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Ben Arfa deal back on?

August 26th, 2010 | 240 Comments |

Ben Arfa - Close to Toon switch, again?
Ben Arfa - Close to Toon switch, again?
It’s fair to say that news regarding the transfer of Hetam Ben Arfa has, thankfully, been scarce over the past few days.

But now the most on/off of on/off transfers looks to be back on, as sources in France indicate that Newcastle have made an acceptable off for the French international.

That deal is said to be a loan with the stipulation that the player will be bought for a future fee after playing in 25 games for Newcastle although as yet nothing is confirmed and that is just a rumour based on what the Marseille president, Jean-Claude Dassier has said to the press, and we all know that the guy seems to like the sound of his own voice by now anyway!

Werder Bremen were said to be interested in the player, but in fairness to them they have denied it at every step of the way. That should mean that all Ben Arfa needs to apparently do is agree to join us, and with time remaining in the transfer window running out, that decision will have to be made sooner rather than later. (more…)

Could Ben Arfa sign today?

August 14th, 2010 | 166 Comments |

New arrival?
New arrival?
Something strange is going on with this Ben Arfa malarkey. The most on/off deal off the summer so far looks like it could be back on at the minute, especially after the player was photographed, or photoshopped, at Newcastle airport yesterday.

I personally thought that the deal was off, or at the very least highly unlikely to happen. But the arrival of Ben Arfa in the North East yesterday changes that a little.

The official line is that the club are refusing to talk to the player as they don’t yet have permission from Marseille to enter negotiations. I don’t buy into that however and believe that conversations will have taken place, perhaps not directly, but maybe through a third party, like an agent for example. (more…)