Pardew still hopeful Enrique will stay, but is it worth the bother?

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Alan Pardew still hopes to keep Jose Enrique at Newcastle United
Pardew smiles at him a lot
Alan Pardew is fighting to keep Newcastle United’s resident left-back, but could that cause more problems than it would solve?

Alan Pardew is allegedly still ‘fighting’ to keep Jose Enrique at Newcastle but I do wonder if it’s worth the bother. Pardew said:

I keep looking at him and smiling, hoping he is going to stay. He smiles but hasn’t signed a contract yet. He was terrific against Fiorentina and showed why I want to keep him.

I must admit if Alan Pardew kept smiling at me I’d be keen to find the exit and probably phone the police too, but that’s besides the point.

This is speculation on my behalf but I get the impression that Enrique can either take or leave Newcastle and that the only reason he won’t leave is if he doesn’t get a better offer from somewhere else.

Now, I’m a realist and I think the days are just about gone where football players have much in the way of ‘devotion’ to a club, so I’m not knocking him in terms of that. What worries me is that we get into next season without a contract having been signed and then he ends up going on a free next summer.

Obviously Pardew, Ashley, Llambias and Co will want to avoid that situation and will try to pressure Enrique into making his mind up, but what happens if nobody comes in for him and he refuses to sign a new contract? There’s little the club could do – his current contract is perfectly valid until next summer and the club would have to honour that.

Of course he could then leave on a free and we’d get nothing.

There’s another worrying scenario too. What happens if it goes to the last day of the transfer window? I doubt Ashley would give Pardew the money to buy a decent quality left-back until he’s sure he’ll get some money back from the sale of Enrique, so we could conceivably end up in another Andy Carroll situation where a significant player is sold at the eleventh hour and there’s no time to replace him.

If the club can tie him down to another few years – and do so while there’s still a few weeks of the transfer window left – then fair enough, we can still recoup some money if he goes in the interim, but otherwise I certainly want him gone so that we know where we stand.


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55 Responses

  1. Not botherd what happens now.
    The Jose situation is boring.
    Wether he goes now for a fee or free in 12 months is irrelevant as non of the money will be used for a suitable replacement.

    I smile at him he smiles at me….I think the crap that comes out of partridge’s beak just gets worse with every quote.

  2. Why are we bothered that he goes on a free and we get nothing? If he stays for one more season and is effective then surely that’s as far ahead we as fans need to look at the moment? Aren’t we getting too involved in the ‘running of the club’ worrying about who gets paid what, how much we got for this player or that, whether the money was spent. Leave the running of the club to the owner and his team [after all they have the most to lose], nobody wants to be relegated [unlikely] but hey shit happens….we fans should get on with supporting the team on the pitch and stop being part of the problem!

  3. I don’t really follow NUFC for football reasons or excitment anymore.
    Prefer to banter about football agents,the cost of dug out seating and which firm will win undersoil heating awards in the winter ‘pipeoff’.

  4. Whilst acknowledging the fact that it is Enrique’s right to see out his contract I’m still unsure of his motives.

    If he wants Champions League football (in England) then only ManU, ManCity and Chelsea can guarantee that, and I don’t see many opportunities with these teams. Going to Liverpool would be a risk. If he would like to go home to Spain then I doubt he could replace anyone at Barca or Real Madrid.

    If it’s money then perhaps Liverpool could offer more, but possibly not significantly more. I was surprised to read that Modrich was on less than £50K a week. In London, that is poor.

    I would like him to stay but if there is no movement within the week then the club should bite the bullit and sign a replacement. I’d like to see Van Aanholt, who isn’t going to oust Ashley Cole any time soon.

  5. Hugh he could leave now for 10m no replacement will be bought.
    We are still waiting for AC’s replacement so don’t hold your breath.

  6. He’ll go to Liverpool at 23:41 on August 31st, leaving us 19 minutes to bring in a replacement. Pardew: “oops, bad luck, we did try to sign Olivier Bernard for 12m but it was too late in the day.”

  7. sirjasontoon says: “Hugh he could leave now for 10m no replacement will be bought. We are still waiting for AC’s replacement so don’t hold your breath.”

    There’s time yet SJT. Ashley may at this very minute be counting out £35m to spend on a new striker.

  8. Agree Rod.
    But hey Owl Heed says we will be busy in January 50million available for free transfers,loans,crocks and kids.

  9. Set him a deadline to decide if he is staying or going.

    If he doesn’t decide stick him in the reserves for his last year and buy a replacement who can be relied upon.

    Bosman is the most idiotic of many idiotic european rulings.

  10. SJT, I’m hoping to be proved wrong but too many times bitten for me. This is the most pessimistic I’ve been over any transfer window under fatty’s reign – and it’s the one we’ve had the most player transfer cash!! Ah well, at least we’ve extended the advertising hoardings at the ground, that should give the squad more of an incentive to play well.

  11. There’s time yet SJT. Ashley may at this very minute be counting out £35m to spend on a new striker.

    Spot on Hugh, pass the magic mushrooms.

  12. On a more serious note, Joesoap is correct comment 2. Why should we fans be bothered if some cash is lost if we don’t sell him now, cost a d*mn sight more if we were relegated again. And you never know he might think it’s worth signing a new contract if we are top 4 or 6 come christmas.

    On the other hand pigs might be seen over the Town Moor.

    How about a poll on the most likely event Hugh!! ;)

  13. Amazing really,
    we get a bunch of players in early on in the ‘window’,(a first, surely?) then have to sit through a whole bunch of negative moans for weeks. We ‘could’ still get more players in & it’s been a really negative transfer window.


  14. CLiNT, I think it’s more the rather ludicrous idea that there might be a big signing in the offing than owt else.

    Personnaly I wouldn’t be to bothered about any new signings this window if they are going to be no better than what we have. A loan of Annholt or Bridge might be a better option if Jose does leave gives the Carr team a chance to line someone up for the January window (or not).

  15. Grumpy,
    y’right mate.

    But ‘we’ll’ ALWAYS find something to moan about, won’t we?
    Some moaned when we came 5th under SBR, cos that wasn’t good enough.
    There are plenty of prem teams who’ve bought nowt or next to nowt, still.

    Perception is ALL.

    Perspective is nowhere to be found!


  16. alan do yourself a favour and keep quiet,look what happened with carroll.the league managers association told you to keep your own council,during the “BARTON TEA PARTY”.
    it is time to do the same now!!!,otherwise you’ll look like a mug again.

  17. I see the lack of football & trransfers ain’t going down too well in tottingham.


  18. I see ‘all those in the know’ (the media mongs) have us bottom 7 again, before a ball is kicked.


  19. Agreed with comment @2, who cares if we have players until the end of their contracts and they go on a free? As long as they do a top job for us and are 100% comitted, while the are in our employment, I couldn’t care less.

    Football has become far too obsessed with the business side of the game and all we hear about is how much players are “worth” and how much they can be sold for.

    Now, here’s a crazy idea and you’ll have to bare with me on this one. How about buying a player because he can improve the squad and is better than the player we currently have in that position? I know, it’s a mad idea, but it might just work..

    There is absolutely nothing to get exited about at NUFC anymore, absolutely nothing. No one knows anything about the players we are signing, apart from anorak fans who take an unhealthy interest in football. We are the new Bolton when Big Sam was there. Signing unknowns for pennies. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather we spend thifty and got a gem than spending obscene amounts on an average player because he’s English. Spend smart.

    I’m still failing to see how players like Sturridge, etc.. are out of our league. I know we’ve fallen far from what we were in the late 90’s and under Sir Bob, but we’ve got to still be a decent draw unless you want European football every season.

    Watching the charity, sorry community shield at the weekend just made me depressed. We used to be able to play like that, but now an exciting move is if Barton manages to complete a pass to Shola.

    I’m off to depress myself watching my Howay 5-0 and Viva Aspprilla VHS. But I don’t have a VHS.

    *BANG* *THUD*

  20. It’s a bit early to assume we won’t play any decent football this season Micky.
    Just cos everyone’s moaning has got to us doesn’t mean it’s actually true.
    Our midfield is far more mobile & skillful, quicker & less moany than last, for a start.

    & if we base any assumptions on the last couple of pre-seasons predictions, we should do alright.
    remember, we we’re staying in the champ, season before last & going straight back down last season.
    Let’s hope for a repeat of those ‘presumptions’ hey?


  21. Anyone heard the rumour that Obertan’s medical has hit a snag, and that it’s a 2 day medical…

  22. Does anybody own the new 3rd kit in all black, with gold nufc crest?

    I really wanna buy one online, but not if it’s made out of that coarse mesh….i like the silky tops (makes life much easier on the nipples)

    I’d really appreciate any help anyone can give me…

  23. Watching the charity shield match, which I thought was a cracking game by the way, I wondered if it was the buy Mcdonalds match.

    It’s really sad the way kids are brainwashed into thinking it’s good healthy food. I was stunned when my 6 years old grandaughter sang us the fast food song. She don’t actually get fast food but it seems a peer thing to know the songs etc.

    It a downward spiral of civilisation I tell ya.

  24. Clint – I know what you are saying fella, negativity breeds negativity and all that, but I’m just not feeling confident for this season. Last year I was all hopeful and feeling really positive, promotion may have helped, but this year I’ve just got a big feeling of apathy towards the club.
    Perhaps it is a knock on effect of selling you know who to the scousers. I never thought we would go back to the days of being a selling club, I really thought we could hold onto our best players, especially now we were back in the PL.
    I haven’t seen anything of us at all yet, so we could have a really top team, I guess I will just have to wait and see and not judge too harshly on our performance against Arsenal.

    GOT – I know what you mean about McDonalds, but I’ve got to admit that I’m partial to a Big Mac and a Filet of Fish for my wife.

  25. Actually selling AC was probably ok as it was a rediculous amount of money to turn down, but King Kenny is the victor here, selling Torres and getting Suarez and Carroll for just £8m more. Genius.

    My head is all over the place toon wise at the minute. I can see we have spent in the transfer market and apparently brought in some good players, so I’m not one of these who will say we haven’t done anything just because we haven’t got a marquee signing, but on the other hand I don’t know who they are or how they play, so there is a lot of unknowns for me and at the moment nothing to get excited about.


  26. Martin… Its a good article, i read it last week and i agree with allot of it. But the silence from Ashley is also the root to all this fan anger. If he came out and said “listen guys, i know we got nearly 50 million in transfers, but it cost us 75 million to be in the champ” then everybody would understand. Problem is that no one knows anything and thats when the guessing starts which is the worst public reaction he can hope for, since we probably manage to make it even worse than it is.

  27. Micky,

    i get ya’ mate.
    But it’s cool that you get your point across without it being doomladen.
    Back in the day though, when we really were a selling club, we used to get nowt for our top players.

  28. lads there has been a bit of a snag with obertan signing aparently the medical staff say he,s fully fit they dont know whats going on lol

  29. valle says:
    August 8, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    “But the silence from Ashley is also the root to all this fan anger.”

    Are you sure valle?

    To myself it has rather more to do with all the ludicrous decisions which got us relegated, his constant attempts to dissemble and mislead us as fans, stripping every last remnant of dignity the club had left after the awful Freddy Shepherd, destroying St James’s Park with all that hideous Sports Direct advertising, sacking the only man who saved him from his previous errors and gave the club it’s first shred of respectabilty in years, only to replace him for a lower league reject with a foot in mouth disorder, or nice little touches such as raising the prices for disabled fans by 30% in one go. I could go on but if Ashley could make up with the fans for all the arrogance, hubris, dishonesty and lack of respect he has shown for the club, the team and the fans over the last four years with some sugar coated statement, then we would deserve everything we get.

  30. “Tioté will probably be here on Wednesday,” said Pardew, wryly aware that, at Newcastle, it rarely rains but invariably pours. “He’ll definitely be available for Saturday.”

    Un feckin berleevable. Does this club know its arse from its elbow ?

  31. I can’t see why there should be a problem with his visa etc, I reckon he just wanted an extra bit of holiday.

    And who would blame him.

    CLiNT going back to an earlier comment (22) that I laughed at, the thought crossed my mind that some evil super-intelligent master Tweeter with a massive following could be organising it. Surely it isn’t…………!!

  32. Not that I think the riots themselves are a laughing matter, I hasten to add.

  33. “I could go on but if Ashley could make up with the fans for all the arrogance, hubris, dishonesty and lack of respect he has shown for the club, the team and the fans over the last four years with some sugar coated statement, then we would deserve everything we get”

    Maybe, in the future, the team should run out to the “Theme from Shaft” on matchdays ?

  34. Clint Flick, That is weird , I was just going to say the same,
    Londons Burning, to the far away skies, now war has commenced, Londons Burning , now phoney beatlemania has bitten the dust ! The ice age is coming , the sun’s zooming in , a nuclear error ! but I have no fear , londons burning ….I….live by the river !!

    Oh Clint Flick what other Clash record are you reminded of within the current piece !

    ” Should I stay or should I go now ” sung by Joe Strumma ENRIQUE …

    Up the Clash , saw them aboot 5 times three at the academy !!

  35. this is the typical kind of “non-story” I am getting used to hearing from Pardew….

    instead of talking crap to Sky Sports/whoever will listen every day – why doesnt he just focus on doing the job?

  36. does anybody knaa who the ‘french trialist’ was who played for the reserves and scored? said he hada canny game like.

  37. I’m worried by the comment by Pardew about Obertan “but it wasn’t until Wayne Routledge joined Swansea that we were able to bring him in” – I thought we were still bathing in AC cash, yet we had to wait for Routledge to go before we could afford £3m for bubble-heed?

  38. To be fair to Pardwho Monkeysan, he may have just meant that taking one player off the wage bill had to happen before Fatman sanctioned another coming in ? Lets face it our first team squad has a number of “passengers” who we could well do with moving on, quite how we managed to accumulate so many is a mystery ? Oh I just remembered its because Fatman doesnt buy big :( Preferring Perch, Best and Loven for next to nowt.

    Milner they share common abilities. Both are reasonably quick but neither have an end product :(

  39. Cos we bought players of an intermediate quality to get out of the champ Andy.
    Now we’re moving them on to do the same job for other teams?

    Moyo mate, he came along when we got HBA on loan.
    Another decent bairn coming through & he’ll be considered ‘home grown’ by the time he plays first team.

  40. Nzed,
    love the Clash too mate.
    Although i have to say you’ve ‘bootlegged’ London’s Burning with London Calling there mate.
    Not a bad thing mind.
    I saw them at the City Hall way back when, then met Joe when i supported him at the ‘Mayfair’ back in the day. Great memories!