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Dan Gosling: Was he better off at Everton?

October 5th, 2011 | 62 Comments |

Dan Gosling.
Bye bye gosling?
I’ve got to admit, when we signed young Dan Gosling from Everton (On a free) I was very happy.

A young creative English player whose career seemed on the up. However after reading the Daily Fail’s article this morning, I’m dismayed to see he might be off to Doncaster.

Dan Gosling, where did it all go wrong?

Is this the trouble with flying high in the Premier League, only yesterday in my Tim Krul blog did I highlight how we can afford to give these youngsters a chance given our league position. Yet we have a bright young English player who wants to go and play his trade in Doncaster?

I feel that young Gosling may be regretting his trip to the Toon, at Everton, who were under resourced, he and Rodwell sent many a tongues wagging about how they were having a positive influence at Goodison. However all I really have seen from him in a Toon shirt is injury and reserve games. I do feel that he is good enough for our first team, which is why I’m so perplexed at this reported move to Donny. (more…)

Tim Krul: An example to other youngsters?

October 4th, 2011 | 14 Comments |

Tim Krul: A fine example
Tim Krul: A fine example
I think it’s safe to say that recently Tim Krul has been on fire, I believe that he has been instrumental to the best defence in the Premiership so far.

Danny Simpson doesn’t turn into a fantastic left back overnight, it’s Timmy who won the 3 points for us at Wolves with a couple of ridiculously good double saves, some of which a certain Mr S.Given would be proud of.

I remember that away game against Palermo when he made his debut so many years ago, whilst looking jittery (to be fair it was a hell of a game to be thrown into) he made some cracking saves, and if memory serves me right, a certain Albert Luque scored to bring home an away win.

With Tim having “matured” so to speak, we must look again to our youngsters to see who else we can promote through the ranks. I think it’s fair to say that the Toon will drop down the league as time goes on, so why not try and integrate a few younguns into the team if and when it can be permitted. (more…)

How attractive is Newcastle United for a takeover?

October 3rd, 2011 | 65 Comments |

More cash for the club?
More cash for the club?
In my previous blog “The Lesser of Two Evils” many people commented that Mike Ashley has no commitment to NUFC and will sell up as soon as he gets the right offer.

The question that has to be asked then, is, “How attractive is Newcastle United for a takeover?”

If you imagine yourself as a potential investor of NUFC you have to admit that it does look an attractive business move. A huge loyal fan base, who despite their misgivings of the current ownership are relatively content at the moment. All the club debt is out in the open, in a manageable way and is a relatively small given the revenue of the club. The team is playing well and we are flying high in the leagues and cup competitions, if we had beaten West Brom last season we would have only been a few places short of Europe.

Once that debt is cleared (hopefully in a few years) provided we continue to reside in the Premier League we could prove to be quite profitable on a long term investment.

The relegation was fantastic for a new potential owner; all the dead wood and high earners are almost out of Tyneside (Alan Smith I’m looking at you) with a new sensible wage structure and transfer policy in place. I’d argue that maybe another £20 million in transfer fees to get us a new Striker and Right Back / Centre Back would set the team up for a few years; our squad is not in need of a complete overhaul as we have a relatively young squad. (more…)

Newcastle United: Phoenix Rising or Ticking Time Bomb?

September 27th, 2011 | 14 Comments |

Ticking time bomb.
Geordie paranoia? Or is it only a matter of time?
As the feel good factor continues around Tyneside, the question I keep asking myself is “Is this too good to be true?” The Toon has had it’s best start in years, the feel good factor is back, but just how long can this Indian summer last?

I wrote previously about the media’s relationship with the Toon in a previous blog. I get the impression that the eagles are slowly circling the club, awaiting the slightest tit bit in order to commence operation slide down the league.

The lads at work (an endless source of blogging topics, even though they are Leeds / Man U fans) expect that we will slowly start to drift down into a final finish of tenth. However one fella made a valid point; if we can keep our makeshift strike force fit we could really push on to Europe with a couple of lucky results. I personally think this a key point, the fortunes of Best, Ba and HBA will define our season.

It’s very difficult to not get carried away at this point, with Blackburn away in the Carling Cup we have a very real chance of getting to the last eight. The point I’ve been making for years is that NUFC need to slowly stabilise in order to improve, are we finally seeing our patience pay off? I just hope that come January, we don’t decide to sell half the team on after receiving “offers we can’t refuse” on HBA or Besty etc. What we need now is to invest strongly in the team, keep the momentum going but in the same manner that we have been quietly getting on with, ie the right player for a sensible price. (more…)

Will Ben Arfa make or break us?

September 22nd, 2011 | 34 Comments |

Hatem Ben Arfa: Will he change the team dynamic?
Hatem Ben Arfa: Will he change the team dynamic?
Now that the king has returned from injury so to speak, I began wondering (always dangerous for someone like me) how will Ben Arfa slot back into the Newcastle Team?

Let’s clear one thing up, NUFC are not the sort of team the can afford to leave Benny sat on the bench, it’s obvious we are going to use his talent in the first team wherever possible. However I do have concerns over how it changes the team dynamic.

The old sayings “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” rings true for me here, NUFC are quietly getting on with it, picking up points on our travels and generally looking solid. Will Ben Arfa’s return upset the apple cart?

Looking at most people’s team sheet’s with HBA in, they all seem to follow what I class as a football manager type approach: (more…)