Sunday afternoon stroll ends in defeat.

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Jonas and Pardew
Liverpool 3 - 0 Newcastle United
On a warm Sunday in the North-West in what seemed like little more than a training ground game, Newcastle came away with nothing.

The game started with the air of a bit of a stroll for both teams.

With Newcastle sporting the white away strip, I had a distinct feeling of foreboding about this match.

We started off with a corner to no avail. It took until the 10th minute for anything resembling football to happen, but when it did, it was a bit of quick passing by Liverpool that ended in a shot by Rodriguez that hit Danny Simpson on the elbow and deflected passed a diving Tim Krul into the net.

1 – 0

It took at least another 10 minutes before we had any meaningful play by Newcastle. But when they did string a few passes together we looked the better team, forcing a series of corners and set plays. Jonas was worrying the kid they had at RB (Flaneghan), who had to foul him and ended up yellow carded. Yet we still hadn’t really managed any decent attempt on goal from open play.

Joey Barton was having a bit of fun with the Kop end, purposely putting ball outside the corner quadrant. Meireles seemed unable to get 10 yards back, a feature of his game throughout, and going unpunished for both corners and free kicks. As the end of the half drew closer Newcastle looked to be getting the better of the play but, sadly, looked unlikely to worry the Liverpool goal.

Half time: 1 – 0

The lads must have had something of a rollicking in the locker room at half time, because they came out with far more courage and conviction. Within 40 seconds of the restart a great little move culminating in a Kevin Nolan pass right into the path of the onrushing Joey Barton should’ve produced a goal, but Barton contrived to squander it, putting the ball wide of the right hand post. That would’ve really put the cat amongst the pigeons, but alas …

As the game dragged towards the hour mark, a long clearance by Reina landed between Mike Williamson and Suarez. Willo should’ve either cleared or got between the ball and Suarez and shepherded it out. He did neither. As Suarez made his way towards the box he went down just outside the box, while falling into it, in a manner befitting of his proven cheating mentality. Penalty awarded! If there was any contact, it was most definitely outside the area. No matter, Kuyt stepped up and slotted home the spot kick.

2 – 0

That mostly killed the game, but there was still time for the ref to give a customary yellow card to Tiote, for one of the softest reasons. It had more to do with Meireles, Rodriguez and Suarez’s collective
play acting than any kind of bad challenges.

Then came the icing on the cake for Liverpool. In the 65th minute, Suarez darted towards the box playing a fortunate ball off of Coloccini to Kuyt, who in turn fed it back to Suarez who clipped it past Krul rushing out.

3 – 0

The game deteriorated further but the ref still saw fit to ignore what looked like a ‘real’ penalty as Ameobi was felled in their box. No deal though and was to be expected from what can only be described as a ‘homer ref’ on the day. Both teams lost total interest by now and the match fizzled out in a barrage of subs.

It makes you wonder how Liverpool have managed to scrape back into the top 5 on this performance against a depleted Newcastle team, the same that turned out against Blackpool last week.

Jonas and Colo were probably the pick of the bunch for us. Jose also did ok in the second half. We totally lacked a cutting edge up top and Barton’s early miss in the second half made it difficult for us and an uphill struggle.

All in all a dull end of season affair in a stadium lacking atmosphere but reminiscent of a certain place we all know with plastic bags and litter blowing around.

For all out possession and a dozen corners and less fouls, we came away with more bookings, no goals and no points.

Next up Birmingham at SJP.

Howay the Lads!

Extended match highlight and post match interviews.

Match highlights.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, regrets Newcastle’s lack of “je ne sais quoi” in the box, and feels that Barton’s missed chance, and Liverpool’s penalty were turning points in the game.

Liverpool mamager, Kenny Dalglish, felt that Newcastle put his team under some pressure in the latter part of the first half, but that his side deserved the comfortable victory overall.

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37 Responses

  1. Crap match to watch and not just because we lost.

    We had corners galore but Joey was kicking like shite. At what point when it becomes obvious to everyone but him do you let someone else have a lash. We looked like a Championship side tonight and Ameobi and Lovenkrands were woeful. As a pair they dont work together at all and we could have started and ended the game without the two of them and their would have been little to no difference.

    Alan said there was no room for sentimentality in the game. If thats true SHIP AMEOBI OUT!!!!!! Not having him will give someone else the chance to develop their game and get on the pitch.

  2. dont know where to begin wont talk about the game as the display from us was pathetic but Birmingham coming up if we can pull through get a win then safety more than secure hopefully ben arfa makes an appearance in these last 3 games as he really can light up the pitch with his creativity which we lack right now

  3. another shoite game to watch. Pardews stats are definatley relegation fodder, lucky we’re safe.

    Hopefully with FatAsh dipping his sausage fingers into his tight pockets will supply the fund for next season.

    lets look forward to C Cole joining us along with some championship lightweights to buff the squad up.

    As long as we have yes-man Pards here, Ashley will call the shots, until he sells.

  4. Sorry for the glum report, but i think it befits the atmosphereless & tawdry nature of the game.

    How liverpoop managed 3 goals is known only to the ref & our sloppy defense.


  5. Mark,
    if AP’s stats are relegation fodder then so were CH’s, as they almost identical.

    While stats are useful, it depends on who’s hands they’re in & the agenda set. ‘Cos they can be made to look just about anyway one would like them to.

  6. For instance,
    In the game yesterday, we had more possession, less fouls, more corners which can look like we had the winning formula, sadly, it didn’t turn out that way, did it?

  7. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 2, 2011 at 11:37 am
    Ameobi was in fact the only one to trouble their goal.

    I don’t even think that would have reached the goal line.

    As for the game, we looked utterly toothless and lacked a creative touch. If we don’t invest in the summer we’ll be nothing better than relegation fodder again.

  8. clint flick – ur right, we needed creativity, and i hope several new faces come in that can provide it for next season…

    should West Ham go down (which they will), i hope we get Demba Ba rather than C.Cole…and maybe rob Green…

    from Blackburn – Samba

    from Blackpool – C.Adam (pleeeease)

    or Wigan – Al Habsi in goal, or possible figuera…

    But there’s a lot of talk out there linking players to clubs, and i dont hear our name being banded about much at all…

  9. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 2, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    “While stats are useful, it depends on who’s hands they’re in & the agenda set.”

    It also depends on the person reading them Clint.

  10. if AP’s stats are relegation fodder then so were CH’s, as they almost identical.

    exactly m8. Theyre two peas in Ashleys pod.

    you couldnt imagine a decent manager with ambition, bringing on 34yr old shefqi in the dying minutes.

    I hope I’m proven wrong with an influx of decent buys this summer but I wont hold my breath.

  11. Clint, I’ve just added the extended match highlights and post match interviews to the bottom of your piece so they’re all in one place. Hope you don’t mind?!

  12. Hey Stu,
    he did make a nuisance of himself & worried them with his height etc. Alas, it came to nothing though.
    He defo ain’t ‘the answer’ like, i was just sticking up for him ‘cos he gets people’s ire ‘cos he’s Shola sometimes.

  13. milner,
    Ba isn’t bad like.
    Though, i definitely wouldn’t touch rob ‘clanger’ green mate, accident in the process of happening that lad.
    His moy when he drops one is bad enough.

    We have ‘proper’ ‘keepers here already.

  14. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    May 2, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    “We have ‘proper’ ‘keepers here already.”

    We have Harper, but Krul still has alot to learn Clint.

  15. Nice clint, when you lose 3-0 like always at anfield, I can take it, usually because liverpool have been much better and outplayed/outclassed us but I didnt see that yesterday. Just looked like no one was interested, yet we still knocked it around well at times.

    Danny simpson is so bad, he seems to get worse, i think 2 new full backs may be needed, l and r. i like danny because his heart seems in the right place but we are so weak on the right side, joey keeps moving infield, teams notice this and try to avoid us playing down the left.

    Jonas can hold his head up tho, he still didnt create much but he tried, shame we didnt swap him to the right in 2nd half, kenny knew flanagan was getting…how mr pardew would say…raped

  16. worky,
    aye, i agree, he does have stuff to learn, but he’s gannen in the right direction.

  17. Jimbob,
    aye mate,
    depressing wasn’t it?

    They barely deserve their place in the sun (liverpoo).

    The ref destroyed all hope with that pathetic pen decision though.

  18. its only depressing clint because we all know what we need in the team to make it better but we wont get it.

    if we lets say only have half the transfer fee of carroll, shouldnt we also have an extra 10 to 15mill on top of this? Every (lesser) club will have around 10mill to spend regardless of sales.

    I dont think we have spent a penny on transfers since 2008 that hasnt been generated from sales.

  19. jimbob,
    aye mate.

    But there’s nowt saying we won’t (other than people’s fears, gut feelings & press crap).

    We’re in a much more realistic position now than in the last couple of years.
    Ashley could well feel it’s the correct time to reinvest.
    He may not, but if he has any sense, any belief in the guy he’s put in charge & more so, any ambition, he’ll do it.
    Maybe he’ll have some big fun along the way too.


  20. Clint, See there is always going to be two sides to this, from every supporter…

    Yes we are in a good position now, with the right players etc they could really make nufc into something this summer, But you could argue by the lack of activity in the last windows etc as proof that ashley wont.

    Im not sure, its just been let down after let down, believing in ashley is abit like using a fork to eat soup, you can try but will it work?

  21. jimbob,
    if we get our selves safe, it could change the whole deal mate.
    In jan they were trying to do things within a budget after just getting back to the PL.
    So it could be different, not saying it’s a given mind, just that it’s a constantly changing situation atm.
    Safety could bring a whole new view though.

    my Mrs. always looks at me weirdly when i’m eating soup with a fork, conversely, she’s always amazed when the bowl is clean too.
    I’ve warned her, but she never listens.

  22. I think we’re in for some ‘proper’ Prem tv money at the end of this season too.
    No doubt someone will enlighten me on that?

  23. Do you think if you replaced ‘bin laden’ with ‘ashley’ the streets of ‘new york’ would be the streets of ‘newcastle’?

  24. what a load of bull this osama,crap is,has any one seen his body?we’re not likely to either.osama bin laden probably passed away years ago.this latest media farce,is to shift the mounting speculation away from that fake president,BARRY SOETORO AKA BARACK OBAMA.
    total cobblers.

  25. Trojan,
    aye wasn’t he killed years back, my bro’ in Afghanistan seemed to think so.

  26. aye clint,since the begining of this year,the big players in the world,seem to be pushing on with the agenda.the worrying thing about it,is the pace it’s going.
    they must be terrified that people are starting to wake up to these lies.

  27. TROJAN 69 says:
    May 2, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    “this latest media farce,is to shift the mounting speculation away from that fake president,BARRY SOETORO AKA BARACK OBAMA.”


  28. Trojan,
    we live in interesting times mate.

    The next couple of years will be crucial on the world stage mate.
    I see us heading back to the 80’s politically, rising crime, unemployment, unrest. Not the nicest times to remember for the Toon either, let’s hope it stays interesting in politics & not football (NUFC).

  29. worky,barack obama is just a stage name,his real name is barry soetoro.

  30. TROJAN 69 says:
    May 2, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    “worky,barack obama is just a stage name,his real name is barry soetoro.”

    Trojan, divven’t worry, I know all about those far right ‘birther’ idiots, Hillary Clinton supporters and the rest. I also know that it’s a provable fact that the Royal Family and Henry Kissinger are all lizards from outer space really! :-)

  31. aye worky,i heard all those theories as well,just have to keep an open mind,although the lizards is ganning a bit far you reckon the royal family had hamsters,for the wedding feast?.i wonder if they run around the palace shouting” mousey” like v

  32. TROJAN 69 says:
    May 2, 2011 at 9:27 pm


    I was introduced to the lizard hypothesis when I met David Icke a few times back in the ‘nineties. He was giving ‘audiences with David Icke’ in a huge squat that I used to run back then. He usually starts off sounding quite sensible, then it slowly dawns on you that he’s completely away with the mixer!

    Seriously though Trojan, with conspiracy theories, you can almost, but not quite, ‘prove’ almost anything with false logic and sheer complexity.

  33. Christ on a bike it’s David Icke,
    I think David Icke’s alright,
    he’s the divine aspect of the god-head.

    As a friend of mine once wrote.


  34. It’s when I read stuff like this it makes me think what goes thru Pardew’s brain as a coach , when we are 1-0 then 2-0 down , what tactics are zoooming thru his vast cerebral nothingness .? It defies me if anything logical is there .

    I am certainly of the CH school when it comes to tactical knowhow I believe he has a footballing brain which switches on in times of urgency ..Pardew’s switches off and thinks aboot the sunday dinner ! I think …

    Shola makes us look Coca Cola not premier…

  35. Difficult to do tactics with the players we’ve got, and nobody different on the bench. Isn’t that the problem we all can see: no depth (in players, manager, chairman. owner)?

    The hope is that the player depth can be sorted to a fair degree in the close season. Then we can see what sort of ambition the club has. Of course we still won’t know anything about the playing side until about Xmas.