Have you ever seen a Makem in Iran?

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Signpost for S********d
Signpost for S********d
(Recently that is….) Just how sneaky and devious can the Makems really be? For instance, could they have infiltrated Iranian media to spread malicious rumours and create a second take-over hoax?

I imagine the search keys ‘Sirous Mahjoob’, ‘Toon takeover’ and the F5 key have been seriously hammered today. And yet we seem to be no further forward on whether this is legit.

The current opinion is the The Sun picked the story up from the Iranian media and ran with it and since other papers and sites have piggy-backed off it. The story isn’t given much credence because for a start, there is no extensive knowledge of this guy despite furious trawling of the internet. Also, the rumour contains the suggestion that they’d want KK back which sounds a bit far-fetched.

What counters those doubts though, is the fact that something must be happening if we’re looking to sell players. Also, the club have recently come out and made clear statements to deny various rumours and they haven’t reacted on this. Whether it’s too far-fetched remains to be seen. So maybe all a coincidence?

To be fair, I’m divided on my feelings if this is a Makem hoax. On the one hand I’ll be spitting feathers that fans are being made to look a bit foolish by getting carried away and the little dignity we have is something we need to cling to dearly. Yet on the other you’ve got to have a begrudging amount of respect for it to have happened not once but twice. The year 2009 could turn out to be one of the greats if you’re afflicted with an affection for the red and whites.

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12 Responses

  1. It’s all doing my head in BBM. I simply don’t know what to believe now.

    I think I must be in a parallel universe.

  2. theres no way the mackems could have gotten this large a hoax going the last hoax had the more reputable news sources were rubbishing it quickly on the day, no rubbishing it yet. Then again the lack of info on the guy is worrying

  3. One thing I cant believe from everyone is how no one has questioned the Llambias quotes.
    How is it that all of a sudden, a man who is ridiculed for his lack of personality and individualism with his communication skills, who twice a year releases 3 sentence press releases which have the humanism of a toaster and the temperature of the antarctic, all of a sudden states these details on the selling of the club in a drawn out statement??
    And furthermore, does it to the sun and not the official web site, like he usually does?

  4. Girth says:
    July 30, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    One thing I cant believe from everyone is how no one has questioned the Llambias quotes.


    The reason I haven’t questioned them (as genuinely being from Llambias) is because newspapers are usually very, very careful about directly attributed quotes because they tend to get sued if they’re incorrect.

    That’s why they always use so-called ‘sources’ and ‘insiders’ for their made up stuff.

  5. Reasons I think it’s garbage:

    1. The Sun
    2. Daft name
    3. Nobody can find out anything on him
    4. KK better than AS?
    5. No direct quotes
    6. Stuff about using Iranians (Iranian Beckham??)

    It has to be a wind-up. It’ just too silly. I hope it is, anyway – Iranian footballers??

    (Sorry – no offence, Iran, but you’re hardly challenging the Premiership and Serie A right now)

  6. Whumpie, there are alleged direct quotes from Manboobs regarding Newcastle, just not the ones quoted in The Sun.

  7. One reason I think Llambias is not being question is that he is telling us what we want to hear. If he had said Bassong was signing for Sunderland most would of torn him to pieces but now he says a takeover is close its what you want to hear so you give it more credebility.

  8. ah ffs did some more. meant to say im falling alseep really tired

  9. You’re assuming Makems can read, write and use a computer.

    Personally I’ve never seen one do anything much except eat bananas…..

  10. utd

    i would like to disagree with that as they are probably better than any 1 else when it comes to swinging off trees