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Keegan – “The King is Dead”.

October 3rd, 2009 | 75 Comments |

Dead or alive?
Dead or alive?
As I awoke today my head was still spinning – I am gut wrenchingly saddened at what we have become, as many are aware I have a particular stance re the whole Keegan affair – ultimately that he shouldn’t have walked – many are vehemently against my stance.

I awoke needing to write, to quantify why I sit here uncomfortable with the views of the majority – well the majority of the most vociferous anyway.

I always awaited this verdict to finalise my views –  I had advocated he shouldn’t have walked – so I expected big things to break, big shocks, serious undermining if he won……… I never expected a technical K.O.

As we all know in September last year – Kevin Keegan walked out of Newcastle. As the tribunal stated he was constructively dismissed. Keegan was victorious and released his statement about the club he loves.

Again I squirm and sit uncomfortably. “A club he loves?”.

Newcastle United is more than a business, more than a company – its a living breathing collective of individuals and energy all who come together to play their part in helping each other succeed in the game we all love – surely that’s what we all want? Personalities come and go, just as players, the seasons, games, referee decisions and results come and go – but the club and the love for the club remains. (more…)

Breaking news – Keegan wins v Newcastle.

October 2nd, 2009 | 97 Comments |

Keegan: £25.1 million claim.
Keegan: £25.1 million claim.
Kevin Keegan’s Statement:

1.    I am delighted that the Premier League Manager’s Arbitration Tribunal has today formally announced that it has upheld my claim for wrongful dismissal against Newcastle United. The full details of the decision are on the Premier League website and will also be added to the League Managers Association website in due course.

2.    I took the decision to resign in September 2008 only after very careful and anxious consideration. The decision to resign was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever had to take in my life. I believe that anybody who knows me and my attachment to Newcastle United and the North East in general will understand how difficult this must have been. I very much hope that the decision of the Tribunal now confirms why I felt that I had no option but to resign from the position as Manager of the Club that I love.

3.    The Tribunal has found the conduct of the Club in forcing a player on me against my wishes represented a fundamental breach of my contract of employment. I do not believe that there is any Manager in football who could have remained at the Club in the light of their conduct.

4.    Since my departure there have been many untrue stories written about my resignation, my time at the Club and these proceedings. I do not blame the press for this: I know that the journalists concerned are only doing their job but I hope that the Tribunal’s decision will now conclusively put to rest a number of allegations made against me. (more…)

Runners and Riders.

June 12th, 2009 | 63 Comments |

Rick Porky Parkinson - can his legs carry his weight over the line?
Rick Porky Parkinson
Well another day, another buyer is announced.  Who as the runners and riders emerge into the paddocks, who will we see be presented with the winners medal.

So far the horses to emerge into the paddock:


Making Sense of the Madness?

June 11th, 2009 | 41 Comments |

sjpAs all of you know, I had taken a pro-club view all year, defending Ashley in trying to re-build and restructure the club from the hideous mess left by FFS (spit).

Some would argue he has made terrible mistakes – Ashley himself agrees – however we don’t know to which he refers, so I have spent the last few days pondering, thinking is there a reason why we are in this apparent disarray, is it because we the fans have not been informed AGAIN as to the reason why things are happening, or is it because Ashley is making a monumental mistake. (more…)

Et tu, Bruté?

June 8th, 2009 | 30 Comments |

caesar Scene 1: Rome 44B.C. Julius Caesar was fighting off an attack by a murderous group of Senators – “Et tu, Bruté?” (meaning “and you Brutus?”) were the words uttered by Caesar to his closest friend Marcus Brutus – when Caesar saw that he too was involved with the murderous group. Caesar lost his will to fight back on seeing the betrayal and allowed the Mob to cut him and kill him. It was the ultimate betrayal by a man who Caesar had loved as a brother.

Scene 2: Newcastle 2007

Mike Ashley buys Newcastle and appoints Dennis Wise as a club Director: (more…)