Reasons to be cheerful as Newcastle look to push up the table

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Positivity is the key
It’s not all bad for Newcastle right now.
It’s fair to say it hasn’t been much fun to be Newcastle United fan for the past decade and beyond.

Given the stature of the club, the iconic ground, the history and the huge fan base, demanding a team that can be competitive in the Premier League shouldn’t be too much of an ask.

Of course, we all know that hasn’t happened. Instead, the Magpies have endured a difficult spell that has seen no chances of silverware, falling down to the Championship twice.

For many, there is one man to blame for that – Mike Ashley. Debates over the owner will continue whilst he remains in charge and the lack of ambition for much of his reign has been alarming. It’s perfectly summed up by the fact that Newcastle are 6/1 in the latest Premier League betting odds just to finish in the top half.

Clearly, the likes of Leicester, Wolves and Everton are comfortably ahead of the club right now and that’s without mentioning the ‘big six’. All of this demonstrates why the fans were so gutted when the proposed takeover led by Amanda Staveley was abandoned earlier this year.

However, it’s not all bad for Newcastle right now. While the team and manager clearly have weaknesses, they do deserve some praise too. The League Cup quarter-final against Championship Brentford awaits, and if we can get past the Bees it will put is in a domestic semi-final for the first time since 2005.

Admittedly, the side made hard work of getting to this stage given the opposition they’ve had, but it is still progress. Plus, Bruce should be credited for actually taking the cups seriously, which hasn’t been the case previously.

Arguably the biggest reason for positivity stems from recruitment. Since the signings of Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse and Yohan Cabaye in 2011 and 2012, generally speaking, Newcastle’s transfers haven’t delivered. There doesn’t seem to have been a plan, and even when someone did come and a make a big impression, like Salomon Rondon, we then chose to not sign him permanently and bring in £40m Joelinton instead!

Yet, Bruce seems to have taken more of a say in identifying players now, and it’s paid off. Ryan Fraser and Callum Wilson joined this summer, bringing pace in the final third. Those two, combined with the extremely talented Allan Saint-Maximin and the improving Miguel Almiron, have at least given us some unpredictability going forward.

The most pleasing aspect of it all though is the ages of the players. Wilson is the oldest at 28, Fraser and Almiron are 26 and Saint-Maximin is 23. When you throw in Jamaal Lascelles at 26, Jamal Lewis who is 22, Jonjo Shelvey at 28 and the Longstaff brothers who are 22 and 20 respectively, the profile of the Newcastle squad is excellent.

These players are either at their peak now or will be approaching their peak at Tyneside. The days of splashing out on over-the-hill experienced players searching for one last payday or gambling on an unknown youngster seem long gone.

Obviously, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done. But, there is finally a good core group of players at the club who may be able to have fans looking up for once instead of nervously over their shoulder.

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38 Responses

  1. Work
    It’s one thing to have youthful or youngish players in the squad, however one cannot compare our squad to that of Leeds in their ability to face a side like Citeh, being most are second tier level players, I would guess that most of his players (Bielsa) are both
    drilled to play in certain ways, without consideration for the opposition and fairly difficult to intimidate,
    Unlike our club, trained by an ex defender, which reflects it with his nothing but defensive tactics, hoping like Big Sam to either score from set pieces or from use of the fast break, which aint gonna happen.
    I just don’t get it, that our Brazil star had a total of two goals from god knows how many games and the others, like Almiron are as bad, but they hang on to them, first thing needed is to fire the scouts and bring back our scout from the (Cabaye – Sissoko) times.
    We got rid of the Spanish forward after about five wasted years, meaning who the f**k is actually running the club, obvious Ashley !
    A Wonderfull combination that, Ashley who knows nowt about the game and some of the worlds worst managers, that can’t get another job because who else would hire them.
    We had the opportunity of having a manager, (Rafa) who at least had a bit of respect to run things, from the youngsters to the first team, what happened, Ashley being the control freak he is, wanted no competition when it came to running the club, where he made a steady income, though obviously he wants to make a decent profit on it’s sale and soon, which is obviously the reason he has began a case against the league .
    It also appears that behind the scenes there are the wealthier clubs, who want a bigger slice of the Pie, which are probably behind the
    reduction of the PL to 18 clubs , similar to the two big clubs in Spain, which is all about sheer greed, yeah some have new stadiums to pay for, others just believe they have that right, that is before both Man,U & and Cited were thrashed by former relegation bound sides from last season.
    And yes we now have one decent player added to the roster the French speedster, though we have signed other French players and perhaps we should be aware they don’t last long once they get a bit of exposure, but are we to be a selling club or do we believe we can be a permanent top ten club, which ain’t gonna happen unless both Bruce and Ashley leave.


  2. Well Saturday’s result certainly didn’t look too good after the flood of late goals at the end. I do hope that Steve Bruce isn’t being forced to pick Joelinton just because he cost £40 million. Callum Wilson was feeding off scraps but at least he had a bit of a go and threatened Ed de Gea once or twice where Joelinton was anonymous (again). I’m sick of Newcastle United and big ‘target men’ who couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo and that goes for Carroll at least as much as Joelinton. It was the big target man all the way with Benitez as well so we can’t just say it’s a Bruce thing, though Benitez’s big lad scored a few goals at least. I think that Ryan Wilson deserves more than cameo appearences at the end of games too. By Newcastle United standards he could be quite a useful player. He had a very good rapport with Callum Wilson at Bournemouth too, I thought that might be the reason why they signed both of them (or signed one and got one on loan anyway) because of that rapport but they haven’t had a huge amount of game time together so far.

  3. Man.U., following a heavy defeat managed to win against NUFC, whom You then claim could be on their way up, then proceed to tell us the club is doing ok, apart from the fact we were dumb enough to have a king who’s new clothes are more than just non existing, but embarrassing, taking bout our Brazilian center forward that no one has the cojones to claim, “he has two goals in a season and at any other club would be gone” !
    Just how long must we await signings that can help the side and who the f**k is responsible for our present choices.
    Were it my choice the present crowd of so called scouts and the man that makes all decisions, would be lining up for unemployment benefits and bring back the guy responsible for signing people like Sissoko and other French players, later sold on for big profits.
    And yeah Wilson is a decent signing as is our French speedster, (the saint) but our Brazilian (who often is described as one for the future) should be offered as such to the football market-place.

    I suppose we are about to experience a season of disappointment and are being rated as similar to our other former N’East PL clubs Sunderland and
    Boro. and with a manager (obviously chosen as a local who would accept any kind of offer) who is not exactly a Bielsa or even someone who is smart enough to understand the dynamics of coaching a top level form of football, with very basic approaches , which only add too the boredom of watching the present side, along with the fact that ten men behind the ball is not exactly why the fans show up, cause along with being beaten they get the pleasure of being bored out of their skulls .
    If this club wants to play in the worlds top paying league, it has to cut it’s cloth accordingly and force the sale of the club, before it’s too late, or end up in the second or even like Sunderland the third tier level.
    We had that opportunity during the proposed sale of the club which could have solved all our problems and as of yet the true reason remains obscure, though admitting a certain government intervention, of which we know nothing and obviously “the powers that be “are not exactly inclined to inform us, unless it comes to light during the upcoming case began by
    our dear leader.
    Yeah there is possibly less chance of becoming relegated as opposed to the start of other seasons, however do you as fans want to watch crap managers attempt to survive without any real funds for the next decade , the answer is to revive the threat of a Boycott, the only language Ashley understands.


  4. An interesting headline in the bbc’s football section to-day.
    Sounding very much like the scenario I mentioned so long ago on this blog.
    Sounding very much like the present threat by continental sides to introduce a new league, very much like that which was mentioned at the time, by both groups the gang of fourteen or eighteen.
    It appears the wealthier leagues are somewhat jealous of the revenues earned and the general flow of top talent to the EPL.
    Therefor they have threatened the EPL with the introduction of a European League, garnered from the top clubs of the present leagues.
    And we are aware now of those who are in favor . yes those top sides who are not satisfied with their present share of the wealth
    and like the two major clubs in Spain, Barca and Madrid feel they are entitled to such.
    Personally I doubt whether such a league is something to expect at any time soon, but obviously the present Pandemic has had it’s effect on the game, with most or all playing behind closed doors,
    ergo no money being garnered in a sport known for heavy spending on players and upkeep.
    And if I remember right my mention of a similar process was scoffed at, well here we are with another mention that I believe should be considered, as the fact the present EPL was introduced for that purpose ?
    Which was to monopolize the tv revenues /
    Which has already been accomplished, but there is dissent even for that to occur, the top clubs would be more secure of course but to
    give that kind of privilege to half of the clubs in any league, would
    be both unfair and one would never again see a first season like
    Leicester return and winning the league.
    A total restructure of English football is required, but it must be based on equal opportunity for each side, including revenues. that is if an attempt to introduce a European Super League of the top clubs of all or most of those who feel they are entitled too it, which of course will be a task beyond most clubs abilities and could cause the failures of those minor clubs that provide most areas with football. and the development of young players.
    Shame really when for most of the last century there were clubs in existence played in the four divisions of English football, some in the top division and some in the three lower divisions, with some movement but basically they existed on the small change provided by fans for standing room only in stadiums built for next to nothing with no toilets worth the name and fans crushed to-gether, awful !
    Lets hope the next bunch of changes are beneficial to the fans, as opposed to the ownership and the fans should be consulted, some calling for standing terraces, which is a step in the wrong direction
    As the fans provide the lions share of the monies whether bums in seats or tv money, it’s the same source.


  5. Yes Chuck, the Premier League is the biggest, most lucrative, most exciting football league in the world, which is why it needs to be broken up and restructured. This is just the Yanks (Liverpool and Man U) trying to stir up trouble again. No relegation and no promotion would ruin it and that’s just for starters. It would be incredibly boring watching the same few super teams play each other over and over again.

    Our new winger (Fraser) can play on both sides at a push but its a shame that him and St Maximin are both mostly left wing, or they have been.

  6. Well, suppose we will end up once more in the general group of clubs fighting to avoid relegation, though there appears to be a number of weaker clubs involved this season.
    Which does nothing to improve the status of nufc, it remains a mediocre side not expected to go anywhere .
    So why does it attract so many fans every other weekend.
    Well the fact that there’s only one club in the city, even though there is a football club no more than twelve miles away, to support that club would be an act of treason if one listens to the fans, which is nonsense.
    I can’t understand why the Newcastle fans pack the stadium every other week-end, especially when it’s like undergoing a penance, watching the excuse for football played by a cheaply (except the center forward, who has two goals to his credit) put to-geather side.
    That consists of our owner refusing to splurge on decent players and relying on free agents and mediocrities,
    The whole club and it’s owner are now no different from
    they were during the sale of the club, Ashley running everything from the wages of the tea lady to transfer amounts.
    And what does he know about football, little more than he did a decade ago.
    Though he is aware of any kind of spending and there actually has been on rare occasions some talented players acquired, only to be sold on for profit, ah well !
    No doubt if a sale can’t be made soon we may be in the second tier, where the prospects of selling would be fewer, but let’s see what happens during the upcoming winter transfer window.
    However it will take both money and a willingness to send it, if in fact any sale goes through, which had the
    powers that be allowed, with a willing seller and buyer in place but by using a nonsensical reasons the league and the suggestion of Government involvement, which could be brought -out by the current Ashley enquiry through the courts.
    Face it considering the Pandemic, there is and could be a more serious situation to consider, the re-adjustment of football and it’s league systems.
    Where a renewal of a call for a super league is possibly
    which is IMO only the same old threat of over a decade ago.
    It’s not the European clubs we have to worry about , but the English clubs, (of which Newcastle were a part of)
    but have dropped in value due to the financial scarcity
    of funds from the present owner who needs a constant
    profit from nufc to bolster his income and who will never again reach the offer recently placed by the Saudi’s.
    Yes folks those US owned clubs plus those who currently top the charts as far as earnings are concerned are contemplating changes to the EPL, wanting like the two top Spanish sides to earn much more than the rest.
    Apparently the latest suggestions from these clubs has them earning more of the funding by the League, which being members of the top division they already enjoy.
    Though a recent poll suggests that they are acceptive
    in maintaining the present situation, when realizing they were in a minority on the issue.
    Whats needed at this club is an owner who cares about winning and losing and who is willing to hire top management, including scouts a football guy in charge and if anyone hasn’t realized it a manager familiar with to-days modern tactical play, not an ex defender who places more faith in ninety minutes of ten men behind the ball and constantly places our two goal center forward on the starting line-up.
    Cause I have seen enough and if this malaise in football doesn’t come to an end, there will be a decisive lack of fans showing up every other week and that’s what it’s all about .


  7. No folks, the two big Spanish clubs are the biggest earners and they’re not US owned, they’re fan owned. Man U are usually third and Liverpool are at the low end of the top ten.

    This idea keeps hitting a brick wall every time because it’s an awful idea, but when it rears its ugly head it is usually comes up as a kind of power play about something else and this time, it is said to be the contract for the Champions League, which expires in 2024.

  8. Worky
    Being no one mentioned any relationship between the two largest Spanish clubs and American ownership I find it odd you should mention it ? The relationship between Liverpool and Man. U. is as far as I know non existent, unless you consider the fact they live in the same country and I wonder if you are suggesting some kind of
    financial arrangement between the two , in regard to any changes
    to the make-up now in existence.
    And the article , which recently associated with the present EPL sides mentioned more than one or two clubs, in other words yes
    there are a number of EPL sides particularly those top and wealthier sides who in fact are not owned by US owners, who lined up with them.
    And again they were outnumbered by the rest of the EPL crowd, I mean who in their right mind would vote for earning less than the team they might be playing against.
    I believe following the shake-up of the footballing control organizations which sent a number of people to jail, a few years back, talking about FIFA & UEFA, but left enough survivors to continue the policies of the extremely wealthy ownership now remaining, who’s greed and methods of procuring wealth are dependent on a crooked controlling system.
    And I’m sure another investigation by unrelated sources would be welcomed by most football supporters cause it’s now all about
    income and greed, nothing to do with the game !
    not about to be satisfied without another shake -up of crooked officialdom

  9. OK! OK! I lose track with your ramblings sometimes. You did mention the top two Spanish clubs but I misunderstood somewhat.

    Well, it wasn’t one for the scrapbook as they say, but we did get an unexpected point against a good side. Wolves are doing alright, they’re 9th but overall, they’re not scoring as many goals as they should this season, they’ve only scored more than one goal in one game this season, a 2-0 victory over Sheffield United, and that’s in all competitions.

    It’s good to see Chris Hughton managing again, at Nottingham Forest this time. He was away for quite a while considering his record.

  10. Clearly Wolves were the better side and NUFC lucked out.
    Why is it, that recently promoted sides, can both buy Players and hire managers at will, better than anything we have.
    Well the answer is both poor top management (Ashley) or actually
    NO top management and a re-tread manager, who will never be competitive.
    Also the most recent signings including our two goal a season center forward, have been for the most part a measure of the quality of our present scouts.
    Which doesn’t help !
    And here comes the inevitable slide down the league, heading for another season of attempting to avoid relegation again.
    It’s like a penance watching the side. knowing you are about to watch your side bore you to death, with the usual defensive tactics, I heard a rumor they may be attempting offensive tactics soon .
    And it had better be SOON, or there goes any chance of selling the club while in the second tier, plus the price of admission to the EPL, cost’s more these days and look how long it took for Leeds to make a return.
    I know most NUFC fans are knowledgable about the game and wonder how long will it take before they decide there are better things to do than fill St. James’Park only to be p***ed off at the quality of the home side,
    Face it nothing like a lousy team, with no change in sight, to empty a stadium.

  11. Worky
    Yeah ! good to see Houghton attempt to bring another ex First division side (Nottingham} back to the top division, and see them do well.
    Watched Brighton this weekend and was impressed as I have been by their new manager, young guy, don’t know his name but who has got them playing well and tactically not bad to watch.
    Of course there is no likelihood of this club (nufc) either finding anyone either a manager or players, as long as Ashley is in control.
    Two facts Ashley needs a constant profit from the club and will never cede control to anyone , meaning more hard times ahead , being no one has the resources of The Saudi’s and simply cannot afford the Ashley selling price.

  12. Sorry Chuck, I’ve been miserable for a few days. You are harsh as usual, though I don’t really think that the experiment with St Maximin at the front works. It’s been years since we were worried about relegation, not since the days of McClaren and Carver. We have been a 10th – 13th team for over three years now.

    In defence of the scouts, Joelinton isn’t the only signing they made, they also signed players like St Maximin, Callum Wilson etc, and who knows, maybe the club signed (and kept on) Carroll to give Joelinton a bit of confidence, to show him that he isn’t quite the most goal shy forward in the league!

  13. Not long to the big day now, Chuck!

    Trump was behind, but he’s rising again just like last time and we all know how that one ended. If he loses, he’s going to throw his toys out the pram and there will be months of legal disputes, just like the ‘hanging chad’ fiasco with Bush and Gore but worse. Then the gun toting hillbillies will rise up. Biden really is a poor opponent and the main thing he has going for him is that he’s not Trump. What’s old Bernie up to?

    Meanwhile, over here, I think the Labour war is breaking out in earnest now Corbyn’s been suspended. Guided democracy has finally been restored with two parties serving exactly the same interests as the country sinks further into a mire of corruption.

  14. Works

    Yes ! a strange yet somewhat expectant result should take place, though I wouldn’t bet a plugged nickel on the result.
    Being there are enough idiots that still believe Trump and most of his claims.
    Plus Joe doesn’t impress many (as I described the choosing of ones Vice President, is usually a choice that resembles an insurance policy, with no one crazy enough to attempt a removal of the president for that shmuck)
    Don’t look at the numbers, being “The Hillary”was way ahead in total votes, yet lost due to the fact they were in the wrong state’s .
    Of course things are looking close to an end with Brexit, but the UK is still hedging as to what cost it will take to close with a done deal.
    it’s been a messy time considering how long it has taken, but everyone is aware that the choice of being able to manipulate the economy through loans or subsidies from the government in power will never be acceptable to the EU, and of course fishing so essential to certain countries will be considered acceptable being the UK, cannot do much about it being the EU would simply prevent the sale of British caught fish within the EU.
    We hear little about the Irish back-stop, given the UK gets to make certain changes, each side desperately wanting a deal.
    So whats the difference, ?
    Just about forty percent +. of British exports are taken by the EU, whereas trading without a deal (under WTO rules) will add that additional tariff, something the UK needs to avoid desperately) and the fact The EU also needs needs the trade offered by the UK
    But not at the cost of giving an advantage to what will become an independent competitor.
    I’m sure there are numerous voters who now that some time has passed since the referendum, may regret their choice especially now they have become aware of the costs and other problems that arise from this blunder, though of course they will once again be come entitled to a brand new Blue Passport, exactly what they don’t need.

    Well so much about compelling matters that effect one, this being a footballing blog, should be easy to report I saw the game against
    Wolves, who are a better side IMO and fortunately for the Magpies
    luck was with them but they will still finish struggling, why is that ?

    Because they have no upper management worth a nickel, unless you consider Ashley, who although he owns the club and is a control freak, has proven to be totally unprepared to let anyone but himself to run the club.
    Which has relegated the Magpies from a top twenty in the world to a also ran side, having been relegated twice in the last decade.

    It could have all come to a perfect situation, Ashley getting a nice profit from the sale now that he’s had enough buying and selling players and has plenty to deal with buying and selling big box stores for nothing, does he know that most sales are done by ordering on line with the likes of Amazon etc.
    Well another season of watching a mediocrity which is NUFC,
    and will remain one as long as this man is in charge,
    Ah well !


  15. Chuck, your sweetheart at Leeds certainly has the players putting in a shift for their wages:

    Leeds ranking in the Premier League in 2020/21:

    Distance per game: 114km (1st)

    Sprints per game: 166 (1st)

    Tackles per game: 20.7 (1st)

    Outrun opponents: 6 games (1st)

    Direct speed: 1.7m/s (2nd)

    Direct attacks: 14 (1st)

    PPDA (Passes Allowed Per Defensive Action): 8.7 (1st)

    Basically that last one is how hard they ‘press’ other teams when out of possession.

    I notice you have nothing to say about the lads beating a good team who are second on Sunday, or that we’ve found what we’ve been dreaming about for some time, a striker who actually knows where the goal is! Another two for Callum Wilson and long may it continue! It’s true what they say, he does work well with his mate from Bournemouth, Ryan Fraser, though Fraser usually only gets a few minutes at the end. It’s a bit of a conundrum as Fraser’s primary position is the same as St Maximin on the right wing, then again, Bruce has been using St Maximin as a second striker.

  16. St. Max, is a decent signing at least he gives those watching a bit of entertainment and we could do with a few more like him.
    We could possibly get the recent Liverpool signing, the the small but fast Swiss forward, giving us two fast and dedicated wingers.
    Who it appears is looking for a side he can play with on a more regular basis, which ain’t Liverpool, who are considering a replacement for Fermino , yeah! that’s how good their squad is.
    Being that there’s not much hope for the sale of the club, following a suspiciously phoney refusal from the PL, concerning who will actually own the club, between the special fund set up or the country in general, WHY ? i mean is there any particular reason to reject the sale and if it turned out the country was the actual buyer as opposed to the super fund , what then ?
    My suspicion is it also involves the British Government and there are certain things that they don’t want mentioned, but eventually all things are made available through time and we will know who the real culprits are.
    However the fans will have to bare with it, the fact Ashley will only buy players if it appears we may be relegated which looks unlikely this season, but what does Ashley know about football, other than he can sell the club for a better price if they are a PL side.
    It’s all very unlikely following a dozen years of Ashley ownership
    and going from twentieth richest club in the world to a perennial
    elevator side, constantly playing football that is both boring and is an attempt at avoiding another relegation,
    With a manager who has little to say about recruitment and has trouble with instituting a tactical plan other than play ten men behind the ball and hope for a few goals through either set pieces or break-aways of which we are still awaiting the first goal.
    Enough already !

  17. Chuck, Liverpool have only just signed Diogo Joto, he cost the same as Joelinton. He isn’t even supposed to be a striker, he’s usually a left winger, a good one who can also play on the right wing or as a striker / second striker. Klopp just plonked him in the middle for that game against Atalanta and he scored a hat-trick. Firmino brings several qualities to the attack but one thing he doesn’t do much for a centre forward is score, most of Liverpool’s goals come from the flanks with Salah and Mane. If Joto could play like that in the middle all the time, it might be Firmino who’s on the bench too often, not Joto.

    But what about the election? It doesn’t look good from over here. When I woke up this morning and switched on the radio, Trump was saying what most people knew he was going to say if he wasn’t ahead, blah blah voter fraud, blah blah sending it to the Supreme Court blah blah, which of course was why he wanted to that right wing judge in just before the election kicked off. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, no matter how bonkers our politics gets over here, you chaps always go one better!

  18. It’s good to see that Demba Ba still has the old magic with his goal against Manchester United in the Champions League. I always thought he’d retire early through the toll of his injuries but he can still score breakaway goals at 35.

  19. Worky
    I was referring to the recently acquired Swiss winger Shaqiri, whom it looks like Liverpool are offering to sell to a top Turkish side, he apparently not in a class that meets their demands, though he and St.Max could no doubt cause a bit of havoc with their pace on breakaways, yeah I know it’s a problem, they are both mainly right wingers, but they are also professionals and able to adjust, plus with the speed of Almiron could force opponents to keep defenders within their own half and perhaps get a few goals, of course I believe our new center forward will fit the role as a Newcastle hero scoring a bunch of goals, well hopefully, being he has made a good start.
    But who knows, a couple of decent signings each season could bring the club close to what they once were, being we are not about to sign an unlimited amount of top quality players with Saudi money .
    Ah well !
    I can live with that !

  20. I used to feel sorry for Shaquiri a few years back. He played for Bayern Munich, then Inter Milan, then Stoke. That must have been a bit of a come down for the lad! His competition at Liverpool is Mohammed Salah so he isn’t going to get many games there unless something drastic happens. We have St Maximin, Fraser and Atsu who are all more left wing but there’s only really Murphy on the right so Shaquiri would make sense in that way.

  21. Worky

    Yes , it seems certain clubs have have an abundance of talent stocked up both for the club and on loan, which is a reflection of their wealth, that and the fact new stadiums are in demand and we will no doubt be seeing more.
    Nothing against new stadia, it’s better than being crushed and unless one is tall enough, may miss half of the game and god forbid you need to use a bathroom, the good old days they call them, welled let me sit in a comfortable seat any day.
    Now my latest argument is about “LOANS”which I consider unfair to most clubs, at least those in the lower divisions and the less affluent clubs in the PL.
    My question in regards to loaning is there appears to be no rules or conditions I’m aware of that decides who gets to take certain players who don’t make the cut (the max number of the roster allowed)
    Which could mean either the host club can pay the loanee’s wages or not, depending on the quality of the player, which allows the loaning club an advantage over those clubs that don’t, being in certain deals, the owning club are capable of recalling players if necessary from that particular loan, giving them a possible (payed for) addition to the overall squad.
    Just another perk of wealth and at one time I recall we NUFC, were considered the twentieth richest club in the world, and looking at to -days club, we only see a bottom ten side that has suffered relegation and continues to stutter and stumble , playing the most boring football
    Is it not time to sort out and clean up the game and hopefully end up with a majority of the clubs involved satisfied.
    Yes, while we are making all of these rule changes, why not cover both FIFA & EUAFA and clear out the remaining crooks, yeah I know we went through the list and a lot were fired, but don’t tell me those organizations involving tv rights and god knows what else, though I see the football leagues are looking to reduce the fees charged by agents, that and the distribution of tv monies within the different divisions, and the EPL itself. though I’m in favor of clubs being rewarded for the particular position they reach by the seasons end, giving clubs an incentive to play for something.
    I just thought there are more concerns for the sport, continental
    clubs suffering from a lack of earnings (from tv rights and sales)
    are once again raising the question of a super league, which we already have named the European Championship, which if brough about could mean curtains for the EPL.
    And yes the game needs to settle a lot of both the rules and how the money gets distributed, if we are to enjoy the sport in the future.
    Of which fairness is the key-stone.

  22. Chuck, I can tell you’re still brooding about that failed Saudi takeover. You’re like poor old King Lear trying to summon the elements to take deadly revenge on his daughters, or in your case on the Premier League, UEFA, FIFA etc.. “Blow, winds, crack your cheeks! rage! blow! You cataracts and hurricanes, spout. Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks! You sulphurous and thought-executing fires, vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts…”

    You need to let it go! They do say that in New York you’re never more than a few metres from a psychoanalyst so maybe that would help?

    Re the election, I saw the moment when it was over for Trump, when Fox News said that Biden had won Arizona, what that really meant was that Murdoch was pulling his support.

  23. Worky
    Somehow the image of a wealthy successful club doesn’t really fit the image of present day Newcastle Utd. and I suppose it never did, though it was common knowledge that they were a good side once, a famous but fading side, after all Sunderland were a similar club not that long ago.
    Kinda like when Huddersfield returned to the top tier and back to obscurity in one season. no-body nooticed.
    Anyhow no ones gonna come up with 300M. other than oil rich oligarchs, or someone or an organization that can use the club in the same or similar way that our present owner does, for marketing
    and perhaps as an ego enhancer, face it this club has an image already and is no stranger to movie making
    The difference is there are well managed clubs like Southampton and Leicester, who will be around because of good management, whereas unfortunately, we the fans may be watching the club playing like Swansea or WBA, an elevator club, before our beloved owner finds a buyer, he’s gotta now buy a couple of decent players
    though there appears to be only a long chance of the club becoming relegated, we know he wants to sell, it’s a question of how much ?

  24. Worky
    Newcastle looking to push their way up the table ?
    Yeah sure !
    Actually they are a side that will do well to avoid relegation, with a team of mediocre players and a manager that should be at Blythe Spartans or somewhere simllar.
    And I don’t care if they buy a couple of players during the winter sales, without engaging a top management group, leaving the decisions to the wee fat general manager and Bruce, will be a waste of time and money.
    It’s been over a decade now that Ashley has attempted to run things and look at the results.
    Look it’s time you were on your way Ashley, being you got your free advertisements and a few million and almost brought the club into a regular second tier loser, constantly fighting off relegation.
    Better get rid of the club and allow someone who cares to become the new owner, before the crowds decide to find something to replace their march to St. James’ every other Saturday, being although they may be loyal no one wants to see the boring football and poor results for ever, and they will stop coming, just check the clubs history.
    over a decade of what can only be described as ripping off the club is enough, so please just go away, on the other hand stay and be regarded as the most detestable owner ever.

  25. It might not be the only thing but the sheer amount of the adverts have really riled people up against Ashley. He goes so over the top and it’s a constant reminder of the oppressor, the Big Brother figure.

    I know that Ashley’s a frightful bore and that things could be better but you are a drama queen sometimes, well, all the time really. We’re mediocre but you make it sound like the days of Carver and McClaren. Southampton wasn’t great but they’re the in form team at the moment and we did well to beat Everton.

  26. Worky

    OK ! so I’m a drama queen now, eh !
    I guess you just don’t want to hear about how much the club has lost in stature over the years, or rating them alongside a similar club only twelve miles away Sunderland.
    What’s the problem ?
    ! –Our owner
    2–who only wants to subsidize his SD business.
    3–who needs to stay in the BIG league in order to do so.
    4–who spend close to nothing , while personally taking all annual profit from the club and investing it in his real business.
    5–a failure to hire a top level management group being he knows nothing about football, except profit and loss, but just happens to be a control freak who trusts no-one
    therefor , it would be a waste of money hiring such people, which include general managers and footballing managers that no one else wants,
    That includes players and so far has got away with this stupid policy, which won’t change as long as he is the owner, in other words he can sell the club but only if he is loosing money.
    Obviously no one but the Saudi’s could afford to pay his asking price, in which case he has to be forced out, the only way would be to boycott the club, but that’s obviously a step too far for the Geordie fans.
    Who apparently are more than willing to watch crap football every second weekend, and by now have become inured to shit football.
    And you come along with a statement “I’m a drama queen”when you are announcing such rubbish as “Newcastle are looking to push their way up the table”
    Hopefully that was meant as a joke, being no one I know expect that to happen..

  27. Chuck, so you wanted to make Newcastle United great again, even if it meant plumbing a Mariana trench of morality, but the truth is that the last time Newcastle United were truly great was over a century ago. We’ve been in the top division a lot, we’ve won the odd FA Cup or League title, but we’ve usually been somewhere in the middle for the most part. You go on about your sweetheart at Leeds but were just ahead of him in the league right now. £300 million isn’t that much for a Premier League club like Newcastle either, really big clubs are worth billions. Would you want to do a business deal with Mike Ashley though on his previous record for selling football clubs?

  28. Worky
    Not really !
    They were never a great club,
    However I just caught hem as a three time FA cup winning side in a five year episode and had such greats as Bobby Mitchell during an eleven year career at the club, with such players as wor Jackey , Brennan @ center half and Dorty Jimmy Scoular at right half, of course we had Ronny Simpson in goal who went on to Celtic after -wards and had a great career as Scotlands goalie.
    I would venture to say the FA Cup @ the time was as (well almost) as important as the league.
    However when we reported for duty @ 3pm each Saturday, we were unafraid of any team, certainly not like he dross we have to-day who are a poor side because of a lack of investment by a club run by a cheap-ass owner, pure and simple and will be going no-where
    soon, unless it’s a division down.
    As for Bielsa . wouldn’t you rather have hm than the guy that looks like an ex prize fighter who had lost every fight, erm that’s about the kindest thing I can say about him, but when you are recognized by everyone as the worst owner in the PL, it ain’t easy to get a decent manager.
    Erm ! three hundred million was not what OUR owner paid was it and if that’s a fair price for NUFC, how come no one other than the heaviest hitter in the world “Saudi Arabia” failed to buy them.

    Actually we don’t really know the real reason for this but eventually it will become public I expect and have a link between The Saudis and the present government , headed by the idiot Johnson, while we have just got rid of our cross to bear “The Donald”.

    Plumbing the Marianas ? what the hell does that mean, and yeah I know the Marianas trench is the deepest part of the ocean, having
    once worked for “Woods Hole institute”, but I see no relationship twix it and football.

    And bye the way, looks like if the UK gets too demanding they may just find themselves working and trading under WT rules, being your PM might fancy the UK as capable to going it without a special
    deal, relying on it’s ability to go it alone, hey you just lost an Empire to provide you with wealth and the Scots are seriously looking at independence , which would make the UK composed of two countries, England and Wales, whatcha gonna do then ?

  29. They were in the Edwardian period, and Sunderland were the big team before that. Those were the days when the North East was a footballing colossus. There weren’t as many trophies to win back then though, just the league and the cup.

    As for Bielsa, I like the football but I just wish he wouldn’t squat the way he does with that look of extreme concentration he has. Apologies for being crude but he looks like a constipated old man spending 90 minutes trying to force one out.

    It’s a metaphor, Chuck. The Mariana trench is as low as it gets.

    Yeah yeah, yadda yadda, Britain is going down like the Titanic etc…

  30. Mmmmm ! look I go as far back as the fifties, even late forties, however the Victorian Period is beyond my ken.
    On the other and I recall a period where Sunderland were known as the Millionaires, a result of the amount of money spent on buying expensive players, which took place during the mid fifties.
    I doubt if your explanation in regard to the Marianas trench is commonly understood , being few people actually have any idea where it’s located or have any idea why one would use it in a quote.
    And yadda! yadda! !yadda! will hardly be your statement when with Boris in charge you go down the drain, dealing with the world, using WTO rules, believing whats left of a continuously diminishing (must be a record in regard to the demise of any empire).
    And those ungrateful Jocks are at it again, looking for another referendum on escaping from the UK, even after the London, government have just about pumped the last barrel of Scottish oil ,
    Ah well, shit happens !

  31. Well, ancient history or not, that was the last, the only time when Sunderland and Newcastle were really great teams, as opposed to nicking the odd League or FA Cup title and the Magpies doing very well in the Cup in the early to mid fifties. The last tie Sunderland won the league was in the 1930s, so those millions you mentioned didn’t seem to get them very far.

    ♫ You say ‘Marianas’, I say ‘Mariana’, let’s call the whole thing off! ♪

    I believe that was written by one of your favourites, the Gershwin brothers?

    I’m sure I did it in Geography at school. The shortcomings of your lot when it comes to that subject are well known, but that doesn’t mean that we’re the same over here!

  32. Worky

    Yes! I guess we can agree that all three big NE clubs including Boro. were top clubs until the de- industrialization of the eighties
    Thanks Margaret !
    Though bums in seats no longer weigh heavily as an earner when compared to tv money, just enough to give our dear owner a bit of help, spending it on his real business and the truth is had we held onto certain signings I suppose we could have had a decent side by now.
    And neither of the three can boast of more than the odd run in various competitions, in fact most dropped out of many competitions, being the UEFA cup meant playing a lotta games and hardly worth while , being it usually involved both tired teams and injuries, which in turn left the clubs short of players, which in turn meant fighting relegation.
    Had our owner not thought of the club as something other than an adjuct to his real business and hired football pro’s. in management.
    Well certainly in the case of NUFC things could have been very different, but …………..

    Well I remember when referring to the area it was always referred to as “The”Marianas, I recall going to Guam, which I had imagined as a tropical island and close to the Marianas, when on my first day of exploring revealed such tropical delights as “Big Boy Burgers” and “Al and Joe’s body and fender shop”such a disappointment.

    Yes I have to say The Gershwin’s certainly could write great stuff, certainly among the giants of their time and even resound as well to-day as then .

    And your right geography among other subjects certainly language
    appears to have been a forgotten subject and as you say a Shortcoming in the US.
    Though I do believe cures for polio and flights to the moon the actual physical introduction of the internet, GPS etc. must have been accidental.
    As for history when have you guys decided to admit some of your
    atrocities and the three hundred years of promoting the slave trade, which alone is an embarrassment
    Oh yesterdays internet had an interesting article on the British Armed Forces, thinking about getting rid of all tanks being most Nato countries are already past the stage of refitting their armour
    for the second time, which means the UK, the original inventor of the tank is now incapable of building or even refitting “challenger 2 tanks” plus just having completed the building of two aircraft carriers (lacking any support vessels or aircraft, being the intended
    models the A35 are quite expensive) plus they are not fueled by nuclear plants, meaning they will have quite an entourage of support vessels, both defensive and tankers to supply fuel.
    Yet Boris has plans to rebuild the Armed forces and become a single trading nation which will operate independently and be able to defend the realm, yeah sure !’

    Unfortunately the person who introduced Brexit is now sitting on the boards of companies whom he may have helped during his role as PM, and the referendum turned out to be the dumbest move by
    the country yet,
    Ah well ! gotta live with it I guess .


  33. Worky]
    I say Toe-may-toe you say tome-ahto, I say we (nufc)
    are beginning our usual slide to-wards relegation, but for some reason it’s a push upwards in the league for you ?
    Never mind, it will as usual indicate the lack of talent involved and hopefully get the usual reaction from Ashley (go buy some players to survive) but without Carr to oversee it and every indication of the talent involved in scouting I have only one sentence.
    “who is responsible for the forty million quid striker who so far has less goals than the average defender.”

    No ! Ashley I believe needs to stay in the EPL if he wants to
    sell to the Saudis, or any wealthy patron interested, in which case he will spring for a signing or two, but not the quality of the Carr signings.
    I see where Jaanmat and Wynaldum are still in demand as is
    Sissoko and how long ago was that ?
    However what Ashley has done was clever, though it took him a while to figure, but the club (Nufc) is still a PL side and not broke regardless of any success, unlike your two big former top level NE clubs, it’s not by accident it’s from a lack of spending,
    And I may suggest being almost three hundred miles from London brings to mind location! location ! location ! as a significant cause for both owners and players alike, which can only be solved by large amounts of dosh.

    I say tomato

  34. I caught the Liverpool managers rant following the recent game against Leicester the other day and have to say I agree with all he said, but there’s no end to greed or a lack of effort i suppose.
    The mans right there has been little or no action by the governing bodies, certainly in regard to schedules, or the fact things have to be scheduled around the present Covid 19 pandemic and at the same time schedule a host of other events from the usual waste of time International friendlies.
    Most which should have have been cancelled along with everything else apart from the European Championship.
    Players were out of shape and susceptible to injuries, therefore the results in the EPL appear nowhere near where they should be.
    And I believe that the present season has been both a forced and dumb decision based strictly by an unprepared FA, who have attempted to please everyone, of course the real culprit is not fans demanding football but the need to generate earnings and would have gone ahead I believe regardless, had the rest of Europe not banned spectators.
    Of course that’s but one problem with professional football, there’s a bigger problem involved that of the New Rules, which upon examination are ridicules leaving players confused and reversing referee’s decisions.
    One rule alone, The offside rule has been the most abused, but had they left it alone from a defining rule without doubt as to it’s necessity to one which was questionable and was left to the referee to make a subjective decision, with different decisions based on that of each Ref. then o’kayed.
    Perhaps a referee in each half would be better, referees often being left behind during play.
    Whatever ?
    But obviously there are if one wants it, a host of things that could be looked at to improve both the operations of clubs
    including rules and schedules, after all the game itself has changed drastically over time, it being nowhere near the game I watched as a youngster, when the same eleven played week in and out and it was considered a physical game which due to certain countries objections has become at this time a game of prima donnas, objecting to the slightest touch and diving at any opportunity, something you could be derided for in the day, and that’s by your own team mates.
    Nah ! look I enjoyed watching the Leicester vs Liverpool game, great football but spoiled by poor decisions by those controlling the game and for christ sake lets have someone new reporting the games with a bit of intelligence to explain what has just taken place , instead of relating how they would have done it when playing twenty years before.
    Look ! it’s without doubt the worlds most popular game, can those who are responsible for both rules and schedules not
    reach agreement, certainly for the rest of this seasons games could revert to a five player substitution instead of three, it’s not a big deal as I can recall the days of no substitutes.
    However to-days players are finely tuned to use as an explanation and are subject to certain muscular strains, so why not five subs. ?
    It doesn’t have to be forever, only until this orrible season ends.

    also the game


  35. Well even you can’t moan about the end of that Crystal Palace game, Chuck, though the first 88 minutes were rather frustrating. It was very good game for Joelinton, and that can’t be said very often. As for Wilson, I still find it hard to believe that Newcastle United have a striker who has scored 7 goals in 9 Premier games.

    The thing I like least of all is wrong decisions, but as you suggest, the new technology hasn’t eradicated them completely.

  36. Have to say without their brilliant forward Zaha, Palace are a different side.
    Not a bad game to watch as most PL sides have improved their abilities, better both technically and it’s obvious that most sides play a similar possession game, though it took quite a while for most to get their passing (all important) game, especially the Magpies, who couldn’t manage passing the ball more than three times in a row, with Jon-Joe looking good as a result, though I believe he is the laziest player in the side.
    And don’t get too exited about the win, yeah we may be half way up the table but there’s very little to get exited about as no one is actually playing that good, with certain games resulting in surprising results.
    Though I suppose with the money involved, we can expect the usual suspects to retain their top club status and the Geordies to once again avoid relegation, though they ain’t much better than in previous years.
    Bruce who may be “Mr nice guy”but in my opinion not all that as a manager, was lucky in recruiting such quality free agents, even though he doesn’t know where or how to use them, hell even our Brazilian forward scored, bringing his grand total to three goals.
    And I would like to hear who was responsible for paying forty million for this loser.
    Unless the present enquiry lodged against the PL, who are responsible for the refusal that rejected the Saudi purchase, is substantiated, it’s doubtful any further bids will meet Ashleys asking price.
    Ah well , there are a number of clubs in the PL with owners who have less money than Ashley, though our experiences with him have been mostly disappointing and the times when he spent on recruiting good players was how long it took for him to sell them for a decent profit, not long .
    Soh ! get a decent manager, buy players each season and who knows we could end up being the NUFC of old, a top eight side with ambition would be good enough for me it.s not that much to ask, is it ?

  37. Hmmm !
    Looks like our dear owner will need some back up money for his
    projected business moves, which could either end up as a disaster or in this pandemic pandemonium, perhaps richer than ever?
    In which case the fans could also prosper regardless, being he would garner the back up money by selling the club ( I hear the Saudis are interested) though the chance of him matching the Saudi offer is doubtful ,
    Well having to spend on the expansion of big box stores, when such business have been disappearing because people find it easier to order on line and have it delivered, but I wouldn’t underestimate our dear leader either.
    Soh ! the choices are , he sells = unknown owner ? but how could he be any worse ?
    He becomes wealthier= no excuse as to why he can’t really afford the club, he re-hires and gives Carr the same train ticket to France and comes up with a full side from there as good as some of his earlier purchases were
    End result a happy fan base who still appreciate good football.
    And erm. a new Manager couldn’t hurt !

  38. As the deadline for Brexit draws even closer and the fact that it appears there’s a chance. there may be no agreement reached,
    I would have no fear of that actually happening as each side needs the other equally, well no ! not really the UK needs an agreement in order to fill those orders from the EU, which buys almost fifty percent of it’s production.
    To settle for something similar to the Australian deal which is located on the other side of the world and needs to trade with it’s neighbors, is certainly not the way to go, the recent Japanese deal that the Tory’s have confirmed (being just a confirmation with nothing new) and crowing about it gives one an idea of how difficult things have gotten and should give everyone involved an idea of the stupidity of giving the populace the power of a referendum.
    The Japanese having heard the news there may be a no deal and justifiably can remove both the Toyota and Nissan plants located in the EU to avoid paying tariffs, which would along with the present pandemic
    and the resulting downturn, hit the British economy hard.
    Being the UK is a large producer of automobiles, mostly producing
    Japanese and German cars, even Indian owned production being not many wholly British designed car manufacturers still exist.
    Of course that leaves the dream of Maggie Thatcher, a service industry and an economic
    dependance on the city of London, and it’s ability in regards to banking , insurance and the business of handling complicated money deals.
    However the present Tory leadership know this and are attempting
    to sound like they are actually doing something to lessen the effect of Brexit, however the UK NEEDS the deal and will sign where indicated, one cannot just go and look for countries to export almost fifty percent of ones production too and will therefor sign.
    But look on the bright side, one can now feel proud to show ones brand new “blue passport” which declares you to be an independent country (on it’s way to re-inventing itself ), whatever the re-invention turns out to be,
    Soh ! you heard it here first folks there will be two entities signing a deal that is good for one side, the EU and continues to tie the UK to
    the EU, not exactly what was envisioned, but a poor deal is better than no deal and it’s absolutely imperative for the UK.
    The real future could be very different from anything we have predicted, that many people will continue to work from home and buy whatever they need on line therefor eliminating the need for big box stores and office space as there are a large number of residential residences listed like never before, with massive reductions in rent and ownership costs.
    2021 aught to be an interesting year, as the Chinese claim in a way that is an insult, “may you live in interesting times” for us all.

    Soh ! you heard it here first folks the deal is as good as done the Torys have only to write their side, possibly claiming we made a good deal and face it that’s what the electorate voted for .