Newcastle United v Sunderland full match video, highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United v Sunderland full match video.

Newcastle United v Sunderland full match video (opens in new window).

Match highlights.

“Match of the Day” highlights from this afternoon’s Newcastle United v Sunderland derby at St James’ Park.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew’s post match interview.

Paolo di Canio speaks of his “warriors.”

Score and goalscorers.

Newcastle United 0, Sunderland 1 (Sessegnon 27, Johnson 74, Vaughan 82).

Teams and match facts.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G, Rob Elliot 57), Mathieu Debuchy, Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Jonas Gutierrez, Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye (C, Hatem Ben Arfa 63), Sylvain Marveaux, Moussa Sissoko, Yoan Gouffran (Shola Ameobi HT), Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Massadio Haidara, James Perch, Vurnon Anita, Hatem Ben Arfa, Adam Campbell, Shola Ameobi.

Sunderland (4-2-3-1): Simon Mignolet (G), Phil Bardsley (Jack Colbeck 55), Carlos Cuellar (Kader Mangane 72), John O’Shea (C), Danny Rose, Alfred N’Diaye, Sebastian Larsson, Adam Johnson, Stephane Sessegnon, James McClean (David Vaughan 65), Danny Graham.

Subs: Kieren Westwood (G), Matthew Kilgallon, Jack Colback, David Vaughan, Jordan Laidler, Kader Mangane, Mikael Mandron.

Yellow cards: Yoan Gouffran (23), Danny Rose (37), Papiss Cisse (43), Steven taylor (45+2),

Red cards: None.

Referee: Howard Webb (Yorks).

Attendance: 52,355.

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65 Responses

  1. Worky: If you recall I did say results will barely change even with the new influx of players. Of the 11 Premier league games we have lost 6 more than half which is hardly any different from what was going down before the Jan window.

    A new manager would be like 7 new signings. I remember last season I used to be critical about Pardew publicly and openly calling for his head and saying he is crap but 5th place had won him advocates but I still went again the wind with a hand full of people.

    Anyone would be better than Pardew. Beaten by inferior teams and managers and how important was Cisse’s goal against Fulham now. Lucky last gasp victories which easily could have been draws demonstrate the desperate nature of our plight.

    We can score only 1 goal a game and we need all 90 mins to do so.

    Pardew persists with the same team trying to get a different result by doing the same thing. With players and attributes they have he can only think of 4-5-1. cisse has scored goals fair but now that the team is based around him we are even poorer than when we were based around Ba.

  2. michael 12, cannot disagree with what you are saying.
    i said myself, the new signings would have a fleeting galvanising effect, which would be short lived, and then pardew would find himself, back at ground zero.

    worky touched upon the effect derek llambias, has had on proceedings.
    it does now look like the whole pardew scenario has become a desperate situation for dekka.
    if reports are correct, that it was dekka’s pearls of wisdom, to give pardew the job, in the first place.
    then his jacksy could also be on the line, and along with the very public backing, they have given him.
    they now find themselves backed into a corner, and the whole thing could become a complete disaster.
    it’s not over yet, and ashley will not be be happy, if he misses out on the raised sky revenue.

  3. joe hawkins says:
    April 15, 2013 at 11:53 am

    “worky touched upon the effect derek llambias, has had on proceedings.
    it does now look like the whole pardew scenario has become a desperate situation for dekka.”

    In the Llambiasgate tapes, Llambias said that it was his decision alone to sack Hughton and bring in Pardew as he felt that Hughton would never take the club where they wanted to be. He later said in a more official interview that he appointed Pardew because he took his family to see a few West Ham games when he was managing 50 St James’s in London and was impressed.

    There is no doubt that he already had Pardew lined up when he sacked Hughton, and that Pardew lied when he said that he only got a phone call a few days before he was announced as manager. Lying comes very easy to Pardew and that is one of the real reasons why he was appointed. Keegan was right when he said that Llambias knows less than nothing about football, hence, he wasn’t fit to judge Pardew on a tactical level and he certainly can’t point to a successful track record with the Silver Supremo. If you work for Ashley and Llambias, you have to be willing and able to lie alot, and Hughton was never going to fit the bill in that department.

  4. “I’ve made it very, very clear that if we’re going to compete with the top clubs we need to pass the ball better, and we need to retain possession. If we’re going to retain possession, we need better players.” – Alan Pardew.

    Bearing in mind Pardew’s method, this is one of the most absurd statements in football history. If it isn’t just plain, old fashioned dishonesty, then Pardew has mental problems and has retreated to a complete fantasy world. Never mind top teams like Man U, Man City and Chelsea, teams like Swansea and Southampton retain the ball better than we do, and yet the players in their squad are nothing like ours overall. Wayne Routledge was famously not good enough for Noocarssel (according to Pardew), yet now he’s a star player at Swansea and retains the ball very well indeed. Their Captain, Garry Monk, is worth about £400,000.

    Everything around Ashley, Llambias and Pardew is a deception. They probably think they’re very clever, but at the end of the day they have just been fooling themselves as well as the fans.

  5. worky, it seems to me that, january’s foray into the transfer market, was about more than strenghtening, and was a blatant attempt to keep their lap dog, in his position.

    i think messrs ashley and llambias, tend to get hung up on certain things, which tends to end in disaster
    i might be a mile wrong, but in their naivity in matters of football, which keegan has alluded, i think they see graeme carr, as the main man, at the club.
    apparently insiders had referred to the hierachy, of being obsessed with the perfect deal, after they got cheik tiote for 3.5 or 3.8 mil, and tried to continue to do business like that.
    we all know that similar approaches in the netherlands came to nothing, as the dutch clubs wouldn’t be stood over.
    the same thing happened in france, where they got a couple of players for a song, then proceeded to try and strong arm the french clubs into deals, which we now know what happened with debuchy.
    so they do tend not to learn from their mistakes, and carry on down the same path.

    from the outside looking in, is their obsession with their continental system, which fair enough, if you want to run the club like that, then fair do’s.
    which brings us back to pardew, who in my opinion, his primary role is a one of a kind of low rent max clifford pr man, for the club.
    llambias cannot be bothered to address the fans on a regular basis, so pardew is wheeled out as propaganda officer.
    they seem to be looking past the fact that you have to have ability as a coach, and seem to think as long as carr brings in quality players, then pardew surely cannot mess it up too much, and only has to put the players on the pitch.
    their first though is, oh will he fit in with our system, which is fair enough, but they should be looking at the potential manager’s past record, ability, skills etc, which in reality, pardew should be nowhere near.

  6. I’ve been looking at the morning papers again and I’ve got to have one more dig about our chalked-off equaliser – then I’ll move on.

    It’s one thing for a linesman to MISS an offside and allow a goal (or a movement that leads to a goal). It happens – and it happened in the case of their third goal. We can all deal with that as fans, and we eventually come to grudgingly understand that you can’t flag for something if you didn’t see it.

    But it’s a different thing altogether for a linesman to flag for an offside that DIDN’T HAPPEN! What could that incompetent cnut have seen yesterday, FFS? NOTHING!

    There are far too many “linesmen” in the EPL who shouldn’t be doing the job for the simple reason that they don’t have the NERVE to do the job. These people can’t think quickly enough to register what’s happened around the box in fast moving games, so they just clench their @rse cheeks, shut their eyes and stick the damned flag out.

    THEY’RE RUINING THE GAME! How many times have we seen this happen this season alone!?

    Next season, they’ll have this blasted Hawkeye thing in place looking for balls bobbling around/over/on the line and there might be a couple of incidents all season in which it might actually make a difference (if that).

    Meanwhile, spineless tossers like that d|ck yesterday will be ruining three or four games a week, and getting away with it – providing they don’t do it too many times at Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge, obviously.

    Grrrr :)

  7. I have been echoing most of the above statements since Pardews arrival.
    My take on the matter is Ashley bought the club, for reasons associated with his other business, knowing jack shit about the game, but saw NUFC as an adjunct to Sports Direct.
    Plus it did’my escape his attention, the big bucks involved in tv revenues.
    He originally hired the money guy from the city, who alo knew jack shit about the game and realised he had got himself into a mess, which quickly drove him back to London.
    Then we had a continuous series of screwups, with Wise, KK, Joe Kinnear, BSA, well you all remember, it was as i usually say, a slow learning curve.
    One of the biggesst problems IMO, is the fact Ashley does’nt trust anyone, a control freak, who has to control everything that happens.
    Resulting in his hiring only yes men.
    KK was right, llambias knows nothing about football and as far as advancing the brand name, even less, just another bullshitter.
    And supposedly it was his bright idea to hire Pardew, who has been fired from every job he’s had, simply because he’s a shit manager, tactically deprived and like Llambias, gets by on bullshit and doing what he’s told.
    If this club is to go anywhere, it’s essential, that Ashley fire both of these idiots and hire both a money man with a vision for the future plus a manager who will organize and build a side that can compete in the top six, cause thats where the money is earned.
    However i can’t see Ashley giving up control to others, in which case we will continue on the slow learning curve, unless he finds a buyer, who meets his asking price, which i hope happens in the not too distant future.

  8. i cannot disagree with any of that chuck, looking the chronicle, the club are saying, they wont make a kneejerk reaction, to the loss.
    they have stated that pardew will be in charge for the last five games, and they will have meetings in the summer, to go over the expectations, and planning etc.
    read into that what you will, but if they have any sense, they have to look at pardew, as the bug bear to their problems.

    i’ve heard rumours of rafa benitez taking over, we dont need him either, although he would be a step up from pardew.
    i would go after someone like pellegrini or bielsa, who are used to working within tight constrains.

  9. Im so glad there are no mackems in my neck of the woods! i’m downright embarassed!
    Though I wouldn’t say Pardonwho is the problem…
    We need someone who has a feeling for this team and is ready to invest serious money with a drive to get us some silverware.

  10. workyticket says:
    April 15, 2013 at 1:13 pm
    “I’ve made it very, very clear that if we’re going to compete with the top clubs we need to pass the ball better, and we need to retain possession. If we’re going to retain possession”

    Can’t argue with that statement. Now when is Pardew going to realise that he’s part of the problem? I was ashamed of our performance yesterday. What was Jonas up to? I hate to say it, but the Mackems deserved the win.

  11. pete, those were Pardew’s words, not mine. Since way before he came to Newcastle, he’s been trying to pass himself off as a coach who likes to play what is known as “passing football” amongst other things.

    The big question is whether he is a cynical “long ball conman” as Stewart Robson once described him, or is he a self deluded nutcase who has genuinely convinced himself that he is Alan Pardiola?

  12. No pride No passion beaten by a side who were until yesterday in freefall sorry pards mate but what ever division we are in you should go in the summer.Di canio might seem a bit of a nutter but he had that lot fired up we never got started.Never felt this bad since gary rowells hat-trick in 79 and we were bloody awful then.Had to happen at some point but the way we were beaten somebody has to take the flak because we were pathetic against what was supposed to be a weakened sunderland team this will hurt for quite some time still cant take it in.

  13. Darth-a linesman made a mistake yesterday. That cost us a goal. That the referee missed two pens for Sunderland quite possibly saved us two goals. Most every match is determined by players. Linesmen occasionally ruin matches. All matches would be pointless without linesmen.

    joe hawkins @ 9: Rafa would be a massive improvement on any manager NUFC has had in my lifetime bar Robson. Remember: he won La Liga & the CL, finished second in the PL and was fired at LFC for finishing 7th.

    pete_toon @ 11: what was Jonas up to indeed. I like the guy and thought it was sad how past it he looked in the buildup to Sessegnon’s goal.

  14. joe hawkins says:
    April 15, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    “i’ve heard rumours of rafa benitez taking over, we dont need him either, although he would be a step up from pardew.”

    Yes Joe, he would be a step up from Pardew. They’re the same age, yet Benitez has won 2 La Liga Championships, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Champions League, 1 FA Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 FA Charity Shield, 1 Italian Super Cup and 1 World Club Cup.

    Pardew has won 1 Johnstone’s Paintpot Trophy.

  15. worky – I know those were Pard’s words. I wasn’t trying to suggest otherwise. I was commenting on the irony of Pard’s being the one to utter those words.

  16. It would seem we are all singing from the same song sheet and its not a kneejerk reaction.This Pardew thing has gone on and on.He is not up to the job and the longer it goes on the worse it gets.Its not only the guff which he spouts its the way he says it.Surely Ashley must hear the alarm bells ringing.I honestly can not see a win in this side as long as Pardew is in charge.We are going to have to rely on other teams to do badly to save us.

  17. tunyc says:
    April 15, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    “Darth-a linesman made a mistake yesterday.”

    Yes, he did. And all he needed to to make sure it didn’t happen was to NOT flag for something he couldn’t possibly have seen.

    As for the two penalties – this falls into the category of things that actually happened but WEREN’T seen. We’ve benefited from those, and we’ve fallen foul of them a few times as well. They aren’t even mistakes – officials can’t give things if the haven’t seen them.

    “All matches would be pointless without linesmen.”

    Pointless? Is that the right word? Impractical, certainly, which is why they need a bit of help by way of technology. An action replay viewed by the fourth official is what’s needed at controversial moments in the game – not some blasted ‘magic eye’ on the goal line.

  18. Nutmag says:
    April 15, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    “I honestly can not see a win in this side as long as Pardew is in charge.”

    Nutmag, we will win games, like we did against Fulham the other week. Even QPR and Reading have won games (including Reading beating us). It’s just that overall, we will consistently underperform and not win as many as we should. We’ll be a top seven side who worries about being relegated. Having written that though, Pardew has had some monumental losing streaks in the past where it seemed like he would never get a win, so you may well be right after all!

  19. “We were tighter as a team. We kicked the ball longer. We tried to get as many bodies around the ball as we possibly could to make it difficult for their passing game.”

    Newcastle United first team coach Steve Stone praising Newcastle’s route one performance Swansea City (which we lost). It’s a weird inversion where it’s the big team who play like the bottom feeding yo-yo club, and the little team play a more technical game, even though it’s Newcastle who have the better players. Swansea’s only advantage, the reason they beat us twice, is another inversion. They have a manager who has been used to working with the greatest in football for his whole career and we have an old hoofer from the lower leagues.

  20. I just read an article in which Pardew declares “I got it wrong over Jonas” which I think he did, but the bigger question is, is Mike Ashley asking himself if he got it wrong about Pardew in giving him an eight year contract. We were very lucky to get all three points against Fulham, and there is no way in the world we should have been this utterly, utterly useless at home against our number one rivals. The city has been humiliated, as have thousands of fans around the world, and all because Alan Pardew just simply is out of his depth and merely parroting empty words when it comes to explaining why.

  21. Paul in Hollywood says:
    April 15, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    “but the bigger question is, is Mike Ashley asking himself if he got it wrong about Pardew in giving him an eight year contract.”

    Paul, I’ve written this before on here but the 8 year contract is completely and utterly irrelevant. It doesn’t mean that Ashley will have to cough up Pardew’s wages for the duration of the contract, he made sure of that. The advantages are all with Ashley, so any big club who wanted to poach Pardew like England or Chelsea (LOL but Ashley and Llambias know nothing about football) would have to cough up a bigger, fatter compensation fee. Of course, it was also dressed up as a big fat PR thing too in a killing two birds with one stone kind of way too.

  22. Well, we all understand that Mike is a savvy guy who, no doubt like any billionaire, is not without a streak of ruthlessness so let’s be on the lookout for him to show it with regard to Derek’s pet manager.

  23. I did read somewhere when the brown stuff first hit the fan for Ashley that he is very loyal to his friends.How I hope Pardew is not one of his friends.Even so I can’t see him going before the end of the season.By then it will be to late.

  24. I am a graduate student and an avid soccer fan-I have combined the two interests to compile a soccer survey!

    It is just 26 questions so its very quick- thanks for helping ou

  25. Well i dont know what to say!
    I have read the comments since my last tirade and they seem to be for the most part in agreement.
    It’s not just a case of getting rid of Pardew.
    But like dieting, once you lose the weight, you have to continue to keep it off, by employing a new lifestyle, exercise in combination with a healthy diet.
    In the case of NUFC, it requires a completely different approach.
    By dumping the obvious problematic people, i’m talking about both Llambias and his choice as manager, Pardew.
    I mean what the fcuk do either of these two know about football?
    It should be apparent by now, they are no more than Ashley yes men.
    But the real problem lies with Ashley himself, why ?
    Cause his ego will not allow him to admit he’s wrong about these guys, even though it obvious to everyone else.
    Hell this club has the potential to be a real big club, with good earnings, but not as run by these two clowns.
    Even following Ashleys purchase of five decent players, Pardew cant find a way to win.
    At any other club, that would be it, your outta here!
    C’mon Ash, face it it’s time for a change.

  26. worky, con man or mad man?, i would say, it’s a bit of both.
    even before he rocked up at newcastle, i’ve always thought the bloke had a screw loose.
    he comes across as someone who lives in his own head, and has created his own walter mitty fantasy land.
    you watch him at his previous clubs, especially west ham, the bombs were going off around him, but in his mind, everything was hunky dory.
    the same thing is happening now, he is a very dangerous and damaging individual to have at any football club.

    in the words of someone from london, alan pardew is “two bob”.
    in fact there has been a distinct cheapness and fake element to everything about his tenure, from day one.
    the bloke is also a bit of a wimp, and has pandered too much to the board, and to players, ie demba ba.
    which has been a detriment to the team, more often than not.
    watching him on the touchline on sunday, and previous games, you can see the fear in his face, he’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
    he’s all wrong for this club, and always has been.

    i just been looking at the comments section in the journal, and most people are starting to turn on him.
    frankly i’m amazed it’s took this long for fans to see the stark reality.
    the proceeding article was saying he could be mortally wounded as a manager, after that defeat.
    normally i would agree, but how many times has he been humiliated, and he’s still there.
    you just have to hope ashley sees sense, and realises he’s made a huge mistake.
    infact he could go up in estimation, if he only sacked that prick, derek llambias also.

  27. worky, when it’s written down like that, it suddenly dawns on you, how bad pardew really is.
    he’s 50 odd, and he’s won the johnstone’s paint trophy, and you look at rafa’s career, and the chelsea fans are calling for his head.
    no wonder a lot of rival clubs call us for having delusions of grandeur, when the powers that be, think alan pardew is the future.
    it’s scary stuff though, when you see it on paper, as it were.

  28. I think it’s all been said on here!
    With everyone of the same mind, as far as both Llambias and Pardew are concerned.
    Question is, what will Ashley do about it.
    i believe he wont make the mistake of hiring another Shearer to replace Pardew and we just may be lucky to survive.
    But it’s what follows that intrigues me ?
    Will he ignore the obvious and continue with these two clowns ?
    I doubt he will hire Benitez, probably due to the fact he spent a fortune at Liverpool.
    Not a great fan of Benitez either, but one cannot ignore his successes and i would take just about anyone in preference to Pardew.
    It’s time to take stock at the club, appears Cabaye may be sold if we are to believe the rumors.
    An assessment is needed as to playing staff, and management and that includes everyone from the board to the coaches.
    To continue as we are is not going to work, we desperately need help, not so much with players, but certainly the rest.
    Time for a re-evaluation and a change of direction.
    With the priority being a GM who has a vision and a strategy (no job for a bingo caller) plus a manager that can organize this side into a team that plays to their strengths, playing a modern version of the game.
    However until Ashley understands that, probably more of the same.

  29. Pete_toon: what do you expect? After the world cup de Jong challenge, this man has a job?

    He is total fu(king crappage and always has been. Sh@tdabidozi.

  30. Howard Webb is useless. He has a job because he hits the weights a bit and looks the part. He never gives a correct decision.

  31. Chuck, man: let’s get through this and hire:


    your pal Martinez even.

    ABP – anybody but Pardew!

  32. chuck says:
    April 16, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    “I doubt he will hire Benitez, probably due to the fact he spent a fortune at Liverpool.”

    He may have bought quite a few players but he also sold quite a few too. It’s a very rough calculation but he only made a net spend of around £15 million per season. For one of the world’s biggest clubs is hardly a “fortune”, Chuck.

    It all started to go wrong at Liverpool when those two awful Yanks moved in. They were never quite the same without Xabi Alonso too.

  33. Her legacy is:

    a country divided
    no industry
    tax cheats
    Rupert Murdoch
    homeless with dogs in doorways
    Gordon F@cking Ramsey
    Tony Blare

  34. Lets face it with only 5 games to go Ashley is not going to change anything even if he could.We are in the Pardew “Twilight Zone” Nobodys going to take the job with 5 games and then most likely Championship football with another mass exodus of players to follow.
    If the Cabaye rumour is true and apparantly he was instrumental in starting the french influx he could be responsable for the exodus even if we are lucky enough to stay up.Oh what fun it is to be a Newcastle supporter.

  35. John Major
    Mayfair Russian mafia
    the useless transportation system
    Jonathan Ross
    Norman Tebbit
    all of those useless “Sirs” that ran banks and ICI

  36. Sir-can-ride-a-bike-fast-or-row. Or be really old and made music in the ’60s and are not dead.

  37. Not wishing to get back to the Thatcher subject because it boils my p~~s but I will.Just to say what she did was replace all the things my fathers generation struggled to get rid of.They did’nt work before and they are not working now.Take a look at your “cheap” utility bills who owns the shares now.Her motto must have been “Never give a sucker an even break.

  38. gs, i cannot believe she actually gets paid to write that crap!, it was like the running man, “her, confederate…,her lover…
    she must be getting paid from capitol hill, with that cheerleading rhetoric.

  39. Darth-I hear you. You’re not wrong about linesmen messing up. It sucks. But I insist: we didn’t lose on Sunday because of the ref. We were outplayed, especially in the attacking 3rd, especially after half. Had the ref had a better view at a couple of points, it may have been 5-0. You also make good points about replays but I warn you as a fan of American pro sports: games could get very long.

    “I got it wrong over Jonas.”

    You know, some admissions don’t get you any slack. Alan, you left Haidara, Perch and Anita on the bench and didn’t even select Simpson. You never saw fit to bring any of them on for Jonas. You made this choice, obviously very confidently. Own it.

  40. “i got it wrong over jonas”, it’s statements like this, that will never endear pardew to me.
    the bloke is a complete wimp, who gives it large one day, then has to backtrack and crawl, when he’s been made to look like a fool, a few days later.
    regardless of what people think of di canio, he wont pander to the fans, he’ll say, ” i’m the manager, and i’ll make my own decisions”, which he did on many occassions, at swindon town.
    he even had slanging matches with the fans, on the touchline.
    some might say it’s unprofessional, some may say it shows passion.
    either way, the bloke stands by what he does, but you could never say that about the man who practices the art of, “wimpo”, alan pardew.
    maybe if he had of stood his ground more, you could of had more respect for him, but his try hard, to get the locals on side, has been cringeworthy, to say the least.
    his pathetic running into the crowd against fulham, was another example of his fakery.

  41. i watched the players warm up and you could see it in the mackems faces that they were meant .i thought it was a scrappy game but they bullied us for 90 mins .pardews tactics were all wrong even if he lasted to half time ben arfa shouldve been on from the start along with hiadara instead of jonas and sissoko who were twatful .play your strongest team 1st half run other team ragged hopefully score a couple then make them chase the game but pardew is totally oblivious to simple tactics good riddance asap

  42. joe hawkins says:
    April 17, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    “the bloke is a complete wimp”

    The silver southern softie?

    Aye we need a charismatic dictator Joe.

    Credere, Obbedire, Combattere! Vincere e vinceremo!

  43. worky lol, i dont want to get into the whole italian fascist era.
    i just want to see a genuine manager, who isn’t up the regimes backside.
    a manager who thinks for their self, and isn’t at odds with the chief scout, in terms of the type of player, being brought in, and the style of football we play.
    i would love to see a manager who can get the best out of a squad, that has genuine talent, and who plays football, in the manner it should be played, on the deck, and passing and moving the ball, instead of pardew’s stactic hoofball!
    “el duce” di canio is probably a bad overall example, but in context of the derby game, he had sunderland up for the challenge, while “el wimpo”, was s****ing a brick.

  44. Sounds like Pardew’s flogging the players too hard, too soon, maze.

    Then there’s the grand conspiracy theory. I divven’t knaa about now, but I did a feature a while back on the fitness expert who monitored their training told them when they’d had enough. His name is Richard Akenhead and he’s a self confessed Mackem Tramp!

    We need a new Agent Bruce in their camp, someone like Lee Clark, a Geordie who has crossed over to the dark side once already.

  45. tunyc says:
    April 17, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    “Long ball don’t win you nuthin’” bossing the poll 6-0…”

    My latest long ball report is now up. I took me friggin’ ages!