Gomis deal goes further off key with Aulas bombshell

Posted on August 7th, 2013 | 27 Comments |

Jean-Michel Aulas - President of Olympique Lyonnais.
Jean-Michel Aulas: Dark forces at work in Gomis deal?
Newcastle United’s pursuit of Bafetimbi Gomis is rapidly becoming what Churchill would have called “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” and for once, it doesn’t even seem to be Newcastle United’s fault!

Below is the latest bombshell from Olympique Lyonnais chairman, Jean-Michel Aulas, speaking after his side qualified for the Champions League playoffs against the Grasshoppers of Zurich yeterday, which might also be a factor in this labyrinthine tale which seems to have had everything but the kitchen sink so far judging by the stuff I have been following in the French media. Without further ado, here’s Aulas’s latest incendiary words on the frustrating Gomis deal:

“I am very disappointed that operations have not been concluded with Newcastle. I am very pessimistic, it needs to be said that someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings. I think a number of people will be unmasked. I have also tabled yesterday (Monday) a complaint to the Committee on Legal Affairs for the destabilization of some players. Some clubs have made dishonest proposals.

If he is reporting some matter of impropriety to Ligue de Football Professionnel, it will probably involve another French club, and that French club will probably be Olympique Marseilles. They are the other club who have thrown their hat into the ring for Gomis, though Aulas seems to want to sell to Newcastle and has commented somewhat disparagingly on Marseilles, questioning their abilty to actually put their money where their mouth is.

Aulas then turned his guns on to the agents, snarling:

“Even if the situation is difficult, we respect the player. It is a year until the end of his contract. There were a number of excessive demands that are making Newcastle reluctant, particularly concerning the benefits of intermediaries. If there is no possibility to find a way on what has been said, things will change gear.”

Meanwhile, Gomis himself made a similarly cryptic tweet on his Twitter page saying;

“Thanks 4 all the support that u guys give me, sadly the decision to come join u is not my own its more complicated. Excuse 4 my translation.”

Blimey. If Uncle Joe could pull this mess out of the bag, it would certainly help to give him some much needed credibilty with fans in his new Director of Football role, but is it worth it? or would it just be best if he started moving towards the the exit whilst making his excuses, then get on with chasing another less complicated deal. Have you ever met a girl who seems nice to start with, then it all starts to get a bit strange and complicated and you start to wonder what you’ve got yourself into…?


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27 Responses

  1. fatboy needs to pick the phone up and tell him hes got 24 hours to sort it out or the deals off, is sick of this twonk

  2. Worky: I think Kinnear gained a bit of credibility getting Remy here. Dealing with Redknapp doublespeak can’t be easy, especially when he was asking for the loan fee to be paid to his dog Rosie’s account.

  3. Alan Pardew was pleased with the performance of his Newcastle United side at Rangers on Tuesday night, as they improved over the course of the evening.

    Sack this Tool Now.

  4. Pardew PLEASE GO !!

    “You look at a club like Southampton, and they’re in a much stronger financial position than us in terms of purchasing players”


  5. Aulas seems to be the french version of JFK and Pards combined, he’s always spouting off a load of crap and blaming everyone but himself.
    Should move on before it’s too late… oh – maybe thats what JFK wants, well we tried our hardest but goalposts kept moving and then it was too late for anyone else blah blah blah
    Am underwhelmed

  6. I share your underwhelmed-ness – starting to hate this club it’s ran like a pub team.

  7. Another quote from Pards:

    “I like to think last year I didn’t buckle and wasn’t negative about the players, fans or club. I just got us over the line, and I think that was very important last year.

    I’m hoping I’ll get the rewards of that this season.”

    What about after the Brighton game?

    I love the way he is patting himself on the back after we nearly get relegated. I suppose 3rd bottom is the line that he needed to get over. I won’t say it is a new low but it is another low.

  8. The shouts are the same,sack the clown,we are not laughing,parpoo is killing football with his lack-tics

  9. sirjasontoon says:
    August 7, 2013 at 11:37 am

    “You look at a club like Southampton, and they’re in a much stronger financial position than us in terms of purchasing players”

    I could hardly believe he said that when I first read it. It’s so embarrassing for Ashley.

    Southampton’s owned by a man who makes massive tools, so it was quite an appropriate place for Pardew really.

  10. Thanks Worky: as I suspected he just plucked that information about Southampton out of thin air with no back up. I am guessing that he means that their current wages are lower so the extra TV money means more to them.

    Maybe he should go and manage Southampton.

    Also, we sort of replaced Demba Ba by playing Cisse in the centre although he received woeful service. Of course Pardew played Cisse, an instinctual finisher, on the right wing for the first part of the season.

  11. G.S.
    Thanks Worky: as I suspected he just plucked that information about Southampton out of thin air with no back up

    Thanks for assuring G.S. that my post wasn’t plucked from thin air Worky.

  12. There is not a cat in hell’s chance that this Club is stronger than 2 years ago!
    This is why i cannot stomach this man, He’s off again, Saying we are a massive Club, Then pointing out that Southampton have more purchase power.
    What is he on FFS!, Why do journo’s not pull him up, On his pathetic contradictions?

    He can f**k right off!, I am sick and tired of this man’s garbage.
    I see he was playing Sissoko on the wing last night, Frankly Pardew is beyond redemption, And he is an embarrassment to this Club.
    Never mind all this crap about him being proud to manage this club, No one else in their right mind would employ this sick joke.
    Ashley is the only cheap grubby conman, Who would stoop that low, And Pardew is lower than a rattlesnakes a**e!
    He has learned nothing, And it comes back to the Albert Einstein quote, “You cannot hope to solve a problem, With the same level of consciousness, That created it, In the first place”
    Keep Pardew in his position and the result will be the same!
    The sooner Ashley wakes up to this, The better for all concerned.
    Another disastrous Pre Season with Pardew, And you can see by a country mile, What is going to follow..

  13. “I’ve kind of earned my spurs, And in times of adversity, The fans admire you more”

    Does he not realise the strength of feeling, That is against him?
    Not many people like this idiot, Is he living in a bubble, Because he thinks he is popular.
    Does he not read fans forums and blogs?, The man is seriously deluded!

    He saying even if we replace Demba Ba, We will still not be able to challenge anyone.
    He’s then talking about jumping obstacles, To bring success.
    So what’s the truth Alan?, Are you saying you are the man to bring success to this club on thin air, Or we are a big club in fan support, But we cannot compete against a Club, Who were plying their trade in the third tier, Not too long ago?

    Utterly sick of listening to this patter merchant’s cryptic drivel!

  14. joe hawkins says:
    August 7, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    “He saying even if we replace Demba Ba, We will still not be able to challenge anyone.”

    He doesn’t WANT to challenge anyone or anything, Joe. Look at all the terrible problems that Europa Cup caused us last season (apparently).

    God forbid we should ever finish in the top four.

  15. According to what I hear, we could be in the market for a winger, that’s besides Gomis who’s signing will get done, probably his agent wants a bigger taste and has invented a fantom side who are interfering, of course Gomis can’t say anything, after all he is his agent.
    Look agents look after players and are a neccessary part of the game.
    But end up being demonised, being easy targets, while both the bidding and selling club get off scot free.
    Chuck a few extra bucks into the pot and get the guy signed, enough with the nickel and dimming bullshit.
    Now about the winger, we could go for Sinclair, decent !
    But we couldda also kept Ferguson, who I believe given the opportunity could do the job, or we couldda signed his fellow Norn Iron mate James McClean, who has been signed by Wigan.
    After all the guy got eleven goals in around seventy games, not shabby for a winger, I mean how many of our wingers got that many ?
    Jonas hasn’t got that many in six years, not even half that many, but our supremo plays him consistently.
    Oh! Maybe he contributes a certain other positive to the game, but apart from falling down when touched and winning free kicks in the middle of the pitch, that certain other positive escapes me.
    But then what the hell do I know ?

  16. And yeah a top ten by all means, but god forbid we find ourselves in the European second tournament,whatever they are calling it now.
    All those games, for not a lotta dosh, but on the other hand if weare not in Europe,then what will the Supremo use as an excuse.
    Maybe Joe didn’t get him therightplayers ?
    Actually I’m hoping he will be gone by Christmas.
    Oh by the way I am expecting all of the young turks (managers)to dowelling this year, Rodgers, Martinez, Steve Clarke, Laudrup, Potchettino, AVB, and especially that guy who was not really a big name , was sit again, ah yeah ! Hughton, who has made some decent signings.
    And if Ashley had clue one he would be looking for someone similar to the guys mentioned above.

  17. For all the justifiable loathing of Pardew, I have no doubt that if we find ourselves struggling down in the bottom handful of clubs as we head towards Christmas, Mike Ashley will call for a taxi. Forking out eight million or so to get rid of Pardew is a lot cheaper than returning to the Championship. So Pardew’s future is entirely in his own hands – which may well be a very pleasant villa in Spain working on his tan and stroking his “beard” in the mirror while reminiscing about that award he got in 2011-12.

  18. GS says:
    August 7, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    “Maybe he should go and manage Southampton.”

    Seemingly, the man who made his fortune making massive tools didn’t want a massive tool managing his club.

  19. Chuck says:
    August 7, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    “probably his agent wants a bigger taste and has invented a fantom side who are interfering,”

    There’s a real club “interfering” as you put it, Chuck, Olympique de Marseilles.

  20. Yeah really, well that’s not what I think, though they had been mentioned.
    It’s about a few extra bucks for the boys, Lyon, Gomis and his agent, Marseilles are playing the same role as Bent (the third party) is as a red herring in the deal.

  21. Yep, re: Gomis, that’s it if you ask me. Seems NUFC is a pawn in a beef between French clubs. Games start in 10 days or so? Tick-tock. Move on.

  22. @ Chuck
    why should toon pay a sell on fee,they did not promise they would give a team 5 per cent of his sale and if a fee has been agreed aint that were the 5 per cent should be coming from stop chating crap buddy

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