Barton contract ‘furore’ most likely a storm in a tea cup

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Joey Barton contract speculation
Gis a contract. Pretty please.
Speculation about disagreement between Joey Barton and Newcastle United has been hitting the press but there is little of substance to back it up.

Joey Barton has been the subject of press speculation regarding his new contract recently. I should say at this stage that I can find nothing ‘official’ – by which I mean a direct quote from someone who counts – to back it up, so it could all be complete tosh.

However, the press speculation is as follows.

Apparently Barton has offered to take a £1m/year drop in wages in return for a 3 year extension to his current contract, which runs out in 18 months.

Allegedly, though, the club have only offered him a 2 year extension to his contract and that is a point of disagreement between Barton and NUFC.

Add to that potential interest in the player from the likes of Hamburg and suddenly there’s a story about an unsettled player at Newcastle United.

This stuff about Barton could be completely true or total fiction because the only quote I can find that’s anywhere near the issue is from Barton’s agent Willie McKay, who said:

Joey just wants to get his head down and concentrate on his performances. He is determined to build on his displays this season and push himself back into the England reckoning.

And that quote hardly enlightens us on the issue in any way.

What we do know is that Barton is quite happy to play wherever Pardew wants him to because he’s been talking to the press about that recently, saying:

My worry when Chrissy told me I was going to play on the right wing against West Ham was: how long will I stay here?

It is then almost a case of if you go there and play too well everyone will see you as a right-sided midfielder.

I am just happy to be fit and playing and being able to showcase my talent at a big club like this. I would play left-back, right-back or in goal if I could.

I am just happy to play in the side and I feel, at the minute, it is the best formation for us to play as a team.

There will be certain games when the gaffer might feel it would be better for me to play in the middle. At Spurs, he felt it was better for me to play off the front man.

As I say, I am just happy being fit and well, and I am enjoying my football for the first time in a long time. Long may it continue.

So Joey seems happy enough if that’s anything to go by.

For what it’s worth, I think this alleged ‘furore’ is probably just the normal process of contract negotiation and some middle ground will most likely be found to the mutual satisfaction of all concerned.

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17 Responses

  1. FFS….just give the lad a three year deal and be done with it. He will still only be 32 then so its hardly like he will be ab old knacker is it!! Why does every single issue have to be a drama at our club these days – FFS!!!!!

  2. I know this to be true. And I can back it up. I can also confirm it was a four year exstension he original asked for. this would take him in line with the new signings all on 5 and a half year deals. which at the time a certain Andrew Carroll had just signed. if the press are correct then he has also moved the goal posts and reduced his demands to only three years. So it sounds like he is the one open to negotiations. I also heard Carroll knew well in advance that Liverpool were going to make an offer a lot more than the last minute we are lead to believe. Some might say at least 7 day notice some might say more. It’s marvelous what England duty and the England vice captain do when their numbers are in your phone. Are England players allowed to swap numbers? Are friends? Whose there to stop them? It’s marvelous what you can get away with when you play for England.

  3. I do not know what happens inside but from outside i feel 3 year contract extension would not be out of order.

    But then again its ashley we are talking about.

  4. It’s onvious something has happened, Hugh.

    He was all ready to sign two three weeks ago and nothing has happened.

    Personally I think he’ll be waiting for the club to show the ambition he wants before committing to a new contract – who could blame him?

  5. Stuart79 says:
    February 23, 2011 at 8:25 am (Edit)

    It’s onvious something has happened, Hugh.


    You may be right Stuart, but I wondered if this was just ‘standard contract negotiation’ – you know, they bash out something that works for everyone – that has just been played up to create a juicy press report.

  6. Bigman@3, The agents have the power in football and they are negotiating 24/7 without any restrictions and most deals are sorted well before they happen with clubs agents involved well in advance of any move.
    How else can we explain Carrolls and Darren Bents quick moves?
    Answer, the terms were already sorted and it was just a matter of a medical and signature.
    Willie Mackay is agitating for a move for Barton, he has been for months now as Mackay gets a hefty fee if he moves.

  7. If a 2 year deal is on the table now, why not take it & then in 2 years, discuss another deal for another 1-2 years & so on & so forth… sounds like a plan to me & who knows, Ashley may have gone before Joey needs to discuss another contract… :)

  8. i think he is waiting to see what ashley invests and no deal will be signed before summer and if no investment then he will leave along with jose and prob nolan. Jose is a gonner no matter what now anyway.
    Also, why the hell did we take ireland ffs??? he is out injured and we will just about have arfac back before him… what a waste of time and money. our club are bonkers really they are!!

  9. Ireland was desperate to get away from Aston Villa. As he was injured when he came, it is quite likely that NUFC are not picking up the full bill for his wages for the loan period. Villa were probably keen to move him on and, if making a few appearances for us helps them to get rid of him permanently, that will suit them.

    From our point of view if he fits in and shows some decent form we presumably have some basis on which to sign him.

    As far Barton goes his options will be limited by his reputation. Not that many teams in the PL would want him no matter how little the transfer fee was. Teams like Stoke, Wigan, Bolton might be interested. If they came up with a better deal then NUFC I am sure he would join one of them no matter what else was going on at Newcastle in terms of players coming in etc. At his age one more last good contract is important.

  10. At present we have more midfielders than any other area and if you listen to gossip looking to bring in more.
    Joey is 29 ? playing better than at any time in his career.
    Is he worth a three year extension, I believe so.
    Certainly at the enormous cut he is rumored to be willing to take.
    Why is he only being offered a two year contract ?
    Because that`s the club policy in regards to age ?
    Or perhaps the club (read Ashley) want to cash in and reduce the wage bill ?
    On the other hand could it be that he wields too much influence in the dressing room, along with Nolan and Smith and Pardew wants to stamp his authority on the side ?
    It appears Joey wants to stay and has shown a certain willingness to accomodate that desire by taking a cut, while playing some of the best football in his career.
    Hey I just dont get it, do these guys really understand what they are doing ?

  11. Wallsendlad
    His options will be limited ?
    Dont believe it , clubs will be lined up for Joey if he becomes available.
    Not everyone is as football unsavvy as Ashley and Sanchio Panza.

  12. To your queries on something has happened. Yes apparently lamearse is not well liked at the club. It’s lamearse who calls the shots not so much asley, which is what lamearse gets paid to do. Apparently this all stems back to when baron was in prison. A delegation to see joey of which lamearse and joeys’ grandfather were preasent apparently lamearse made it clear he did not want joey and a few heated words word said. Two years on and contract negotiation are open it seems one man holds a grudge more than the other. I haven’t had an update for two weeks but I can make a few calls and see what I can find out.

  13. We’ll not hold wor breath waiting for your inside info then big man.
    Mmmmmmmm! I smell BS.
    Lovely Jubbley
    Jog on :evil:

  14. Made a few calls no update. Still stuck and barton won’t sign unless he is given the extension he wants. He wants to end his career here and if given the 4 year deal will see that through. Everything I know seems to match what the press are saying, except for the length I was told he wants 4 years none negotiable. What more can the club want he’s playing out of his skin and had agreed to drop in wages. I’ll try my best to keep you all informed.

  15. And beardsleys boots… I’m to old and wise to talk bullshit. I’ve got good contacts. Not only that I said I could back it up. I don’t say what I can’t prove. Some people rely on liable and sue. So in the big world where email addresses need to be entered but not given in the blog its easy to fund out who says what and when. Put it this way I’m not going to say who I know but themes a clue in the comments above. I’ll give you it again. Delegation. You might hear a scouser

  16. If you ever visit away games. So marcelinos boots. Jog on mate jog on. That one finger salute didn’t do marcelino much good.