Steve Stone: Newcastle looking for young players with quality and pace.

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Steve Stone: Youth is the key for new signings.
Steve Stone: Youth is the key for new signings.
Newcastle United first team coach, Steve Stone, has been on the qualities required in Newcastle United’s transfer targets, emphasising that the club is looking for young players who can inject a bit of pace into the side. This is has been a quality which has been seen by some as lacking in the United squad in recent days until the transfer of recent signings such as Hatem Ben Arfa and Sylvain Marveaux.

Speaking to the club’s official website at the annual NUFC Heroes Golf Day at Ponteland Golf Club, Stone began by saying he thought that it was great that Newcastle United had hit the ground running as the club’s transfer season got underway with the signing of players such as Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba and Sylavain Marveaux, as well as youngster, Mehdi Abeid. Getting in with some early signings is, once again, something that some have criticised the club as failing to do in recent windows. On this, Stone said:

“I think it’s great that we’ve made some moves in the transfer market, I think it’s important that you do it quite early and that’s what we’ve done.

“We had the money from the sale of Andy Carroll in January so we knew we had that money and we’ve had our targets for some time now.

“We’ve been able to look since January and have our scouts out there. Graham Carr has done a great job with (Hatem) Ben Arfa and (Cheik) Tiote before that and we’re starting to go down that road, that avenue.”

Stone then revealed the qualities the club are looking for as they seek potential targets to bring into the squad, continuing:

“We’re looking at 23, 24-year-old players who can bring a bit of pace to our team and I’m pleased with what we’ve brought in so far.

“We’ve got three players with quality, who we can build the team around over the next few years.”

The ex England player then turned his attention to the start of pre-season on Monday, a chance for the new signings to bond with the existing squad:

“When we start on Monday, we do all the testing and they get to meet everybody at the same sort of time. It’s not like having new faces come in dribs and drabs, which can be difficult.

“Everybody will turn up on the first day of training and they’re part of it.

Referring to the sides upcoming tour of the United States, where The Magpies will face Sporting Kansas City, Orlando City and Columbus Crew in three friendlies, Stone then concluded:

“They get to come to America with us two weeks later and that’s important because they’ll get to spend some quality but intense time with coaches, staff and team-mates.”

Here’s hoping the things go well, and that all the lads are ready for the season to come.

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39 Responses

  1. He’s a good lad SS, pity he never got to play for us.

    More players please!

  2. It should read Mike Ashley has told us we can’t spend much cash but we will look at anyone free,unproven,injury prone or similar to look busy.
    While the sleepy section of the fanbase get’s all excited you can rest assured that Mike Ashley is also a very excited man too.

    I have spoken to Mike recently on a conference call from the casino and he has nothing but praise for myself and Mr Partridge and he hopes we will unearth a real gem one day soon that we can sell to a more ambitious club.

  3. typical crap spouted to the media,by whoever is employed by sports direct united,at the given time.
    over the last few years,we’ve had everybody bulls****ing at the behest of fatboy.the tone of it never changes,it’s like the “stepford wives”,the same rehashed,brainwashed sh**e over and over again.they started off with keegan having to come out and tell lies,until he got sick,they then had joe kinnear talking rubbish for them,they then had hughton,calderwood,and now this joker pardew and co,rolling out the same rhetoric.they have to be the right players,right age,fit in the squad etc,this s**t is getting way old,even the evening chronicle is in on the ashley propaganda bandwagon.i’m sick and tired of hearing this empty talk,because that is all it is,words like p*ss and vinegar spring to mind.a lot of the people on the chronicle website are up in arms,over it,there is the murmour of rebellion on tyneside.

  4. Totally agree it’s just constant drivel coming out of the club constantly and like you say it began with Keegan and has just got worse as the newer weaker yes men desperate for a job and will fill the fans any old lies to keep the man upstairs protected.

    It is Tyranny.

  5. I dont know why I read people comments.

    I tell you this now, its not Mike Ashley that I hate about this club… its the negative comments in the blog. Seriously guys grow up.

  6. dreamer,you want to give your head a shake,if you cannot see that all is not right at barrack rd.unless your one of the new breed of middle class fan,that doesn’t want their easy life,sitting in your seat,with prawn sandwich in hand,i dont want the external politics,spoil my “entertainment”twaaaaaaaat.

  7. T69, I think you just played into Dreamer’s hand there. Anyone who does not agree with the general feeling gets slagged off and abused.

  8. parnocchio is spouting his daily drivel,in the chronic,about how he’s going to entertain us this season.
    the only way to do that is by signing us a decent striker for a start,followed by a left back,another centre half as cover and possiby another wide man.
    still think we need 4 players in,and retaining other players services.

  9. Pardew told the local Newcastle press corps today:

    “I am hoping to deliver a side which looks a little bit different and our style will change a little bit too.”

    “I am hoping we will have an exciting season – and that is how the team will be set up, to be exciting.”

    “I cannot wait to start and be around the city and the club again.” “I will be working with the players to try to make it successful for the fans.”

    “The fans – as always – are the important part for us.”

    Bullshit Partridge-you and Ashley plan to sell us down the River Tyne.
    Show us the AC money or Fook Off.

  10. Just re-read that Partridge Tripe.
    The side will certainly be different cos come kick off no off us will recognise any players once the asset stripping for this window ends.
    A faceless bunch of cheap imported plop is how I think we will end up….I am sick of these pricks creaming the club for all it’s worth.

  11. I’m just waiting to see if David Icke is going to comment on the blog saying that Ashley is a reptilian.

    Also had a bit of a laff at the “SJP insider” comments the other day. I don’t think it would be a bad thing if someone from the “other” side is coming on to the blog. I would hope that most of us can sort the wheat from the chaff and ignore or play along with it (I’m sure some do). If an SJP insider is commenting, then he (or she) has to be reading comments and probably relaying them back to someone, so MA is aware of feelings and may or may not respond in some way to them. Personnaly I doubt if he is that fussed about the negative comments and will carry on in his own sweet/nasty (pick your own version as you feel) way.

    Bottom line for me is that I don’t care if he is a demonic lifeforce as long as he delivers an entertaining winning team.

    Incidently I’m pretty certain that every other coach/manager in the football league has the same aims that Steve Stone is postulating. Which is why every player we are being linked with is also linked to every other club.

  12. In hindsight it is a really good idea we sold Carroll, and got him off the wage bill. Otherwise the only transfer activity we would have seen (to date) is Nolan leaving, and off the wage bill. Like sol leaving, and off the wage bill.

    It’s good like Steve Stone said, that we have spunked nearly all that 35 million on players and wages, despite reducing the wage bill with Carroll, Nolan and Campbell leaving. I mean that must be close to or around 100k per week saved, and we obviously used the 35 million to pay the wages… oh and fees.

    Roll on September!

  13. sirjasontoon,that’s the problem i’ve got,they sack hughton because they want someone with more experience,fair enough.then they have the temerity to bring this prat pardew,to a club like newcastle.a man who had not long been sacked by southampton ffs,a noted philanderer,bull spouter,who never took any blame,when it went pete tong at west ham,made a balls up at charlton.
    the frightening thing about it,was our fans after a backlash against chris being sacked,when they calmed down were,oh give alan a chance etc,every man and his dog know he’s all wrong for the club.some of these fans are under the impression that ashley is doing some knight on a horse routine,and a saviour of the club.
    the reality is though,if you take a step back and look at it,all he’s done is divide the fans,cause nothing but ill will,insult and sully the names of newcastle legends,and the fans have went along with it.
    a lad on another blog said the other day,that ashley has been clever in pushing mediocre onto the fans,and them being only to willing to accept it,i have to agree with him to an extent.
    as a fan you really only want to know that the owner is willing to support his manager,and put together a team you can be proud of.but we at newcastle have become financial whizzes,and all we talk about is spread sheets,the yearly accounts coming out,how much debt we’re in me this isn’t being a football fan,and imo this is the souless,faceless corporate crap,which has become the norm under this fat toe rag ashley.
    he has ripped out the guts of this club,not financially but in every other way imaginable.the club is losing it’s identity,as it is a club in fat mans image,it just stinks of mike ashley where ever you look.from the mans tacky signs to his sports direct shop floor which is the hallowed turf of st james’ park.

  14. Im not a Pardrew fan but in the interest of giving him a fair shout i would rather he sign player with a system in mind than player that sell shirts we all know how that can go Michael c**t Owen. Im happy with who has come and gone so far and look forward to more signings now that the window is actually open FFS ppl need to calm down a little. There was no speculation about Cabaye or Marveaux before they signed and now we all worry about a lack of TRF speculation

    Christ it’s hard being a toon fan sometimes

  15. shame Barton cant go on the USA tour (thanks to being a bad lad!) – guess it gives him more twitter time!


    With many countries, including England, in deep debt, and others on life support, is it time for Newcastle United to curtail player acquisitions?

    Today’s bargain could be tomorrow’s albatross as it is entirely possible that box office and TV revenues will begin to shrink due to lack of fan income and fewer TV sponsors.

    I think another striker is needed, and defensive cover, but not at premium prices.

  17. At this moment in time I would Mike Ashleys just about finished in this Market. He thinks he will have pleased fans with these signings which he has but what hes trying to do is hide the fact he isn’t willing to spend a lot on bringing people in. I understand a lot of the 35m will be getting put towards wages and facilities and stuff but why tell us he’s gonna spend it on transfers if he isn’t.. Cos he ain’t thick. Fair enough it’s very early in the Market to be judging but isn’t bringing players in early the best way to do it? Unless he’s got something up his sleeve and brings some quality players in over the weekend, hes got some serious thinking to do.

  18. The squeaks coming out of Sports Direct are that little or no more money will be spent but the grass has been cut at the training ground,electric bills paid and new nets that our strikers won’t be damaging to much….The AC money was never going to be properly spent on players of much merit it is sitting in Mike’s bank and he is just pissing the interest up a casino wall with Partrdge and Owl Heed.

  19. The only reason Partridge is not naming a captain right now is cos he aint got a clue whch of his current crop of players will be left one Mike starts selling them.

  20. aye the cash registers will start in earnest,next time your at the checkout,and you hear the beep,
    think of the fun you could be having,on ashley’s tranfer window sweep.

  21. BeeGuy says:
    July 1, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    “I think another striker is needed, and defensive cover, but not at premium prices.”

    Don’t worry BeeGuy, I don’t think that the club will be paying any “premium prices” for players.

  22. I really don’t understand why Alan Pardew says some of the things he does sometimes. In one of his latest interviews he says:

    “Marveaux has impressed and, because of his contract situation, he didn’t play a lot last season, but that means he comes to us fresh.”

    Marveaux didn’t play alot last season because he dameged his adductor, was out of action, came back, then his adductor flared up again. What on earth does that have to do wth his contract situation?

  23. workyticket says:
    July 1, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    “I really don’t understand why Alan Pardew says some of the things he does sometimes.”

    I know, makes you want to punch him doesnt it?

  24. One minute he says I want Nolan/Barton to stay (need to keep best players, contracts etc) then the club go and do the complete opposite. He is not pulling any strings, especially player recruitment, ins and outs etc. If he just said “look, im not in charge of contracts I can’t comment on the matter” then that would be fine and honest to everyone, but no he has to spout shite because he can’t keep quiet, gotta be the centre of attention all the time.

    Then he patronises us today by saying the club is going to play attacking football, its what the geordie public want etc in the chronicle. The chronicle bend over to Ashley ever since they managed to coax an interview with lamarse a few years ago or whenever it was.

    I don’t expect millions and millions spent, or miracles, I just want honesty, but I don’t even seem to get that. maybe it’s just me and im just an angry young man :-)

  25. jimbob,dont expect honesty any time soon,from messrs ashley,llambias,and parnocchio,all the talk about premium prices,the only thing at a premium is honesty at barrack rd.

  26. lee ryder at the chronic,is like the “sorcerer’s apprentice”,learned his trade from no other than anal oliver.

  27. Read Lee’s page about the 35m earlier….never read so much arse lickin’ nonsense in my life.
    What a prize prick.

  28. Put my ten pence in, for what its worth, and he/they havent bothered to add it to the blog. Why ? because it questions the strategy of buying cheap for the sake of it.

    Do these signings (Cabaye, Marveaux and Ba) represent an overall grand plan or is it just a case of filling up the squad and hoping the fans dont ask about the money ?

  29. Blimey its turned up at last :) Bottom line is the Thomson House standpoint seems to be pro NUFC/Fatman whereas most of the contributors are very anti.

    Where does that leave the Chronicle/Journal etc choosing the fans over the club or vice versa ?

  30. It’s his articles that are worse, he has got no bloody clue what is going on.

    I remember Alan Oliver and the Chronicle running a story about when Sir Bobby was a little bewildered about all the fans who didn’t bother to stay behind during the lap of honour when we finished 5th. He stated about Leeds fans staying behind and clapping the Leeds team, even after they had got relegated, but asked for it to be ‘off the record’.

    All the national papers did what he asked, but oh no, Oliver and his editor had to run the story didn’t they, the only paper to do so.

    Oliver was banned, he was always stirring shite. He always stood there in front of the Skysports cameras, all smug stating to know everything that happens at the club blah blah blah.

    Never liked the Chronicle, and Ryder is about as much use as a hole in a spacesuit.

  31. So is Steve Stone a coach?, Scout? or Spokesperson
    for NUFC ?
    Or is this a requirement, just like Pardew rapping on about what he wants and who he wants, when it’s obvious both he and Stone are both out of the loop and just spouting the party line ?
    Hey if you want a job at NUFC, these are just some of the requirements i guess.
    I remmember when Owl Heed had that job, but he by now has lost all credibility, which means new and somewhat respected faces, have to be introduced.
    Finally he is getting some use of the PR department.

  32. i hope a rich Arabian comes to buy the club and great some big money transfers. But unfortunately I can’t see it happening