Wigan vs Newcastle United full match video, highlights and post match interviews

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Wigan v Newcastle United full match video.

Wigan vs Newcastle United full match video (opens in new window).

Match highlights.

Highlights of this afternoon’s game between Wigan Athletic and Newcastle United from the DW Stadium in Wigan.

Post match interviews.

Pardew’s absolutely foaming about McManaman’s “awful” tackle. For the best in Football betting, check out Coral.co.uk.

Roberto Martinez is proud of his team, and puts McManaman tackle down to “enthusiasm.”

Score and goalscorers.

Wigan Athletic 2 (Beausejour 18, Kone 90), Newcastle United 1 (Santon 72).

Teams and match facts.

Wigan Athletic (3-4-3): Joel Robles (G), Antolin Alcaraz, Paul Scharner, Maynor Figueroa; Emmerson Boyce (C), Jordi Gomez, James McCarthy, Jean Beausejour (Franco Di Santo 79), Callum McManaman (James McArthur 58), Arouna Kone, Shaun Maloney.

Substitutes: Ali Al Habsi (G), Ronnie Stam, Roman Golobart, Gary Caldwell, James McArthur, Franco Di Santo, Angelo Henriquez.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Rob Elliot (G), Mathieu Debuchy (Massadio Haidara 14 (James Perch 27)), Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Davide Santon, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez (C), Sylvain Marveaux, Moussa Sissoko, Yoan Gouffran (Shola Ameobi 67), Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Steve Harper (G), Massadio Haidara, James Perch, Vurnon Anita, Dan Gosling, Gabriel Obertan, Shola Ameobi.

Yellow cards: Paul Scharner (45+2), Jonas Gutierrez (67),

Red cards: None (though there should have been!)

Referee: Mark Halsey (Bolton).

Attendance: 25,000


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105 Responses

  1. The Wigan fans applause when mcmanaman came off.We now have issue with that scummy lot too.

  2. The view of the Independent’s Ian Herbert:

    “Carver’s extraordinary, premediated attack on a 20-year-old – the most appalling conduct of the day – prompted a series of unsavoury challenges by the Newcastle team: Gutierrez on Shaun Maloney, James Perch on Beausejour and substitute Shola Ameobi on Paul Scharner…”


  3. <<<<<<<<<< bets carver aint the only 1 wanted to attack the little git yesterday after that tackle

  4. <<<<<<<< would guess Ian Herbert missed the most appalling conduct of the day and missed the tackle lmao

  5. <<<<<<,,, this dude here dont give 2 hoots about the result the most important thing to me is news on Haidara

  6. Graham Poll has urged referee Mark Halsey to seriously consider hanging up his whistle after his performance in Wigan’s win over Newcastle.
    when you got other refs telling ya to hang up ya boots in the press tells you what a major cock up Mark Halsey made yesterday

  7. @workyticket
    <<<<<<<<< this dude here is still in a state of shock that the dirty little git got away with it

    March 18, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    “@ workyticket
    aint got a clue who he was bud”

    I was joking Toon, it was Pardew with his new unkempt stubbly look.

    I’ll get me coat…

  9. @workyticket
    i watched the game on sky sports so had the benefit of the rewind so knew how bad it was straight away

    March 18, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    i watched the game on sky sports so had the benefit of the rewind so knew how bad it was straight away”

    Aye Toon, they showed it from Halsey’s point of view and at the moment it happened, M’Biwa was right in front of him running past when it happened. I’ve subsequently seen that the linesmen didn’t really have the same excuse and should have seen it. On the other hand, Halsey didn’t seem to consult with them though.

    March 18, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    “thought you were on about the big grey haired dude on there side lmao”

    Toon, I think that was the Wigan Youth team coach who wanted to have a barney with Carver for wanting to have a barney with McManaman. He was the other one who was sent up to the naughty step.

  12. @workyticket
    i will be surprised if the young lad plays football again the tackle was that bone crunching

  13. @workyticket
    think carvers had a look at the replay before hand and thought what i did that the dirty git had basicaly done him

  14. his leading leg is locked if you looked when he connected and would say meself most of his body weight was comeing though that as well

  15. <<<<<<<<<< so this dude here understands why carver was so flippin angry after watching the replay if the dude come walking past me i would be wanting to give the dude a good kicking also

  16. Well retropective action against McManaman all depends on Halsey’s report of the game now. If he mentions in that that he didn’t see it, then McManaman could be charged by the FA.

  17. It would almost certainly be like a straight sending off with a three match ban if they do Toon. Of course though, that wouldn’t make up for Wigan getting to play the whole game with eleven players.

  18. <<<<<<<< thinks we would prob of gone on to win the game if the ref and linesman had done there jobs proper

  19. Thinks its time to have a ref off the pitch, watching on a big screen, who can relay whats happened to the ref on the pitch,cause the main topic in football these days is the constant poop decision made by the ref and the linesmen.

  20. might not cover all the cock ups in football but would help get rid of most of these glaring cock ups made by the officals

  21. Toonarmylite@28
    That has got to be the answer.Other sports have moved on.The powers that be in football are locked in the past and are too bloody lazy to move on.The excuse most used that it would disrupt the game.Justice could have been served in half the time it took to get the stretcher to Haidara and the handball before they had finished their celebrations.It works in rugby but nothing will happen till enough supporters of all clubs DEMAND IT!

  22. It is time to go back to calling them linesmen. All they do is decide who last kicked the ball out and who is offside – usually they will flag if the last man is level. They are certainly not “Assistant Referees” as was proved at least twice yesterday.

  23. It looks like Debuchy isn’t that bad from what Pardew said. Luckily we have 2 weeks to Citeh so hopefully he and Cabaye will be fit. We also have Simpson as cover.

    I don’t understand how there is no news at all on Haidara. He went to hospital, I am sure they took x-rays and would know if there was a break or not.

    Isn’t Halsey too flabby to be a Ref? He looks unfit and I wonder if he gets around the pitch as much as other Refs. He certainly needs his eyesight checked. He let a lot of crunching tackles go yesterday, from our players as well as Wigans.

    Different games, but we benefitted from a missed handball call on Demba Ba earlier in the season. The one yesterday was easier to spot though.

  24. OK Halsey may not have seen the actuall point of contact, but he must have seen the way he went into the tackle and even allowing for the possibilty of some play acting, the there must have been stud marks and the eventual realisation that the player was badly hurt. Putting 2and 2 together isn’t rocket science. Poll is correct, doesn’t help Haidara though, has to be out for rest of season at least.

    I thought Carver was going to lump Pardew when he tried to intervene in the confrontation. My missus asked why they were fighting until I explained what was going on.

  25. I was trying to be diplomatic about this challenge, but Dave Whelans comments have angered me. While I dont think the lad meant it, he clearly didnt win the ball, pictures and even video replays show this. This needs dealt with, Colos breaking on Demba Bas nose, Crouches overhead kick, these were all deemed dangerous, hows this any different? Dave Whelan you are a disgrace, the sooner your joke of a club depart thePrem the better, Martinez deserves a better club than your shower.

  26. Pete Nufc says:
    March 18, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    “This needs dealt with, Colos breaking on Demba Bas nose, Crouches overhead kick, these were all deemed dangerous, hows this any different? Dave Whelan you are a disgrace, the sooner your joke of a club depart thePrem the better, Martinez deserves a better club than your shower.”

    Well it’s funny you should mention Fabricio Coloccini and Demba Ba Pete, as the reaction of most Toon fans online to that one was to laugh, with some actually praising Coloccini for kicking him in the face and suggesting that he “deserved” it in some way.

  27. Pete Nufc says:
    March 18, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    “I was trying to be diplomatic about this challenge, but Dave Whelans comments have angered me.”

    Same here, Pete. The daft old clunge. I’ve eaten my last Poole’s pie, that’s for sure. From now on, it’s Peter’s not Poole’s (Pukka at a push) :)

  28. @workyticket
    the difference between that 1 and collos was collos was an accident his was on purpose in my view his legs locked straight out studs showing with his weight behind it,also he could see haridara coming were as ba came from behind collo

  29. @workyticket
    maybe you could do a poll bud see how many of the toon army thinks that was on purpose or a fair tackle would be intresting to see the vote

    March 18, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    maybe you could do a poll bud see how many of the toon army thinks that was on purpose or a fair tackle would be intresting to see the vote”

    Well I can tell you the result now Toon, a large majority of people would vote like you, and would use similar justifications too. I daresay it would be the same at most other clubs too.

  31. I think my point has been missed. That tackle yesterday was reckless and clumsy, just like colos. However it is Dave Whelans defence of it as a clean tackle that has angered me and which is my point, i wasnt comparing the challenges.

  32. Pete, I do see your point and I agree with you, except for the part where you say:

    “Dave Whelan you are a disgrace, the sooner your joke of a club depart thePrem the better, Martinez deserves a better club than your shower.”

    If you are suggesting that clubs deserve to be relegated because they have disgraceful owners, we’d be knacked if that ever happened! :-)

    Also, Martinez’s attempts to justify the incident were just as pathetic as Whelan’s and his micro expressions when he says he didn’t see the incident tend to suggest that he was lying.

  33. It is part politics when a manager says he didn’t see the incident. The Refs report is not in yet and they don’t want to say anything that might make the FA review what happened or give them ammunition for a ban.

    They say this and “he’s not that sort of player”. It is like they are reading from a script. In effect they are repeating a script because even after a review a player has never had a long ban – even K*nt Keane, who was that sort of player.

    I think we can all make our own minds about whether it was intentional or not. My 2 cents is he went in too high, but was trying to get the ball. He knew what he was doing when he followed through and knew he would hurt Haidara.

  34. Pete Nufc says:
    March 18, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    “However it is Dave Whelans defence of it as a clean tackle that has angered me and which is my point”

    It’s worse than that because he’s also insisting that the ref and the linesman saw the tackle. The daft old devil’s actually suggesting that the officials actively made the decision that there was no foul.

    “The referee was 15 yards from the tackle. I don’t think his view was blocked. He had a clear view. I had a clear view in the stands.

    “He has gone for the ball and has won the ball and the referee was only 10 yards away and didn’t even give a free-kick and there is a lot to be said for that.”

    March 18, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    straight yes or no workey do you think he done him ?”

    Why does it have to be yes or no Toon?

    I think he did try to go for the ball originally. As to whether he could have done more to pull out is more of a moot point though.

  36. @GS says
    that tackle yesterday was on a par with any bad 1s Keane done in my opion bud

  37. Halsey is 51, he should retire.

    I am 50. My eyesight is not as good as when I was 40. I was in baseball batting nets a while back and realized my relexes are not what they were. There’s no way I can run around like I did 10 years ago and I exercise relgularly and am not flabby and overweight like Halsey.

    He should retire the fat, blind c*nt.

    March 18, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    “@ workey
    in your opion did he do him, or not, no fence sitting bud lmao”

    Yes or no is too simplistic Toon, so neither.

    I think he probably did go for the ball originally, however he was over the ball (which is bad), he did have both feet off the ground for some of the time (which is bad) and it’s possible (but debateable) that he could have pulled out sooner. One thing I am sure about is that he should have been sent off and banned for three games for it IF the referee had seen it, and the FA should ban him for three games if he hadn’t. Also, if Halsey’s report indicates that he did see it, or he tells the FA he saw it and that his view wasn’t obscured by M’Biwa, then he shouldn’t be a Premiership referee.

  39. Whelan is an old fool,with obviously failing eye sight,haidaira was too quick for the mug mcmanaman,anyway he is
    A striker,not a midfielder or a defender so he was never going to make a good tackle.Even martinez said it was a bad tackle,so lets be honest,the lad should admit it,say sorry and take the punishment.All this other crap is what is the worst,Hope this wont put the other players from France off,goufran has justcme back from the sesult of another unpunished ‘enthusiastic’tackle.

    March 18, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    dos that link not take ya straight to the link”

    It goes to a newsnow page, then gets automatically redirected via JScript to the proper page Toon, then you try to get back via the back button and it keeps redirecting back to the destination link, not back to this blog and we can’t have that, can we? :-)

    To get back to this blog, you then have to click it about a million times really quickly or use another method which is also a PITA

    March 18, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    “how do i get the proper link bud ?”

    Are you on a desktop / laptop or a mobile Toon?

    If you have the address displayed at the top, copy that and just paste it on here.

  41. thats what i do tryed hiting the address and then backbutton brought me straight back here

  42. Toon I don’t understand. Do you mean it comes straight back when you click on your Newsnow links?

    If you go to the white address bar with the address of the page in it, then click on the address, it should all be covered in blue. Then right click on it, choose and click “copy,” come to this page, right click again and them “paste” into the comment box.

    March 18, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    “dos that way work”

    That’s perfect Toon!

    On the subject of great NUFC villains, I was almost weeping when I read late last year that Nigel de Jong ruptured his achilles tendon really badly and was going to be out for a whole season like Benny (almost weeping with laughter, that is!).

    March 18, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    <<<<<<<< is a bit of a caveman when it comes to pcs lmao" It's all relative Toon. I'm a web designer so I'm supposed to be pretty good with that sort of thing, but I know a few geeks who make me feel like a caveman too sometimes. ;-)

  45. DarthBroon says:
    March 18, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    “Same here, Pete. The daft old clunge. I’ve eaten my last Poole’s pie, that’s for sure. From now on, it’s Peter’s not Poole’s (Pukka at a push)”

    Darth, you might find this helpful in your quest for a new pie of choice. Apparently the best football ground for a pie is Morecambe FC. Delia, where are ya? Where are ya?


  46. i hav’nt read all the posts but the ones i did read had some good points.
    even if Halseys veiw was blocked by Mbiwa,it was’nt blocked for more than a second.he also should ov knew by Haidaras reaction.
    i was one ov the fans who was happy about Colo feeling Ba’s nose with his boot,but come on ffs theres fouls n there’s fouls like that little scroat Mcmanaman’s,career threating tackles.you just cant compare the two.
    if that was Tiote,would that cnut Whealan be saying he won it ‘as clean as a whistle’ with say Maloney or that coward who left Haidara in agony.even more so when he had to leave the pitch in the 1960 FAcup final?..i kna what would be coming out his mouth n it would’nt be ‘as clean as a whistle’

    with the amount ov money been invested in football surely it is time for change with an offical watching the tv screens.it would’nt take up to much time thats for sure,as they do get alot right in the first place.but theres just far to much cash involved that terrible missed decisions cast cost clubs millions.
    but the main thing is Haidara,i wish him well n hope its not as bad as we are all fearing.hope to see him playing again soon as he does look a good prospect.

  47. Worky
    Hey bud, this dude is amazed that this blog has deteriorated to a condition that you are actually dealing with half wits, in order to keep going, sorry.
    GS, Nutmag n’ Grumpy excluded of course.
    The blog has unfortunately deteriorated into a hopeless mess.
    I kinda feel sorry about it because it began as an interesting blog and feel no pleasure at it’s demise.
    I suppose the original interest by some aware contributers, just wained, for no apparent reason.
    Unless it was my constant repeating the same old themes?
    But when contributers like Armylite, Dark Broon, Jack and Sampdiago, became the main source, face it who the f**k wants to listen to that shit, if i’m honest.
    Anyway thanks for your effort and good luck.

  48. I nearly always have a problem with Ashley and even I think that story is a bit OTT Toon. I don’t see anything wrong with Ashley popping over to see a player.

  49. I agree Worky. He may have been thinking of speaking to their people about a deal?

  50. Chuck @76
    Have missed your input of late but understand.When disscussion turns to argument and ends up with foul mouthed bigotry I tend to give it a wide bearth myself as it leads nowhere.Hope you make a return the blog needs you and others as I’m sure you need it.I think Worky must agree or I hope he does.

  51. Belfast Toon says:
    March 19, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    “I agree Worky. He may have been thinking of speaking to their people about a deal?”

    Who knows, Belfast? He moves in a mysterious way.

    What worried me more regarding Ashley and transfers was what Pardew said about the Cisse deal. He should have been £12 million+, they held out for several months, eventually getting his price down to £7.5 million rising to £9 million, yet Pardew said he still needed constant reassurance that he was getting “value” before they eventually bought him. Having written that they did pay something like the correct fees for Anita and Yanga M’Biwa when they had to since that time.

  52. Nutmag says:
    March 19, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    “Worky must agree or I hope he does.”

    I do Nutmag, but it’s bloody hard work when he makes comments like the one above!

  53. Worky: he is playing nice on another blog. Much nicer than I have ever seen him on here. That is a statement in itself and I cannot see it lasting :)

  54. GS, I’m not saying anything, I’m just keeping calm like Darth. He’s very welcome to come back here if he wants, but without the unprovoked jibes at other users like the ones above.

  55. CanadaTOON says:
    March 19, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    “No action against McManaman – source is BBC sport website”

    Aye, I just saw that Canada. The FA Statement was on the goal.com site, and read as follows:

    “Following consultation with the game’s stakeholders (the Premier League, the Football League, the Professional Footballers’ Association, the League Managers’ Association, Professional Game Match Officials Limited and the National Game) in the summer, it was agreed that retrospective action should only be taken in respect of incidents which have not been seen by the match officials.

    “Where one of the officials has seen a coming together of players, no retrospective action should be taken, regardless of whether he or she witnessed the full or particular nature of the challenge. This is to avoid the re-refereeing of incidents.

    “In the case of McManaman, it has been confirmed that at least one of the match officials saw the coming together, though not the full extent of the challenge. In these circumstances retrospective action cannot be taken.

    “The principal objective behind the not seen policy is to address off the ball incidents where match officials are unlikely to be in a position to witness misconduct.”


  56. same old FA..heeds up there arses..shocking decision..
    well done Steve Taylor,long overdue call up imo..

  57. @81 GS
    Owens been finished for a long time.them last 2moves were all about cash…more time for him to spend with his horses now.

  58. jack72 says:
    March 19, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    “same old FA..heeds up there arses..shocking decision.”

    Jack, looking at the statement, it seems to be the fault of the match officials. The FA can’t do anything if one of them saw the incident but stood by and did nothing.

  59. No other sport can be run so badly but it will carry on till enough people say enough is enough and do something about it.I won’t hold my breath!

  60. Worky, I said yesterday they should be referred to as linesmen again. They never make any hard decisions (except often wrong offside calls) and the 4th official is just there to be yelled at by Ferguson.

  61. Two sides Wigan and the match officials on one side New castle United on the other Wigan go home with 3pts given to them by incompetent officials.The officials go home to dinner with no come back.Newcastle go home cheated out of 2pts maybe 3 a player in hospital in a whole load of pain not knowing when if ever he will play again.These are simple truths the FA deserve all the anger that comes their way.There again I don’t hold my breath.

  62. Does Lee Ryder have former journeyman footballer and champion of stating the bleeding obvious Mick Quinn on speed dial. Ryder is so useless that he cant even make up his own copy and relies on Quinn for an interview (probably down the pub).

  63. it’s halsey’s fault because he done nothing at the time, so retrospective action cannot be taken.
    imo this rule is up there with, is a player active or not active, etc,etc,etc……..
    i think they are called the F.A for a reason, infact they should put sweet in front of it.

  64. So if someone throws a banana at Gareth Bale the police and club can look into it and ban the fan for life. If McManaman tries to maim Haidara on live TV the FA cannot take any action because of their own contrived and stupid rules?

  65. Joe – the FA didn’t proceed because Halsey saw the incident (which he didn’t), they didn’t proceed because of the “linesman” who saw it but ignored it. Of course, the retrospective 3 match on Cabaye at Brighton last season was totally different because he plays for us and so is fair game.

  66. Wigan for the drop now. Before the match, I was torn about the result because it would have pulled Sunderland that much closer to the relegation zone. Now, I want Wigan relegated.

  67. not saying this will be the definate outcome, but it wouldn’t suprise me, if we now find out that haidara’s injury, isn’t as bad as first thought.
    although it was a shocking tackle, you have to keep in mind, what a whinging excuse merchant of a manager, alan pardew is.
    he has done what he always does, and has been quick to use another situation to steer away from the fact, he cannot manage his own crap into the pan, without someone doing it for him.

  68. workyticket says:
    March 19, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    “Jack, looking at the statement, it seems to be the fault of the match officials. The FA can’t do anything if one of them saw the incident but stood by and did nothing.”

    Exactly. That’s all this decision can mean. One of the officials claims to have seen the tackle but thought it wasn’t even worth a free kick. I wonder if the promised apologies from the player and club will still be forthcoming, or if that’ll now be downgraded to sheepish shrugs.

    Regardless of this crappy decision, the rest of the country saw what happened on MOTD and it’ll just reinforce the belief people already have that the match officials in this country are an embarrassment.

  69. I’m almost angrier now than after the tackle! The referee apologized to Pardew saying “he hadn’t seen it” But was at that stage aware one of his linesmen had and had said nothing!! the FA are a disgrace!!
    Well done Saylor, try not to avoid injury!!

  70. petetoon, the incident was acknowledged, so you cannot act upon it, retrospective.
    i probably used the wrong word by saying halsey, and should have said the whole of the officials on duty.