January, sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me. *

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Andy Cole: Sold by Keegan two weeks after this tattoo was done!
Andy Cole: Sold by Keegan two weeks after this tattoo was done!
January. Possibly the most disappointing month of the year.

Christmas is over, you are back to work and still wondering what happened on New Years Eve and where you are going to find the money to pay for all the presents, booze and food you went through during the festive period.

January 2011 turned started out as usual, nothing much was happening, nothing much was going to happen. The media tried it’s best to drum up stories to make us watch their television channel or buy their papers, but it just wasn’t working;  NUFC were having a very uneventful January. This was a cause of much frustration for some, as it was well believed at the time that we needed strengthening. So, in time honoured NUFC tradition we waited until the last minute until we did something that took everyone by surprise. Not just us NUFC fans, but the footballing world as we sold Andy Carroll to Liverpool.

This shock move prompted me to take a look back through the annals of time and find out what else occurred during the month of January.

During the 1893-94 season a 7-2 home win versus Middlesborough Ironopolis was the first ever occurrence of a 7-2 scoreline in the football league

A run of 20 successive home league wins come to an end on 12th January 1907 when Crystal Palace beat NUFC 1-0 in the FA Cup. NUFC were unbeaten at home in the league for this season, the only time they have managed this feat and only dropped a single point in home games. Remember it was 2 points for a win then.

An away draw to Manchester City, on Jan 27th 1911, saw the home side miss three penalties. This is the only time this has happened in the top flight of football.

The highest January scoreline in the FA Cup was recorded during the 1926-27 season. It was a 8-1 home win over Nottingham County.

In January 1930 – Andy Cunningham became the first ever player-manager in the top flight of football.

We recorded out biggest January league win with a 9-2 scoreline, on 1st Jan 1934, at home to Liverpool. Seven of Newcastle’s goals were scored in the 2nd half. Despite this win the team were relegated at the end of the season.

The 1949-51 season saw the highest FA Cup tie attendance record for January at SJP, set at 67,596. It was against Bolton on Jan 27th.

On Jan 14th 1953, the FA Cup win over Swansea Town set a record of 16 FA Cup ties unbeaten. This record stood until Spurs beat it in the 1980’s.

The record league attendance for January saw 62,443 people turn up to watch Wolves on 9th Jan 1960.

On 23rd January 1988 the Milburn Stand was officially opened.

Finally, Jimmy Smith, Peter Beardsley, Malcolm MacDonald, David Ginola, Bob Moncur, Jimmy Scoular and Jack Allen all celebrate their birthdays during the month of January.


To keep this easy I’ve just concentrated on our Premier League years. You can moan if you want, but it’s been hard enough finding out our transfers for this period, never mind any earlier!

Some records say January transfer window first came into being in the 2001/2002 season, but when i research transfers for this season it seems that transfers were still being done during the other months.

For example, NUFC signed Jermaine Jenas for £5m from Nottingham Forest on Feb 8th 2001.

On 10 January 1995,  Manchester United break the English transfer fee record by signing Andy Cole from Newcastle United in a deal worth £7million, £6million cash plus £1million-rated winger Keith Gillespie.

Further notable January transfers from our Premier League years;

2003 – Johnathan Woodgate (£9m) from Leeds United.

2004 – Nikos Dabizas (free) to Leicester City and Carl Cort (£2m) to Wolves.

2005 – Jean-Alain Boumsong from Rangers (£8m) and Amdy Faye from Portsmouth (£2m) arrived, while Craig Bellamy went to Celtic for a six month loan and Olivier Bernard joined Southampton (Undisclosed).

2006 – Laurent Robert left for Benfica (free)

2007 – We took Oguchi Onyewu from Standard Liege on a five month loan.

2008 – Ben Tozer arrived from Swindon Town (undisclosed)

2009  – Haris Vuckic from Domzale (undisclosed), Peter Lovenkrands had no club and came on a free. Kevin Nolan also arrived from Bolton Wanderers (£4m) and Shay Given left to Man City (undisclosed).

2010 – Danny Simpson signed after a loan spell with the club (undisclosed), Wayne Routledge from QPR (undisclosed), Mike Williamson from Portsmouth (undisclosed), Fitz Hall from QPR (loan), Patrick van Aanholt from Chelsea (loan). During this large influx of players, Geremi left to join Ankaragucu (undisclosed)

*Note – Leon Best is listed as Joining on 1st Feb.

That brings us bang up to date with:

2011 – Hatem Ben Arfa is signed permanently after being on loan with the club for an undisclosed fee and Stephen Ireland joins the club.(loan)

The exits from the club are quite unremarkable being fringe players, reserves or kids. Matthew Grieve to Stockport County (loan), Joan Simun Edmundsson and James Tavernier to Gateshead (loan), Tamas Kadar to Huddersfield Town (loan), Ryan Donaldson to Hartlepool (loan) That’s it, I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone?

Oh, yeah, Andy Carroll left to Liverpool for £35m, knew I’d forgotten someone!

I’ll complete the transfers section with a familiar story from January 1995. On 10 January 1995 – Manchester United break the English transfer fee record by signing Andy Cole from Newcastle United in a deal worth £7million; £6million cash plus £1million-rated winger Keith Gillespie.

Where I was working at the time we had the radio on all day, and I still remember the shock when the radio announcer told us what had just happened. 10:30am was when I first knew in case you were interested.

I remember a lot of fans, including myself, were saddened and confused with Keegan for selling Cole, leading to Keegan publicly confronting the fans explaining his reasons for doing so. I remember the footage of Keegan standing on the steps of St James Park explaining what he did and for us to trust him. Which we did. Could Andy Carroll be Pardew’s “Andy Cole” moment?


Joseph Kevin Keegan OBE, better known around here as “King Kev” has been one manager that has hit the headlines in January, and not always for the good of the club.

I’ve already mentioned his selling of Andy Cole in 1995, but there are two other stand out January moments for the player once known as “Mighty Mouse”.

On 7th January 1997, he shocked everyone when he announced his resignation from the club. Absolutely no one saw it coming.

He stated he was quitting because he felt he had taken the club as far as he could. Rumours at the time said it was down to Sir John Hall asking Keegan for a long term commitment to the club, which Keegan was unable to give and that the pressure of selling Andy Cole and the failed title challenge of 1995-1996 were still haunting him.

Kenny Dalglish took over from him in a twist of fate that mirrored life at Liverpool Football club 20 years earlier when Dalglish replaced Keegan as Liverpool’s main striker. Was this the last time we would see Keegan at NUFC?

Exactly eleven years and nine days later Keegan returned to NUFC for as third time, his second stint as manager of the club. On 16th January 2008 thousands of fans turned up to see the return of the man we once hailed as “King Kev”. He didn’t jump straight into the hot seat, but instead watched the FA Cup 3rd Round Replay against Stoke City from the stands along side Mike Ashley and Chris Mort (remember him?). His first game back in charge was against Bolton Wanderers on 19th January.

Other less popular management appointments in January 2008 were Dennis Wise as Director of Football, Tony Jimenez as Vice President (Player Recruitment) and Jeff Vetere as Technical Co-ordinator.

This was going to be a revelation in football management. A “Continental” style setup for the 21st Century. It didn’t quite work out as well as they thought it would though.

So, another January been and gone, I hope the above has helped you decide whether this was an extraordinary January or just another run of the mill January in the history of NUFC.

*It’s by Pilot.

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80 Responses

  1. Really? I guess my research wasn’t as thorough as I thought.
    There’s a lesson here kids. Always double check your sources.

  2. What a great & extensive labour of love Micky.

    Some top research/memory there mate.

    Love it, absolutely love it!


  3. Hey Micky,
    is that your thigh in the picture, if so, who’s on the other thigh?
    Pedro, The Mighty Wyn, Mel Gibson as Braveheart?


  4. Micky Toon says:
    February 21, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    “Really? I guess my research wasn’t as thorough as I thought.”

    I changed it, Micky. Flash Jonas was quick!

  5. i think the price you got for carroll was great business to me he is “kevin davies” mark 2 overrated. anyway your getting wright phillips and carlton cole in the summer and i understand carrick is going to you as well so three players for the price of one isnt to bad

  6. Kophater, on his day Carroll is unplayable but like every transfer he is a gamble, would rather he was still with us but life goes on.

  7. Wouldn’t want SWP, C Cole or Carrick, they are all ‘deadwood’, wrong age & would cost too much for what they’d bring.

  8. Cracking bit of research for this article – nice one!

    I still think the AC thing was a bad mistake, not because of his real value versus the amount paid, but the psychological impact it’s had on the other players, all of whom are now a lot more cynical about Ashley’s intentions. £35m is a lot more than AC is worth, but a pittance compared to the cost of re-building a premiership squad and a team spirit from scratch. Again.

    January really does suck sweaties, doesn’t it?

  9. Nice article MT.

    Time will tell with AC. Remember he’s only really had half a seson of PL football. He could flop, making £35m look like great business for us, or he could be the best thing since sliced bread, making us look daft.

  10. “but the psychological impact it’s had on the other players, ALL of whom are now a lot more cynical about Ashley’s intentions”.

    That’s moot whumpie.

    The team have done ok since he went like.

  11. The truth is:
    Lots of big star names linked to the toon between now and summer, non of which will be denied by the club!

    In the summer we will see a couple of loanees, a french 17 year old and maybe michael Carrick on a free saying he always dreamed of playing for the toon!

    Pardew will then stand up in front of the press and claim he got all his targets!

  12. Clint, truth is often way less important to people than belief.

    I read an article a while back about these ‘End of the World’ cults.

    Imagine the cult’s leader predicts the end of the world for next Tuesday, and Tuesday passes without the world going bang.

    What happens to the cult?

    I’d have thought the leader would be a laughing stock and the cult members would tar and feather him and then eff off.

    Alas no, studies apparently show that cult members become *more* devoted and membership usually increases after a failed prediction!

    Strange eh?

  13. Hugh – is that right?
    I predict that Lionel Messi is signing for us in the summer. There, now I should have thousands of devoted followers even more convinced!

  14. Hugh,

    What a strange turn of events?

    I thought they just organazized a mass suicide if/when the world didn’t go bang?

  15. magpie6699. Yes, it is apparently true.

    The article I read was actually in a book called ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’.

    Apparently when people invest a lot (either materially or psychologically) in a belief, the truth becomes less relevant.

    A lot of these cult members have given everything away expecting the end of the world, so they’ve invested too much in their beliefs to be wrong. They therefore react to the ‘missed prediction’ by justifying it to themselves in obscure ways and actually fighting harder for the belief (and thus recruit harder).

  16. Just make cheques payable to “Followers of the bewildered – Caribbean Holiday Fund” and your future in heaven is guaranteed!
    Oh, and the voices have told me that after Messi it’s Iniesta.

  17. Well I’m just a deluded Geordie, so I’ll believe in ya Magpie :shock: :lol: :lol:

    Got nay cash tho soz, spent it all on a new motorbike :raz:

  18. A change of subject.
    What do y`all think about the offer of a two year extension to Joey`s contract.
    Appears to me as, you can stick around for the next two years, probably for the same bread, or preferably you can find another club and while you`r about it take Smith and Nolan with you.
    Like Sancho Panza said to Hughton, we have decided to go in a different direction.
    Meaning you guys wield to much influence and you are getting paid too much, so you are outta here !
    Pardew wants it to be his club and as long as you two scousers are here, it`s gonna be a problem.
    Hey not that we dont appreciate what you guys did, but we have decided to go in a different direction.
    Smith is probably heading to Leeds, both Nolan and Joey would be good signings for some side, could be an interesting summer.
    But hey, players come and players go, too bad it does`nt work that way for Owners !

  19. Another 3 & a half years of JB is fine by me like, then yearly review.
    That’s the way of the football world once you get into your 30’s these days.

  20. I dont think its as bleak as you paint it Chuck.

    But I’ll refer you back to my previous statement @36 :roll

  21. Oh a Honda CBR 600 RR :lol:
    Goes like stink, but its been stuck in the garage for months cus I’m a fair weather rider only lol

  22. Nah I went for the HRC tri colour (Red/White and Blue)
    I had a black Hornet before that and its a bugger to keep clean. Looks good when polished up but as soon as I gan oot gets filthy.
    The new one just looks the dogs tho :D

  23. Never fancied a hardley capable, not old enough yet :lol:
    Plus I like to go round corners…..FAST.
    The exotics tho are getting too expensive to insure for us regular Working class folk :(
    I like Ducatis but the y are pricey these days too.
    So Jap crap has to do for now.

  24. BB,
    aye mate, but ‘Jap crap’ works ’til it drops.

    My mate went all the way to Imola to the grand prix & back on his 90’s Bimota, massive single seater thing. That is a scary bike.
    The Harley boys are right old rockers, so reasonable insurance for them.
    Ducati’s are serious bikes man.

  25. The lad with the Bimota gets stuff very reasonable, then rebuilds them from scratch. He’s a right buff.
    He’s an architect, so ain’t short of a bob or two like.

  26. I go to the moto GP and WSB in this country with a mate.
    He goes over to the continent too but I haven’t done so yet (wife :( )
    One day ;)

  27. Ah!
    The Mrs. always jams the anchors on mate.
    Can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em.

    Get her on the back man.

  28. He must have a good workshop too Clint.
    The electronics are a bugger these days too.
    OK if you stick to old bikes with carbs tho

  29. BB,
    he proper knows his stuff mate.
    I’m always amazed by how he gets ’em looking.
    A real labour of love.
    He brings old 70’s Honda’s back to life & flogs ’em to fund his own bikes, he always has at least 3 at any one time.
    It’s great to see the old road bikes looking brand new.
    Diamond geezer too.

  30. Bollix to that n all.
    They fidget and twist and moan and groan. Nah!
    I’ve got a single seat conversion on and no rear footpegs.
    Its my only piece of freedom and I love it.She can have the car.

  31. I was just about to ask if she inpinged on the other freedom, football.
    I was gonna say, bet she doesn’t follow you there either?

  32. Ha That would be a prob mate as I do like the odd beer or 10 before during and after the matches :D
    so its public trpt all the way :(

  33. 3 mate. Ones a season tkt holder in the Gallowgate corner
    ones not interested much but tags along when I nag him enough and the 3rd is a student with nay money so that often costs me twice.
    He is NUFC mad tho which is good :)

  34. The odd one at SJP, when i’m up there.
    & now & then down here (London) when i can or can afford it, London clubs can take the piss on prices.

  35. Aye me oldest travels away sometimes, I think Chelski was £48 just for the tkt :shock:
    Its getting too much for me as it is just to get to SJP
    I really dont know how some of the fans do it.
    If only I could win that Lotto

  36. Some spend everything on the club like.
    When you have bairns it changes things like.
    I have no clue how some do it.
    It’s bit of a round trip from down here, but i try & make as many as i can. Sometimes get a use of my sisters ST if she’s away, a free one always gans down nice.
    Reet, i’m off mate, i’ll check y’later mate.
    Good craic.

  37. Look this site is supposed to be a football related site, ok !
    It`s not some Twitter or Facebook place, where you post whats happening in your deprived fu***ng life and no one wants to know ok!
    So if you got nada to mention about football, find somewhere else to go, cause we dont wanna hear it !

  38. Haha Chuck’s has his panties in a twist now. Relax Chuck…the lads just chatting about. Nuthin much goin on football wise anyways.

  39. AngelOfDeath says:
    February 22, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    “i didn’t know Kevin Keegan sh0 multi-talented
    he can sing too”

    You obviously haven’t listened to them, AOD! :-)

  40. @workyticket: Was he a singer before he plays as a footballer or after he retire.SHOCKING TO KNOW. :lol:

  41. Can anybody briefly explain the annual Coppa Carnevale U21 11-a-side tournament staged in Italy competition?

    I didn’t know got such competition for the youth’s.

    :???: :shock:

  42. AngelOfDeath says:
    February 22, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    “@workyticket: Was he a singer before he plays as a footballer”

    AOD, In his heyday he was a real publicity tart who would have a bash at absolutely anything!

    My favourite Keegan moment was when he fell off his bike on “Superstars”, and also when he had some manly fun in the showers with Henry Cooper in the old “Brut” adverts. He also used to be a “Green Cross Code” man too. I’ll dig ’em out.