Ireland debut in doubt?

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Stephen Ireland and girlfriend
The gifi of the gab goes a long way
Stephen Ireland’s first appearance in the famous black and white stripes may be in doubt after his girlfriend, Jessica Lawlor, suffered a broken ankle and internal bleeding after a car accident last weekend. She had been travelling home from a night out with a friend when the car veered off road and into an unsuspecting tree.

The tree is said to be fine, albeit a little shaken up.

She was released a mere two days after the crash and was taken back to the family home in Cheshire, but on Wednesday her condition worsened and was rushed back into hospital. The spokesperson for the couple said:

It was a pretty bad smash and Jessica has got a lot of internal swelling and a cracked ankle.

She has had a series of scans to check for internal bleeding and possible organ damage. Stephen is devastated but, at the same time, grateful it wasn’t worse.

It’s an unfortunate run of bad luck for the Irish player who, after injury, found himself unwanted at Manchester City and moved to Aston Villa last summer only to find himself once again left in the cold, later picking up an injury. With the close links between the City of Newcastle upon Tyne and the medical profession, we signed him on loan until the end of the season. Shrewd move, eh?

He was also at the heart of a media attack when he was pictured at Tup Tup Palace in the city centre raising his shirt with Leon Best and Stephen Folan. Something over nothing according to Alan Pardew, but he still made the decision to ban the squad from the popular club.

Ireland will be hoping to make his debut, but whether or not he is willing to play while his loving girlfriend is laying in a hospital bed is an entirely different story, but the same could be said for Peter Lovenkrands who will forever be remembered for his goal celebration against West Brom, mere days after his fathers death.

I think I speak for every Newcastle fan when I say that if Stephen Ireland can return to even half the form he had at City, he can prove to be a big, big player for us and we should wish him the best in his personal matters, and of course on the pitch, whenever that may be.

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20 Responses

  1. Sad news indeed, but playing would keep his mind off what has happened maybe. Best wishes to them both in any case.

  2. just watched the mackems get it up the kyber again and doesnt it warm the cockles of yer achin heart. Old strawberry head will borstin a blood vessel right about now or he should be. Hang on,I feel a song comin on,
    Slip slidin away, slip slidin aaawaaaay.

  3. I always said that Brucey was a true Geordie. Hope he can finish off his good work at Sunderland before the end of the season, though!

    @Clint: What’s the settings for the padding by the image? I sent a message to Worky but he’s yet to respond.

  4. Thump, good first post. I sorted the padding out for you. If you go in and have a look you’ll see the sort of format we tend to use. You’ll see some strange ‘Article Start/End’ tags too: they’re for NewsNow.

  5. So can any REALISTIC bloggers give me a guess on the scores on the doors for tuesday’s game , getting beat by citeh is not good news , methinks we will feel the pain at SJP , I predict us scoring NIL as I can’t see any striker getting through their back four , so now how many can they score sorry but I think FOUR !! and yet I am so toon , I think it’s 0-4 waiting to happen , git doon the bookies man !!

  6. April Fool’s day was a few weeks back!

    If this lad is too shook up by his girlfriends fender bender, he needs to return to Villa as they are above us now and thus a massive team more worthy of his malingering.

  7. Hey Clint,
    I would expect something like this from the tabloid rags.
    You may have got it from there in fact, but it`s really not nice to do this to a kid who has yet to do anything other than claim he wants to play for NUFC.
    And no it`s not cute either, leave the kid alone, eh ?

  8. As for the rest of you guys who joined in, you remind me of dumbass teenagers, ganging up to bully someone.
    Is it pick on Ireland time, is he flavor of the month ?
    Grow up folks.

  9. chuckles,
    wrong guy mate, check it out!

    welcome mate,
    sorry i didn’t get back to ya’, i’d already left the building mate.