New home kit for 2011/2012 – black and black and black and white

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Newcastle United kit 2011-2012
A stunning little number
Newcastle United unveil the new 2011/2012 home kit.

Kevin Nolan is modelling the new home kit for the 2011/2012 season and personally I think it lacks a touch in the stripes department, although in the grand scheme of things I guess it’s not too important compared to what actually happens on the pitch.

Apparently inspiration for the new kit was taken from Kate Middleton’s wedding dress to reflect how royally screwed we’ll be next season if Ashley doesn’t fork out for a couple of decent strikers.

Actually that’s not true. I just made it up.

The keen fashionistas amongst you can pre-order your shirt today and, providing you order by Sunday 15th May, you will receive next season’s kit on the official launch date of Thursday 19th May.

If, however, you’re not a slave to fashion you may – like me – make do with a 5 year old one that has been personalised with various curry and kebab stains.

Although don’t rely on me for fashion tips. I still have a beige suit with wide lapels that I’m waiting to come back into fashion. I fear I could be waiting quite some time.

For those of you with a goalkeeping fetish, Steve Harper’s modelling his new shirt below.

Goalkeeper shirt 2011/2012
Goalkeeper shirt 2011/2012

Shirt rear.
Shirt rear.

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69 Responses

  1. Any clue what it looks like on the back?

    I don’t like that big chunk of white on the back of the last one.
    A big chunka black would be better.

  2. Can’t decide if nolan looks like a copper or a snooker player. Horrible strip. Did they charge per stripe? So to keep coats down the club opted for as few stripes as they can get away with?

  3. if you look at the video of the release of the kit on the official web site the back of the shirt has a black panel on the back

  4. or can look at indian magpie’s post :P

    what i dont understand why have gold trimmings around the shirt and not have gold naming and numbering, its white!

  5. it looks like they just got harper out of bed and said here put this on!

  6. looks crap – so it’ll fit in well with the rest of the gear fatty flogs in his 300+ tacky shops.

    i would’nt have one for nowt.

  7. The Puma fabric is proper chat,the designs are fooking awful-got my adidas kits from yonks ago and they are still mint…got the last 2 puma tops for the little un and both went back within days they where that poorly made.

    They will probably design black and white hooped shirts next season BOZO’S.

  8. Them stripes are sacred and they seem to be getting more and more stripped away as each season goes by.

  9. Any good Pardew quotes today?….can’t wait for the battle cry leading upto the Birmingham game to keep me amused.


  10. The design looks Wonky as well with the iron on cheap badge not level with the puma donkey.

  11. It`s a toss up between it and that ugly orange and banana stripe, which is worse.
    Looks like some kinda Christian motif, with what looks like a cross, Christ can this f***ing club get anything right anymore ?

  12. I’ve seen the link for the back of the strip but don’t know how to put it on here.
    There’s a sportsdirect motif across the back of the shoulders in red and blue writing!!!

    If you think the front is bad then you’ll hate the back with that poxy advert on the back!!!

  13. Bobby, surprised you didn’t post this last week, with all your club sources you must have know about this before now.
    Anyway must dash I’ve got some cats to heard.

  14. personally, i think it is pretty decent. Makes a change from the bland black and white stripes we have every season, at least puma TRIED to mix it up a bit.

  15. Toby says:
    May 4, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    “Makes a change from the bland black and white stripes we have every season”

    Are you serious, Toby? they are the teams colours and they’ve been that way since 1894.

  16. chuck,
    it’s notoriously difficult, nye on impossible in my experience.


  17. chuck says:
    May 4, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    “Micky Toon
    I`ve never herd of hearding cats !”

    You don’t have that expression over there Chuck? It’s another way of saying something’s very difficult to do.

  18. No ! No! No! is awfull, have you no sense of taste ? Uglier even than the banana stripe!
    Look it`s pretty hard to f**k up black and white stripes, but our strips keep on getting uglier by the season.
    How about going back to basics and bringing back some of the old originals, as what we are being subjected to lately, simply for changes sake and the fact the club needs to sell shirts for profit, hey! they are awful !

  19. Chuck, Too outraged by the shirt to appreciate subtlety ATM.

    Though I did see it a while back, I didn’t think it was serious, I thought it may be some kind of hoax, fantasy kit or whatever!

  20. aye toby it’ll go nice with your daily mirror – special purchases – high waisted cavalry twill trousers & i dare you to wear me out/world’s most comfortable shoes.

    you’ll look nearly as classy as fatboy does.

  21. well at least its black & white apart from that its terrible . Possibly our most hideous strip ever .

  22. Axel says:
    May 4, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    “well at least its black & white apart from that its terrible . Possibly our most hideous strip ever .”

    I wouldn’t say it was “hideous” Axel. It’s just not a proper Newcastle United home shirt anymore.

  23. Aye,
    a big load of B&W stripes with red numbers, round collar with thin white stripe & old style cuffs with white stripe.
    Black shorts, white stripe down the side, B&W hooped socks.

    Bring it back!

  24. i’m still reeling from the shock of seeing that strip,it’s shocking to say the least.
    has anyone at the club got a say on designs?that strip shouldn’t have got past bonfire night.
    ah f**k it,lets blame ashley,”we had decent strips before that fat c**t turned up” lol.

  25. Just took another decko, this is without a doubt the worst NUFC strip (even considering the mustard stripe away one)ever imposed on an obviously reluctant fan base.
    I would reconsider Mr. Ashley if i were you, theres a possibility that no one apart from TOBY, who may be challenged as far as taste is concerned, will spring for one ?

  26. worky , the fact that it is not a proper newcastle united home shirt makes it hideous , think about the repercussions . The lads will be sitting in the dressing room before kick off , looking at each other thinking to themselves there is something not quiet right here then running out on to the pitch seeing 50,000 toon army all wearing proper black and white (no one will buy this one) they will shit a brick thinking its the away support . Lets all hope joey does not throw a radgie at that point !!! something needs to be done aboot this lads , its just not right :(

  27. Even just 3 white stripes instead of 2 on the front would have made a big difference IMHO. And maybe a black stripe on the arm.

    Vivian Westwood.

  28. Hugh (Viv),
    Aye mate.

    It looks like a GT 40 on the back though.

  29. the more i look at it, the more its growing on me…much like the banana kit. HATED that when it first came out now i’m a big fan.
    for those saying there isn’t much you can do w/ B&W stripes, i think the expression goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
    also heard on that the away and 3rd kits are rumored to be orange and black respectively (so those who hated the banana kit will probably pass on that one too)

    Howay Fruity United! ;)

  30. eastcoastmag,

    The ‘banana kit’ did grow on me too, in a herby kinda way.

  31. I’ll going for the Black away one then.
    Hope that’s right eastcoast.

  32. eh, with the way things seem to go at times for NUFC the away kit will be rainbow stripes and the 3rd kit will be red and white…

  33. Crap. It looks like a penguin dinner suit with tails. Black sleeves would have been better. Don,t like it but who am I.

  34. Looks Like Cheap Tacky Crap.
    Who makes the final decision on the kit.
    The full white sleeves are really crappy looking.
    Cmon my 4 year old daughter could design a better kit than this

  35. I’m strangely cursed by dinner suits as it happens. The last one I had went up in flames along with the rest of the dry-cleaning shop, and I dropped the jacket from the one before that off a cliff in Portugal and watched it float away across the Atlantic.

  36. It’s the biggest variation since 1894, and it really has gone a bit just a bit too far this time IMO. As Hugh suggests, it’s more like the two ‘go faster’ stripes on a Ford GT40 than a proper Newcastle United black and white striped top.

    It’s sacrilege and whoever was responsible for this should be flayed alive, hauled over hot coals, then hung from Grey’s monument and left for the birds.

  37. i personally really like this kit. im a big fan of the puma kits. it seems like newcastle are heading into a new era, secured premiership safety and moving on from the carroll sale hopefully with a few hard grafting players to come in. lets give a new look to the toon starting with the strip. balls to the amount of stripes. as long as there are some and they are black and white i’ll wear it. we have had some shockers in the past 15-20 years and this is nowhere near up with them. i’ll certainly be buying it

  38. workyticket says: “It’s sacrilege and whoever was responsible for this should be flayed alive, hauled over hot coals, then hung from Grey’s monument and left for the birds.”

    And that’s letting him off lightly.

  39. I’ve been told this is the busiest NUFC blog around? is this true or could you point me in the direction of another?

  40. workey ticket as Hugh says
    flayed alive , hauled over hot coals then hung from grey’s monument and left for the birds thats the soft option . The b@stard should be chained to a seat at the stadium of shite and be made to watch the scum untill his dying day . Thats a just punishment !

  41. I have an excellent idea for the new season strips, why dont we have an all red shorts and red top for the away strip, with a ‘ Liver bird ‘ badge with ‘ you’ll never waak alone printed above it …

    This will give the players time to adjust to playing in red and feel comfortable when they bleeding turn their backs on the black and white , …any thoughts seems reasonable eh ?

  42. Was just gonna post that Toonsy haha
    You alreet?
    Not spoken in a bit.

  43. Wey hey. Fame at last.
    Out of all the stuff I’ve posted on the various nufc sites we have, it’s not exactly my finest prose.

    Wonder if I could put it on my cv?

  44. heard the away kit will be ORANGE!!!!!

    third kit will be black,dont sound bad that,but orange? i loved the banana kit though so maybe it wont suck though banana was adidas,who rule the kit world and this is puma,who dont