Llambias vs. Keegan – Is Keegan a hypocrite?

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Llambias: Foamin' ower Keegan!
Llambias: Foamin' ower Keegan!
In the latest salvo of the war of words between Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias, and former player and manager, Kevin Keegan, Llambias has responded to Keegan’s comments on the current regime at St James’s Park. Llambias launched a blistering attack, or, if you will, a ‘llambasting’ of the Mighty Mouse.

He was responding to comments from Keegan in which he suggested that current manager, Alan Pardew, wouldn’t see any of the £30-£35 million raised by the club from the sale of striker, Andy Carroll, to Liverpool.

Speaking in an intererview with the BBC’s “Radio Five Live”, Keegan remarked:

“I saw an interview with Alan Pardew where he said he hoped to get some of the £35m and I thought ‘Alan, you ain’t going to get any of that’.”

In the interview Keegan was referring to, Pardew said:

“The one thing I said to Mike yesterday was, ‘Look, if this boy [Carroll] is going to go, this money has to be reinvested in the team, all of it’, and he has assured me of that.

“For the Newcastle fan, that is the most important message I can give today, that all that money will be used.”

Getting back to Keegan though, on the logic of the Carroll sale, he then added:

“I think £35m for Andy Carroll – if I’d been manager, I’d have taken it.

“But how can you spend it on the last day of the transfer window? My big argument was that we were selling James Milner for a lot of money – probably above the value we put on him – and I said, ‘Please don’t sell him before we get someone in’.”

Keegan’s remarks also came after some other less than complimentary comments he made about Llambias, and Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley, where he said:

“You can’t work with these people. You can’t trust them. They tell you one thing and mean another… Mike Ashley doesn’t know anything about football and Derek Llambias knows even less than him. So you’ve got two people running the club who know nothing.”

Llambias has responded to Keegan’s comments in a similarly acerbic fashion, strongly hinting that he saw Keegan as something of a hypocrite for “displaying concern about the club’s finances” after launching a lawsuit against the club in which he claimed over £25 million. This was for £8.6m loss of earnings and benefits which he would have made if he saw out his contract at the club. However the bulk of the claim were for what were referred to as “stigma damages”, meaning that Keegan felt that he would have difficulty finding another lucrative football management position because his name had been tarnished by the affair. These supposed lost earnings were estimated by the Keegan camp to be somewhere in the region of £16.5 million if Keegan had worked in management until the age of 65, though in fact, Keegan had been out of management for several years and running a “Soccer Circus” before returning to management.

In settlement of the claim, the three man Premier League tribunal who heard the case found in favour of Keegan, but awarded him only £2 million in settlement of the claim. On this, Llambias commented:

“How can Kevin Keegan talk about having any concern for this club’s finances when he took action against Newcastle United that could have finished us?”

“He was claiming close to £26m from Newcastle when he took his dispute over his departure to a tribunal.

“In the end he was awarded the minimum amount – just £2 million.

“If he had been awarded what he was claiming, the club would not be here today. His remarks are astonishing.

“The very reason we got as much as £35m [for Andy Carroll] is because we concluded the deal on deadline day. Liverpool wanted him but we wanted our price and they had to pay it.

“As for his comment about not selling James Milner before replacing him, the club had signed Fabricio Coloccini, Danny Guthrie and Jonas Gutierrez in the weeks before he was sold.”

But what do you think?

Is Keegan right to express his cynicism about Mike Ashley’s spending plans in the public domain? Is Pardew a fool to think that he will ever see any of the Carroll money to spend on new players for the club? Are Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias as clueless about football as Keegan claims? Is Llambias right to claim that Keegan is a hypocrite to express concern over the club’s spending plans when he himself attempted to sue the club for £25.1 million? Or are they both just bairns having a hissy fit?

Let us know your thoughts.


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82 Responses

  1. Worky – As you appear to online, and sue to your lack of a suitable answer and from people asking ME what is happening with YOUR site, I just thought that I would ask again?

    toonsy says:
    March 4, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    “How are the donations going by the way? Did they pay for the free server change?”

    You know, the switch Hugh? That one…..

    It’s just people are wondering where their money went after you begged and pleaded and played the sob story, that’s all :)

    Also, I’d like clarification on just how I’ve copied you, and just how similar our respective sites are now please :)

  2. Let’s not forget that in suing, Keegan was suing the club, the body corporate, not Ashley and/or Ljambias as individuals. If he’d been successful in his full claim of £25m, the club would have taken the hit and it would’ve likely been crippled! Hardly a show of affection for Newcastle United was it?

  3. Big Dave says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    “I was just about to comment on Toonsy’s post but it seems to have disappeared ???”

    Yes, I deleted it Dave.

  4. Worky I thought it was basically just asking a legitimate question.
    Funny enough I asked the same question the othernight but I noticed you never got around to answering the question ??

  5. Think Keegan was probably saying he didn’t want Milner sold until we had a replacement – right winger?

    Llambias listed three players who the club brought in before selling Milner – none of them are right wingers.

    So in that respect, Keegan was rght. These guys have a habit of selling players and not replacing them.

  6. ooops….comment has disappeared again..or I’m hallucinating ! This is fun…!

  7. But Stuart….Guitierrez could be played as a right winger surely, and he was signed before Milner left…so Lambarse was right in this case……?

  8. Munich Mag says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    “ooops….comment has disappeared again..or I’m hallucinating ! This is fun…!”


    Toonsy, Stardust, Hitman and a few others are trying to destroy this ‘blog, and suggesting that I have stolen the money I donated to are go to Thailand, because they seem to think it’s funny to go around saying that I go with Ladyboys. It’s quite sad really.

  9. Munich Mag says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:44 pm
    But Stuart….Guitierrez could be played as a right winger surely, and he was signed before Milner left…so Lambarse was right in this case……?

    Well if you consider left winger who cannot cross the ball a replacement fair enough.

  10. Big Dave says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:46 pm
    I could be wrong but I think he was just asking what happened to the £460.32 donations ??

    toonsy reckons Worky went to Thailand with it.

  11. workyticket says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Each to their own, mate.

    If it makes you happy – get yaself away.

    It’s not illegal is it?

  12. Stuart …you probably knew that at the time though that Guittierez was of that ilk before we signed him ? Read the quote mate ….“As for his comment about not selling James Milner before replacing him, the club had signed Fabricio Coloccini, Danny Guthrie and Jonas Gutierrez in the weeks before he was sold.” …..

    As per my previous post, they should both keep there noses out of our club… KK is a legend in my eyes, but he can only do the club harm with his outbursts… Lambarse shouldn’t be anywhere near our club..

  13. Wow. Are we witnessing an equivalent of Murdoch v the Beeb? C’mon guys, sort it out in private eh?

  14. Worky…if things are being insinuated and they are untrue then that’s pretty slanderous, not good at all… Legitimate questions deserve a legitimate answer, the truth is out there somewhere.

  15. workyticket says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:51 pm
    Stuart, how old are you? Seriously?

    What’s your problem, Worky?

    I really couldn’t care less what you did with the money. You could have paid Betty Ford to force tequilla down your throat for all I care, but it’s obvious some people would like to know(toonsy) and just deleting his comments don’t really make sense or help.

  16. Keegan’s entitled to his opinion and is still clearly bitter about the situation of him leaving, Llambias makes a valid point but in my opinion he would be better off saying nothing as he is never going to win a PR battle with Keegan as far as the majority of fans are concerned.

    Speaking of Milner, he’s played over 20 league games for City and hasn’t even scored yet.

  17. Hope Toonsy doesn’t stumble across that post @16 …I’d be well peeved…

  18. Lesh says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    “Wow. Are we witnessing an equivalent of Murdoch v the Beeb? C’mon guys, sort it out in private eh?”

    Lesh, They have been trying to attack this blog using false pseudonyms for months.

  19. Munich Mag says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    We signed a left winger to replace a right winger. Everyone knew that when he was signed, he was signed as a left winger because that’s what he is…

  20. Munich Mag says:
    March 6, 2011 at 7:55 pm
    Hope Toonsy doesn’t stumble across that post @16 …I’d be well peeved…

    You obviously missed toonsy previous comment that got deleted then.

  21. Mike Ashley could win himself some brownie points by getting rid of our chairman and replacing him with a knowledgeable football man. It would perhaps help towards his redemption in the eyes of the toon fans (if that is at all possible…)..

    Lambiarse and KK should both let it rest…

  22. Stuart @28….after the last 20 minutes on here I don’t believe my own eyes any more mate…!

  23. Who is this knowledgeable football man that he could realistically replace him with?

    What he needs to do is bring a football man on to the board, whether Pardew would be happy about that is another thing but we can all remember what happened when the last football man came in as a director of the club.

  24. Worky I thought it was quite sad that you basically accused me of being racist without even knowing me, or is it ok for you to abuse others.

    Stuart @ 23 I also asked what happened the donations a few nights ago, but Worky has still not got round to answering me

  25. ashley is a conman and Llambias is an idiot these are the same scum who deliberately and intentionally misled the supporters.how can anyone believe 4 eyes.

  26. That’s the reason why Lambiarse needs to go….he has no credibility among the fans..no-one believes him..

  27. Don’t forget that this is the same Llambias who, according to Pardew, assured the new manager that Carroll would not be sold. Pardew now tells us that Llambias has assured him that the money raised from selling Carroll will be invested in the squad.

    If the first assurance was not kept, can we expect the 2nd one to be?]

    Let’s just hope that Llambias proves Keegan wrong rather than being as reliable in his assurances as the last one.

  28. Llambias told Pardew that Carroll wasn’t for sale, but has just said that the reason we got £35m for Carroll was because it was the end of the transfer window and ‘we wanted our price’. By setting a price they effectively put him up for sale – hence he was lying to Pardew (and us) and he was going to be sold.

  29. Keegan knows how MA & DL work. I believe KK when he speaks about newcastle. DL has no credibility and will slag any1 who will critisise their regime.

    We’ll soon see if KK was right about money being spent. All this talk about 12 scouts fluing everywhere. let’s see if it’s put into practice.

    I tend to believe Keegan as MA has constantly lied to us.

  30. Llambias suffers from “selective memory syndrome”…we should pity the poor lad… untruths are untruths….35 million quid is a lot of money, he’s just a freakin chancing porky-teller

  31. Well I must be a doom and gloom guy and not a ‘proper’ fan for not fully supporting the club and all that tosh but I reckon we are in serious trouble with the current owners and manager they havnt brainwashed me, we will be in a relegation battle soon guaranteed, our players have peaked earlier in the season and we needed one or two reinforcements in january to kick on a little but and improve slightly, instead we sold the best young english striker around and loaned an unneeded crocked midfielder and as we were paperthin a couple of injuries have cattled us, its just another shocking event in a long series of shte that we keep forgiving them for if we win a couple of games, I back Keegan he sued the owners who employed him and I would have done the same, long live Keegan.

  32. Pardew already admitted that Llambias didn’t tell him Carroll wouldn’t be sold.

    Either way it was great business for us and he’s right in saying we only got that much because it was the last day of the window which forced Liverpool to over pay.

    If we spend the money well on 4 or 5 different players we will be a much better team for it.

  33. Worky is Toonsy banned now then ?
    DJG I dont think Sherry has owt to do with it. it might be the fact that Worky is accusing Toonsy of trying to wreck the blog but from what I can see Worky dosn’t really need help in doing that, and apart from that I really dont think Toonsy is that way inclined.

  34. Rangerman says:
    March 6, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Where does he say that?

    I only seen his interviews when he got the job when he was saying Llambias told him that Carroll was staying.

  35. Dave – yes I am banned, and all for asking where other peoples hard earned cash went….

  36. He said it in the press conference for the Fulham game.

    I’ll try and dig it up.

  37. Big Dave says:
    March 6, 2011 at 8:01 pm (Edit)

    “Stuart @ 23 I also asked what happened the donations a few nights ago, but Worky has still not got round to answering me”


    As for what I have done with the donations, I borrowed over £150 of the money to fix some serious hardware problems with my PC and around £15 per month to keep up my broadband. I have suffered a complete financial meltdown recently through ill health which left me unable to work for long periods. Without the money which was donated, I would have had no PC, no Internet connection and hence, no site.

    I asked Hugh if he thought that it was in some way “wrong” that I should do this, and he seemed to think that it would be ok.

    Another £90 or so went on paying for the hosting of the site for several months and renewing the domain registrations. I am still paying for the old hosting, which runs out in April. This is on top of around £150 I have paid in hosting charges and domain registration fees for the site before my finances collapsed, though I am not counting that.

    Happy now, Dave?

  38. workylies says:
    March 6, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    “Dave – yes I am banned, and all for asking where other peoples hard earned cash went….”

    Toonsy, you are a pathetic child.

  39. Worky > I asked Hugh if he thought that it was in some way “wrong” that I should do this, and he seemed to think that it would be ok.
    If what was “wrong” ????

    as for your ending “Happy now, Dave?” you make it sound as if I was asking something that I shouldn’t have.
    To be honest I am still far from Happy with you for branding me a racist on this Blog. Then when I took offence to being asked that by a person that didn’t even know me or my colour or creed you tried to back out of it by saying you were only asking a question :lol: .
    You have still not got around to apologising for it or admitting that you were in the wrong.

  40. it was a shame carroll,milner,have left,jose.jonas joey will also go imo,but can we really blame them,could we work with ashley cannot belive what he says,even jose has said certain promises have not been kept,they have took the easy way out,cannot build castles with sand and expect them to stand

  41. Big Dave says:
    March 6, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Big Dave, if you and you’re mates don’t like workyticket or this blog, why don’t you just piss off and use another one instead of ruining it for everyone else on here?

    Give ya heed a shake!

  42. Paul do you think I need you to tell me what to do, who are you anyway ? are you one of Worky’s new minders or are you just trying to suck up to him.
    As for Pissing off somewhere else why should I I have helped pay to keep this blog going have you ??

  43. Icedog,

    Could you send me your address please? Toonsy is saying that I took a Fairs Cup DVD from you under false pretences and I want to send it back.

  44. Big Dave says:
    March 6, 2011 at 9:46 pm
    Paul do you think I need you to tell me what to do, who are you anyway ?

    Yes if this is the way you carry on on somebody elses blog. I just think its a shame to see another good blog ruined by pricks like you.

    Just ignore them worky / hugh and keep up the good work!

  45. WORKY i sent that in good faith for all bloggers to see when you and toonsy ran this blog,maybe if you wish not to show it you can send it to toonsy he might wish to show it

  46. Paul I DONT need you to tell me what to do lad.
    as for calling me a prick any kid can do that on a computer it easy to be a keyboard hard man.

    I notice you never answered the other question >
    As for Pissing off somewhere else why should I I have helped pay to keep this blog going have you ??

  47. People claiming they’re Newcastle fans siding with Derek Llambias ahead of Kevin Keegan? Really? Mugs.

  48. icedog says:
    March 6, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    “WORKY i sent that in good faith for all bloggers to see when you and toonsy ran this blog,maybe if you wish not to show it you can send it to toonsy he might wish to show it”

    I’d rather send it back to you if that’s ok, Icedog? I don’t want Toonsy saying that he didn’t receive it and calling me a liar / thief etc.

    I would have put it up, but I just didn’t get the chance with my computer problems. By the time I got my computer fixed, I’ve just been deluged with other problems in my life and despite my good intentions, I just didn’t get the time. I’m really sorry, Ice.

  49. Worky > I asked Hugh if he thought that it was in some way “wrong” that I should do this, and he seemed to think that it would be ok.
    could you elaborate on that If what was “wrong” ????

    Paul Toon cat got your tounge again

  50. Now now Worky, stop twisting things.

    You can send the DVD to me no probs. Ad for health issues.. Man up a little. You aren’t the only one to have had health problems.

  51. C’mon all you guys, get behind your team. Fans are very much a part of Newcastle United and we want each, together to achieve. The lads on the park need to hear a unified voice, together, as one. Yes?

  52. Lesh – Nobody is not behind Newcastle are they? It’s just that some lies needs pointing out, and now I have done that and proved that despite the flack I used to get in here it wasn’t me who was the bad guy despite keeping the site running throughout my own problems (yes, other people have problems also).

    HWTL! :)

  53. Whats going on here ?
    What began as Kevin vs. Derick, has suddenly become Toonsy, Big Dave and Stuart vs. Wor Workey ?
    Dont really know what it`s all about, but have to say i have always found Worky to be both fair and the voice of reason, besides i like his politics.
    As for Dave, could be reasonable enough, but always though there was a hidden agenda.
    Stuart, eermm ! likes to get into it with others, in other words quite argumentive and not the brightest.
    As for Toonsy, have to laugh about the fact he banned me from this blog, cant remember exactly for what, probably criticised something he said.
    Have to admit i took a certain pleasure in getting him riled, sorry ! but anyone with such an ego, was just irresistable.
    Suppose it too late to settle your differences ?
    If thats the case then I suggest the anti Workey crowd find a blog where they feel more comfortable, like i did during my stint in purgatory.
    Perhaps Toonsey if you repent and mend your ways, Workey may see fit to invite you back.

  54. just finished work and missed the fun. worky this blog is the grestest keep it up always make me smile with the bitchness that goes on in here. on post story don’t believe DL. KK is a very canny bloke lived next to my uncle doon sooth and would never put toon in danger of folding. MA DL feck off you cockney shunts.

  55. Lost a lot of respect for Keegan after he tried suing the club, thought it was proper inappropriate. He is entitled to his opinions on Ashley on the club though, even if I don’t agree with all of them. Lambias on the other hand is just a complete mong who should be replaced asap…

  56. Is Keegan a hypocrit ?
    Maybe !
    But i will defend his right to freedom of speech, and if proven slanderous, he should take the consequenses.
    When i first heard KK was to be the new manager, my thoughts were, this will end badly.
    As i have with the appointment of everyone since SBR.
    Though i admit to being wrong in the case of Hughton.
    It`s become so obvious that the present duo, though learning, still know little about running a football business.
    And the stubborn attitude about not hiring a top management pro, with a proven track record, is hard to believe.
    Must be a matter of who you trust, with people like Pardew and Llambias, guess it`s a matter of birds of a feather.

  57. @ Worky…

    I didn’t send any donations to you but just a word of advice to get these wankers off your back ….don’t ask for it again. Unless it’s donations to the site which specifically claims is for the site admins to do with as they please to improve the site.

    There is no pleasing some people. This is not a site to talk about money and personal attacks. If you don’t trust Worky then don’t send any money. Easy enough. But don’t keep coming on the blog bitching about it which is really irritating to others who come on here wanting to talk about NUFC. I’m not defending Worky or against him. But by questioning him over and over again is getting ridiculous.

  58. All i know is keegan was saying that pardew will nto get any of the 35 million. Thats all he weas saying in a nutshell. Lambiarse’s defence to that acusation was to not defend it at all!! Not once did he come out and say that the money would go and that KK was talking pants. And of course we all know why.. cos KK is right. KK was wrong to try to get 26 million though.
    As for toonsygate sags… its funny as hell. Toonsy is a knob though but he should nto be banned as i find his comments hilarious!

  59. Keep this soap opera up and the wife will be watching!

    You will probably find KK was suing Ashley personally!

    All who remember back in the 1981 I think it was when KK first came, then his stint as a manager will have NOTHING bad said against the fella.

    I was lucky enough to spend some time with KK on a train from London to Newcastle and beleive me he is a Toon fan and has as much passion for the club as I or any other, therefore he has the same right as any of us to air his view.
    If he is wrong, no problem as KK will be delighted they have invested in the team..

    I just hope he’s not right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I’m sure we had this out at the time, KK stuck a massive price tag on it in order to have his say in court, if he’d asked for 2 million , Fat Man would have paid it, if KK then say’s no i’m going to court for the 2 million so I can have my say The court would still have given him it BUT and you’ll notice it’s a big BUT He would have been liable for Fat Mans legal costs as he could have settled for the same amount out of court, so he Had to go for a sum that Fat Man would Baulk at in order to bring it into open court.

    He knew because of his contract that all he’d get was 2 million, but it was the only way to alert the fans to what was really going on at our club………Just out of curiosity did we get any top class south american youngsters from the Gonzales deal???

  61. I think its bull… Keegan asked for 25 million because he wanted 25 million… Dont get any romantic ideas about him, he eyed a big paycheck to help him with his football circus and this was his ticket.

  62. craigchisolm I agree with what you say except the amount you quote.did you get this amount off lambias,if so do n’t forget he and ashley are proven liars.

  63. Valle Keegan will have known about the 2 million clause in his contract, so there’s no way he could have expected to get 25 million, he did it so he could put his side and prove that these two monkeys are liars, and thats exactly what he and the courts did.