Pardew attempts to further clarify Enrique’s controversial comments

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Enrique's comments still controversial
Out of context - but maybe not by much
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has attempted to further clarify comments made to the Spanish media by Jose Enrique.

Enrique’s comments to a Spanish magazine last week caused a bit of a stir and Alan Pardew has attempted to further clarify them, which Enrique insists were taken out of context by the British press.

Pardew said:

Jose was upset about it on Thursday. He was upset with how it had been reported – he made that plain to me.

I said to him ‘Look, it happens.’ It happens to me and I’m experienced with the media over my playing career and my time in management.

But the most important thing with the Jose Enrique situation is that it really hasn’t changed. We’re not safe and he doesn’t want to talk to us until we’re safe.

That is what we discussed yesterday. We will worry about the next game and I look forward to talking to Jose and his advisors when we’re safe. But our immediate priority is to win the next game – and to get to the 40-point mark.

Now, in the olden days the entire world spoke Geordie, but some mackems decided to build a tower reaching to heaven to guide them to the (Stadium of) light. This ‘Tower of Babel’ really got God’s Holy dander up about some health and safety issues, so he popped down to do some smiting and scattered the people across the world and confounded their languages.

As a result we now have Eskimos, Indians, Chinamen, Pygmies and all the races of the world speaking various different languages. God even used all the leftover L’s and Y’s to create Welsh because he particularly wanted to confound anyone having anything to do with the Welsh.

So, to get back to the point, Jose’s comments in Spain’s Marca magazine were first translated (possibly by a Welshman) and then extracted to suit whatever story the press wanted to print.

The truth is however somewhere in the middle. As far as I can understand with only holiday Spanish and Google Translate at my disposal, Enrique does say he wants to play Champion’s League football, complains about certain ‘broken promises’ and indicates the door is most definitely open to offers.

So where does this leave us?

Possibly nowhere useful, so maybe the best thing to do is just wait and see what happens in the summer.

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83 Responses

  1. The bottom line is enrique said it all… thats a fact. now he feels a tw@t for getting caught out and having his name plastered all over the local rags and national rags saying he wants to leave us… which is basically what he did say, no matter which way you look at it.

  2. also, have to agree with craig @ 3. Whatever bits and pieces of the interview the journo put up finally, Enrique still said the doors are open to him leaving. I don’t think this will end well for us.

  3. OK, here we go again.! The key phrase in this quote is that of wanting to play Champions League football. My take on this is that he is gone already, and we should be making arrangements for next season without him. Nothing to do with being a selling club, which we,re not, it,s just the way it is in football. There will be others,probably not as good but who knows. Pick up a raw talent and nurture it , thats what happened with Jose. Thanks very much for your services son, shut the door on your way out if you would be so kind. We are the MAGS and we will always be there when the sicknotes, lazy gits, and shopkeepers have all been consigned to history.
    We probably still wont have won anything but we,ll still be Black and White.

  4. Wherever will be, will be. Players come and go but the club still here. If t our club can’t show the ambition so we cannot blame player want to leave for glory.

    It’s all about gamble, we can spread the money on January and challenge for Europe but we didn’t then sold one of the best player to rival. It didn’t show something ? Our board just happy to survive in PRM.

    Yeah I know we should be happy to stay in PRM next season but the development plan from our board just make me sick. No more royalty, No more heart, No more soul, it’s all about money and profit. Football club is company and we are just their customer, no more no less.

  5. After Pardew stated Carrol is going nowhere many times I realised he has no power at NUFC he is a puppet and employed to do exactly what he is told.
    If I see some thread on newsnow with his name in the title I avoid it.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how well people can read words that are not written?

    Plus – we were never seriously pushing for Europe – even with Carroll. Survival has to be the aim – it will help pump a little realism into the fans.

    Ginkoh – what planet are you living on? Thank Ashley that the club still exists. If it had carried on the way it was, it didn’t have long left.

    Times change – go with the change and you might actually be surprised. But it doesnt happen overnight.

  7. Archie I have to disagree with the Euro comments.
    My gut feeling is if AC was sold early January and 35m invested wisely we would have pushed on a few more places up the table and been in contention for a Europa spot.

  8. Valle-Mike Ashley was ringing clubs drunming up interest way before the end of the window.
    I don’t think AC’s value would have changed much over a couple of weeks but that isn’t really the point.

  9. sirjase is right of course… this late selling is one of ashleys tricks. he does it every single time in every window in the 11th hour. then he can say not enough time to bring in replacements.. how very convienient of him. We should have sold at beinging off window for sure and Valle @18, the price might not have been quite as high at the begining but its all relevant as the players we would have brought in would also have been that much cheaper.. the ratios remain the same. We were offered 25 million by spurs jsut 10 days into window. Ashley will complain on one hand that january is bad time to bring in payers as over inflated prices but i never heard him say much about gettign 35 million quid for AC which is tbh a stupid amount of money. He can sell a player at lightening speed – he even flew carroll to liverpool in private chopper ffs but moves at smails pace to even bring in the cheapest of players into the club. The fat knacker is no saviour. People need to stop banging on about him saving the club blah blah. No one knows what he really does in terms of making out of us as his team of accountants can paint any picture they are told to do and of course they will always try to minimise any profit in order to avoid tax. WE ARE FOOTBALL FANS NOT ACCOUNTANTS, so lets keepit on the pitch… he has done zero, nothing for our club on the pitch saince the day he has been in other than asset strip.

  10. i will be passing through delhi in fewweeks on way back to dubai.. will et you know. you can buy me a kingfisher mate!!

  11. 22……. yes he did mate… and thats exactly what we are and always will be. its not cos we need to.. its cos when the offer gets to apoint where it gets fattys attention.. that player is history. sad but true.

  12. @ Craig England are playing Nagpurcould have been there too. assuming you are an englishman.

  13. not english .. am geordie lol.. a breed on our own Indian. I am working on project for reliance off shore in Surat and will fly out from Surat to Delhi then Dubai in few weeks.

  14. I don’t mean we have to spend 10-20M on January but at least 1-2 on loan will be ok without Carroll sold.I know it’s good deal and we got ridiculous offer from them bit in term of football, it’s not the good idea to give our best weapon to our enemy, isn’t it ?

    I really rate our current squad so high both of spirit and ability and I think we come so far from last season so I don’t understand why we should step back again. 1 step back for 10 step forward ? i don’t know. Time will tell.

    Yes, thank to Ashley for his gamble last season, it paid off well but is he not the main reason for our Soap Opera ? Since then he improved a lot, thank for Hughton and our players too. Credit to Ashley. But for Carroll case, maybe i won’t bemoan a bit if we sell him to foreign club or even Chelsea, ManU, Mancity or Arsenal.Because we’re in another league. But for Liverpol, it will come back to haunt us one day. Pay 5M to Carroll for his 5 years service or get 35M to improve our squad, which one will be the right answer, I don’t know. let’s see this summer. HWTL !

  15. No worries just let me know when you are in delhi.

    just on a completely diff note. I know you would be frustrated with all cricket and no football, apart from German, italian and sapnish leagues and UEFA champions Lge.

    Welcome to india

  16. What is wrong with you all…. Enrique as said he will talk contracts when we’re safe & at present we’re not, the time for worrying is when we are safe points wise & he doesn’t sign on, thats when you can start the doom & gloom yeah, but until that point, which maybe in 2 or 3 games time, just forget about it yeah!!!

    As for not looking at Europe, if we beat Bolton & the muckems lose or draw with the Toffee’s, we will jump upto 7th, which is a possible Europa league place, it’s not a guarnateed place but its a chance & all we have to do is hope that we’re able to stay there until the end of the season, which maybe possible but it may also be impossible!!

  17. We really need to let this Andy Carroll thing go. He’s gone and we got a very inflated price for him. If we had a replacement lined up it would have been job done. Our Target was always survival.

  18. SJT @ 20 – And you have proof that Ashley was calling clubs looking to sell Carroll do you?? you’re so full of bull it’s dripping from your ears fella….

    If that was the case, how come he rejected the £23m from the Spurts & then the £30m bid & then the £35m bid from Cessepool eh???

    Or are you saying it’s a conspiracy against the Toon army, he’s in cahoots with other to bring the club down… you make me laugh & it’s even funnier that other fools think you’re right too….

  19. I have never been a great lover of Ashley, and he has admitted himself that he has made a lot of mistakes. But lets take a reality check, look where we are at the moment we would have been quite happy with this position at the beginning of the season. Andy Carroll will become a very good player but we got £35 million not a bad deal. Andy was no different to Beardsley, Gaiscogne or Waddle he moved on for his own reasons. If we spend the money wisely we will improve an already decent team. Settle down and judge Ashley and Pardue in the medium term their is nothing wrong at the moment. I have watched some entertaining football at the park this season and I`m sure things will get better

  20. I have seen enough of the MA masterplan and reason he appoints grateful managers on a pittance is the reason he can plunder and pillage the club as he sees fit.
    There is no way managers with Pardew’s credentials would walk into a job at another similarly sized club,Joe Kinnear couldn’t get a job in a 3rd division outfit and Chris Houghton will never manage a team the size of NUFC again.
    These yes men are there to Shield the puppetmasters and will do just what Mike and his team of football rapists say otherwise they lose the Big Job they always dreamed of and end up on the scrap heap.

  21. I have never been a great lover of Ashley, and he has admitted himself that he has made a lot of mistakes. But lets take a reality check, look where we are at the moment we would have been quite happy with this position at the beginning of the season. Andy Carroll will become a very good player but we got £35 million not a bad deal. Andy was no different to Beardsley, Gascoigne or Waddle he moved on for his own reasons. If we spend the money wisely we will improve an already decent team. Settle down and judge Ashley and Pardue in the medium term their is nothing wrong at the moment. I have watched some entertaining football at the park this season and I`m sure things will get better

  22. What do you expect. A selling club eh? So Liverpool are a selling club as well. The other Spaniard wanted out of there to make way for the traitor. Why do you think Jose would be any different from any other Spaniard? They were with the Germans as well during the war. Just did’nt tell anyone. They hate us really. You can tell on holiday. There is nowt you can do whena player wants away. Full stop.

  23. Hugh….I have to say…I started out thinking you were quite the annoying p&^%k with your articles. Now either I’m getting used to it or your articles are getting much better. Haha probably both. Anyway good article…and was laughing my ass off towards the end.

    Ya I agree with you that we can only wait and see what happens in the summer. Few things i’m sure of is…

    1. Jose wants to play at the highest level he can (as would any player).
    2. I for one think he’s great and love him at NUFC. Most fans do i think.
    3. The club WILL sell if a very high offer comes in.

    And some things i’m not sure of but hope are true as follows;

    1. Jose likes it at Newcastle and likes the fans support.
    2. There is a sense of camaraderie at the club and sense of belonging which at most times will make people reconsider other offers if it isnt so much more higher.
    3. Manure and Liverpool are really NOT sniffing around Jose and will leave him alone this summer. Point to ponder seeing Liverpool will not spend THAT amount of money so soon after blowing all of the Torres money and a bit more in Jan. They will proly have about 10-20mill to play with unless they make more by selling other players. Manure on the other hand i hope are just not interested.
    4. Pardew and more importantly Fat Ash realise Jose is important to the team moving upwards n give him a good contract.

    Final conclusion…i just hope he’s here next season.

  24. toon69-yes I do have proof one of the transfer pundits on radio 5 stated categorically that Mike Ashley rang several prem managers mid January to alert them to the sale of Carrol and he stated that he would go on record if questioned.
    I mentioned it on here at the time.

  25. @ Mossa @34.

    We are whereever we are despite ashley not beacuse of ashley. we could have been better a lot better

  26. On Enrique.

    He should have come out & said ‘I will sign a new contract when survival is safeguarded’. To me he is on the way and good riddance. Lets have players at this club who want to play.

  27. @Toonanti….no one does that in real life. Even if they do they can always change their mind a.k.a Carroll.

    Even I would quit my job instantly if a bigger company came in offering me double my salary with more perks??? Doesnt mean i dont like it where i am but….

  28. SJT @ 39 – So you’re taking the word of a transfer pundit on R5 who said Ashley rang other PL managers lol lol lol lol And what proof does he have of that, it’s all hearsay & you take that as read…

    So explain to me why didn’t Ashley take the Spurts offer then?? Why not take the Cessepools bid of £30m?? why reject these 2 bids without questions?? he couldn’t be sure that someone would come in with a higher bid, so why not take one of them, because we all know Carroll isn’t worth £35m, he’s probably worth half that due to is lack of experience but no, Ashley didn’t take the 1st, 2nd or 3rd bid, he rejected them all & it wasn’t until the player himself want to go, that Ashley accepted a £35m + add-ons which seems to be a 25% sell-on clause for a player who’s played 19 PL games, who was worth half what was paid for him but because you heard some gadgie on radio 5 waffle some rubbish about Ashley touting him to other clubs, you believe them instead….

    You’re a fool fella, you’re blind hatred of Ashley is warping your mind, you need help!!!

  29. Jose is a vital part of a very good back 3, not sure about Simpson but Collocini & Williamson alongside Jose are vital imo. Add Tiote, Barton & maybe Nolan to the list then we have the makings of a decent team. Build the team around these, dont destroy it and make other teams stronger, as we did with Carroll to the Bin Dippers.

    Bottom line – dont sell Jose, Tiote or Barton if we have any ambition.

  30. Joe says:
    February 22, 2011 at 9:40 am (Edit)

    Hugh….I have to say…I started out thinking you were quite the annoying p&^%k with your articles.


    Joe, I am most definitely an annoying p&^%k – ask my wife – so you weren’t wrong there.

  31. Throughout the history of NUFC we the Fans have never known what has gone on behind the scenes and never will.
    Its pointless coming out with all these conspiracy theories re Ashley as we know NOWT what goes on in his head, and no ammount of your bitching will change things 1 jot.
    Our duty as fans/supporters is to get behind the Lads on the pitch, which we have a great reputation for. We may not like players coming and going but there’s not alot we can do about it.
    ffs! if Ashley wants to run the club into the ground, we will still be here to support whats left, he can never change that.
    But really, give ya heads a shake, the constant whining and moaning is pathetic.
    If you have £300M and can do better than Ashley, then put up or shut up.
    Alternatively just wait and see what happens in the summer and stop speculating about things over which you have no control.
    In case you forgot there’s a couple of very important games coming up, both at home. Thats all that matters for now. Winning them both will be difficult but the Lads need to know we are supporting them 100%.
    Toon Toon

  32. @Hugh 46,

    Haha…no no I’m not asking your wife mate…she might tell me even worse stories about you that will leave me scared for life.

    @BB 47,
    How i wish i had 300million quid. I’d buy the club in an instant. uhhh I’d proly need more than that though.

  33. I bet he doesnt talk as soon as we’re safe. When we hit 42pts we should sit him down, he’ll insist he’ll talk in the summer… bye bye Enrique, well done Ashley and your bullshit promises..

  34. Beardsleys Boots @ 47 – Good shout, some fans are still living in the FFS days I think & exepct Ashley to spend all of his £900m on players… lol ;)

  35. Those of you who believe there is any truth in this rumour clearly haven’t read the word for word spanish translation.

  36. Jose and the rest are professional footballers at the end of the day. He enjoys playing for our current team with the spirit there is, that is clear, but he has said he wants to play at the highest level he can. If there is a chance of doing that at Newcastle, if we have a good finish this season, possibly claiming a Europa League spot and possibly even not but showing enough progressive momentum, then he might just decide to stay. However we shouldn’t deny him the opportunity if a Champions League team comes along and offers to double his salary. He was obviously upset more than most by the Carroll sale and wants evidence that the long term ambition of the club is the same as his. This doesn’t make him a bad person – or Newcastle a selling club. It is natural evolution.

  37. SJT: The idea that a club OWNER would ring around clubs hawking a player is utterly ridiculous. This is a PUNDIT – someone who basically lies for a living.

    Jose – once bedded in – has done a great job for us, and once his contract is over owes us nothing. I really hope he stays as he’s one of my favourite players. But it’s up to him and the club to work out when the time is right – and as both sides have said, that is when we know which division we’re in.

    The one spanner in the works is the AC sale, which has clearly raised big doubts in players’ minds. Barton, Jonas, Nolan and others have all voiced that recently, and Jose’s comments don’t pull any punches. I don’t care what the context is, talking about broken promises and the club ‘not working’ can only be spun so far.

    We’re coming to another watershed period, similar to just after relegation. The club and players will stand off from each other, see who blinks and go from there. If the club can show clear intention to build towards cup-challenging, CL-playing status, I think we’ll be fine. If they blink and show any chink of a lack of ability to resist their profiteering instincts, we’ll lose a lot more than just Jose, and we’ll be in deep shite.

    I’ve got some confidence, personally, that we’ll be ok. I just hope Jose stays, ‘cos I really like the bloke and I think we’re the best club for him.

  38. Like I said Whumpie and Toon69 I would believe a Pundit and his claims over anything Mike Ashley has to say.
    Mike Ashley was taken to court and proven to be a Liar.

  39. And you’re a pathetic doom and gloom monger SJT.
    I bet you love to BOOO the lads when they are having a bad day.

    Cant wait till the summer tf window is over and you eat humble pie.
    But of course you’ll just find something else to bitch about, because thats just the type of person you are.

  40. Beardsley’s Boots-Nothing I have mentioned has anything to do with Doom and Gloom.
    Simply pointed out MA is a proven liar and that Pardew is a Yes Man.

  41. Post 47; Beardsley’s Boots

    bang on the money mate (pun intended)

    ….though you may find yourself being branded by some as the FCB in disguise

  42. Trying to justiy your earlier blog, Hugh?

    Agree. Let’s wait and see what happens during the winter months. It all hinges on what the fat man does with his dosh.

  43. …on the plus side it sounds like Indian Magpie and Craig Chisholm are getting on well….

  44. fatty cant say shit..about 5 year plan anymore..we could finish so high them plans would go out of the windo..the money for carrol and a good finsh could see him make huge money in the first he hasnt got that statment to hold on anymore..we will see in the we have2 players who could make him a further 40 tiote and enrique..

  45. SJT – so what :?: Why do you have to bang on and on and on about it. ffs ?
    Whats the point?
    So Ashley’s a liar, Pardwho? is a yes man. Wooo Hoooo.
    Carrolls a Judas, Enriques going in the summer the end of the world is nigh blah blah blah.

    Try and think of something positive to say, like how good Besty’s header was against Brum, that you’re pleased for the lad and hope he can carry on putting in good performances in the Black and White. Andy who? who cares.
    You get the drift?

    Probably not, its easy to moan tho

  46. Beardsleys Boots says:
    February 22, 2011 at 11:27 am (Edit)

    the end of the world is nigh

    Grief, it’s not is it?

    And I wasted my morning writing blog posts.

  47. ppl seem to forget that the fat one has put money up for jose tiote gutty colo benny nolan and more so got off the fat ones back for not putting money in team

  48. Beardsleys Boots-the negatives do need to be addresed.
    Why don’t you start your own blog or become a moderator on here?
    If I want to voice my opinions about Mike Ashley or his puppet’s then I will do without you prompting me.

  49. Oh yes, SJT, you do voice your opinions on Ashley and co, over and over and over again, like a scratched record.
    But dont let it ruin your life. Your blind hatred of the man shouldn’t detract from the good things ffs.

    Yes Batty NUFC has made more money out of transfers than Ashley has put in to prop up the club from financial ruin, but you have not one shred of evidence that he has trousered a single penny of it.
    I’m not saying he hasn’t mind, we just dont know the truth. And thats the problem here.

  50. didn’t harry redcrap deny spurs ever made a £23 million bid for carroll – claiming newcastle were talking shite & it was just to bump his price up & get bidding war started ? also if anyone believes there’s a sell on clause @ 25% because they read it in the – daily mirror – then you want your heeds examined.

    sjt @ 58 so true m8 – & i always enjoy reading your comments.

  51. thank you BB for fighting my corner. batty I don’t like the fat one all I am saying don’t forget he has put money up for players who are have a fantastic season for us if profit is made on these players when they want to leave than fine. come summer I think we will spend money but not waste it on big name player, but player who no one knows until they play at big club I.e the toon ;-)

  52. Toon69 says:
    February 22, 2011 at 9:33 am

    “SJT @ 20 – And you have proof that Ashley was calling clubs looking to sell Carroll do you?? you’re so full of bull it’s dripping from your ears fella….

    If that was the case, how come he rejected the £23m from the Spurts & then the £30m bid”

    Toon, there was no real evidence that there ever was any bids for Carroll from ‘Spurs either, and it was denied very strongly by Harry Redknapp. I think that may just have been a media thing judging by the terminology used in the stories about it, or possibly a ploy to get a bidding war going.

  53. Good grief. Children, children….

    SJT: doesn’t matter who’s a proven liar (as Ashley certainly is, but pundits are even more so), it’s your common sense you should be calling on.

    Do you honestly think that a man with a huge business empire pays someone like Owl Heed and his cronies just so he can sit by a phone himself and hawk players around to clubs? That’s why we laid into your point a bit, fella. You do seem to just assume that because Ashley HAS lied in the past, everything he now says is a lie. Your bias is so strong that you’ll even back a PUNDIT’s word over his, when what the pundit says is so obviously wrong-headed.

    Just a bit more objectivity wouldn’t go amiss, that’s all.

  54. The AC deal was done and dusted-the pundit stated that Andy had been mentioned to several top clubs about possibly being sold 2 weeks before Liverpool signed him.
    The pundit stated that if anyone disputes what he is saying then he could easily back it up.
    There was no reason for him to tell lies and you can’t just go making accusations on the BBC when you can’t back them up legally.

  55. Fair ’nuff SJT you’ve made ya point, well done, I believe every word.
    I would tho just like to remind you that AC had just signed a 5 yr contract, of which he was rightly pleased. Ashley might have got the sale sorted out PERSONALLY I dont care, but he couldn’t force Carroll out of NUFC. Carroll is just as guilty as Ashley. He took the big bucks and ran, after stating he was going nowhere, that he loved the shirt (9) and the club.
    Twist that how you like, to suit your own Ashley hate agenga. It wont change anything.
    Sure £35M is a lot of wedge, but the final decision was made by AC in writing.
    Just out of interest how many offers did you expect the club to turn down? Would £70M be any different, or £100M.
    Oh how all you Ashley haters would have slagged him off if he had turned down £100M. You would all say he was crazy ffs and rightly so.
    Perhaps Ashley thought £35M was beyond a joke for a player with 19 games experience and a dodgy thigh.
    Something to think about anyway.


  56. BB I am all for seeing NUFC developing and selling players then seeing reasonable if not better replacements coming in.
    Until we see the 35m or a reasonable portion invested in Quality first team footballers I think any fan has the right to question the decision to cash in and hold the money.

  57. As if anyone in their right mind would turn down £35M for an injured 19yr old with a transfer request.Get real!

    Hope Jose stays, more than that, I hope we get the 40points and stay up.

    I’m enjoying watching the toon play now(and in the last 18months) than I have in a long time. We’re financially stable and with a lot of positives to look forward to in the summer. If thats partly down to Mike Ashley, which it most certainly is, then fair play to him!

    5 months is enough time to research some considered transfer targets and get us closer to where we all want to be.

    Howay the lads!

  58. Well there’ll be no spending of any part of the £35m with the transfer window closed ’til summer, so might as well wait ’til then, then.
    Otherwise it’s gonna be sore fingers of hatred & doom.