No Newcastle or Arsenal bid for Gervinho says Lille’s Director of Football.

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Gervinho: No bids from Newcastle or Arsenal.
While it has recently been announced by ‘Talk Sport’ that Newcastle United target, Gervinho, has signed for Arsenal, it has been revealed by the Director of Football of the player’s current club, Lille OSC, that neither club have even made an offer for the Ivory Coast player yet.

Rather, he has told the French media that Tottenham have been the only club to actually make a bid for the player so far, and that it has been turned down.

Lille’s Director of Football, Frédéric Paquet, or ‘Fred Package’ in English said of Gervinho’s proposed move:

“Today we recieved a concrete offer from Tottenham, which we have refused in the last few hours.”

He then added, interestingly:

“In fact, that is the only official contact we have recieved”

So, it appears that there have been no concrete offers received from either Newcastle United, or Arsenal for that matter, and that he haas not signed for Arsenal after all.

Gervinho scored 14 league goals for the Ligue One champions last season, and was also a big hit in the 2010 World Cup, where he played alongside Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote.

ps. Thanks to ‘Icedog’ for the heads up on this story!

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41 Responses

  1. Interesting quotes, especially after what his agent, and himself said in the last couple of days. Wouldnt surprise me if he went to tottenham though, Harry likes to buy 7 players for each posistion…

  2. If the player really wants to sign for NUFC, I guess he had done so already.. or…

    Nevertheless .. give us Zog back!

  3. JIMBOB,sorry for my money the zog will go to spurs,think we have missed out there,whelan wont sell to ashley,not when there are other clubs in the hunt

  4. It’s what’s up front that counts and Carr has a striker or two out there next in line. (Unless Jose is leaving & he needs to get in a left back)

  5. icedog says:
    June 10, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    “JIMBOB,sorry for my money the zog will go to spurs,”

    Ice, You don’t think that he would rather go to another Champion’s League team like Lille, if they offered him the right contract, and the fee was good enough?

  6. deffo zog will stay in P.L.imo,the lad himself has said the P.L.”is in my blood”its the only lge to play in.

    but then again when money comes over the hill some think of there pockets not blood

  7. we cant compete with the top clubs on the transfer front, if any of the top 6 are after the same player as us, we wont succeed. Our best bet is unearthing unheard of talent. We got the likes of ben arfa and tiote as no one else was after them, we have to seriously start pushing on this summer, and this season, the top players we have will not hang around forever if they deem themselves worthy of european football.

    Icedog, wasnt me who said bout nzogbia mate, but i agree with you. To be honest I dont really want him here, I think he will just bitch and moan like before, and when we dont qualify for europa next season, he will probably let us all know he wants to move to a ‘big club’

  8. Good signing for us i think also might gives us a bit more pulling power for Gervinho as them 2 are mates.

  9. icedog says:
    June 10, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    “regards batty,i could be in trouble”

    Ice, You can tell him he’s wrong about the ‘Ladyboys’ :lol:

    You’re right about “nee mates when it comes to money”. Well, you are when it comes to footballer’s contracts anyway.

  10. icedog says:
    June 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    “WORKY “ladyboys” you lost me there?”

    He’s been posting lots of comments in here and on Ed’s that I like to sleep with ladyboys amongst other things.

  11. porsnli, am sick of hearing his name. As if he’s coming to us anyway. Got Arsenal written allawarim.

    …ad like te nar which barbaz he gans tee fo that foreheed triangle cut like.

  12. …walky, what’s wrang wi ladyboys anyway? some of them are canny fit like. ye wudnt nah aftaraboot 9 pints..

    …that’s what batty tells iz anyway

  13. Rodzilla says:
    June 10, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    “porsnli, am sick of hearing his name. As if he’s coming to us anyway.”

    Who does Porsnli play for Rod. I’ve never heard of the gadgie! :-)

  14. Porsnli, he’s a centre back, plays for Saskatchewan.

    fkn MASSIVE feet like. Clears a bahhl like nee one’s business.

    Keep an eye oot forim. Great talent.

  15. Personally speaking, that Porsnli soons like a reet six-million dollar big-futt’d munky – sign him up, can tek cornas and free kicks and aal the pens.


    ….said Mike Ashley.

    Anyway, new post for tomorrow morning.

    ‘Who would win in a fight – Chewbacca or The Saskwatch’

    …anar who my money’s on.


  17. We havent signed anyone except yohan so why all gobshites
    if we get gerviniho so be it if not who cares just get someone else not really bothered as long as they are quality.

  18. squelch the little weasel, for puppet clouds betwixt Bob FUKIN CAROLBASTID-GEES!-WHAT-A _turtle count?

  19. Obviously we did put in a bid for Gameiro, but to now hear we have’nt actually bid on Gervinho comes as a surprise.
    It also appears Taylor is not that happy about signing for us.
    Though Cabeye is a good signing, hope it’s not an indication of Joey’s departure ?
    Rumor of our possibly bringing Ba in on a free, certainly would’nt surprise me there, as Ashley loves those freebies.
    I hope we don’nt forget about Steve Ireland, could be a great buy for around four million, still young and a proven talent, too bad we rushed him back before he was ready and therefore never gave the guy a real shot at a place here.

  20. Workey
    Yeah they seem to be sneaking back onto this blog, even Toonsy cant resist.
    Icedog ?
    Yeah he was a Toonsy ass kisser, agreed with everything he said, yeah remember him !
    Guess there’s not much craic on the “Stepford Wives” chat room .
    What happened to Batty ? Cox Lodge maybe ?

  21. chuck says:
    June 11, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    “What happened to Batty ?”

    He’s been banned Chuck. Judging by the things he has been doing in the past few months, he should be at Coxlodge (BTW, it’s ‘St Nicholas Hospital’ now). Last time he was on, he was pretending to be ‘Big Dave’ and ‘Stardust’, calling me stuff like ‘ladyboy’ and ‘shitstabber’ for some reason, telling me that he knows where I live etc. I feel sorry for him really because he really does have a few ‘issues’ in his noggin.

    I’ve always had alot of time for Icedog, even though he does say bad things about me on the other blog.

  22. chuck@37…. :lol: :lol: :lol: …37’s a canny big number like….oops sorry, now we’re at 39, but that doesn’t count cos it comes from me… :lol: :lol: :lol: …

  23. ladyboys are canny,as long as they had a shave,aal you’ve got to dee is turn the light oot.