Is the return of Keegan a Sirous possibility?

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Third coming or nonsense?
Third coming or nonsense?
The Sun is reporting (also on Sky) that some gadgie called Sirous Mahjoob might take over Newcastle United and install Kevin Keegan as manager. Again.

In the ‘news’ as scribed by The Sun, Llambias said:

We are dealing with several people and giving most of our time and attention to the sale.

You must remember that some parties make offers but when it comes to putting up proof of funds they are a long way from sealing a deal.

But I can say we are very close to completing a deal and it could happen next week.”

Which is good news I suppose. Llambias then goes on to say why it’s foolhardy to employ a permanent manager at the moment:

It’s Catch 22 – anyone who signs a deal will want their own choice of manager.

Look what happened when Mike took over, Sam Allardyce was already in place and he didn’t want him.”

Then there’s a report from someone said to be a spokesman for Sirous Mahjoob:

The money is there. Mr Mahjoob has a healthy interest in football and is bidding to take over an ailing club with a great worldwide reputation.

He envisages a clean sweep with Kevin Keegan coming back as manager, this time with his own staff and control of players. Last time Keegan inherited a lot of people he didn’t necessarily want and we don’t want the same situation again.

He has nothing against Shearer. He just thinks Keegan retains greater global appeal.”

It could be a load of cobblers of course. It is odd that there’s distinct lack of information about anyone called Sirous Mahjoob on the interweb. Surely Google would know about all the rich Dubai businessmen wouldn’t they? But you never know with these things – perhaps this Mahjoob is some sort of low-profile recluse.

I love Kevin Keegan. His enthusiasm, passion, honesty and management style are infectious and I’ll always be grateful for The Entertainers he gave us first time around. Even the second time, after initially wondering about the wisdom of the appointment, I warmed to him again when he started shaping the team and getting some results.

But a third time? No, I really don’t think that’s wise. It would be a step in the wrong direction in my opinion – we need to move forward from here with a new owner, new manager and new team. We need stability for a number of years now and, however good a manager he might turn out to be, Keegan is a man who acts on his emotions and there’s always a risk he could walk, even if it’s just for personal reasons without any contributory arguments with the club to help him on his way. With a world of potential managers out there I just think it’s too much of a risk to employ Keegan again.

Despite my doubts about the truth of this story, it would be unfair to completely dismiss it out of hand (or at least the non-Keegan bits) because certain things add up if you look at them from a particular angle. Shearer hasn’t been appointed as manager, which might mean that at least one of the serious contenders for ownership didn’t want him as manager. And the transfer embargo seems to have been lifted, which might mean that a deal is close as Llambias implies. Although none of that equates to a return for Keegan of course.

It’s all speculation at this stage and you can make your own mind up what to believe until we get something definite. Personally I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a wind-up of some sort and that this is just another joke at our expense, although I admit that’s what I thought when it was first rumoured that he’d return for a second time.

Anyway, it’s giving me a headache so I’m off in search of some aspirin.

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41 Responses

  1. The phrase “The money is there” has been used in association with virtually all fake Newcastle United bid stories. It’s the kind of thing a gutter journalist, a prankster, or a publicity seeker would say. Someone who has something to prove and is protesting too much about it.

    On the other hand, someone who had a genuine interest in the club, and the funds to back it up, would not have to prove themselves in this manner, and would be most unlikely to say it to the media. That’s one of the reasons why I think this story is probably complete and utter tripe, and should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

  2. Against my better judgement and flying in the face of common sense and logic, I’d probably be over-the-moon actually.

    Just looking at his face there and wearing that badge with pride and passion. Full of enthusiasm and energy. Always brings a buzz back to the club.

    Let’s kiss and make up Kev. Bollox to what everyone else thinks around the country.

    I’m just a sentimental, romantic fool.

    It’s ridiculous but what can you do?

  3. BBM, I love KK but I think stability is just so important to this club after what we’ve been through and KK’s not my idea of a ‘stable’ manager. The passion and emotion that makes him so likeable also makes him a risky appointment.

  4. It won’t happen anyway. As the morning goes on I’m becoming even more convinced this is a wind-up.

    As I said in the article, I can’t understand the lack of info about this Manboob chap on the ‘net. It makes me mighty suspicious.

  5. Total and utter balls!

    Although for some reason it’s being reported in Iranian media!

  6. Another potential bidder enters the fray.

    “Dear All,

    My name is Scott Fitzgerald and I’m a candidate to lead a fans led consortium to buy Newcastle United Football Club. I have set up this website with the initiative to take the sole control of this “Great Club”.

    1- We can achieve this by getting 2 million fans to donate £50 each or 1 million fans donating £100 each. The fact is either way we will have then raised the necessary funds to own the club and everybody who has donated will become a shareholder; the club will be fans owned.

    2- I would bring back Kevin Keegan one last time and team him with Alan Shearer where by they have creative control and share there longterm vision with our ambition and with this initiative it can be realised as long as the Toon Army rise to the occasion.

    3- Once The club has been stabilised I will look to take our youth policy to the next level and improve the current club structure by starting a grassroots policy.I am straight forward man with direct ideals and if I did not feel i could do this I would not dream of going this far but I am a visionary and I believe this is what Newcastle Football Club needs to ensure its prosperity for years to come.”

    Scott Fitzgerald

  7. I think that ‘letsbuynewcastle’ consortium is my favourite one yet.

    I’m off to get a ton out the ATM at lunchtime.

  8. I’m going to re-mortgage the house immediately and give all the money to Scott.

    I’ll even sell my wife if I can find a buyer with enough room for all the shoes.

  9. bowburnmag says:
    July 30, 2009 at 11:53 am

    “I think that ‘letsbuynewcastle’ consortium is my favourite one yet.”

    It smells a bit like S********d to me, Bowburn. :-)

  10. Two million fans. Do we have two million fans? Do we have one million fans? That’s a lot of people.
    I think it’s now time to announce that I’m fronting a consortium to buy the club.
    We will be called The Mob in honour of stardust and will appoint Micky Quinn as manager with immediate effect, working along side Frank Pingle as 1st team coach.

    You can support us by throwing your change in one of the buckets that I will have placed at every entrance to SJP on match days. I will also be carrying the buckets to away matches for full coverage.

  11. Forgot to say – No to Keegan, just no. Sorry Bowburn, but it’s a massive step backwards to bring Keegan back.

  12. Spurs have 2 million fans apparantly, so I’d like to think we do. If not I’m friends with a Gas man, so…

  13. 52 i dont know

    but the pop of the ne is 2.5 mil a 3rd supports the toon so thats about 833 k fans in the north east but we have a world wide following so im sure its more

  14. 52times says:
    July 30, 2009 at 12:15 pm (Edit)

    Spurs have 2 million fans apparantly


    Don’t forget they also claim they’re a top 4 team though, possibly the best team in the Premiership except for the teams better than them.

    Meow, scratch – that was uncalled for Hugh.

  15. Probably because it’s month end Hugh. Everyone is getting worked up because accounts are being closed off for July. A lot of people have been expecting something to happen at the end of the month. Don’t know why.

  16. As an outsider (I only herald from Co Durham now down south) Keegan is not the man.I do not think he would be a bigger draw to players than Shearer and afraid to say he has a reputation now in many parts of the country as a serial quitter.Throws his toys out of the pram far to often,but then again I only see it as an outsider.

  17. I would not bring Keegan back for the same reason. On top of him being a quitter the club and/or fans would get stick for bringing him back.

  18. That Serious Manboobs gadgie has said he’ll be bringing in an Iranian coaching staff including the ‘Iranian David Beckham’, Ali Daei. He didn’t mention the Keegan at all in his statement.

    “Ali Daei is a definite priority for coaching the Newcastle team for the first season,” he said. “Daei is one of my close friends and we have had short conversations together, although we haven’t had serious talks with regards to this. After we purchase the club we will talk with Daei in regards to his presence.”

    This is completely opposed to what the unnamed ‘spokesman’ said:

    “He envisages a clean sweep with Kevin Keegan coming back as manager, this time with his own staff and control of players.

    “Last time Keegan inherited a lot of people he didn’t necessarily want and we don’t want the same situation again.”

  19. 52times says:
    July 30, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    “I remember that Ali bloke, didn’t he play at the last World Cup?”

    Aye 52, he was getting on for 40 in that though.

  20. It’s all a bit fishy if you ask me.

    I’m mpre interested in Llambias’ qotes. I presume there real as there direct quotes from him.

    Although we know him not to b that reliable.

  21. So I’m presuming we’re accepting that this Serious Manboobs chap actually exists now are we?

    I suppose it would be hard to run the wind-up far enough to influence the Arabian business news.

    Can’t say I’m keen on this bit: “Mahjoob also said that one of his goals was to use Iranian players and coaches at Newcastle”

    I mean I have nothing against Iranian coaches and players if they’re good enough, but I wouldn’t want the club to simply become a showcase for Iranian football at the expense of getting a team and manager that can win us promotion and, in time, have a decent crack at the top half of the Premiership.

  22. Hugh de Payen says:
    July 30, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    “So I’m presuming we’re accepting that this Serious Manboobs chap actually exists now are we?”


    I’m not at all sure that he does exist, although there are quite a few Mahjoobs in Iran. I have the Iranian Labour News Agency site (the INLA source quoted in that Arabian Business News article) bookmarked already through my political interests, so I checked it and there doesnt seem to be anything relating to the story at all.

    This may just be the best wind up yet!

  23. workyticket says:
    July 30, 2009 at 6:54 pm (Edit)

    This may just be the best wind up yet!


    Yep, if it’s a wind-up it has to be worth a good 8/10.

  24. I like your site Mike, Watchmen is my favourite comic, and I don’t think the film was as bad as some thought it was, it’s the best we’ll ever get most likely.

  25. im leaning towards this being legit,why because this story was broken by ILNA agency on wednesday and not by the for it to be a hoax we would have to believe a scruffy makem got intouch with the aranian news agency conviced them he was mahjoob and spoke arabic the makems struggle with english for fk sake.

  26. Contrary to the way my opinions were going this morning, I’m tending to agree with you now Hitman.

    I’m not fully convinced about the Keegan bit and I wonder just how serious the bid is (because they’ve gone outside the non-disclosure) but I’m prepared to believe that Sirous Mahjoob exists and has some interest in Newcastle United.

    I still wouldn’t be totally surprised if it turned out to be nonsense though.

  27. One thing I cant believe from everyone is how no one has questioned the Llambias quotes.

    How is it that all of a sudden, a man who is ridiculed for his lack of personality and individualism with his communication skills, who twice a year releases 3 sentence press releases which have the humanism of a toaster and the temperature of the antarctic, all of a sudden states these details on the selling of the club in a drawn out statement after months of nothing??
    And furthermore, does it to the Sun and not the official web site like he usually does!

  28. Bollox, just finished publishing that and read your stuff hitman.

    You may as well have written it! :D

    It even fits with your opinion Hugh.

    Are we all a bit mental?