Newcastle United vs Sunderland extended match highlights and post match videos

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Highlights from this afternoon’s Newcastle United v Sunderland derby at St James’ Park.

Newcastle United v Sunderland full match video.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew’s post match interview.

Paolo di Canio speaks of his “warriors.”

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 0, Sunderland 1 (Sessegnon 27, Johnson 74, Vaughan 82).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G, Rob Elliot 57), Mathieu Debuchy, Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Jonas Gutierrez, Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye (C, Hatem Ben Arfa 63), Sylvain Marveaux, Moussa Sissoko, Yoan Gouffran (Shola Ameobi HT), Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Massadio Haidara, James Perch, Vurnon Anita, Hatem Ben Arfa, Adam Campbell, Shola Ameobi.

Sunderland (4-2-3-1): Simon Mignolet (G), Phil Bardsley (Jack Colbeck 55), Carlos Cuellar (Kader Mangane 72), John O’Shea (C), Danny Rose, Alfred N’Diaye, Sebastian Larsson, Adam Johnson, Stephane Sessegnon, James McClean (David Vaughan 65), Danny Graham.

Subs: Kieren Westwood (G), Matthew Kilgallon, Jack Colback, David Vaughan, Jordan Laidler, Kader Mangane, Mikael Mandron.

Yellow cards: Yoan Gouffran (23), Danny Rose (37), Papiss Cisse (43), Steven taylor (45+2),

Red cards: None.

Referee: Howard Webb (Yorks).

Attendance: 52,355.

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40 Responses

  1. Pardew always playing the same team week in and out. Typical of a not very thinking manager.

    Poor tactics and never any plan.

    With the team we have and Pardew cannot manage. A new manager would be like 6 new international class signings.

    17 defeats in 33 games is poor. Pardew has to go. Was never fooled by the 5th place finish last season. Ba and Cisse carried us through and Pardew took the plaudits. Now he is exposed. We have to be the most under achieving team in the league.

  2. What a bunch of wingers 2 weeks ago he was Mr.Wonderful now you want him sacked! Wake and realise shit happens.

  3. Supermac says:
    April 14, 2013 at 3:57 pm (Edit)

    What a bunch of wingers 2 weeks ago he was Mr.Wonderful now you want him sacked!

    :lol: Er, I think you’ll find that you’re a little wide of the mark there, Supermac!

  4. supermac, i’m no winger, i used to play in midfield lol.
    i’ve opposed alan pardew from day one, and will continue to do so, until the day he leaves the club.
    that was a sunderland side with a few injuries, who couldn’t win a game, for love nor money, and they turned our full strength team over, without too much fuss.
    looking at the fixtures, we might not win another game, so we might be stuck on 36 points.

  5. Supermac
    He was Mr Wonderful to who? Certainly not me the best compliment I can pay him is that he is second rate.I and a few others have always felt this way.Games like this only highlight it and there have been a lot of games like this.

  6. i dont know what pardew has over the “gruesome twosome”, but the saying, “give someone enough rope”, pardew is building his own gallows, and digging his own hole, and they still wont send him down the road.
    i wonder how long he’s going to get away with it?, because we have been terrible, for most of the campaign.
    i honestly dont think we should go into another season, with him at the helm, whether we are in the league, or the fizzy.

  7. As much as most of us would like to see Pards walking down the road in the near future, you’ve got to say that he was right about what should have been the equaliser.

    “…and we had a great opportunity for the equaliser which should have been given, and really I have to say that’s a massive turning point.

    “You get 1-1 there, we get a lift – we get an energy lift as much as anything and a mental lift that we can go on and win the game.”

    Obviously, his failure to do his job properly is the main reason we’ve been in the crap for so long this season. But we’ve been cheated out of THIS, of all games, by yet ANOTHER dick of a linesman who doesn’t know the offside rule.

    They’re going to have this Hawkeye thing watching the goal line next season for VERY occasional disputes as to whether the ball’s crossed the line or not, when we really need something to replace linesmen altogether. There are too many linesmen ruining games in this country by being gutless and dishonest and just raising their flags in confusion when they’ve really NO IDEA of what’s really happened.

  8. Dreadful. Humiliating. Luckily, I’ll be in the Chelmsford until the middle of May.

    So I’ll be surrounded by Man Utd fans instead of mackems :)

  9. Soh ! the final run in is yet to be decided.
    Though it’s probably certain MU will take the league title, it’s still a race in regard to the top four and for those outside attempting to get into Europes second tier competition.

    Which is good, thats what we like competition.

    As for the drop, i would bet the farm on both Reading and QPR going down, beyond that it’s a horserace.

    Though Wigan sit at eighteenth, they have two games in hand, which if they win, would place them ahead of US.

    Then there’s Sunderland Stoke and Villa, all two points behind us with an equal amount of games played.

    Directly one point below us is Norwich, with the same
    number of games.

    There are still twenty one points to play for, which i’m sure will create a lot of tight asses , as they are played, considering all that is at stake, cetainly to miss the big bucks being distributed by tv revenues, will be catostrophic for some.

    But that should’nt effect us, Right ?
    I mean we will survive right?

    But having just lost to a side that has lost six out of their last ten games, it kinda brings back the feeling of our relegation year, where we were just too (big) good a side to go down.

    Looking at the tables, i would pick Stoke to go down, that is on recent form, with their manager under pressure from both within the club and the fans.

    And if there’s anyone who knows how to play route one well it’s both Pulis and BSA.

    Unfortunately when you play ugly, it’s acceptable as long as you win, but playing ugly and loosing at the same time, triggers an automatic change of managers.
    Except at NUFC that is!

    Oh! just watched some of the post game video outside St. James’ Park, a bit of aggro with a few fascist salutes from what appeared to be Newcastle fans.
    C’mon guys it’s only a game, get over it.

  10. Darth Broon, mentioned the role of the linesman,(Asst Ref) which at one time was to give a decision when the ball went outta play.

    Unfortunately we now have three assitant refs.
    Both former linesmen make major decisions to day and many questionable.

    I dont know what use the other one is, other than to seperate arguing managers, plus hold up the sign indicating subs and extra time.

    A good instance was during the Norfolk/Arsenal game, where an asst. ref. standing at the sideline called a penalty in the box, while the ref, standing about fifteen foot away ignored the usual shirt tugging and holding that normally goes on during set pieces in the box.

    At the time Norfolk were leading and had it not been for that call, (which the ref had to give, more or less)
    completely ruined Norfolks chance to win earn a desperately needed three points.
    Even the commentators were shocked.

    Such decisions shoul be the refs alone, as far as keeping the game flowing,including no pain/nofoul, stuff.

    Every corner kick, generates what could be construed as fouls, but it unfortunately has become a part of the modern game, along with diving.

    For fouls with serious results (red cards/ penalties) video tapes should be employed, which ensures the right decision is made.
    Not some linesman fifty feet away.
    But then that would be too easy .

  11. Darth Broon sez
    So i will be surrounded by Man U. fans instead of Mackems.
    So you live in Sunderland and support NUFC then ?

  12. as much as it pains me, sunderland deserved their win.
    they carved us apart at times, and some of their passing and movement was really good.
    maybe alan pardew should watch and learn, this is how you play football.
    i was just watching the half time patter, of redknapp and neville.
    redknapp said, newcastle have no method to what they are doing, and are just lumping it up the field.
    at least someone is telling the awful truth about pardew’s long ball nightmare style of football.
    i wouldn’t mind, but he isn’t very good at it, as it rarely yields any results, ie, never scored from a corner all season.

  13. joe hawkins says:
    April 14, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    “chuck, what are ye taalkin’ aboot, norfolk?”

    Aye Joe, I thought they called it “Norfolkshire” over there.

  14. Ermm Sorry, get mixed up with those East Anglian towns, of course i mean Norwich.

    Just came across a disturbing rumor, apparently there’s a claim Man. U. are preparing a twenty million bid for Cabaye.
    And if true, would Ashley accept it.
    IMO in a NY second, thats quite a profit, in which case we better start looking for another midfield engine room.

  15. chuck says:
    April 14, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    “So you live in Sunderland and support NUFC then ?”

    I live just outside of West Auckland and do most of my work for a company that has its head offices in Chester-le-Street.

    About 50/50 in terms of support for Newcastle and Sunderland at the office. At the moment, I’m lucky enough to be working in Essex, where every other person supports Manchester United for reasons I’ve never been able to fathom.

  16. Worky
    No but in Norwich Conn. they pronounce it Nor-witch, but then thats how it was pronounced originally.
    Why is Ipswich pronounced as spelled, while Greenwitch and Norwich retain no semblance to the original spellings?
    In New London Conn. The river is pronounced Thames, not Tems. who actually remembers how these places were originally pronounced and obviously gradually changed by common usage, throughout history, which is usually comes through laziness.
    Whats the point of pronouncing Chalmondeley, as Chumly,
    or Beauchamp, as Beecham ?
    Cesarewitch, is pronounced as spelled, plus unless you are a local, there is no rule as to when to drop the “w”
    Just all a bit of silly nonsence confuse the stranger.

  17. chuck says:
    April 14, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    “Ermm Sorry, get mixed up with those East Anglian towns, of course i mean Norwich.”

    Norfolk’s our answer to the deep South, Chuck. They even ride around in big Yank cars, listen to C&W music and commit incest. The incest jokes are fully interchangable with the deep South ones over there, though of course, you wouldn’t tell any as they aren’t very PC at all. :-)

  18. Wigan have games in hand but their run in is very tough, plus they have a cup final.

    There are also a lot of games where teams around us play each other. This is good and bad and will probably lead to a lot of chopping and changing of position.

    Stoke have QPR, Norwich and Sunderland in the next 3 games so they will have a say.

    Wigan against Villa last day.

    We don’t play anyone who has anything to play for except Arsenal on the last day. We should be OK.

  19. Darth Broon
    Yeah it’s almost like a situation where a city has two teams, Sunderland and Newcastle being so close.

    In fact closer to eaach othe (The Stadiums), than those in certain cities.

    Therefor the catchment area is a bit mixed, with mostly north of the Tyne being Newcastle fans, but south and west along the tyne valley a mixed bag, crossing family lines in many cases.

    Yes it’s a great rivalty and i do hope both sides avoid the drop, but sometimes it goes over the top, even when intended as banter.

  20. I didn’t think we played as badly today as some on here. We created a lot of chances and had a goal disallowed. Their goals were all very good, but 2 from outside the box and one a great strike. On another day they would have gone high and wide.

    A fit Ben Arfa will help us. And Cisse is doing better.

    Mignolet, urrggg.

  21. Worky
    Hmm, never heard that about Norfolk, thought that was Essex, you know the so called home of Chavs.
    Is that the same thing ?
    Been around Ipswich nice little town at that time, as was most of East Anglia, of course it was home to a large number of Americans, having a large USAF base there.
    But the deep south reference comes as a surprise, any relationship with the US bases ?

  22. DarthBroon
    It’s not difficult to figure, they were all Liverpool fans when Liverpool were winning things.
    For instance most football fans here in NY you can divide into Man U. and Liverpool supporters by age, obviously the younger ones being MU fans.

  23. chuck says:
    April 14, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Hmm, never heard that about Norfolk”

    In Norfolk, Suffolk and the Fens they love all that stuff. Billy Ray Cyrus and Boss Hogg would feel right at home there.

    In case you don’t believe me, here’s a Norfolk Country Music festival (and I don’t mean Norfolk, Virginia).

    It isn’t necessarily about US bases or that sort of thing, I think they’re just natural born shit kickers out there in the flatlands. They could well be the original rednecks! :-)

  24. i’ve noticed the last few years, newcastle are getting bad for hooliganism.
    it’s probably a sign of the times, whenever the tories come to power, everywhere erupts in violence.
    it’s one of the few things they excel at, division and ill will.

  25. result just not acceptable and fed up talking about officals decision when they cant make a decision from were the linesman was he was 3 yards away from were he should of been to make a decision so in my view he guessed and guessed wrong

  26. @ joe hawkins
    guess you never followed newcastle away in the 80s bud was a lot worse then buddy

  27. Darth @ 12: what does he have to say about the two penalties (first half, Steven Taylor shirt pull on Graham; second half, Yanga-Mbiwa handles Graham’s knockdown) the mackems should have had? AP strikes me as one of those types who have very clear memories of many of the times fortune has not served them and very hazy memories if any at all of the times it has…

  28. tunyc says:
    April 15, 2013 at 10:51 am

    “AP strikes me as one of those types who have very clear memories of many of the times fortune has not served them and very hazy memories if any at all of the times it has…”

    Aye tunyc, but to be fair, alot of managers are like that. Purple nose and Arsene are always whinging about decisions, but could you imagine how bad they would be if they were as shite as Pardew?

  29. worky @ 39: all managers are like that to an extent, true. I get the impression AP truly believes it. Also, it’s understandable if Wenger or SAF just can’t wrap their minds around their teams & tactics occasionally not prevailing. They’re not the root of their teams’ problems and both strike me as, beneath the rhetoric, understanding of all the fortune their teams enjoy. Again, I detect no such self-criticism from AP.