one chance and he’ll score is jackanory stuff!

    For me; charlie and bassong never had there hearts in our club! Always talking up moves to arsenal or other “bigger” clubs.

    From what ive heard Alan Smith had habib beye by the throat at half time against leyton orient after he had strolled off the pitch and demonstrated in the dressing room that he didnt want to be out there for us in the first place…We certainly won’t miss that attitude!

    If we go up then we need players who are there because they want to be there. Hungry players with something to prove. Not just big named star’s; let go from so caled bigger clubs because they are past there sell by dates!

    There are some good championship players i’d like to see us have a look at in january…..

    Joe ledley, Adam Johnson, Beckford, Boyd….as well as securing danny sipmson on a permanent deal.

    Any two of these would be great champioship signings.

    Then if we get up lets buy two, maybe three quality players to supplement a strong squad with some great young talent.

  18. problem we have buying in the championship is UK prices, since the addition of the multi-million owners, they’re getting sillier & sillier, rumours of Benitez stumping up £12m for Carlton Cole (another ex NUFC), the one I always quote is £6m for Matthew Upson, WTF?!?!?!?
    anyone who even shows a glimmer of promise gets a £5m+ price tag right away, it’s killing the market
    I think it’s why the academy is such a bonus and why Keegan (first time round) was wrong to close it off, we’ve got a few showing promise, and (ironically) luckily they are getting chance to play & develop

    Oh! those damn froggies creating unrest and division in the dressing room eh !
    Guess you have personally checked that out, I mean it could`nt be just off the top of you head , right !
    You telling me that Harper is as good as Shay ?
    And lets not mix our sports here, because as a baseball fan stepping up to the plate, means coming to bat, confusing !
    Which brings me to the ones who were not meant to be as good as those they replaced (stepping up to wherever you please) are just that,
    Not as good !