Keegan rants a bit about Newcastle United

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KK, giving music a go.
Although not in love with Ashley!
Kevin Keegan expresses some views about Newcastle United, Andy Carroll, the Liverpool game and Mike Ashley.

Ex-Toon manager and twice Messiah Kevin Keegan has been giving Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley some grief over the weekend.

First of all, KK was critical about the ‘over-friendliness’ shown to Andy Carroll by his former team-mates on the pitch before the match, when what we should have done is slapped him with a wet haddock and poked his eye out with a sharp stick.

Pardew didn’t agree that it was a problem and intimated that any perceived over-friendliness vapourised at kick-off. Pardew said:

I don’t see why he’s got a beef with that.

I think there was one point where Andy carried the ball and there was four of them trying to kick him!

If anyone thinks that is any part of the game, I’m surprised at that.

That wasn’t KK’s only pop at Toon matters though. Earlier in the day he had been giving the press his opinions about Mike Ashley and the £35m he got for selling Andy Carroll, and it’s safe to say that KK doesn’t want to have Mike Ashley’s babies.

Keegan said:

It is not going to be reinvested is it, I think that’s obvious. As a Newcastle fan, if Carroll is the only one you are going to lose you have to be pretty thankful.

There may well be other players going as we speak. I think they’ll sell two more players and then he will sell the club. And that’ll be the best day Newcastle fans have, when he sells the club.

I’d love to be able to give Newcastle fans some encouragement but I can’t see it getting any better in the short term.

Well, I don’t know about that. Ashley is a difficult man to predict but if I had to guess I’d say we’ll see some of the Carroll money reinvested in players and that Ashley has no definite plans to sell the club, which is not the same as saying he wouldn’t sell if the right offer came along. I suspect he would – it’s just that he’s not actively looking to sell it at the moment in my opinion.

But what to I know, eh? Nowt, that’s what!

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16 Responses

  1. I think “Our Kevin” is entitled to his views but Keegan should look at himself and remember the sort of person he his, when we were on the brink of great things he walked away from the club and had one of his many emotional moments. Mike Ashley for all his misgivings has turned the club around from a finance point of view and player development. All he needs now is for me to be his personnel advisor on support/image matters having been a life long committed supporter who has been lucky enough to stand on the terraces as a young supporter during the special times of Joe Harvey and the Fairs Cup to the present day. We are special but committed supporters and always wil be through think and thin.

  2. I love KK and he is an all-time Toon legend. I hate Ashley with a passion and happen to agree with KK but KK just sounded bitter in his comments. Not good at all the way he came over.

  3. well said Kevin, Its what most fans are hoping doesnt happen (apart from selling the club).

    I expect exactly the same to happen under Ashley. he hasnt shown yet that he’s ready to invest properly in the team…Shefqi anyone?

    Keegan knows how MA works first-hand. He’s not bitter or stupid he just understands the toons frustration.

    At least KK stood up to MA, unlike Kinnear, Pardwho and CH(Defo a yes-man).

    We’ll see in a few months tho as summer and excuses will soon be here.

  4. sour grapes comes imediately to mind.. no matter what has transpired in the past, to come out of the blue now and make those comments is poor form.. Has he got a new book coming out or a new soccer coaching clinic or program?? What has he to gain from this other than stirring up the fans… Get over it Kev, everyone else has…

  5. Ashley has turned the club around? Hardly a week goes by when i don’t read something about him having to inject another wad of cash into the club because it’s making no money. Granted it could be spin to cover the ‘players sold’ cash which never seems to be re-invested, but replacing Carrol with Kuqi is not a sign of someone who has the interests of ‘his’ club at heart. By the by, mathematically we are NOT safe yet despite Pardew’s comments to the contrary — we still need points. If we lose our last three games even Wigan and Blackpool (third and fourth from bottom) could relegate us if they get two wins and a draw and other teams below us also pick up a win or two! Howz that for turning the club around?

  6. The bottom line is Kev has still tried to take MILLIONS out of this club , and was prepared to go to court to achieve this . The grounds of the case was flawed, and it seems that he was ill- advised , but he was still prepared to drag our precious toon through the courts for monetary gain.
    Would Kev have done this to his poor liverpool at any stage I doubt it , so he has no real allegiance to the toon other than history and we paid him great wages when he was considered a great coach . BUT history has proved he was NOT a great coach for city , toon , or england , he is a quitter with no compulsion to finish a job .

    So although I don’t paticularly like pardew or Ashley , shut the fech up Kev and leave the real toon committed to the cause to git on with it !!!!

  7. Behold a mere man in the process of ruining his once great & exclusive legendary status.

    Obviously he’s trying to ‘stay onside’ with the elephantine.

    It’s time to butt out kk.

    Loved you at the Toon the first 2 times!

    But it’s over, you’ve just become a pundit now man & like all pundits, seem unable to keep anything to yourself or even vet what the think before putting your mouth into action.

  8. I really don’t care what Keegan has to say anymore. He was a hero for me back in the day, but I knew, the minuted he came back for his second stint as manager, it would end in tears. I just didn’t realise how long he’d be crying about it.

  9. I think KK has earned the right to voice his opinion and I for one will never forget what he has done for this club. We wouldn’t be a premier league club with a 52K seater stadium and a global fan base without him!!!

  10. love him or hate him he knows more about the workings at nufc than all of us put togther! he has worked with ashley and be shafted like us by ashley!

    what do people want him to say or do? hes hit the nail on the head for me! but even if you dont agree with what he says the man has the right like all of us on here to voice his opinion on current nufc affairs

    he is one of the few people who knows what nufc fans want! a true black and white legend! people have short memories

  11. @lualua

    well said m8. people have short memories. If it wasnt for his ambition with Sir J Hall who know where we would be right now.

    He has an opinion and while it may strike as a little bitter he speaks from the heart and he is probably right…

  12. Turn around our finance?

    He did something must be done or he has to pay the check.

    MA has make all debts to him to make buying NUFC a more attractive option.

  13. cant understand nufc fans who slag kk.

    the man could come round to mine and s*%t in my cornflakes and id still love him

    he’s just telling it like it is

    we all hope ashley will make us great again,or even mid table,but to actually believe that he will is just crackers!

    does anybody actually beleive that if we do get good players in that if they do well then we will actually keep them here? they will all be sold,this will carry on and on.

    no future

  14. saltysellars11 says:
    May 3, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    “we all hope ashley will make us great again,or even mid table”

    But we ARE mid table at the moment salty! ;-)

    We’ve been hovering around there all season.