NUFC Blog Score Prediction Competition, Two chances to win big cash prizes!

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NUFC Blog prediction competition - win cash prizes!
You have to be in it to win it!
Don’t miss this year’s NUFC Blog Score Prediction Competition, with big cash prizes and more up for grabs!

In the Prediction League, there will be TWO chances a season to win:

First Prize: £100

Second Prize: £50

Third Prize: £25

Also, if we managed to get them designed and made on time, we will also be offering splendid NUFC Blog T-shirts to the top three prizewiners.

How it works

There will be two ‘leagues’ a season with one running from August until December and one running from January until May and there will be prizes for those that come first, second and third at the end of each league.

Each week you have to predict the scores in the Saturday, Sunday & Monday Premier League games and you will get 3 points if you get the right result and exact score, and you will get 1 point if you just predict the right result (ie. home win, draw, away win).

Predictions for the weekend’s games must be completed by midday on the Saturday of the weekend’s games, so if you want to join in the fun, remember to get your first predictions in before 12 this Satda!

The first games of the 2011/2012 season are already there, so you can start predicting now if you like!

All you need to take part is to be registered on the ‘blog.

Make Predictions For Next Week

Current Table


While one or two of we contributors may be taking part for a laugh, if any of us come in the top three, that prize will then be awarded to the next highest competitor whos isn’t one of the ‘blogs contributing members.

Congrtulations to the winner of last year’s trial prediction competition, B1GSTEVE.

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve tried to do this here Pred comp, and it keeps telling me: “Some, or all, of your predictions are too late and will not be counted.”.

    No games have actually taken place yet!!!

  2. *Edit-

    Of course, if some of these games have actually occured my predictions will be uncannily accurate and I fully expect to be immediately top of the table.