The Good Ship Toontanic – Day 14697.

Posted on June 3rd, 2009 | 13 Comments |

The Toontanic.
The Toontanic.
I have been told we are out of fuel today, emergency supplies have been called for, hopefully the fuel company will authorise our credit note so the rumoured new Captain Shearer move us onwards once more.

It had been rumoured that they might allow Captain Mike walk off the plank onto dry land at Oman – I fear that wont be true, the only rumours of that come from on this ship, no rumours on the wireless from Oman themselves.

In the meantime we are in the doldrums, not a breath of wind anywhere – what does drift our way comes from the mouths of those tittle tattling. No news, but hope…….we always hope.

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13 Responses

  1. Aye, aye skipper. bowburnmag officially on board.

    Probably a bit of a shame this blog will be in direct competition with Ed’s blog but already happy to see some decent posters on here. Not unexpected but reassuring anyway.

    stardust, as per the above article, has the afternoon sun been getting to you?

    Dashboard greeting should ‘alreeeeeeeet bowburnmag’.

  2. bowburn – good to see you over here. I mentioned to stardust that it was a shame for them that ed decided to keep his blog going as this one would have exploded had ed’s disappeared. Now I think it will be a slow burner as ed has a solid following and rightly so, it’s a good blog.
    The USP for this place has to be a mix of contributors and more articles that are not just about what is in today’s headlines. Nowt wrong with that, like.

    I think this entry is stardust’s equivalent of Eric Cantona’s famous seagull speech. :-)

  3. As always MT, in total agreement.
    See my comments on the other thread re your good self being on the contributors panel. Threw my own name into the hat a while back so far as offering to help where I could but worky’s reply didn’t get through and only just now reverently proffered my debut contribution. Whether the lads choose to publish it or print it out and mop up the coffee they spat out in literary disgust while reading it remains to be seen.

  4. Stardust
    I think this Toontanic idea may have to sail in to the sunset while it still can….

  5. Lol – agreed Deb – just reading – folks arent getting it lol – but for my own twisted sense of humour I might run with it a bit longer. Might get to be one of those in jokes (that only me and you get lol)

  6. STAR ive just seen them towing the bus to the scrap yard m8 and ide love it just love it if bruce got the mackems relegated

  7. STARDUST its just been on sky sports newcastle are 245 mill in debt whats all that aboot m8

  8. “ide love it just love it if bruce got the mackems relegated”

    Aye itd be great if he got interviewed on Sky having just got them relegated and he just burst out laughing and said “aye its great isnt it lol”

    The truth will be I fear – he will do a very good job. I would have liked Steve Bruce for us.

  9. I agree with Batty – the red bus takes some beating! Couldn’t you trade it in on the govt scheme for old bangers and give the money to MA – he could probably do with it – LOL