Wigan Athletic vs Newcastle United: Full Match, Extended Highlights and Inteviews

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Wigan Athletic vs Newcastle United - Full match video.

Wigan Athletic vs Newcastle United: Full Match, Extended Highlights and Inteviews.

Venue: D.W. Stadium, Wigan. Date: Saturday, 28th April, 2012. Kick-Off: 3.00pm. Referee: Mike Dean (The Wirral).

Aye, we lost, and we lost badly too, but painful as that is, the match is still worth watching for the beauty of Wigan’s play in the first half in what was a masterful performance from Roberto Martinez and the Wigan team. They actually lined up like a highly defensive 5-4-1 at the start, then quiclkly morphed into a highly offensive Cruyffian 3-4-3 formation which just devastated the Magpies in short order. Painful as it was to watch as a Newcastle United fan, as a lover of the game it was also quite beautiful to see such verve and flexibilty from Wigan. The first half was some of the best football I have seen all season, and no disrespect, but it was Wigan, not Barcelona! Once again, fair play to ’em! Why do they always leave it so late though?

Extended highlights

Extended highlights of the game.

Wigan Athletic v Newcastle united – NUFC Blog match report and stats


Wigan Athletic (3-4-3): Ali Al Habsi (G), Emmerson Boyce, Antolin Alcaraz, Gary Caldwell (C), Maynor Figueroa, James McCarthy, Shaun Maloney, James McArthur, Jean Beausejour, Franco Di Santo (Conor Sammon 68), Victor Moses (Jordi Gomez 81).

Subs: Mike Pollitt (G), Mohamed Diame, Albert Crusat, David Jones, Jordi Gomez, Conor Sammon, Hugo Rodallega.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G), Danny Simpson (James Perch 82), Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa (Ryan Taylor 72), Yohan Cabaye (Shane Ferguson 84), Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), James Perch, Shane Ferguson, Ryan Taylor, Dan Gosling, Leon Best, Shola Ameobi.

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44 Responses

  1. Sat there with me gob on the table top, watching arguably the best football played against us this season. BAR NON.
    Apart from the fact that all of us were still waiting for the lads to show up for the second half, we all thought that there’s no way they will keep that up in the second half, but they did. Had I not been a Mag, it would have been a pleasure to see.
    Lets not talk about hitting the timbers a few times and should had this or done that, we didn’t and we got cut to shreds with four absolute crackers.
    Well done Wigan and see you next season. BA*****S.

  2. Drew the second half 0-0 though and it looked as though we may have got something back but it’s not hapnin, it’s not goin to .Sure AP will have it all sussed by the time Chelsea turn out. Howay the Lads.

  3. i was truly gobsmacked and left stunned though having watched MOTD this morning i can reflect on a job well done albeit Wigan being the providers of the entertainment.
    A point or three off Chelsea would cure this hangover in instant.Howay the Lads.

  4. Don’t think I’ll be watching that one again ;)
    Chelsea 2-0 up against QPR 10 mins in.

  5. Chant of the day so far has to be the QPR supporters when they pulled it back from 6-0 to 6-1….

    “You’re not singing any more…”


  6. Yeah lmao. UTD did you see the Stoke fans mocking Wenger yesterday? Good stuff haha.

  7. We made it easy for Wigan. Why 3 at the back? If it aint broke why fix it? Lost midfield, and gave acres of space around Danny Simpson. Why move Santon to right mid? and through the balance out between Cab/Tiote

    Anyone know if we have won with 3 at the back this time season/ever?

    All the best

  8. Just watched our future CB Douglas, playing for Ajax, looked good, with one spectacular bicyle kick attempt in the box.
    Unfortunately he may not be arriving according to reports, with rumors of Villa outbidding us by a coupla million.
    Well looks like the winning streak has come to an abrupt halt, with us beginning a slide from the top four.
    Not to worry we have i believe qualified for the uefa cup, which at this stage there’s more chance of a bit of success, as opposed to instant elimination against the top european sides of the champions league.
    If Ashley is interested in our competing in the european league, it will cost him, something i question he is willing to do.
    I believe last seasons signings were a one off, especially Cabaye.
    And there’s no guarantees of the assembly line of younger cheaper and better, can continue.
    Which means competing in the market with everyone else.
    Currently watching a resurgent Spurs side doing a number on Blackburn, where Jr. Hoileyy is having his usual out-
    standing game, i do hope we put in a bid for him.
    Or that would be two we miss out on, due to a parsimonious tude, talking bout Moses and Hoilett.
    But the what do i know ?

  9. Jmannion
    God only knows what to expect from Pardew, when it comes to lineups, playing a 90’s style 4-4-2, if that’s actually how to describe it, for most of the season.
    The difference being both wingers had to play defense ?
    Where that came from , we can only guess.
    On the other hand being an ex defender hiself, he tends to concentrate more on defense.
    With HBA forcing his entry into the side and whether directed or not, played as one of a front three.
    That game and HBA being outstanding, we believe he gave HBA freedom to roam, not really knowing what to do with him.
    Kinda like Arry and other English managers who just let the side play, with no real tactical plans, either A or B, crazy !
    Guess thats why English managers in the PL are as rare
    as hens teeth.

  10. jmannion says:
    April 29, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    “We made it easy for Wigan. Why 3 at the back? If it aint broke why fix it?”

    jmannion, well it certainly hasn’t done Wigan any harm in recent games, not least yesterday! As I pointed out in another post, Santon, who started at left back, seemed to play much of the game in the centre of midfield, hence the back three. In our recent games, the full backs have really been pushing forward, so much so that it’s been more like two at the back and five in the middle, with the wingers tucking into the centre. Hats off to Wigan though, they were superb.

  11. UTD111 says:
    April 29, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    “Like a library at Tottenham again – and loads of empty seats again…

    “big club” my a*se!”

    UTD111, White Hart Lane is full every game, their average attendance is the same as the capacity of their stadium, which is too small and it’s always hard to get a ticket there.

    Admit it, you’re just a big Londonist really! :-)

  12. Worky, do you think we are we a bigger club because we have a bigger stadium? Or do you think it holds no bearing on stadium size?

    I think it’s to do with trophies and success really.

  13. Also, shouldn’t we know are new kit a round about now? I know we’ve seen alleged pictures of one a few months back. I’m assuming we’ll wear it for the Man City game.

  14. Worky @ 14

    Seriously – there were empty seats everywhere on the side opposite the Sky camera.

    They must count the people who’ve stayed at home to watch it on telly.

  15. there were empty seats everywhere behind the goal at the opposite end to us there were loads. i noticed they had a funny way of seating people either wise of an empty seat.
    so i’m guessing this is to cause an illusion of a full house.

    not only that. i was say in row E yes i was in the second row the row infront being D(obviously) so there was three rows of seats in the away end not being used using the three rows they could have easily fit another 500+ toon fans in easily

  16. Pardiola pfffft !

    As soon as I began reading all the shlte last week from Pardwho “Breath of Fresh Air, Champions League Here we Come, We’re better than Barca” I knew it was gonna go pear shaped but just didnt realise how pear shaped it would get ???? :(

    Thank feck we’ve dispelled any illusions about us taking the CL by storm because we’d get our arses spanked in the qualifiers let alone the group stages.

    Europa League will still be tough but at least (even with the nj in charge) we should make it to the group stages even though we wont be seeded. So we could run into some seasoned teams like Bate and Metallurgist if they dont make it to the CL ?

    As for formations WT good try but Wigan have been playing 5 at the back since Chelski and yet we hadnt planned for it ?

  17. UTD,

    Tottenham and Chelsea are tiny little clubs because their stadiums are smaller than ours. That’s been your rationale on this blog for a while. Stadium size doesn’t define anything.

    Are Liverpool smaller and not a “big” club because Anfield is smaller than St James’ Park?

    I tend to look at recent success and history.

    Yes Nottingham Forest are a big club. So are Leeds, Sheffield Utd, Sheffield Wednesday… I could go on.

    “Big clubs my arse” was your statement based on stadium size and fan base.

    I’m not a fan of London itself but I know there is a lot of pro clubs in that area… How many are in Newcastle?

  18. Jimbob says:


    Forest are right up there”

    Take your point JB but how long can a club dine out on its previous and in some cases ancient history ?

    Big clubs by there very nature are clubs who win things now in the modern era as well as in previous times. It would be interesting to view that wiki list by a “time frame” say for example 25 years ?

    We wouldnt be 8th, thats for sure :)

    And Old Etonians wouldnt be 28th :lol:

  19. Agree AndyMac, but would you say Spurs and Chelsea are small clubs?

    I don’t like either clubs but I can’t say they are.

    And as you say, we certainly wouldn’t be 8th nor would Blackburn, Man City or Everton be that high… But they’ve all won something way more recently than us.

  20. avatar AndyMac says:
    April 29, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    “As for formations WT good try but Wigan have been playing 5 at the back since Chelski and yet we hadnt planned for it ?”

    Good try Andy, but actually it’s both. When out of possession and playing defensively, they are a 5-4-1. However, when in possession and attacking, they rapidly switch into a nicely triangulated 3-4-3 system. From here, the wing backs can then move right up alongside the forwards to outnumber the oppostion on the break. They had us all beat on the flanks yesterday with this surging front five.

  21. WT says:

    “Good try Andy, but actually it’s both. When out of possession and playing defensively, they are a 5-4-1. However, when in possession and attacking, they rapidly switch into a nicely triangulated 3-4-3 system. From here, the wing backs can then move right up alongside the forwards to outnumber the oppostion on the break. They had us all beat on the flanks yesterday with this surging front five”

    Where would we be without copy and paste ? :)

  22. “Wigan were able to string five defenders across the box in defence because of the wing backs, which ********* struggled to break down, but then thanks to the stamina and positions of Boyce and Beausejour, they were able to become auxiliary midfielders. ************** seemed to be thrown off by the flexibility of Wigan’s formation; players seemed to be unsure of who they were meant to be marking, and what shape they were meant to take up in order to counter-act the 5-4-1/3-4-3”

    Copied and pasted from the Arsenal game yet Pardwho still huffed and puffed and fannied around after going 2-0 down ?

    There’ll be hell on in the bunker tomorrow :lol:

  23. Attendance for the Spurs game, 35,798. White Hart Lane capacity, 36,230. The 432 empty seats may have been in the Blackpudding Rovers bit? That’s usually what it is, anyway, because I know that White Hart Lane is too small for the fanbase. I remember Geordies saying the same thing about Arsenal when they played at the 38.5 thousand capacity Highbury. Then of course, they built a new one with a capacity of over 60,000 and filled it, despite charging some very hairy prices for tickets. The same will almost certainly be true with Tottenham if / when they finally get it sorted out with the council and build their giant bed pan.

  24. and for those who didnt read Sportsmail’s “behind the scenes” expose,

    “Strategy Room

    Preparations for Saturday’s visit to Wigan get under way first thing on Monday morning when analysts Kerry Morrow and Ben Stevens take their seats in the dark video room, known among the coaches as the bunker.

    Speaking in a language most ordinary football fans would struggle to comprehend, they piece together the best (or the worst) of Newcastle’s opponents. They also study every aspect of Saturday’s win over Stoke City.

    This week the Newcastle players will be shown two videos featuring Wigan, dealing with defensive and offensive aspects of one of the more unique teams in the Barclays Premier League.

    Nothing is left untouched, or two (sic) chance, but there can be interesting debrief sessions with Pardew on a Monday morning.

    Ben Stevens says: ‘If we’ve conceded a left foot free-kick into the top corner, he’ll come in and say “you didn’t tell me he could do that”. Thankfully that doesn’t happen very often.’

    Sorry Ben get your tin hat on ready for tomorrow, Pardwho will be furious :)

    Tactician my R’s !

  25. AndyMac says:
    April 29, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    “Where would we be without copy and paste ?”

    I didn’t copy and paste that from anywhere, Andy, if that’s what you’re suggesting. I’ve just been a keen follower of football strategies for a long time, especially when it comes to innovative and highly offensive managers such as Johan Cruyff. I watched him play 3-4-3 with Ajax and Barcelona decades ago, as did Van Gaal.

  26. looks like it is Roy Hodgson for England.

    West Brom have cleared Roy to talk to the FA

  27. Jimbob says:
    April 29, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    “Worky, do you think we are we a bigger club because we have a bigger stadium? Or do you think it holds no bearing on stadium size?

    I think it’s to do with trophies and success really.”

    I suppose it’s a mixture of things, Jimbob. Pele’s old team, Santos, have been one of the most famous clubs in world football, winning many regional, national and international club trophies such as the Copa Libertadores, and recently played Barcelona in the world club cup final (they lost 4-0). Their stadium holds about 15,000!

    Things have also changed with with the advent of stuff such as cable and satellite television, and the worldwide reach of leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, the Champions League and so on. So now, it’s not so much a case of how many punters show up on a wet Saturday afternoon at the home ground, but how many are tuning in worldwide, how much merchandise they are shifting worldwide etc.

    Having written all that, some clubs are just big clubs without argument, and have been for a long time. Teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United are big clubs in every way, local fanbase, international fanbase, trophies, turnover and don’t have to argue their case. One thing about English clubs is that there are more of them. The three biggest cities of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia have only two major teams each. Birmingham, which is about the same size as the smallest of those, has three. In Italy, Rome and Milan only have two major teams each. That’s why you have these monster stadiums such as the Santaiago Bernabeu and Camp Nou in Spain, and the San Siro in Italy, though they do tend to be a bit more fickle. In the San Siro for instance, you may get 80,000 going bonkers for a Milan derby one week, then barely 20,000 showing up for a game against relegation strugglers a fortnight later.

  28. Stephen C says:
    April 29, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    “looks like it is Roy Hodgson for England.”

    If he got so frustrated at Liverpool that he ended up banging his head and trying to scratch his own face off in front of tens of thousands of fans and millions of TV viewers, what’s being England manager going to make him do?????

    It won’t be a pretty site.

  29. Interesting reply Worky, some good points.

    The argument I often here is how massive Newcastle is, with people insinuating that because are ground is full we are bigger than clubs that in past and recent history have won more than we have. We are a big club, but it doesn’t mean we are bigger because we fill the stadium. It’s all about silverware. I can’t understand how we’ve gone so long. Obviously we’ve came close a few times, but it’s frustrating to thing teams like Swindon, Oxford Utd and Luton Town have won a major trophy more recently than us…

    On the subject of Hodgson I think the bloke will do well. We won’t win F all because we are so massively behind teams like Spain, Germany, France etc. But Roy is a very good tactician, more so than Redknapp. With Harry he just tells his teams to go out and play. He’s even said that himself but I can’t be arsed to find any links… Trust me :-)

    I think Roy was shafted at Liverpool by a certain Dogleish and some senior players. But his time at Liverpool is what anyone who doesn’t want him will bring up. He’s got a lot of experience too. He’s certainly a manager who has adapted his tactics over the years, thankfully not like a Tony Pulis who is still stuck in 1980.

    Also with Redknapp we would see Lampard and Gerrard in the same team. Every game. Probably until they are 40.

  30. Jimbob says:
    April 29, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    “It’s all about silverware. I can’t understand how we’ve gone so long.”

    Similar reasons to England, Jimbob, it’s all about psychology. Club’s, even countries, can have a collective psychology, sometimes it’s the right one, sometimes it isn’t. It comes to the fore at crucial times.

  31. Yo Workey Ticket !
    Curious, concerning the direction in which football will go.
    You mention Santos (my favorite city)with no more than thirty thousand attendees per month.
    But not only surviving , but doing well.
    All due to tv revenue.
    Surprised ?
    No! cause we are all aware of the EPL and it’s SKY tv dosh, lavished on the EPL, making it possibly the most watched sport and league in the world.
    But the question is can a side like Santos survive and play in a stadium with only fifteen thousand showing up?
    You know what i hope Brasil have a great world cup and that they and the rest of the south american countries, who generally export their best to europe, can keep them at home, for the entertainment of those that produced them.
    What the hell at’s all going to be on tv anyway, init ?

  32. Chuck, on the subject of South America and football, I’ve received an e.mail from someone from Iquique in Chile, which, as you may know, was the birthplace of George Robledo. His father was a big fan and he really wants to know more about his time at NUFC. You were there when he played, weren’t you? If so, could you let me know all about him from someone who was actually there and saw him playing? I’d be very grateful.

  33. Yes, i admit to watching both George and Edward play for the side.
    George played in the no 10#.shirt which would have indicated he was an inside left.
    However he was in fact more of a center forward,playing alongside Millburn.
    An unusual lineup considering the tactical rigidity of the times, where inside lefts and rights, were a combination of fetch and carry, plus playmaker and goalscorer.
    Being that George was excellent in the air, a good number of his goals, were from headed balls.
    Whereas it was well known that wor Jackie, was’nt the best header of the ball.
    The system of two CF’s seemed to work well, as did a single CF, if one was out injured.
    Of course George did’nt have the pace of Millburn, but a stocky (hard to move)predator, with good technique and a handfull in the box.
    With guys like Ernie Taylor (inside right)and wingers Tommy Walker and Bobby Mitchell, supplying both Robledo & Millburn, tough side to play against.
    Of course Edward Robledo, would get the odd game at right half, replacing an injured Joe Harvey or later Jimmy Scoular, who we poached from Pompey.
    Edward was IMO better than Harvey, but Joe was the inspirational captain of the side, soh !
    Of course it was a long time ogo and memory tends to be sketchy at best.
    But both brothers, were fan favorites, well liked and played some good football for the club.
    I’m sure there must still exist, reports in the archives of the Evening Chronicle, the football final edition that we would patiently await, each Saturday night,so as to read all obout it.
    Can still hear the paper boys yelling something like Ftbaaaal Finiel, read all aboorit!
    Glad i had the experience.

  34. A lot of clubs in South America have individual “sponsors” that pay for their luxury players. It’s an arrangement that I doubt would be legal in Europe (and possibly other parts of the world). It’s part of the reason for S.A. teams being able to keep quality squads. Also, there’s a whole lot of corruption in the Brazilian leagues specifically.