Newcastle United: Looking Set for a Busy Transfer Deadline Day

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Kieran Trippier & Chris Wood
Two signings so far, how many more?
Newcastle United have had quite a busy transfer window so far though unfortunately, this has been more to avoid relegation from the Premier League than build a squad capable of Champions League qualification as many hoped. There have been a lot of rumours as to whom the club will sign, and have set their sights on quite a few players in recent weeks. Lucas Digne looked set to join the club but then made the switch to join Aston Villa instead which come as a shock to some Newcastle fans.

The club recently put a bid in for Lyon midfielder Bruno Guimaraes which is said to have been accepted by Lyon, so it all depends on if the player accepts personal terms and passes a medical. This would be a great signing who is proven at club level as well as international level with Brazil. A lot of football fans have recently been putting transfer bets on which players will or won’t move clubs with non UK casinos like independent uk casinos offering fans a platform to do this.

A lot of fans have also been placing transfer bets on players to join Newcastle United due to them recently being taken over by new owners and having a huge transfer budget to bring in new and exciting players. The club has been rumoured to be interested in just about every player that is available for transfer with the window yet to see them sign anyone with deadline day fast approaching.

The club is expected to have a very busy transfer deadline day with fans expecting incomings and outgoings if they look to avoid relegation and stay in the league this season. Since appointing the new manager, the club has recently improved their results but are still missing a few key players in certain areas of the pitch.

Deadline day is a hectic day for all clubs, staff, players, and fans in the world of football and because Newcastle has recently had the takeover, the fans are expecting big things from the club to prove to them that they are serious about staying up in this league. The signing of Guimaraes would be a step in the right direction to please the fans and to help boost the team to avoid a relegation battle this season.

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23 Responses

  1. “… meaning can we expect the up and coming China to be involved in the future”

    Chuck, Inter Milan is 70% owned by a Chinaman. I think a Chinaman also has a stake in Reading FC too. The Chinese have certainly raised the profile of their domestic game too. If you remember, Rafa went to manage a Chinese side (Dalian) after leaving the Toon.

  2. Wolves are Chinese owned, and there’s a brace of Championship clubs too. As well as Reading there’s West Brom, Birmingham and another Championship club too. Despite being a nation of 1.4 billion, the Chinese are still pretty shite at football though. Poor Rafa didn’t improve matters, he only lasted 38 games at Dalian, though that was better than getting the boot after only 22 games at Everton. He’s definitely lost his mojo.

  3. I was watching bits of the Wolves – Spurs game and I noticed that they have very good centre back called Max Kilman. I noticed him playing well some time ago but then I forgot about him. He isn’t a top player with a huge price on his head or anything like that, they bought him from a Conference side but he was really impressive. If I was a Newcastle Uniited scout watching him, I’d be very interested. Having written that it was a very good game for the Geordie giant yesterday, and Trippier (again). Ryan Fraser put in a good performance too.

  4. Yeah, Burn and Trippier both had good games. Shame the latter got injured, The injuries were nearly quite costly too, because we lost our flow a bit. It was a nail-biter in the second half. I’ll take the 3 points any way we can get them at the moment, though.

  5. What’s this then, you scouting for the Toon now and Inter Milan are70% owned by a ChinaMAN, or looking for scouts r’ summit.
    And I’m sure the Chinese are quite able to take care of their own stuff.
    We, being NUFC, are fortunate enough to having been named the worlds wealthiest club, however it certainly doesn’t appear to be the case, the way we went about our business, in regard’s to spending.
    appears the Saudis have taken over that role and I see Worky has had his pick of players, adding a player that no one has ever heard of (Max Kilman) however if he is like your last favorite defender, which you thought was great, then we may be worse off.
    I’m looking to eventually see how we do during the summer window.
    It’s the time to buy the top players.

    And we had better do a better job of choosing and dumping clubs who give us a challenge, we got the bread use it !
    We are half a club or more to regaining our role as a decent club in the top league and should with this ownership who one knows through their history, want a top side and are willing to pay for it,
    It’s all about ego’s here.
    It would be nice to rebuild into a decent side and prove we are capable , by hiring those with the necessary skills, though I wasn’t particularly happy with those brought in, apart from another decent defender and what appears to be a decent defensive center-fielder.
    I expect to see a signing that we have to take from another club , facing the same problems, a goal scorer, but not like last season’s perfect No 9 , who by the way can make it as a defensive midfielder also , well maybe . but to play him as a 9-10 would be a mistake we have already tried.
    It’s a new side completely, or nothing, well perhaps we could still use our playmaker (Baldie Hogan), after all who could do a better job than of late, that is if he weren’t so lazy and took it upon himself to give it his best or it’s the transfer list;
    Would also like to have a shot at getting Rice, though unlikely, being a London boy. and preferring to let nufc do whatever they like,Talking bout Rice here, would signed him as opposed to Grealish, though one can score the other plays a great defensive game.
    Though Grealish obviously took the publics eye, it’s Rice that a
    team especially A Man U side need desperately. Too bad we couldn’t take both.
    And lets face it, as the world;s richest club, and wanting early trophies to cover for the last decade or more of empty seasons with a cheap-ass owner is it not time we went out there and bought one .
    Not too happy about the present condition the Toon, face but a few
    well spent Petro-Dollars could cure that as soon as the 24 season begins.


  6. Chuck, you’re never happy anyway, you’re like Oscar the grouch. It doesn’t work like that. Newcastle United are just a small part of a sovereign wealth fund, not the whole thing and there is also the financial fair play thing too with no dodgy sponsorship deals for ridiculous amounts to get around things but we’ll see.

  7. Well unlike yourself I am quite happy and though I may prefer to see NUFC avoid relegation, it doesn’t bother me one bit to see us in the second tier for a season, it will give us breathing room to sign whoever we want and preferably not the big money targets who appear to cause more problems than actual help,
    Sure there will be lots of youngsters who are on their way to success, as long as we have the right people within our scouting system .
    I’m afraid we need an organized transfer system, and begin with the younger crowd on their way to success, being would you like to have a jerk like some of the important players @ MU, right now ?
    A year of fighting for success within the Second tier is perhaps what some of our younger choices need, though it’s not quite that easy anymore to win promotion, but the games will certainly be better to watch than the club under our last coach/manager, now living off the six million quid pay-off, I hope his present club are not as dumb as we think they are.
    Soh ! stop worrying and enjoy the championship while it lasts and then back to business, in the EPL.
    And yes Worky I do happen to understand our share of the super fund is not total,
    Being it entails the country as whole , yes a complete rebuilding of Saudi Arabia is involved and nufc is just a small part, sizable I know
    and enough to involve most anything, apart from a football club, so don’t fret !
    As we were on our w ay downward along with S’land & Boro.
    to end up like Portsmouth and well you can read their names and recall the times they were in the old first division, but now nowhere.

  8. Checking out as to which players Newcastle intend bidding on and it was the headline that struck me, concerning Amanda Stavely.
    apparently Wor Amanda has been named as the key mover in the takeover and given full confidence in securing Botman for the Geordies, during the Summer Window.
    Now I’m really not looking for someone to criticize but those two statements concerning the takeover and the signing of Botman have no actual relationship, with one and other.
    I took it she played a part in the take-over, but to contribute her attendance doesn’t necessary mean she is god’s gift to Newcastle and considering her interest value, which I am unaware of, I doubt it carries a lot of value to the trip-partate ownership.
    What I’m saying here is who is in charge over all ?
    And to assign her as a negotiator, dealing with people who are in the business for years is not something I would recommend or be assured will come off, now that’s it, on that subject apart from the point that each owner should be capable of doing the specific job they were included as a part owner, to do , no?
    And as it appears for Amanda appears to be pushing to be included in jobs that I certainly don’t think she is capable of .
    I mean what does she actually know about the game to be a member of the take-over group, when the fans were wondering earlier”where’s the money man which the Saudis later , following most signings introduced, an ex Brihton money man.
    does that mean we have the best negotiators, I think not !
    Look Amanda is quite pretty and as a face for Newcastle fine and I’m sure she is bright enough, but I ask, what does she know about the game and as a negotiator of transfers , which can be quite in-volved and legally difficult.
    Plus there are other jobs she could be handling, like sitting in ex-Ashley’s seat with her husband and smiling, as she obviously enjoys it.
    But the summer window will be upon us sooner than we think and we had better be prepared.
    The summer window being the most important of the two, beign it starts the new season, with all things including the three new second tier clubs ” for a cup of coffee or back for the foreseeable future, which may include nufc.
    The news has the results of who the new money man is and we have hired just about everyone (even Amanda) if we are to believe the footballing news, so no more excuses, either about signing people or dumping those that don’t belong, about more than half the present side I recon.
    soh here we are following over a decade of failure with Ashley, the Saudi’s having backed us so far, but what is in the future of the club. ?
    Who knows being most premiership clubs have owners within the billion quid range, expecting to earn more as will the giant tv out-fits
    both the beeb and their counterparts, good forth, but on the other hand users of to-days technology are finding ways to beat the squeeze, by using streaming and illegal boxes to stay current.
    “whadda ya know about the original beef with (be out and be in)”
    it just happens to be an international problem, got it Amanda or will she be playing in goal next ? or taken as a patsy in the negotiations
    and possibly blamed as a failure ?



  9. Worky Yeah the club has signed a money man, though for the winter window it’s a day late and a dollar short and I’m more interested in the upcoming signings as the winter windows was
    both screwed up and not anyone except the brasilian midfielder and Tripeir drew my attention.
    Come the Summer window, we should have a much easier time,
    that is there should be just about every club involved.
    Especially the selling of middle and forward lines that we are supposedly looking at though checking out the names and clubs I see youngsters who have yet to play for their particular sides and big money prices alongside their names.
    Yeah it will be interesting, especially the fact that just about every club that has any youngsters may be looking to dump em on nufc
    doubling their profits.
    Why should I care ? well because I’m not that concerned it aint my money and have already heard stories about the who’ and why-fors and the facts ,which it doesn’t take a genius to figure out.
    though, that doesn’t exclude duds.
    However could be more interesting for sure than the one we have just been through.
    Yeah too bad about Trippier I guess, a real leader and would have been capable enough in that role, ah well !
    It seems going from a crap side to being the wealthiest club in the P/League has not been a blessing with every club that does business with us will be looking for a taste of profit knowing our situation and the fact that we may survive any relegation, however
    there is still the left over feeling within the UK sides concerning a
    boycott which is doubled by continental sides who no doubt inform their players and generally give the impression we may be a welcome target as long as we continue to pay over the top .
    soh ! actually all that does is raise prices of certain player, which we need going into the P/league or not.
    And the interesting part is we should take that time and use it well as it will give us some decent games to watch and is inevitable that we return to the epl as soon after as we can, possibly not unlike the last side to enter from the second tier, don’t go and check that out
    as if you are baffled , then you should’nt be doing a blog that contains now’t but football.
    And think of something interesting to say, not petty criticism of what I do or say.
    Well that’s a tough one being, you know so little about football,
    Ah well !

  10. Well that’s the winter deal or window is done, but whats the story on who can do whatever in regards to the windows , or should I say outside the transfer windows as no-one eve explained the situation .entirely,
    I assume deals can be negotiated between clubs , with the understanding that they wouldn’t actually go Ito effect until the next window arrives. That is of course one can negotiate or continue to develop a deal that cannot be physically accomplished but has for the most part been agreed upon, between sides, is that right ?
    In other words clubs can negotiate outside of the window, but can
    not conclude the deal until the window becomes effective.
    There have been a number of rules both game rules and business
    rules which have have been changed over the years.
    One would think that who-ever made the rules for the game, would be responsible for further changes and yes I understand rules have been changed continually, over years.
    However that’s not my concern, which is more the Ethos of the game, which has changed it IMO considerably over time, introducing a more foreign ethos to the game with both game rules changes and face it the transfer windows themselves have been introduced to a number of changes, (the Lets go to the video folks )
    which can define the results of the game, with more disallowed goals than actual registered goals, and I and back this by appealing to the reader how certain rules are taken much too seriously.
    for instance there will never be another offside goal scored by appealing to the video, having watched an otherwise goal refused.
    recently where the scorer was @ least the first set of toes in front of the ball when eventually the offside player, Shot !
    Yes of course the rule has been changed now and there are an enormous amount of goals either registered as offside, than allowed. Which becomes a problem for the fans of the attacking side.
    But of course these solutions end up as I have stated can become a problem and lends itself to abuse, with every offside challenged by the defensive side, in the hope there actually was a foul committed , which I don’t think was intended.

    However it’s tough enough for refs to-day and despite the fact that there are now four officials controlling the game and three more behind the camera makes it look a bit foolish, which it is imo.
    Soh, when attempting rule changes it may be temporary , until the ruling provides no long interruptions and when reviewed appears to solve the sitation, in a quick and agreed upon whistle.

  11. Well that’s about all we are gone get outta transfers, I guess were gonna have to go toe to toe for the guys with the big numbers,
    We are hearing some names , however they all appear to be so-so,
    and of course there are those that you gotta use your billionaire
    card to gain a place close to the previous arrangements, a few needing an explanation with who you are and why you are bidding.
    Apparently looking at the loans that most European sides owe, few can compete with nufc’s present ownership, the older sides and more or less wealthiest, say Real Madrid , with it’s wealthy class
    supporters, Those responsible for the attempted re alignment known as the Super League, but was rejected with an EPLvote, by mainly those who have done well from the broadcasters and enabled them to restructure stadium and other system all using that same amount of Monet available .
    Of course no one has any idea how things will turn out, but the re -invention of football is now being made from charges of football programs in many different systems , with believe it or not excludes
    to-days normal tv, most of the technology coming from a hands on system’ which could improve the modern day machine to do most of the requirements

    Say a record (a smart phone) of all medical, education, passport-driver license , medical history, vaccination’s, in other words everything about you, but I remember a time when we didn’t have that ability, I think I liked a half-assed overall attitude to what we can expect in the nearby future.

    fair amount of profit

  12. So far the fact The Saudi’s, have decided on becoming a more than one club ownership, actually escapes me , unless they believe they need more than one bet on this horserace.
    Seems it’s almost a done deal with the plan side and they had stated earlier that the buying of nufc , could have been their main side in to-days European expansion.
    Could this be some thing important for them, as it was suggested they would also have investments in other clubs one in the UK, the others in France, Italy and Spain or South America , on thinking about it these are nations that actually impress in soccer but there has been a revival of the game of late, with such new watchers on TV, that there will be a fortune made by such large outfits and may
    have expanded , certainly the problems with Qatar & Saudi,which was involved in dispute over who to use , during certain games.
    Yeah I understand the Saudis having had to solve that problem, may wish to take care of it prior to getting into another one, so if the Saudis have more than one club in each country mentioned it may give them some kind of advantage, who the hell knows ?
    And does anyone actually know why the Saudis are involving themselves in such a manner, it would be nice to know and especially @ this particular time, being unless nufc become a winning side whats the point.
    My guess is Becoming a major Broadcaster of live games may be in their future, then again could have no particular reason (other than be first in that business) but I certainly question as to why the kingdom, has either disclosed or even hinted as to why it is expanding it’s reach, certainly having more clubs within certain countries and the fact that investors in football prefer to buy bigger clubs that have both decent stadiums and facilities and of course a deceny history.
    Anyone know out about it ?
    so whats the answer ?

  13. I hear one of the best players in the English leagues, is open to bids this coming summer , has name is Rice, yeah that’s Declan rice possibly the best midfielder around .
    Yeah I was astonished to hear his rlval in the bidding went for more money, that’s the not so successful goal scorer Man Citeh bought ,
    who had better learn how Pep wants him to play, being he has not scored much and that’s why he was bought, actually to replace that great scorer from Argentina, who has reached that age where most clubs start searching for someone younger.
    Well hell why don’t we replace him and dump Shelvey, who is no-where near as good, erm! we do have the money don’t we ?
    Yeah I see where we have signed some second rate players so far and it’s getting to remind me of an Ashley club again, here we are with a side who we don’t know if they can beat a recently promoted club and going for crap players and if we don’t open up the bidding (because we may overspend)
    we may be concerned) about what, were gonna break the single richest country this globe has to offer, i think not!
    So enough of the local players , lets look instead @ the best players
    And what did we get for it a crawling club, instead of a major club.that has more dosh than the Bank of England, who are still crawling outta the danger zone.
    Oh yeah we got a great manager, my ass a retro mid table no-body, that everyone thinks could be great
    who I doubt knows f**k all a bout the game at this level or any level.
    There are going to be almost a whole side that have to be replaced and hear we are dealing with guys from Northumberland . I mean who the f**k is running things ?
    Afraid to spend the money, well there’s thousands of fans , now that we have assured ourselves we are wealthy who would like us to be a signer of big names not in five years time but right now.
    And I can’t wait to see it happen and there are I’m sure just as many awaiting it’s happening. but not next year or in a few years but right now .
    In which case lets stock the club up a bit and spend some of those petro- dollars, we the nufc fans have been under a skin-flint for the last number of seasons and as much has been said about how
    we are this and that, well here’s our opportunity to become an annual winner but first lets buy a winner , spend some of that cash or take a hike !

  14. Hmm ! looks as if the real bargaining will begin as of around this time, “whadda ya mean” the summer window don’t open, until later
    Yeah that’s if you dismiss all the phone calls and get togethers of the various managers or money men, all attempting to call their transactions or partial deals successful, or get a step ahead of the others by bargaining between now and the official opening of the summer window, the biggest and the best market for footballers, is what it is.
    And it should be, the biggest and the best with nufc. stepping out with the biggest clubs and in a real premier league , toughest in europe, so some say/
    Well to put it in perspective, we could hardly afford to give our loanee, his fare back to north London and Arsenal, following his late scoring and to now enter the transfer market, with the cheap side done during this winter, we can be assured of big bucks flying around and news being leaked or whatever reasons. a real market !
    I suppose the early buying and selling indicates how serious a condition NUFC are in, and there should be rumors spreading already, but not a word, !
    Ah well, we will find out exactly who we are buying, following the
    opening day ceremonies .
    It will be interesting to see who goes to where, with the top six or seven clubs bidding against one and other and of course NUFC on it’s own course to success, I would like to see us sign young Rice
    the West Ham midfielder, been watching him all season and @ his
    age his tenure would be a ten year one at least, next would be a center Forward, gotta score those goals, we could go for “Arry” who I’m sure wants outta Spurs and I can already hear the audience claim “oh that’s too much to ask for”, which after over a decade of
    crap football and no real money, should become the clubs goal.
    Don’t forget our new owner could buy and sell most clubs in the
    damn league , so don’t be afraid to ask for who you want !
    And as a result , I want to see nufc within striking distance of those sides, and series of great games played for our fans, the real beneficiaries of the takeover, who following Ashley’s exit are entitled to watch a remade NUFC side take on all comers during this important season, approaching, ok !



  15. Chuck, calm down! let’s just get the relegation dogfight out of the way and then see where they stand. Newcastle haven’t really paid hugely inflated prices for players, with the exception of Chris Wood, and that was Newcastle forcing Burnley into selling a player they really didn’t want to sell by meeting his £25 million release clause. Tripper for £12 million was a great deal. However he turns out, that exotic Brazilian midfielder was estimated to be worth around what Newcastle paid for him. The Georfie giant has done well so far too and Targett is a loan. If Newcastle get a top notch striker to go with sick note, poor old Woods may end up not playing many games at all at Newcasle. I think they might have paid £25 million for him just to get through the patch until Wilson’s fit again because of the relegation worry.

  16. ‘Of course no one has any idea how things will turn out, but the re -invention of football is now being made from charges of football programs in many different systems , with believe it or not excludes
    to-days normal tv, most of the technology coming from a hands on system’ which could improve the modern day machine to do most of the requirements’

    That made me chuckle, Chuck. What on earth does it mean though?!!

    It’s still TV, it’s just on a phone, or on a pair of glasses or whatever, though that last idea seemed to bomb when they tried it. TV schedules are dying as people just watch things on demand now on one of several different devices.

  17. So it’s 14th now with Leeds, Everton and Brentford overtaken, though that Brentford player who was sent off early in the game certainly helped us yesterday. Some of the earlier signings like Fraser are improving too, though they still need a striker who can score goals on a regular basis without getting knacked every few games like Wilson. It looks like your sweetheart has been sacked over at Leeds too, Chuck.

  18. Well it appears the toon fans are ore than happy, certainly with our new manager, who appears to be doing a decent job, though I’m not that happy with his choice of signings, who appear to be no better than average epl signings.
    Yeah I ike the intent and eagerness of our Brazilian midfielder recently signed, if going by his exuberance he can live up to it, lets see ?
    Nah what we have signed @ present is no more than an exercise in
    readying ourselves to prepare for he summer 22-23 season, we really need a goalscorer and a playmaker up front, being Shelvey plays when he needs to, imo, a lazy tackler, who has been traded around he league because of it by some decent clubs, plus the rest are all expendable and we really need almost a complete side outta this coming market.
    And what does our boss (Eddie) know about the market of continental or South American players, which if this side is expected to reach any heights, should include them, which is why I suggested
    a policy of foot dragging by our owners who will have to meet the cost of any new additions and was proven right, being we really needed and sill do a few names that trike fear into certain clubs.
    Sure we got a couple of over the hill defenders and one Brazilian, which we may have payed an over the top amount for, but certainly not the crowd we cudda signed.
    Is this a case of foot dragging, unpreparedness, or what ?
    And unless we sign some recognized names, will be not much better off than the crowd we inherited from Bruce and is banker
    our ex owner and here we are with the highest funding country in the world and what do we end up with, an over the hill sick note
    a local lad from Cumberland and a giant to boot, alongside a Brazilian no one had ever heard of, plus another giant center forward or forward as they are named to-day/
    That’s what happens when unorganized management take over, with investors with no money running certain jobs they are not
    capable of and the owners trying to keep up with it all.
    Hopefully the new money man appears to have a decent resume
    and it’s time he started doing his thing a week ago , as there cannot be separate chasers other than the manger and money man at this stage , or it will end up in chaos, and we will become the laughing stock of the game,
    Hopefully things will change and instead of ending up with overpaying for this new side and their management or we have a number of decent signings on the list of new bodies to arrive I mean after all we have had sufficient time to prepare for this nufc’s new
    system. yet we find it difficult to get over certain lousy sides that arrive @ St. James’, like howe ey man !


  19. Yeah ! perhaps may have been a bit severe considering the fact we brought in 2 giants, 1one local, two sick note defenders, sure once decent but now on the bench, lets first of all get rid of
    the sick notes and buy some decent players to replace them.
    I know most reading the blog will read we did ok in the winter window, well excuse me if I laugh when telling the story to other Football aficionados, while they laugh in turn.
    Not happy with anything except we have been fortunate to have had the run of it lately, with certain players now extending themselves in order to survive a wage paying job.
    being some (most) are selected to either draw the dole or find another club,
    Now hopefully both the manager and money an can get their heads to-gether and bring in som decent players, ya know tings are difficult . due to the fact we’ re low on the totem pole, but in my opinion as safe as can be.
    In which case will make sales bit easier though there are a-nother ten or more continental sides where we can do business, just like those top of the disown sides, as no one is looking for a totally UK side and as far as I know, with no exceptions,
    AND there are no Shearer’s involved, help !

  20. Chuck, I know you so well by now. I think you’re somewhat unimpressed with the signings (and the new manager and technical director) because most of them are English, and therefore evil imperialists who can only play 19th century football. You want big foreign names, and a fancy foreign manager because you think that means fancy football.

  21. Worky
    Yes I am disappointed wth the event , being we re not a basketball team, and so why the signings of so called giants who are barely the size of the average guard or playmaking basketball star, usually the shortest men in the side,
    One reason is a big center forward who could score on set plays
    which have yet to be played and the other, an iffy defender, no better than those he replaced.
    Reminds me of the player used by our manager who got what was it a six year contract and was awful, taking about the tall defender you thought was terrific, but was one of the clubs the worst signings ever.
    And you don’t know a thing about me, at least I understand a bit about the game, and am entitled to an opinion, which is I remain unimpressed by the signings and would have concentrated on the combined opinions of both the manager and leave the negotiations to our money man, you have to understand it is they the money men who deal with contracts and should be the manager who picks the players, got it !
    And yes it is the window which brings discontent to numerous teams, however there had to be better buys than the non scoring giant and his mate the defensive player who thought well over six foot, is not outstanding in any way, though your liking of the useless central defender we eventually got rid of should be an example for
    our manager,
    Though I have to admit the present run has been very successful
    though I don’t regard this as anything that has to do with the side in general, look there are any number of useless players who have nowhere to go to make a living and have picked up on their game and producing results, yes especially Frazer, however this time next year few will remember their names.
    It should certainly should be an interesting summer in fact, where the big bucks should be spent and I certainly hope we are capable of bringing in some big names, well perhaps we could get some interest from our former head of transfers along with a r/r ticket through Holland , France and Spain , the man that brought us those great players when Ashley had decided to come a buyer and seller, then change his mind and sold them off for peanuts. well not really.
    My regards to which club was it that took on our ex manager Bruce
    “Derby County” which s a very old and venerable club, but getting Bruce should be the last move and may very well be their last manager., well thats ok , the guy has still got his buy out six million quid to keep hm warm to there in the wild’s of Northumberland.

  22. I assume most Newcastle fans are more than happy and I understand also louder and looking for a hero, who @ the moment is the tricky frenchman, how is it every time we sign a Frenchmen he ends up as a hero ? also I might add, a bit whacko, otherwise how did they end up playing in the North East.