Newcastle United vs Club Brugge full match video and highlights

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Newcastle United v Club Brugge full match video.

Newcastle United vs Club Brugge full match video.

Full match video and highlights of yesterday evening’s Newcastle United v Club Brugge Europa League game at St James’ Park.

Highlights of the game include an excellent, Cruyff like flick over the shoulder from Sammy Ameobi before a good assist to Gabriel Obertan for a well finished goal in the 48th minute. Another was another excellent cross by little Shane Ferguson to Papiss Cisse, who’s resulting effort was saved by Bojan Jorgacevic in the Brugge goal.

Match highlights.

Alternative highlights from the ESPN website.

Overall, “Man of the Match” plaudits should probably go to Sammy Ameobi, and most improved to Gabriel Obertan. After an indifferent first half, the flying Squid upped his game remarkably in the second half, and was rewarded in minutes with what turned out to be a match winning goal.

Not a “classic” match by any means, but a decent performance overall from what was a young Newcastle United team which was missing quite a few key players.

Teams / Match facts.

Score / Goalscorers: Newcastle United (Gabriel Obertan 48), Club Brugge 0.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Steve Harper (G), Davide Santon, Steven Taylor (C), James Perch, Shane Ferguson (Yohan Cabaye 80), Gael Bigirimana, Cheick Tiote, Vurnon Anita (Shola Ameobi HT), Gabriel Obertan, Papiss Cisse, Sammy Ameobi (Fabricio Coloccini 73).

Subs: Tim Krul (G), Fabricio Coloccini, Yohan Cabaye, Hatem Ben Arfa, Adam Campbell, Shola Ameobi, Demba Ba.

Club Brugge (4-3-3): Bojan Jorgacevic (G) Tom Hogli, Carl Hoefkens (c), Jordi, Bart Buysse; Vadis Odjidja, Jonathan Blondel (Thibaut van Acker 84), Jesper Jorgensen, Lior Refaelov (Ivan Trickovski 55), Carlos Bacca, Maxime Lestienne

Subs: Vladan Kujovic, Jannes Vansteenkiste, Bjorn Engels, Victor Vazquez, Thibaut van Acker, Ivan Trickovski, Bjorn Vleminckx.

Yellow cards: Cheick Tiote (59), Vadis Odjidja (75), Gael Bigirimana (83)

Red cards: None.

Referee: Martin Hansson.

Attendance: 33,124.


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25 Responses

  1. Haven’t had an earlier chance to respond to Chucks comments re. Corvus Corax.

    So I am obviously a Hitler loving nazi sympathiser or similar!! The music is based on medieval folk tunes that were performed on traditional instruments by wandering musicians or early buskers of the time. Possibly even the French Trobadours of the time wno were hardly Teutonic.

    It was updated by Carl Orfe and turned into his classical orchestral work Carmina Burana, not sure if Hitler was a fan but hey, I’m sure Chuck can clarify that point.

    The band have taken the same original music and stories and using the very same original instuments turned it into some raunchy heavy sound that I really like.

    If some people want to see it as modern teutonic nazi sympathiser type music then that is in their own heads not mine.

    Chuck no offence meant, just an opinion.

    Anyway now that is off my chest I am going to watch the highlights of the game, first chance to do so and thank you Worky for being able to provide them, much appreciated. I am looking forward to the exit of Spurs so that the blinkered TV presenters will have to show our games!!

  2. Workey
    Dont know if you have already watched the recent democracy now lectures by Chomsky, recorded at Amherst, Mass.
    Quite interesting, gives a breakdown of US world policies from the WW2 Roosevelt administration to the present, including recent events in the Middle East (The Arab Spring) (The Iranian Nuclear Situation) etc.
    Available as i’m sure you are aware,
    via: democracy now .org
    (The add. is for other curious readers)

  3. Watched the game, a bit passionless and he result never appeared in doubt.
    Brugge were not a good side and i’m sure we will meet much better sides in the knockout rounds.
    Thats just for fans who believe we may now have some success.
    The fact we lack any depth in defence is glaringly obvious and has to be addrssed during the next window.

    That is if there’s any ambition on the part of our owner.
    I still like the idea of Douglas, a big, tough, defender, good in the air at both ends of the pitch.

    That and could we please give our best RB a decent contract or are we to see a situation, where we cut our noses off to spite our face.

    Actually i believe it has more to do with, setting wage standards, not unlike the way we missed out on both Douglas and Debuchy, by setting transfer caps.

    Like as if any club gives a shit what our policies are, they have an asking price, we make a counter offer, if we dont meet their valuation, they wont sell, simple.
    Somehow it appears we think we have the hammer.
    On the other hand, perhaps there was no intention to bring in anyone.

    But like the previous year when we possibly overpaid for Santon, we again made a last minute purchase, called Anita, who is at present (like Santon) finding it a bit tough to adjust to this league.

    Lets see how we do against a revived West Brom side, this weekend.
    I can see some searching for the panic button if we should lose and bring back memories of the relegation year, help!

  4. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    October 26, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    “Haven’t had an earlier chance to respond to Chucks comments re. Corvus Corax.

    So I am obviously a Hitler loving nazi sympathiser or similar!! The music is based on medieval folk tunes that were performed on traditional instruments by wandering musicians or early buskers of the time. Possibly even the French Trobadours of the time wno were hardly Teutonic.”

    Grumpy, I’m sure it was Chuck and not Toby Young who wrote the book “How to lose friends and alienate people” ;-)

    I know buggerall about Corvus Corax, but I do know a little about Carl Orff, and a hell of alot about the Nazis.

    Though they have manuscripts of medieval folk tunes, they don’t know exactly how they are supposed to sound, so there must be a bot of guesswork involved in those CC pieces, though as I wrote, I know buggerall about that particular group of musicians and their work.

    Orff took the tales of Carmina Burana and added his own music to it. As for his relationship with the Nazis, at first his music was regarded as degenerate, but he ingratiated himself with them and eventually, CB came to be very popular with the Nazis.

    Liking it has nothing whatsoever to do with Nazi sympathies. I’m a big Nietzsche reader and like Wagner, Nietzsche was very highly revered by Hitler and his acolytes, but the gadgie was an absolute genius, as well as being the possessor of one of the finest moustaches ever.

    Chuck’s favourite, Stephen Fry, is an immense Wagner fan and his mother’s Jewish! Don’t let Chuck rattle your cage.

  5. Grumpy, if you’re into music which has been inspired by much older music, Ralph Vaughan William’s “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis” is probably one of the most beautiful examples. Thomas Tallis was a 16th Century composer of the English Renaissance and Vaughan Williams was a brilliant 20th Century composer who composed some of the finest music ever written. In Vaughan Williams’ piece, the time signiture hardly ever stands still, which makes it sounds incredibly emotional.

    Why Fum’th in Fight by Thomas Tallis

    Variations on a theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

  6. chuck says:
    October 26, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Dont know if you have already watched the recent democracy now lectures by Chomsky, recorded at Amherst, Mass.”

    No I haven’t Chuck, but I’ll give it a go. Thanks for that!

  7. Grumpy
    I would’nt take too much comfort from what Worky said, Obviously dancing around the issue, plus the mentioning of both Orff and Nietzsche, a pair no doubt close to Hitlers heart, as was Wagner.
    Look face it, corvis Corax remind one of how we see those forest dwelling germanic tribes from two thoasand years ago portrayed, that combined with a definate Braveheart look.
    Hell i can just see central casting calling, send in the neo Teutonic tribesmen, they coulda also fitted into the movie Braveheart as no questions asked, C’mon Guy, they are not exactly The Moody Blues, though they have orchestral backing.
    Playing assorted instruments that vaguely resemble some kinda pipes.
    It’s a gimmick.
    And Worky refuses to venture an aye, yes or no, cant say i blame him.
    But then thats only my opinion.
    Just amusing myself, dont take it serious.

  8. I see it’s gone all Open University on here again.

    I’m in that picture at the top somewhere, it was a fairly average game really but we got the result. Don’t know what happened to Obertan in the second half though :-)

  9. A good summary as well worky, what there was of it! Sammy was about the best player and that touch over his head before he made the goal was mint. I was only joking about the Open University, that’s one of the reasons why I like it on here!

  10. I’m glad you bairns have been behaving yourselves while I’ve been oot.

    Apart from Chuck that is.

    What issue am I dancing around? Wagner was a twat, but he was a brilliant composer. Nietzche was a brilliant philosopher who finally went mad with syphillis, had a very dodgy sister and was misunderstood by a few idiots.

  11. Worky i was’nt on about young shane when i said”god knows what favor pards owed fergie”..i was on about alex…coz Pardew must ov owed him big time to take Obertan off his hands.
    i think young Shane is by far wor best youngster and deserves to get alot more game time than he does at the minute.every time i’ve seen him play av been most on here tho i would also prefer him to play LW even tho he is a good LB/LWB.
    i read on somebodys comment on the match banter that it sounded like brugge were at home.i was very impressed wiv the amount ov fans they brought over.they filled the away end,which probs only man utd or wor unwashed neighbours can so hats off to the brugge supporters for that.

  12. Workey
    Gotta hand it to you, you are the master of obfuscation.
    Certainly not a bad talent as blog master.

    As for young Ferguson, his talent is certainly not as a defender, even though he has played in the role and is a threat as a wingback, anyone who does’nt realise he is essentially a winger, does’nt know jack!

    Unfortunately, our manager has’nt picked up on that, or to give him credit, did’nt have Anita to play as LB, after all we paid a lotta money for him.

    Obertan ?
    Guys got pace, and lucked out with a goal, should raise his stock, with Pardew (after all he bought him)

    Have to say young Sammy is lookng good.

    So whats the story with Amalfitano, is he ever gonna get a game, if not, why did we buy him?

    Someone oughtta put a word in Tiote’s ear, or take him out on the training ground a show him how to channel players, in directions they dont wanna go, or ease them off the ball, cause his card count , is becoming over the top.
    Coaches! get his act to-gether and while your at it, get him to practise passing, not the get rid of the ball pass, but the killer pass.
    If they can do that, we gotta great player on our hands.

    We got Villa coming up, with Lambert at the helm, not an easy gig.

    Possibly the acid test of how good we are, if we get beat there will be questions asked.

    lets hope that is’nt the case.

  13. On the subject of Paul Lambert, he was once a Champions League winner as a player with Borussia Dortmund, and the man of the match in a final which included players such as Zenedine Zidane, Alessandro del Piero, Christian Vieri and many, many other legendary players. One of his jobs was to nail down Zidane, and he did. He also provided the assist for the first of Dortmund’s three goals, a cross to Karlheinz Riedle.

  14. jack72 says:
    October 27, 2012 at 3:26 am

    “i think young Shane is by far wor best youngster”

    Aye jack, I thought that was a bit odd.

    I used to think that about Vuckic, jack, but he can’t seem to play for five minutes without getting injured, and it’s destroying his career now before he’s even started.

  15. This might be a daft question but if wonga have bought the stadium name, why is SJP still covered in sports direct signs?

  16. I’m still wondering from a previous thread if when SJT said Sammy is shite whether it was tongue in cheek. It is sometimes difficult to tell on a blog.

    Worky, you reminded me about Vaughn Williams and that it was one of my CDs I forgot to get when I got divorced. I just ordered a “best of” with Andy Previn.

  17. Toon Tony: anybody can advertise in a ground. The difference is that they pay the club to do so and I am not sure if Sports Direct pay NUFC. Worky will know.

  18. toontony says:
    October 27, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    “This might be a daft question but if wonga have bought the stadium name, why is SJP still covered in sports direct signs?”

    Not a “daft” question toontony, but I suspect that you already know the answer to that one. ;-)

  19. Got it wrong.
    It’s steve Clarke, the West brom manager.
    Whom i believe is about to become one of the best in the league, plays an attacking game believing a good attack is the best defence.
    Another of Morinho’s acolytes at Chelsea, who obviouslu paid attention, being snapped up as a coach by both West Ham and then Liverpool, before being offered the W/Brom. gig.
    I believe NUFC attempted to bring him to Tyneside as a coach, but he preferred Liverpool i guess.
    Even touted him as someone we couldda had as a manager a while back, but then what do i know?

    Watched the Villa vs. Norwich game, a draw, but Hughton has Norwich playing well, as does Lambert with Villa.
    But it’s a long tough season.

    Wokey’s hero Laudrup has a big job to-day against Citeh,
    with no score yet late in the first half.
    A win for The Swans is a big ask, but they look good so far.

  20. toontony says:
    October 27, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    “Will there be a match preview for west brom?”

    Good question toontony. It’s Andy’s turn, but he’s always very

  21. Worky, Worky Ticket: When “Lastminute…com” went public. I was in London. I sold every stock I owned when I got home to Chicago because I knew that was the top of the market.

    Unfortunately, I bought some things back before they reached the bottom. I still made money, but not a killing.