Geordie legend to blame for current club crisis?

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Bobby Robson: Messiah? Or very naughty boy?
Bobby Robson: Messiah? Or very naughty boy?
As NUFC fans we are living in tumultuous times.  The club is a mess from top to bottom, the fans are in disarray and we are about to start our first season outside top flight football for 16 years.

Here, I will attempt to disseminate all the chaos that is surrounding the club and show you the exact point where it all went wrong and the one single person who is to blame for all this.  Although the tabloid style headline may give you a clue as to where I’m going with this, please, keep reading you might be surprised.

First of all let me take you back to 1992.  Suede were playing at the Riverside, A second laser tattoo removal ward opened at the Freeman hospital and in February of that year a certain Osvaldo Ardiles was still manager of Newcastle United Football Club.  Before the end of February he would be replaced by a Mr. Kevin Keegan.  At the time I remember being more shocked than elated.  Here was Keegan, a footballer I’d admired when he played with FC Hamburg,  a legend at St James Park and  the person who allowed me to see a helicopter up close for the first time ever, coming to manage my football club. Along with Sir John Hall now firmly on board nothing could go wrong.  We were saved!

By the end of March Keegan had walked out.  Bugger.

However, all was not lost.  Sir John got on the phone and managed to persuade Keegan to come back.  Get in!  We were saved!  Again!

I won’t go into the Keegan years in detail you all know what a fantastic time that was.  We walked the Championship with an unknown striker called Andy (now Andrew) Cole and managed to finish 3rd in our first season in the Premier League.  How good is this?  We even had a new nick name – The Entertainers.  Given to us by Sky Sports due to our fast, attacking, flair filled team.  We played football the way it should be played.  Keegan sold Cole; we told him he was mad, he told us to trust him.  He bought Ginola and Fredinand to go with Gilespie who was a make weight in the Cole deal.  Keegan was a genius and we all sang his name.  Along the way we played in what is apparently the best ever Premier League game ever and we nearly won the league, but not before Keegan told Sky viewers how much he would love, just love it should we beat Alex Fergusons team to the title.  Not winning the league was gutting, but in the summer we forgot all about that when we signed SHEARER!  Could it get any better than this? 

Unfortunately the answer was no. We had a legend and the best English striker ever at the helm, but even he couldn’t stop what happened next.
Seemingly out of nowhere Keegan quit on 7th January 1997.

During this time another soon to be Geordie legend had just taken charge of Sporting Clube de Portugal, Sporting Lisbon to you and me.  The man was Sir Bobby Robson, although back then he was just plain old Bobby Robson.  The club was sitting at the top of the table for the first time in fifteen years when Robson was sacked.  He was immediately signed up by their rivals FC Porto.  As a side note he took is interpreter with him, a certain José Mourinho.
Robson had massive success with Porto, enough to attract the attentions of FC Barcelona who signed Bobby up in July 1996 where Robson took Mourhinho as his assistant manager.  In January 1997 Robson was still manager of Barcelona when he was approached by NUFC to come and manage the club after Keegan’s departure.

The club was about to be floated on the stock market and the club wanted some stability.  Who better than “the elder statesman of football?”  Robson had the pedigree the club wanted, plus he was a Geordie.  Robson is a man of honor and a man of great integrity, who always seems to “do the right thing”. Sir Bobby wanted to do the right thing and honor his contract with Barcelona.  This lead to us getting Kenny Dalglish instead.  Great. 
Even though we finished 2nd that season, it all started to go downhill.  Dour manager after dour manager, the football on the field started to change along with the playing staff.  No more the entertainers, we were standing at the top of a slippery slope that has leaded us to where we are today.

So, there you have it.  The start of our decline was January 1997 and the person to blame for all this is not Freddy Shepherd, not Mike Ashley, not even Kevin Keegan, but Sir Bobby Robson.  He and he only is the one to blame for the mess we are in today.  If he had joined us when Keegan left in 1997 we would have gone on to great things and probably have a couple of trophies by now and no one would have heard of Mike Ashley. So when you are next throwing darts at a picture of Mike Ashley and wiping your backside with a picture of Derek Llambias think again and remember who is really to blame.


Don’t take this article too serious, it’s just a joke.

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  1. Outrageous!!!!

    MT – I really hope people catch the ‘PS’!

    Good start fella, looking forward to the next one and deb’s when they get on.

  2. Great article Micky. Things could have been so different, we could have been the glory hunters instead – LOL

  3. I have thought this for a long time, he was pretty selfish. I still think he’s a legend but he does have a part in all of this.

  4. I’d be surprised if anyone bites at that 52times. Unless you count this as a bite.

  5. Not looking for anyone to bite, why don’t you try thinking for yourself instead of letting the masses dictate your opinions?