Sir Alex sees Newcastle United v Manchester United as crucial

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Sir Alex Ferguson
Hope he has this face after the game
Sir Alex Ferguson reckons Tuesday’s game again Newcastle could be a ‘defining result’ for Manchester United.

Having just been turned over by Manchester City in the FA Cup, I suspect Man Utd will arrive at St James’ Park on Tuesday in what you might call a ‘bad mood’.

They will certainly be up for it and I think we’ll have to play out of our skins to get anything from the game.

Man Utd’s perpetual gum-chewing manager said:

The Newcastle game is even more important than the matches we have just had, because it comes in a week when we also play Everton at home and that will leave us with only four games left – starting at Arsenal.

So the Newcastle match is that crucial and we are well aware that it is a game we have to win.

We have had some defining results there and big wins in fantastic, high-scoring matches and we need another.

But we also once got slaughtered 5-0 at Newcastle – they are still selling the videos of that match up there!

Nice to know that still bugs him! I’d convert to religion for a repeat 5-0 victory over them.

Fergie goes on:

We will have to deal with a great atmosphere and the fantastic support they get.

Newcastle also probably need another three points, although I don’t really see them being threatened with relegation.

But for us, the league has to be the first target. The league and the Champions League – they are the two priorities.

If we’re on form we can make things very hard for them and I reckon we can get a point. Inconsistency plagues us a bit this season though and if we have a bad day where some players simply don’t turn up, I think they could destroy us.

Still, I’m looking forward to it in a nervous, nail-biting sort of way.

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8 Responses

  1. “The league and the Champions League – they are the two priorities.”

    So the FA Cup isnt a priority any more then? :)

  2. Our players tend to show up to big games so I think we’ll make life a little difficult for them, but on the same note we’ll get hit by a couple of sucker punches.

    Somebody said on the last article that they’ll be hurting after a loss to Man City and will be wanting to set the record straight – that’s a terrifying thought when you consider that this is Manchester United we’re talking about, but probably right.

    I’m not expecting anything more than a committed performance but a point or 3 wouldn’t go amiss ;)

  3. Grumpy old 8astard, he never looked any other, It would be lovely if we could p!ss him off even more come Wednesday morning,but I have a strange feeling. Howay the Lads .Were not expected to get much from this one so just enjoy the ambience of the evening and you never know, It may not be that bad and we,ll still be above the Sh!te.

  4. No fear lads….we have nothing to lose in this one. Starngely hopeful that the lads turn it on for this one….especially since the pressure is mostly off them.

  5. fingers crossed owen doesnt make an appearance him and rooney scoring would finish me off!

    would love a point! 90 painful mins ahead on tuesday night!

    but as always im nufc till i die!